Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 2

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Epi 2

Ok guys, there is a slight change in Rudra’s character, he is nerd but at the same time, loves fun also (Just like Soumya was).

RECAP: Shivika meet and get into an argument….Om’s plan to trap Ishana fails in step one….Tej shouts at Jhanvi for being in his life…..Ishana gets angry and shouts at Tej

At present, St. Teresa College, Mumbai

Soumya was talking and walking with her friends,

Nisha: Soumya, I think you should have agreed to Karan’s proposal, he is so handsome.
Soumya: Oh please, I am Soumya Singh Oberoi and I have a standard, and about Karan, just forget him.
Nisha: You know what, you are going to make a record in rejecting guys.
Soumya: What ever
Nisha: If you continue like this, you’ll die single only.
Soumya: Never, I am sure God will have planned something for me too.

She was walking lost in her own self that she didn’t see Rudra coming from the other side, Rudra was busy with his books so even he failed to see her and they bumped into each other, Soumya was about to fall but Rudra held her, they look at each other and share an eye-lock,

(Jeene laga hu pehle se jyada – Ramaiya Vatsvaya plays in BG)

Nisha: Soumya, are you OK?

Rumya break their eye-lock and look at each other with irritated looks,

Soumya: Are you blind, can’t you see and walk?
Rudra: Oh hello, the same applies to you, don’t you have eyes?
Soumya: Shut up Ok, first you don’t walk properly and now blaming me only.
Rudra: I was walking properly only, you were so busy talking that you didn’t see me.
Soumya: Why should I see you, hai hi kya dekhne layak?
Rudra: Excuse me, even I am not standing here to show myself. (He leaves from there giving her an angry look)
Nisha: BTW, he was so cute naa.
Soumya: Cute, my foot. Now let’s go. (They leave)

Oberoi Mansion,

Anika returned home after a hectic day, as she was walking in Soumya came running to her,

Anika: What happened, why are you running like this?
Soumya: Di, woh Dadi…
Anika: What happened to Dadi?
Soumya: Hua nahi ho jata.
Anika: What do you mean?

Soumya tells her about how Dadi was crossing the road near the temple when a car came from opposite side and was about to hit her but a man saved her on time.

Anika: Khanna, is really getting irresponsible nowadays, where is Dadi?
Soumya: Here, in the living room.

AniSou come to the hall to see Dadi and Ishana talking to someone, the man had his back towards them, Anika directly went to Dadi,

Anika: Dadi, are you fine?
Dadi: I am perfectly fine. Thank God he came on time. (Dadi smiled at the man)

Anika turned around to thank him and was shocked to see him as he was none other than Shivaay, Shivika were both shocked to see each other,

Shivika: You
Dadi: Allu, you already know him? (Shivaay controls his laughter and Anika looks at him angrily)
Anika: Dadi, I have told you not to call me that in front of outsiders.
Shivaay (murmurs to himself): Allu jaise toh hai, Allu Singh Oberoi.
Anika: What did you say?
Shivaay: Nothing
Anika: What nothing, you absolutely said something, you don’t know what I, Anika….
Shivaay: I very well know, what you Anika Singh Oberoi can do. (IshSou and Dadi are shocked as no one dares to interrupt Anika) BTW, tell me do you have this illness of forgetting your name…
Anika: What do you mean?
Shivaay: No, actually you keep saying naa Anika Singh Oberoi can do this, can do that, looks like repeating your own name and tadi marna is your fav timepass.

IshSou and Dadi cupped their mouths as he not only interrupted her but gave her an answer back with equal attitude.

Soumya: Ishu, what is this, he is answering back Di and she is not saying anything.
Ishana: Even I am shocked as how come Anika is not answering back.
Dadi: Jo bhi yaha, takkar ka hai.
Anika: Stop talking in that weird language Ok.
Shivaay: I will talk in any language I like, how do you care.
Anika: I don’t care, do whatever you want.
Dadi: Anika, is this the way we behave with guest, he saved my life, at least say Thank you to him.
Anika: Thank you and that to him, never (she leaves from there in anger)
Soumya: Shivaay Bhaiya, you are just amazing, you broke her attitude in one meeting.
Ishana: Shut up duffer and Shivaay, sorry for her rude behavior.
Shivaay: No need of sorry, it’s ok. Acha, now I should leave. (He takes blessings from Dadi and says bye to IshSou)

Omkara’s house,

He was standing in front of a wall that had photos of all OF members and had all info, he had gathered about them, for him getting this deal would mean lifetime enjoyment,

Omkara: Just once, just once, this Ishana Singh Oberoi falls in love with me, then my luck will change forever….Then my life will be just like a king’s…..but this Ishana is so hard to understand……today, I planned everything so well, I risked my life but she didn’t care only……Just left like that…..looks like I need a bigger move to trap her…..but what?

He sat down thinking of what he could do to get her attention, he was thinking for a while when suddenly a victory smile appeared on his face,

Omkara: Waah Om, you are just superb, how come you get such brilliant ideas…..Now get ready Ishana Singh Oberoi…Omkara is coming.

Oberoi Mansion, Anika’s room,

Anika was angrily staring at the pool, when IshSou come there,

Soumya: Waise Di, you have to admit that he has guts, I mean back answering Anika Singh Oberoi, that really need guts.
Ishana: Shut up duffer, Anika, you should have at least said thank you to him. He saved Dadi’s life and you were arguing with him.
Anika: You both are saying like this because you don’t know what he has done earlier.
Soumya: What did he do? Tell naa Di.

Anika narrated the morning incident to them, they both looked at her in shock.

Soumya: Now, I am sure he truly deserves Bravery Award, I mean ASO se panga, guts.
Ishana: Will you keep quiet, you say anything haa?
Anika: Ok enough now, can we please talk about something else. (turning to IshSou) How was your day?
Soumya: Like always except for that idiot.
Ishana: Oh so one idiot met another one today.
Soumya: I am not idiot but he was (she tells them about Rudra)
Anika: don’t know, what boys think of themselves.
Ishana: even I met someone today (and tells about Omkara)
Anika: You did good by dropping him at the clinic.
Soumya: Now enough of talking, lets have dinner, I am hungry.
Ishana: Same here
Anika: Me too

The trio move towards the dining table.

PRECAP: Ishkara meet……Rumya’s nok jhok continues……..Will Shivika meet again?

So guys, are you all enjoying the story. I hope its not boring, please do tell me if you feel its not upto the mark.
And UF, i have thought about your comment also, first of all i am not at all hurt as i really love it when people comment and say things with so much of interest. Secondly, this is just the beginning so you may feel that it is a repeat of IB but dont worry because it isnt going to feel the same as the story progresses, a lot more is about to come.
And Mahi, about your view on TejVi, if you feel that the reverse should also happen here, then I am not sure if all will like it or not, so if majority say yes, then only I’ll think about it.

Till then, keep reading, commenting and SMILING!!!!!

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  1. Sairish

    hey di..
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    what a wonderful chappy it was…really enjoyed it ?✌???


    Dear Prajkta
    Thank You For Answer My Comment.Iam Always Think Kaise IshKara Ki Beech Pyaar Ho Jaayega Kaise RuMya Ki Beech Pyaar Ho Jaayega But IB Main Tho Unki Story End Kiya.But Now Iam Really Very Happy.Becoz Aapki Is FF Main Wo Sab Milenga Jo IB Main Na Mila Tha.Specialy IshKara And RuMya Story’s.And I Feel Like Main Fir Se IB Dekh Raha Hu,Wo Bhi IshKara And RuMya Ki Saath.I Not Feel This A FF I Feel Like IB Serial Again Watch With IshKara And RuMya Storys.Thank You So Much For Giving This Suuuperb Story.I Hope Ye FF IB Ki Tarah 100,200 Epi Thak Jaaye.I Hope Aapko Ye FF IB Serial Ki Jithna Epi Banane Main Mushkil Nahi Hoga.And Please IB Ki Kuch Interesting Tracks And Vilans Ko Add Karna Agar Aapko Pasand Hai Tho.Aur Aap IB Ki First Episodes Phir Se Dekhna Bhi Aapke Liye Helpfull Hoga.Main Ye FF Samajh Kar Nahi But IB Serial IshKara And RuMya Story Ki Saath Phir Se Dekhne Ki Feeling Ki Saath Read Kar Rahi Hu.


    Take Care?

  3. Fenil

    loved it

  4. I don’t know why I feel so weird when I just think shivaay instead of Anika and Anika instead of shivaay and Om instead of ishana but ishana can do both roles

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  7. Ohhhhhh… It’s 2 awesome. U r doing a great job. I am in totally luv wid dis ff. It feels like Im watching IB from da beginning again dat too in revers version. Thanks 4 keeping Anika’s naw Allu. Nd u don’t hv 2 reverse TejVi’s character I was jst kidding. I didn’t mean anything. I was saying bcoz I don’t feel good dat Tej always keep dominating Janvi. Nd if u make them ULTA also then Janvi will turn in2 a negative character. Nd I really don’t want dat.

  8. AMkideewani

    Fantastically mindblowing?????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Superb episode..n tejvi ko bhi palat do..mazza ayega?

  10. Too interesting. Reverse Tejvi would be fun tooooooo

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    It is nice one dear

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    Fantastic update.. loved it to the core… purane ib ke golden days yaad agaye….

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