Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 24

Episode 24

Guys, after today I’ll update only after 25th as I told you all my college is finally starting. When I come back for holidays, I’ll update then or maybe just once a week, I can’t promise anything, so really sorry. I know you all will understand, I’ll be in touch with you all always. Thanks to all my readers and commenters, thanks a lot for your love and support, thank you so much.

Now getting back to the story,

RECAP: Rumya moments…….Shivika, Rumya and Ishana in danger

At present, Ranakpur Tower (the place where the unknown person has called AnIshSou),

Ishana was walking looking here and there, keeping eye on every corner, she was walking when she bumped into someone,

Person: dekh kar nahi chal sakte kya
Ishana: You also have eyes, can’t you see and walk.
Person 2: Ishana di

Ishana and the person looked at each other, they were surprised as it was none other than Soumya along with Rudra, Ishana just hugged Soumya tightly, Rumya were surprised by her sudden gesture,

Soumya: Ishu, what happened?
Ishana: Soumya, are you fine?
Rudra: She is fine Di, but aap yaha and what happened?

Ishana tells them about the phone call, Rumya are shocked.

Rudra: Even you got a phone call.
Ishana: Even me matlab, you also.
Soumya tells her about the phone call. They look at each other, and are shocked.
Soumya: That means even Anika di will come here.
Anika: Not will come, we are already here.

IshRuMya turned to see Shivika standing behind them, Soumya without wasting a second hugged Anika tightly, Ishana too joined them, the sisters shared a warm hug, ShivRu smiled seeing there lovely bond.

Voice: If you family moment is over, please pay attention here also.

AnIshSou broke the hug and all of them turned towards the direction of the voice, the door of the factory mill opened and a tall and handsome man entered, all were shocked to see him, AniSou were glaring angrily, Ishana was still in shock and ShivRu were surprised and confused, he walked and stood in front of Ishana,

Man: Ishu, how are you, you know how much I missed you.

He said trying to come near her but Shivaay came in between,

Shivaay: Don’t you dare come near her?

Anika was surprised by Shivaay’s move and smiled seeing his gesture.

Anika: So all this is your plan Mr. Yash Rathore (Ishana’s ex BF, played by Shakti Arora)

She stood next to Shivaay covering her sister and assuring her that no one dare to come near her. Soumya held Ishana’s hand and Rudra stood to her other side, Ishana had tears seeing this.

Anika: What do you want? You don’t how big a mistake you are doing by taking enmity with Anika Singh Oberoi.
Yash: Oh please Anika, don’t try threatening me and about what I want, you very well know what I want (He said eyeing Ishana)
Soumya: Dare you even look at her, you don’t know what fate you’ll have to face.
Yash: So now even you’ll speak.
Rudra: Shut up Mr. and dare you say anything to her.

Soumya looked shocked at Rudra and smiled seeing his concern for her.

Shivaay: Agar tumhari ho Gaya ho, to hum chalte hai, actually hum tumhari tarah velle to hai nahi, bahut kaam hai. (He turned towards AnIshRuMya) Guys lets go, iska to chalta hi rahega
Soumya: Right Shivaay Bhaiya, he is just all talks.
Rudra: Haa Bhaiya. Let’s go.

They all turned to go but stopped hearing Yash,

Yash: You all came by my wish, so you’ll go also by my wish.
Soumya: Oh hello, bahut purana dialog hai and we aren’t afraid of you.
Yash: Acha, not me but them. (Shivika, Rumya and Ishana looked around to be surrounded by goons) Now listen carefully, I don’t have any mood to harm anyone, just give my Ishu back and we all will be safe and happy.
Anika: How dare you, don’t you even take her name by that dirty mouth.
Yash: Relax saali sahiba, this isn’t the way you talk to your jiju.

Ishana finally spoke, Ishana: We are over Yash, so just stop this non-sense and let us go.

Yash: come on Ishu, if I had to let you go, why would have I called you. (He held Ishana’s hand, Shivika and Rumya moved ahead but the goons stopped them) Now you’ll be mine forever.

Saying so he dragged Ishana in, Ishana tried to free herself from his clutches but failed, the goons followed Yash along with Shivika and Rumya as captives.
They all were shocked to see a beautifully decorated mandap with a priest,

Yash: So Ishu, did you like it, this is where I’ll make you mine forever.
Anika: Yash, stop there and then otherwise, you’ll regret for your entire life.
Shivaay: Yash, stop your game now.

Yash ignored Shivika’s warning, and started walking towards the mandap with Ishana, but he stopped sensing someone holding his hand, he looked back, and was shocked, the man freed Ishana’s hand from Yash’s grip and looked at her,

Ishana: Om…


Om was walking towards Ishana’s academy,

Omkara (thinking): Today I’ll ask her for forgiveness…I have done wrong with her…she wouldn’t forgive me ever but I should talk to her once, for the last time maybe (He was walking when he saw Ishana coming out, she hurriedly sat in her car and drove off) Where did she go……she was looking worried….I think I should check once (he took an auto and followed her)


Ishkara looked at each other, all there moments together flashed in their mind, they share an eye-lock,

(O Saathiya plays in BG)

Suddenly Ishana remembered her last encounter with Om, she broke the eye-lock and took her hand away from Om’s hand,

Ishana: You, what are you doing here, that means you are still following me and keeping an eye on me, maan nahi bhara abhi tak, jo phir wapas aa gaye.
Omkara: Ishana…wo….

Before Om could complete, Yash interrupted him,

Yash: What are you doing here, but its good, now you’ll also know Ishana kiski hai.

Yash again tried to hold Ishana’s hand but Om held his hand and punched him hard, he started beating him, seeing this ShivRu also freed themselves and started beating the goons, AnIshSou also helped the guys, they all were busy beating the goons but stopped hearing a gun shot, the goons ran away seeing the angry gang, all looked shocked at Yash, holding a gun, he had fired in air,

Yash: Stop it (He now pointed the gun at Ishana) if you are not mine, I won’t let you be somebody else’s also. (He pulled the trigger)

Shivika and Rumya were shocked seeing this,
The bullet was fired and hit Om, all events occurred in a fraction of seconds, Ishana stood still at one place, Om came in front of her and the bullet hit him, he fell down, Ishana ran to Om and sat with his head on her lap,

Ishana: Om…Om….stay with me….Om….
Omkara: Ish…..Ishana…..I……..sorry….I…. (He became unconscious before completing)
Ishana: OMKARA

(O Saathiya plays in BG)

Yash: Bechara, marna tumhe tha aur yeh….. (Yash received a slap from Anika, he looked shockingly at her) How dare you…
Anika: Shut up or else you’ll get one more.

ShivRu held Yash from both sides, AniSou went to Ishana,

Soumya: Ishu, lets take Om Bhaiya to the hospital.
Shivaay (to Yash): And you’ll go to Jail.

PRECAP: Om in hospital……..New entry for Rumya…….Anika talks to Shivaay

So guys, I hope you all like it. Please do comment and tell.
Also, don’t think that Ishkara love story is going to start as there is a lot to come ahead.
please tell me who should fall first Shivika/Ishkara/Rumya?? Answer in comments below.


Really gonna miss you all this.

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  3. Superb…

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    Superb entry of Omkara.
    Om and Rudra For Ishu and Somu…Anika should fall for Shivaay but it will be more difficult for Anika will take much time.
    Don’t make entry bhavya can’t tolerate her for second Rumi can enter or any male entry.

  5. Yeeeaaaaaa…Om is back!!! Ohh…noooo…..he got shot. It was a DHAMAKADAR epi. I can’t believe u r leaving in dis crucial point of da story. But I understand dat ur busy. I m gonna miss u. Plz come back soon if it’s possible.

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?????

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