Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – Episode 10

Ishqbaaz – Duniya palat gayi – epi 10

So guys, now that you know, it will be purely based on love stories of the three couples, so I hope you all don’t have any problem with it, please do tell me your frank opinions as I don’t wish to present anything that you all don’t like or want to read.

Now coming back to the story,

RECAP: Ishana’s BF Yash comes back to Mumbai……Marriage alliance of Arjun Malik (played by Varun Kapoor, Sanskar from Swaragini) for Anika……Soumya accepts Rudra as her friend in front of the college…..AniYa decide to make Ishana break up with Yash (played Shakti Arora, Ranveer from Meri Ashiqui)

At present, Om’s house,

Om was upset as Ishana had not come and all his plans for the day got wasted. He was more pissed off as he had learnt about Ishana’s BF Yash,

Omkara (thinking): First that Varun and now God knows who this Yash is…..why do all boys come in her life only…..can’t they stay away from her….she is mine and only mine……I mean she is only my target….no one else can interfere in Om’s plans like this….today’s whole day got wasted because of who so ever that Yash is…but he won’t be her BF for long…inka break up to ab main karata hu…but what will I do….. (He sits thinking)

Oberoi Mansion,

ShivRu reach Oberoi Mansion as Anika had called Shivaay stating that she had some really imp work for him and Soumya called Rudra to enjoy the plan Anika had decided upon for Ishana’s break up.

Rumya were walking towards Anika’s room,

Rudra: Soumya, thanks.
Soumya looked at him surprised, Soumya: Thanks for what?
Rudra: Don’t act, ok, you know why I am saying thanks.
Soumya: Acha for that canteen wali thing, so please don’t say thanks, you have already said it number of times.
Rudra: You know, you are the first person who called me friend, others just call me classmate, I don’t talk much with others, always busy with books, so that’s why thanks.
Soumya: Now don’t you again say thanks, pata hai naa what SRK has said…
Rudra: What?
Soumya: Dosti mein no sorry, no thanks and now toh we are friends. So just chill.
Rudra: I never knew that you can also lift up someone’s mood.
Soumya: Recently learnt from a friend.

They both smile remembering how Rudra danced to make her mood fine.

Soumya: But your dance was really hilarious, you need to learn some steps.
Rudra: At least you laughed seeing that wild dance.

Anika comes there, Anika: Arre you both, come in we have to explain the plan to Shivaay. (They leave)

In Anika’s room,

Anika explains the plan to Shivaay, who listens carefully,

Anika: So you know what you have to do?
Shivaay: I am not going to do this, no, not at all.
Anika: what!! You are saying no to me, Anika Singh Oberoi doesn’t like hearing a no.
Shivaay: But you have to hear as I am saying a no to ASO.
Anika: Remember I am your boss, you can’t say no to me or I’ll fire you.
Shivaay: You can’t because this is not my job, this is your personal problem not mine. Better find someone else to do it.
Soumya: Bhaiya, if not you then who’ll help us. Please Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Sorry Soumya, but I can’t do this.
Rudra: I would have done it but I am younger than her, it won’t look nice.
Soumya: Let’s tell Varun Bhaiya.
Anika: Varun has gone to Delhi for imp work.
Shivaay (murmurs): Acha hua chipku nahi hai aaj, jab dekho Anika se chipkta rehta hai……Shivaay, what are you saying…shut up.
Soumya: So now only one person can help us.
ShivikaRu: who???
Soumya: Om Bhaiya, wo Ishu ke assistant, he can help us and he looks good with Ishu.
Anika: haa, that’s great. But how will we call him, I don’t have his contacts.
Rudra: Maybe from Ishana di’s academy.
Anika: Haa, wait I’ll call her academy.

Anika called Ishana’s academy and asked for Om’s details, she then called Om and told him to come to OM. After half an hour, Om comes there,

Omkara: Anika, you called me?
Anika: We have an imp work which only you can do.
Omkara: Only I can do, what?

Soumya tells him about their plan, Om gets happy hearing this as he himself wanted to plan something for their break up,

Soumya: Bhaiya, will you help us?
Omkara: Of course, Ishana is my friend, I’ll definitely help her.
Omkara (thinking): Waah Om, opportunity came walking to you, great….now make most of it.
Anika: Good, Om, you are really helpful (she said looking at Shivaay who just gave her a “whatever” wala look)
Soumya: So as soon as they come back, we’ll start.

They all take their positions when they see Ishana and Yash entering OM, they both to go the guest room, Om was standing outside the room and Shivika and Rumya hide behind the pillars in the corridor (remember when Shivika and OmRu were waiting for Svetlana),

Ishana sees Om standing, smiling at her, she gets surprised seeing him and Yash looks curiously at Om,

Ishana: Om, what are you doing here?
Omkara: Ishu, what could I do, I was missing you so much (Ishana looks shocked at him as he called her Ishu) that I came here, but where were you? I have told you so many times, not to go out without informing me, I get worried.
Yash: Ishana, what is he saying and who is he?
Ishana: Yash….
Omkara (cuts her off): Hi, I am Om, Ishana’s fiancée

Both Ishana and Yash look at Om in shock,

Yash: What, you are her fiancée, are you out of your senses (he turns to Ishana) Ishana, what non-sense is he talking, he is your fiancée, how is that even possible?
Omkara: Why is not possible, we both love each other, so we got engaged, what is so impossible about it?
Ishana: Stop it Om, why are you lying, you don’t know how much I hate lies and liars.
Omkara: Ishu, why would I lie, this is the truth only, and we are engaged.
Yash: Enough, I had enough of your drama Ishana, how dare you try to fool me (he raised his hand to slap Ishana but Om held it)

Shivika and Rumya get shocked seeing this, Anika is about to go and hit Yash but Shivaay stops her, they share an eye-lock,

(O jaana plays in BG)

Omkara (holding Yash’s hand): How dare you raise your hand at Ishana that too in front of me, dare you even look at her again or I’ll kill you. (he gives an angry look to Om)

Ishana looks on,

Yash: You did not do right by fooling me Ishana, I wouldn’t forget this insult ever.

Yash leaves from there.

Om looks at Ishana who had tears in her eyes, they share an eye-lock,

(O Saathiya plays in BG)

Shivika, Rumya come and Ishana understands that all this was their plan so that Yash breaks up with her,

Ishana: I should have known, what did you do, who told you to do this?
Anika: Relax Ishu, we did all this for your good only, now that Yash will never come back to your life.
Ishana: Really, Anika, Soumya, you know how much I hate lies and liars and especially all this drama and MU, and still you all planned all this, who told you to do it. I have told you to stay away from my life but you both never listen, now what will Yash think about me…
Anika: Really Ishu, you still care for what Yash will think about you, well I don’t care whatever he thinks because it doesn’t matter to me, all that matters is you and your happiness.
Ishana: You don’t care but I care…. (she turns to Om) who told you to do all this, who are you to interfere in my life, can’t you mind your own business…. (She leaves angrily form there)
Omkara (thinking): Idiot, what did you do….break up ke chakkar mein apna hi kaam khatam kar diya….now what will I do, what if she never talks to me….how will then she fall in love with me….No…No….what did I do…now how will my plan succeed….Oh God…..
Anika: Ishu, why doesn’t she understand?
Shivaay: Relax Anika, she is upset, once her mood gets fine, she’ll be ok. Don’t worry.
Anika: I did all this for her only.
Shivaay: I understand Anika, and she’ll understand soon.

Anika looks at Shivaay, and they share an eye-lock. Shivaay tells her not to worry.

Soumya: Om Bhaiya, you don’t worry about Ishu, she’ll be fine.
Omkara: Hope so. (he leaves from there)
Pinky comes there, Pinky: Anika, you are here and I am searching for you.
Anika: Not now mom, my mood is not good.
Pinky: Mood ko maar goli, and come with me, Arjun and his parents have come to meet you.
Anika: What!!! Now, mom, I don’t want to meet them, please.
Pinky: Shut up and come with me.

Pinky takes Anika with her.

Shivaay: Maliks are here, why?
Soumya: For Di’s marriage discussion with Arjun. (Rumya also leave)

Shivaay gets sad hearing this, Shivaay (thinking): Oh so she is getting married….but why I am feeling bad?

Shivaay walks to Ishana’s room because he didn’t want to be a part of Anika’s marriage discussion, so he thought he would better go and talk to Ishana who was upset by the day’s events.

In the living room,

The Oberoi elders and Arjun’s parents were discussing about the marriage, Anika was in no mood as all her attention was to Ishana, how could she focus on something when her sister was upset, Rumya were chatting with Arjun, who enjoyed their cute nok jhok,

Pinky: So it’s final engagement will be next week.
Sumitra (Arjun’s mother): But ek baar Anika se toh puch lijiye, is she fine with it.
Pinky: You don’t worry, she is fine with it. Hain naa Anika.
Anika (lost in her thoughts didn’t listen to Pinky’s question): yes mom, I am fine with anything you decide.

All congratulate Arjun-Anika who take blessings from all elders.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting on the bed, she hated lies and liars more than anything, she didn’t care who said that lie to her what mattered was the fact that the person lied and she couldn’t tolerate it, why do ppl lie, this question made her restless, Shivaay comes there and sees Ishana lost in thoughts, he goes and sits beside her,

Shivaay: Still upset?
Ishana: why do ppl lie, I mean there were so many better options to solve the problem but still you all chose a lie?
Shivaay: Maybe the other options couldn’t give the same result.
Ishana: But still was lying the only way?
Shivaay: Maybe not the only way but the only way we could come up with in this time.
Ishana: So you are justifying the lies Om said.
Shivaay: No, I am just telling you not all lies are wrong, if spoken for the right cause can be right also aur waise bhi tumhari us dangerous behen ko wo kaise mana karta.

Ishana looked at Shivaay and they both smiled.

Ishana: Really, now I know, why Anika doesn’t answer you back, you give such answers that the other person has to agree.
Shivaay: Don’t talk about her, uske samne kuch bolna Matlab sherni ke muh mein haath dalna.
Ishana: Lekin tum to phir bhi sherni ke muh mein haath dalte ho.
Shivaay: wo toh hai.

Ishana laughs, Shivaay smiles seeing her.

Anika and Soumya who were standing outside see this and smile.

Soumya: Shivaay bhaiya is great.

Anika just smiled looking at Shivaay.

PRECAP: Monsoon romance…..Shivika……Ishkara…..Rumya…….ISHQBAAZI

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