Ishqbaaz & Dil Boley Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz & Dil Boley Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika hears Pinky and gets shocked. She thinks Pinky got Naintara here. Shivaye says you went after Naintara, you came back lost, what happened, tell me, did you find out who is supporting Naintara, I will expose Naintara and that person. She says Pinky aunty. He gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye, Om and Rudra hold the aarti diya. Apni maryada hai…..plays…. They do the aarti. Anika sees Naintara calling someone. Naintara says I need to talk to you. Pinky goes. Anika follows.

She sees Naintara talking to someone and says Shivaye was right, someone from family is doing this. Pinky says don’t call me, what do you want. Naintara says I needed money, I m asking for a price to keep my mouth shut. Pinky asks what, 12 lakhs, are you mad. Anika hides.

Naintara says I need it, people came to take the money for my loan. She blackmails Pinky. Pinky says no one can come here this way, security is right here. Anika thinks to find out and goes to see. Priyanka comes in between and says Dadi is calling you for puja. Anika says you go, I will come. She sees Naintara standing alone and says I think I missed the person, what will I answer Shivaye.

She turns to go and hears Pinky. She stops and sees Pinky with Naintara. She gets shocked. Pinky says there are no goons, they are cooks of Oberoi mansion, either you are fooling me or someone is fooling me, don’t call me, if Shivaye knows, it will be problem. She goes. Naintara says it means Anika lied to me, are they playing game against me, I will see them. Anika thinks Pinky got Naintara here, how can this happen.

Priyanka comes and asks are you fine, come everyone is waiting. Anika holds Shivay’s hand and does aarti with him. She thinks when Shivaye knows Pinky is doing all this then…. Om and Gauri also do the aarti. Guru ji says bahu’s name is written in golden words in this Kulpatri. Shivaye says I know why you are tensed, don’t worry, that woman’s name won’t join in Kulpatri. Anika sees Pinky and thinks I m mistaken, Pinky can’t do this. Guru ji says eldest bahu will write her name first. Shivaye asks Anika to write her name in Kulpatri. Anika goes and writes her name in Kulpatri. Guru ji asks younger bahu to come and write name. Gauri thinks what to do, one side is Om’s happiness, other side is his family. Saathiya….plays…. She thinks I promised I will not force myself on Om. She thinks of Om’s words. She faints. Om holds her. Everyone asks what happened. Om recalls his words and thinks did she really eat poison.

Gauri slowly murmurs, I did my work, you manage now. Buamaa says she will be fine. Om says she is not fine, we will do rasam later, we can write name anytime. Shakti asks why not now. Om says Gauri is unconscious. Shivaye asks him to write name, its same thing. Om asks how can I write. Buamaa says I will handle it, its mahurat, go.

Om sees Gauri. She signs no. Om writes Gauri’s name. Gauri says I m fine. Guru ji asks bahus to apply haldi to hands and leave impression. Shivaye asks Anika to come. Om asks Gauri to come. Gauri says I tried my best. Om says its not your mistake, I got ruined to save you.. Buamaa asks him to take Gauri. Guru ji says husband will keep their hands on wife’s hand and leave impression. Anika thinks of Pinky. She thinks 5 number sticker outside Naintara’s room, Pinky’s slipper size is same, it means I m not thinking wrong. Shivaye asks what happened, come on. Anika dips her hands in haldi. Ankhiyan milaake channa…..plays…..

Shivaye keeps his hands over her hands, and they leave the hand marks. Om keeps hands over Gauri’s hands and leave the marks. Pinky says who thought, Oberoi family will get such cheap bahus. Jhanvi asks what are you saying. Pinky says our sons are useless to get such bahus, their names got included in kulpatri. Jhanvi says bahus should be good, if not rich, we are lucky to get such bahus. Pinky says see our fate, we wear branded shoes and got down market bahus. Jhanvi says Gauri is perfect for me, I feel proud that she is my bahu.

Pinky says its because Shwetlana left because of her, let some time pass. Then you will know Gauri is mismatch for Om, like Anika is mismatch for Shivaye. Jhanvi asks what’s wrong with you, Anika is perfect for Shivaye, she saved his life many times, she helped us, Shivaye and Anika are happy together, what type of mum are you, that’s why Saas’ name is spoiled. Pinky says I was sharing sorrow, you are scolding me. Jhanvi says there is no happiness than children’s happiness, why are you not happy in son’s happiness. Pinky asks her not to explain, Shivaye is my son and I can give my life for him. Buamaa asks why are you fighting. Pinky says we are just discussing. Jhanvi says ask what we were discussing.

Pinky asks her not to say. Buamaa asks them not to fight. Guru ji asks to write bahu’s parents name in Kulpatri. Pinky says Anika’s mum is here, she will write, does she have to write profession too, she is a dancer, it will look bad. Shivaye asks her to stop it. She says I m talking to Guru ji. She asks Naintara to write her name and family name with Anika’s name in Kulpatri. Shivaye asks Anika not to worry, he remembers his promise. He throws his phone in her way. Naintara falls over the table. Shivaye says this pen got broken, we can’t write Naintara’s name. Guru ji says we have to make new pen and then write her name. Shivaye says main thing is over, we wrote Anika and Gauri’s name, its fine, thanks Guru ji. Pinky thinks all my hardwork went waste. She goes. Anika sees her and thinks why is Pinky doing this, if Shivaye knows Pinky did this, he will get big shock, how to tell Shivaye. Shivaye takes her.

Om sees the room decorated and asks what’s all this. Gauri says flowers and candles, why are you asking me. He asks did you get this done. She asks do you think I m mad to do this, this milk is for you, I was asked to take this. He asks what did you add in it. She says nothing. He asks about powder. She says I did not add anything. He says you added. She takes the glass and drinks it. Buamaa looks on and thinks Om had to drink this spiked milk, plan got ruined, Gauri had drunk it.

Rudra reaches his friend’s place. Shivaye asks Anika what’s troubling you, did you know who is supporting Naintara. She thinks of Pinky.

Rudra calls out a girl and holds her. He gets stunned seeing her. Dekha jo tujhe yaar….plays…. She says please leave my hand and cries. He asks why are you crying. She says you have held my hand in front of everyone, if my community knows, I can’t show my face to anyone. He asks is holding hand a big issue. She says this is Meerut, such things happen here, years ago, my friend was catching bus, a guy held her hand to help, her alliance did not happen. He says sorry, my friend said he loves you, he said when he meets you, he will say… She asks what. He says I will keep you happy, I will just see you when you are around, else your pic, I will not let tears come in your eyes Sushma. She asks Sushma, but… He says Shaurya is waiting, come. He holds her hand. She cries and says you have held my hand again. He says I know the story, why are you marrying Shaurya. She asks why shall I marry him. He says you did not think this while dating for 2 years, come. She says I won’t come. He says I have to take you, even I don’t want to. He takes her. She says please leave me.

Gauri laughs. Om asks why are you laughing. She says I got milk for you and drank it, you remind me of Nandi. He asks who is Nandi now. She says an angry ox. He asks do you mean I always stay angry. She laughs calling him Nandi, you got angry again, your name is on Shankar ji, will you open third eyes and always be after me. He says mind your language. She says tell me what did I do, you married me and got enmity with Kaali, but all mistake is mine, did I ever blame you, I m doing what’s told to me, I got milk, you had problem in it also, if I added something, I would have got drunk. He says I knew it.

She says you feel you know everything, but you don’t know. He says behave yourself. She says don’t touch me, I m in senses. He says I can see. She asks him to see Shivaye, he gives respect to women, he loves Anika, you are always bitter, can you become sweet like honey Nandi. He gets water and pours on her head. She says rain started and laughs. She comes to senses. She says you have put water on me. He says get out of my room. She asks did I say anything wrong. He makes her leave out of the room and shuts door. She goes.

Shivaye says you went after Naintara, you came back lost, what happened, tell me, did you find out who is supporting Naintara, I will expose Naintara and that person. Anika says you can’t bear it. He says I m not so weak to break down by truth. She says person breaks when belief breaks. He says trust is already broken, I want to know who is playing this game against my family, just say it. She says Pinky aunty. He gets shocked.

Buamaa gets Gauri and scolds Om for making Gauri leave from the room. She says its short life, will you fight and pass life, Gauri will stay here with her rights, if Om does not want me to stay here, he will respect Gauri, promise. Om says promise. Buamaa says if he breaks promise, tell me, I will take care of him, good night. Om says I can’t believe it, you are desperate to stay here, you would have gone crying, so Buamaa got you here. Gauri says I want to leave from the room and house as well. He asks why don’t you go then. She says I will go, I will leave from room now. He says no need to go, I will leave. Om leaves.

Shivaye asks what did you say, mom, I m asking who is that person. She says Pinky aunty. He asks what are you saying, how can mom… She says I know this is not easy to believe this, it was tough for me to believe, its true, I have proof. Pinky shouts Shivaye. He runs from the room.

Pinky rolls down the stairs. Shivaye holds her. He asks Anika not to forget Pinky saved Sahil’s life, Naintara kidnapped Sahil and tried to kill him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Congrats Nilash for your hattrick!! yesterdays episode was not that good but still enjoyed that Arthi scene of Obro’s & couples. Even i do have same doubt why did Buamaa mixed that powder in milk after drinlikng milk when she was asking OM why he hates her that much i was expecting that she will tell how Kali forced her to get married & also she is not behind Jhanvi Thakutains death she did suicide because of Kali.
    Rudra’s entry was good i think he is mistaken with the girl he was calling her sushma & she was confused that whole scene was funny 1st BG song Dekha jo tujhe yaar dil mein baji guitar when that song started i was laughing like anything it was looking too funny then 2nd BG music was good what ever lines RU said to that girl i wanted that lines Rudra to say for soumya.

    About Precap Shivay is shouting at anika it was not anika’s fault it was he who wanted to knoe about NKK now he is shouting at her cant see anika in tears just hope it is drama of shivay to know the truth though its not looking like any drama just fingers crossed that by mistake also shivay dont hurt anika.

  2. Hey Shekhar you are absolutely right its neither anika nor pinky’s fault its just that shivay ignored Pinky so she thought she is loosing her importance in SSO’s life. i want shivay to believe anika but at the same time i dont want shivay to bash pinky i want him to handle this matter with calm mind & he should try to find out what led pinky to do such things.

  3. Hey guys…. Iam also ishqbaaz fan but due to my job I missed to watch the serial… So any one pls clearly my doubt.. Where is soumya… What happened with Rudy..

    1. somu went to australiya and rudy has gone fr his friends marriage and there he met a new girl he felt like love at the first sigt with her im not happy with new girl she is like sis to him i want neha back

  4. Pooma

    Hello everyone I m new a member but not new to this telly updates world can I join u all

  5. For today’s epi. my post dedicated to Jhanvi aunty superb reply to Pinky…hats off to her…
    or Pinky kya bigada diya Anika ne inka hand wash kar ke picche padd gyi h Anika k….
    kaisi maa h maa k naam par big slap h Shivaay k liye…
    aur hamare sarr ka headache bann gyi h…kab inko akkal aayegi…
    aaj ka mindblowing scene#rikara its so funny…really maaza aa gaya…tomorrow’s epi. just hopeful…kuch bad naa ho.

  6. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies….. Today episode is fifty fifty…. Guari omkara convo is nice and Anika dilemma is too good… Confused on precap…
    Congratulations nilash my rocking girl for first comment.. Gng….. Astha dii.. Maahi dii… Missing you so much….

  7. Chavi

    Good evening ishquies.. How r u all ?..

    Nilash n nivi dear congrats …???manya..n some friends..for often commenting first nowadays ah..n I appreciate ur typing speed ah..good keep it up yaar☺?..
    Nivi..yes yaar.. I too heard about such customs in our Indian society..n it reminded in sterdays Rudy n d new girl…scene yaar..

    Anu…dear..hope by seeing all d links..u got relieved n coold ah..?☺..

    Prasanna..welcome to our pkj family ..keep commenting yaar..☺

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    Meenu…shab..dears..thank you for d links …all of us got relieved seeing ur links ah..??☺☺☺..

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    Akriti..thanku dear for d wishes..lots of hug n???for u too yaar..

    As usual ..?analysis Shekhar baai…
    What u said is right..
    Cause root of shivika’s pain now adays..rightly said alone not mean…????..
    Mmh what u said about gouri..if she knows d beast SSO before..she will keep 100 feet away from SSO…?????lols.. Keep writing yaar..

    Hi anitaaa3..
    I am aheli..
    All ur comments r worth reading yaar..keep commenting dear s..?☺..

    Astha..meri r u now..hope u will get fine soon by gods grace ah..

    Take u all..ishquies..

    1. Thanx Chavi..I wil try to comment regularly????..My favourite emoji is for u..

    2. LAX

      U r basically from Rameshwaram??
      Good. I love Dhanushkodi beach.

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    Thank you firdose☺..

  12. Krishnaa

    Yay!!! Another great episode!!!
    -Jahnviiiiii such a good mother-in-law!!! Loved her confrontation with pinky!!
    -Pinky and NT, at least anika got to know your truth!!! Shivaay’s reaction is very natural as a son. as viewers we know anika is good and pinky is bad. But as a son shivvay doesnt know yet.he would have reacted the same way if someone spoke against anika!
    -Rudddddyyyyyy, dekha to tujhe yar dil mein bhaji guitar!!!! 😀 just loved his scenes!!! And glad thar rudy’s track seems a comedy one!! Just hope GK doesnt change her mind not to bring back neha. Come soon neha!!! 🙂
    -buama at the start of DBO she said she will be playing a negative character, but in no angle she seems a negative character! She is funny!:D

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