Ishqbaaz and Dile Bole Oberoi Recent Plot analysis

Hi buddies, I am Muskan and I want to my views regarding current plot of Ishqbaaz. I won’t comment much i DBO because I have stopped watching it long back. What I am writing is my personal views so please comment if you support it and also share your own views . I will be glad to reply back.

Ishqbaaz had always been about 3 brothers and their unbreakable bond dispite family disputes. I loved the way they cared for each other and made them realise that they are one for all and all for one . I am mentioning some points here .

1) Instead of respecting each other’s views and thinking about it shivaye and anika nowadays are ready to fight on all topics. Can’t they sit quietly without crying and being upset at a place and just TALK. I would love it if they share and make realise each other their point. But they always end taunting each other.

2) Writers have again bought kamini and ranveer. Can’t they think of some sweet and simple story lines which can make us feel a breath of fresh air while watching and living them . Not for a day they have shown it without negatnegativity of some characters.

3) most horrible thing have been is Pinky turning a villain. Writers are just spoiling the real nature if character to make up stories and no.Of episodes . Omkaar’s character was spoiled for so that shitty reasons . It is the most hurtful thing that once it was so beautifully written story and now changed into something really illogical .

4) And not to forget this … I miss ishaana badly.
I really wish this spin off wasn’t started. Gauri and self respect? Lol. Why she is portrayed as a goddess of sacrifices and selflessness. Can’t she emote like a human . If om doesn’t gives a shit about her why she keeps on helping him? Who is such in todays day? Ishana used to live in real world. She knew is necessary to lie to survive and to be smart and little selfish otherwise people take you for granted. Also om and ishana track was sooo different to watch . And that track of saathiya suited them best. Om was our shayari wala om that time who was really understanding. Now they have made him ex shivaye. A rude businessman and a girl with no selfishness and a big idealist who doesn’t fall for money. Like really ? Already saw that in Ishqbaaz. Dadi said that a girl will come in oms life and fill it with lies. Ishana would have done it perfectly. Also she wasn’t bad at heart . I badly miss her .

5) and no soumya and rudra. So unique and super chemistry wala pair has no place in the track except to jump form ib and dbo for 2min scene . They have made a joke of his character. Instead dragging the part of svet tej and poor jahnvi why cant they show us rudy and sumo. They both are so adorable.

6)no obro scenes. Om doesnt need shivaaye and vice versa because they have gauri amd anika who can do anything for them . They don’t even meet each other now . Why kill the real plot of a show. Initially it were shiomru on cover and now it’s shivika and gaurikara on dbo. Please show us some brothers love .

7) can’t they stop showing gun bullet scenes. Taking bullet for each other and realising how much they love each other. Love can be felt without that scene too . There are many ways to feel it and express it naturally . Not like save someone’s life and let’s fall in love .

8) all the naturality this show had had lost. Cant we have conversations between them . Like talks between om rudra shivaye anika soumya . Hope u all are getting what i mean to say … Like talks on small thing and important thing . Knowing each others opinion and telling each other what are they upto or what’s going on in their mind . Instead of showing so much of negativity can’t we have normal things and simple talks and long walks between them. A holiday or quality time of them. Conversation to understand each other .just simple things Like they do in krpkab.

Friends I have written everything about it in Mind. I was really frustrated and now feeling okay . Please comment if you support.

Love ♡♡

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  1. Kriti249

    Totally agree these days they have lost the real essence of the show. And that bullet wala thing is so damn true. I mean this was something unique and Now it has turned into the same old sass bahu drama. And that Krpkab thing is also true.

    1. Mbaheti13

      Thanks kriti for supporting

  2. I agree to some extent with your views! ib was a different serial with a very good family bonding portrayed at the beginning.. Now its just filled with so many negative characters one after the another.. And pinky.. Uff dey have spoilt the character meaning of a mother.. Which mother goes to such extent dat she cant se e her son’s happiness.. And yeah.. I too dont like the change in omkara’s character.. The previous simple shayari wala om was soo good with his superb outlook on life with his artist skills.. Now he has changed to so much that he cant even listen to gauri’s point of view huh..
    Rumya was one of the best pair.. The actors wer doing a commendable job.. No screen space gvn to one of the best pair.. Y make it nly shivika and gaurikara.. And no more the Best obro’s moments which was such a delight to watch.. Only rudra keeps shifting here n der btwn ib and dbo as u said previously.. I truly agree with ur point of views..

    1. Mbaheti13

      Thanks rumya for reading and supporting

  3. Rumya story ll start from end of May.There ll b mahaepisodes of the show. Agreed bullet scenes have been repetitive.Many of us wanted Priveer story so writers have given it to us.Ranveer s shown to b an orphan who did everything as Kaamini wanted as she had raised him. Just wait for time being coz might b he s the key to Anika ‘s past.Also Mahi Shivaay relation ll also b shown.Good nd interesting track s ahead.Yes I miss obros.

    1. Mbaheti13

      If u say .. neha
      Hope for the best

  4. I think your rantings are very justified. Ishqbaaz when it started was a different story with a sense of humour. Now they extended it so much that it has deviated from the original plot.Instead of quickly showing where Anika came from they are going on and on about family and one’s own heritage. Agreed Annika is an orphan. Even so what is wrong with Shivaaye trying to find her parents? There are many orphans who do so. Shivaye is just curious.

    Regarding Ishaana that character was so badly portrayed. Again no offence to the actress. The conning was all shown in bad taste. If she was Annika’s sister they should have progressed along those lines. Ishaana was a con woman and she even thinks to steal from Oberoi mansion saying it is her sasural. and after that she was angrily talking to Om blaming his family for the suicide that happened. I mean she has no right to talk about others being a con woman herself. One can argue there are many shades of character. I cannot digest a dishonest person who stoops to steal from the house of the person she claims to love . She cannot talk about their family either. She has no right. Or she does not know how bad she is.

    I would not say it is good that character was scrapped. I wish they had portrayed her differently. A con woman with a difference. Anyway she is gone now.

    As for Gowri it is one stereotyped character from gaon with local dialect . It is stereotype so much. You see them everywhere in every show. Gowri and the thakur in fact Gowri Sharma and Kaali Thakur is there any necessity for surnames? Ok she is from gaon speaking dialect. Why should she feel like Om’s wife? He only married her to save her. Do they not have this much brains to differentiate that this forced marriage cannot be taken so seriously?

    And Gowri’s mother is left hanging rather left in village at the mercy of the Thakur.

    Unnecessarily they are showing Tej as the villain.

    As for Svetlana (what a name) I have no words to describe. Original Svetlana started out as something. Now Svetlana is an impostor. Is that so easy to wear a mask to con somebody?

    Also what happened to Svetlana’s sisters and Rekha i mean the original story of Tia ? May be I missed a few episodes here. I do not know.

    They just cook up stories as they go along. and they harp upon the birth/heritage/khandaan stuff over and over again.

    Solve the mystery of Annika’s birth soon and get on with everyone’s lives. They drag on and on with no story anywhere.

    1. Mbaheti13

      U4tlu .. ur right ..
      But dnt get offended but i like ishana more than gauri ..
      Our Views are little different on her .. but i reapect ur views 🙂

  5. Farhina kabir Mahi

    Agree with all the points.I was n I am a big fan of IshKara.Their story was so different.I really miss them a lot.I also miss my old Om. I really don’t like Gauri &Om.I wish Ishana comes back in our Om’s life & make everything good like before…….

    1. Mbaheti13

      Thanks farhina for reading it all and supporting

  6. Not much words to say u but totally agree wid yr words ….missing ishana nd stop this fight wala nd bullet vala drama plz show some shivika moments and just threw villains out of dis show

    1. Mbaheti13

      Thanks dhruti for reading and supporting

  7. i m totally convinced with ur analysis. low trp of the show is only because of creative team aur maker’s fault hai. or should i say this is just a payback to the production team as they destroyed our lovely show by separating it into two. i started watching this serial to enjoy the intense love story of obros (three brother s ). initially the series is like treat to watch with obros funny talk dadi intense love gayan many more family moment .obros love care share talk and om advice in sayari are the reasons that magnetise me to watch it at 10 on tv.
    now ib is only for shivika dbo (without love story) is for gaurika
    and the surprise+ shock is no space for raumya. obros moments toh history ke book mein dhodhne hoge.

    dbo mein jis om tej aur jhanvi ko dikha rahe hai they are not original characters.cvs had simply murder/destroyed the original character and charm of the show.
    lastly (sorry for gaurika fan) i personally don’t like gaurika love track. ishkara love story got less time as well as screen space but still that love story attracted us.. its not like that i m fan of ishkara it is just a comparison of two love track with same male lead of same show.

    sorry if i hurt someone emotion. this is just my thinking about my ex favorite show.

    at last mujhe ek gana yaad aata hai “koi lauta they mujhe wo purane din”.

    1. Mbaheti13

      Vinita i can assure that u dint hurt any1 ..
      I agree wid u abt ishkara track
      Even i dont like gaurika story

  8. Sreenandana.suresh

    yaa…u r ry8….missing rumya and ishkara badly….

    1. Mbaheti13

      Thanks sreenandana for reading and supporting

  9. U know Muskan, First of all no hard feelings i completely agree with you but taking all these aspects negatively(like why they are showing this and that) will only cause sadness and disappointment nothing else.So its better that we live in the moment and enjoy IB and DBO the way it is.
    Not talking about everyone but people get bored seeing everyone happy and joyful or full of life they like it when there are problems…(donot get offended guys just talking generally) that’s the reason the makers add these kind of sequences.So i say lets just forget these flaws and enjoy whatever is going​ on in IB and DBO and enjoy ourselves with its humour, romance, bromance etc. Cause YOLO?

    1. Mbaheti13

      Ya naira .. even dis is an angle to watch ib and dbo from … i repect ur view
      Thanks naira … keep supporting

  10. i totally agree, both the episodes should be focused on 3 brothers and aboue their love story..

    1. Mbaheti13

      Thanks seema for reading and supporting

  11. Absolutely what I was feeling, u just nailed it. I have stopped watching the show long back, and i only get to know about it through the updates and news trending on net..I really dont think I will ever start watching it again.. They have completely destroyed the essence of the show.

    1. Mbaheti13

      Even i watch it on hotstar only once in a while wen i feel so that now something good will come and i come to know abt it like u .. frm news and update
      Thanks for reading nitu … ?

  12. Pixie

    I agree with you 100% muskan!! I loved your analysis! Rumya should get some screening space!! It’s really not fair that all the attention goes to only shivika and Gaurika!!! ??? and for once can the makers forget villians for some time? Especially pinky!! She was never so harsh…how could a mother plan to spoil her own child’s life? I’m not liking the current track of IB … The makers only focus on shivika the entire time…no obro moments…the brothers are never seen together…no light talks…the story started with the life of three brothers but now it’s just the life of two brothers..?.if they wanted to eliminate Rudra’s life story then just finish off his charector na!! He already seems dead in the show…???they have actually changed and ruined the plot and the theme of the show…I wish we see a better story and the three brothers come back together….even I’m getting frustrated now…can’t wait for maha episode though…?

    1. Mbaheti13

      Thanks pixie ..
      Actually i study in kota and get very less time for telly updates ..
      This was my 1st analysis aur shayad last bhi because schedule is getting busier day by day .. that too i got to write it after sooo long wen i got free tym
      But if i get tym … ur ff will be my first choice… thanks for ur tym love and support .. it means a lot

    2. Mbaheti13

      U know pixie even i want to write an ff but time doesn’t permit me !

  13. Pixie

    And one more thing….please read my ff if you can…I’ll be glad! It’s called DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff)

    1. Mbaheti13

      Ya pixie .. 🙂

  14. Richa19

    I totally agree with you muskaan!!!! Instead of showing all this negativity they can show some cute moments as well as family moments but no… Bringing in more negative characters amd making it difficult to watch….. I agree with all ur points….. Its becoming really irritating to watch these shows now….. . Hope this spin off will bring something good in the shows……. fingers crossed!!!!!!

    1. Mbaheti13

      Even i feel same … but they are crushing my hopes day by day ..
      Thanks richa for reading and supporting ?

      1. Richa19

        N if I’m not wrong then they didn’t even showed y ishana was like that… N y she was after om… Right???

  15. Recently I read an interview of producer Gul Khan.. she started with a beautiful story line.. but that could not get enough ratings.. star plus gave an ultimatum that if the show doesn’t cross a certain threshold limit of TRP, then they will have to end the show. We, who need a sensible story line are very few in number.. TV is watched by the masses.. they like masala and logic less drama.. she had to kill the story line for trps.. can’t blame the creatives.. it’s the masses who want illogical masala.. that’s why serials like saathiya, kumkum bhagya, sasural simar ka top the TRP charts every week!

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