Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz & Dil Bole Oberoi (Maha Sangam) 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye opens the car door. Car blasts. Rudra pulls him back. The brothers hug. Anika asks Shivaye about Sahil. Om asks where is Gauri. Shwetlana says she is here, if you walk ahead, you will lose your wife, if regulator goes on 5, your wife will die. Some time before, Shivaye asks Khanna about any movement near the van, wait there, I will meet you there. Rudra hears Naintara saying I know Shivaye went to find Sahil, I want to teach him a lesson, Shivaye will reach near the van, he won’t get Sahil, if he opens the van, it won’t be good for her. She laughs and goes. Rudra does not see her. He says what’s this matter, it means Shivaye’s life is in danger, I will inform him. Shivaye and Om meet. Om asks are you sure Sahil is brought here.

Shivaye says Khanna

told me this location, its a long story, did you tell Rudra, his call was coming, I ignored. Om gets Rudra’s call. Shivaye says don’t answer, he will ask many questions, we will finish this and talk to him. Rudra is on the way and says why do they take me light, sometimes it can be emergency too. Khanna shows CCTV footage and Sahil’s school bag. He shows the van and says van can’t go ahead in this route. Om says maybe they took Sahil by walk. Shivaye says maybe they kept Sahil tied inside van. Om says we will check. Khanna says maybe its a trap. Shivaye says nothing is imp to me than Sahil’s life. Om says if there is danger, we will take risk together. Shivaye looks at the van and opens the door. Rudra pushes Om and Shivaye far. The van blasts. Naintara calls Shivaye and says this was just a sample, I m more clever than you, if you want Sahil to be safe, then stop finding him, do what I say.

Om asks who was it. Shivaye says kidnapper, who does not know if Shivaye takes challenge once, I complete it, Sahil would be around. Om says we will find him. Shivaye asks them to go home and appear normal, I will find Sahil. He hugs them. Shivaye looks for Sahil.

Naintara comes to Anika and asks her to listen. She says Shivaye told me to keep any room, all rooms are so big, I don’t know which room to take, this room is also nice. Anika thinks she is choosing room when I m trying to kick her out of here, I have to wait till Shivaye comes. She shows the rooms to Naintara. Naintara likes a room and says this is best, I will take this room. Anika says no, you can’t get this room, its Sahil’s room. Naintara jokes on Sahil. She says Sahil comes for few days, give this room to me. Anika says never, come with me, you can’t stay here.

Shivaye asks a man about Sahil and describes him. The man says its big area, how to remember. Anika says she wanted to get Sahil’s room, don’t know where did Shivaye go. She gets a call and asks Shivaye where are you. She apologizes to the lady and says I thought its my husband’s call. Lady asks where is Sahil, my son is waiting for him and saying he won’t cut cake till Sahil comes. Anika says sorry, he is in boarding school. Lady says he took leave, I thought he came to meet you.

Anika recalls Shivaye’s words and gets shocked. She says I will call you later. She calls Shivaye. She asks is Sahil in any problem, tell me. He asks how did you know. She asks why did you not tell me. He says you were already so worried. She says just once, you should have said you lied about report. He says I tried to say indirectly, I will find Sahil and get him to you, stop crying, its my promise. She asks where are you, I m coming. He says no, I could not forgive myself for what I did with Sahil, if I save him, maybe my guilt gets less, don’t worry, I m here. She says please let me help. He shows her the place on video call and says we feel Sahil is kept here. She asks him to check baskets and fish nets. He says I have checked. She asks him to go back and see. He says its just sea, how will Sahil be there. She insists. He says its just boats there. She recalls Naintara’s words and asks him to check boats once.

Gauri says she is not able to breath well, we will take her to lawn. Om says we have to save her from Shwetlana. Jhanvi says we will take her to my room, oxygen cylinder and mask are there. Buamaa says I will go and check Shwetlana. She says Shwetlana is coming here. Om says I will distract her, take her to Jhanvi’s room. He stops Shwetlana and asks her to stop wooing him. She asks what did I do. He says you were trying to hug me. She thinks did real Shwetlana do this, it means she met Om. She asks when did this happen. He thinks she believed me and fools her. Gauri goes. Shwetlana says it was me, I was testing if you are loyal to your wife. She thinks thank God, Om made real Shwetlana go, else she would have spoken a lot. She thinks how to find her, if Om saw her near stairs, why was he coming from opposite direction, was he trying to divert me, it means real Shwetlana is with them, I have to play some big and dangerous move before situation goes out of hand.

Anika waits for Shivaye and Sahil. Shivaye comes and gets down the car. She asks for Sahil. Gauri goes to get glucose. Real Shwetlana asks where am I, where is she who took my face, so that her sins hide behind my face. He says you mean Shwetlana. She says I m Shwetlana, not her, are you all with her. He says no, relax, tell us what happened. She says we were good friends, one day she said she is unwell, I did not know it was her plan, she got an injection and came from behind, she caught me and injected, then I fainted. Shwetlana does the same with Gauri. Gauri faints. Juice glass falls by her hand. Real Shwetlana says then she trapped me in that freezer to hide her secret. Shwetlana drags Gauri and says now I will keep her at such place where Om can never find her.

Real Shwetlana asks for water. Om looks for Gauri. He sees the broken glass on floor. Shwetlana says whoever will come between me and my mission will die. She locks Gauri inside the freezer.

Sahil gets down the car. Anika hugs him and cries. Shivaye hugs them. She thanks Anika. H says stop crying, I don’t like tears in your eyes. She asks where did you get Sahil. He recalls beating the goons and getting Sahil from the boat. She asks Sahil is he fine. She says I will not leave that cheap woman.

Shwetlana asks Om why is he looking worried. He says I have no time to hear your nonsense. She asks don’t you have time to meet your wife Gauri. He asks where is Gauri. She hits the freezer. Shwetlana says she is here, if you walk ahead, you will lose your wife, regulator controls the freezer temperature, if regulator goes on 5, your wife will die, don’t you act smart else… He says relax, tell me what do you want. She says you have what I want and I have what you want, if you want Gauri, give me Shwetlana back. He recalls Gauri. Saathiya….plays…. He asks her not to get Gauri in between. She says Gauri came in between on her own, enemy’s enemy is friend, and enemy’s friend is enemy, I could not marry you because of Gauri, she fooled me as Chulbul, I can cheat, but not bear any cheat. Om throws a vase at her. She moves. The regulator moves. Shwetlana shouts stop and aims gun at Om.

Anika sees Naintara and thinks I will make her out. Shivaye holds her and asks what were you going to do, stop being angry young woman. Naintara goes. Pinky comes to Naintara’s room. Naintara welcomes her. Pinky asks her not to dream big. Naintara says you also dreamt to make bahu out, bahu did not go, and bahu’s mum came here. Pinky says fake mum. Naintara taunts her. She says Shivaye looks your son less and my son in law more, its your house but I will rule. Pinky says I will make you leave, if Shivaye knows I got you here, I will not leave you.

Shivaye says I want to know who is with what woman, control anger till I find everything about Naintara and her game plan. Anika asks how to find out. He says we have to play a game, will you support me.

Shwetlana says you showed your foolishness, see regulator went on 5. Om gets shocked. Shwetlana says now freezer temperature will fall so low that your wife Gauri dies within five mins, Gauri has to die. Buamaa comes and shouts stop, you want this girl, take her, return Gauri to us.

Shwetlana says you came late Buamaa, this Shwetlana is useless for me, you all got to know my secret. She passes the injection to Om and says its poison, go and give this to real Shwetlana, her death is imp, move Om, Gauri just has one minute now, you can’t do this, I will end her game. Om stands in front of real Shwetlana. He says no innocent person’s life will go in this house till I m here. She says fine, I will kill you first. He walks to her. She says stop, you will die, I will shoot you. She shoots. Inspector shoots at her gun. Buamaa asks police to catch her. Om opens the freezer. They all get worried.

Om lifts Gauri. Jaane nahi denge tujhe……plays….. Om makes Gauri lie down and holds her. Shwetlana asks inspector what is he doing. He says I have proof against you, you accepted all your crimes. She denies it. Buamaa asks her to recall she was telling her plan to someone. She shows the video. Shwetlana accepts her crimes in video. Shwetlana gets shocked. She says Buamaa is saying nonsense, this video is fake. Buamaa asks what do you mean, you got trapped in your own web, your game is over. Buamaa says have tea behind bars tomorrow. Om asks Gauri to get up. Buamaa holds Gauri’s hand and worries. She says her heart beat got slow, now there is one way to save her, you have to give her a CPR. Om gets shocked. He thinks of Gauri. He holds her and gives her CPR. Saathiya….plays…. Jhanvi and Buamaa ask him to try once more. Gauri gets conscious. She sees Om and cries. Om tries to hold her. Buamaa says thanks to you, Shwetlana’s game is over. Gauri smiles.

She then gets sad and says it means, my work also got over. Om looks at her. Gauri says now I have to leave from this house. Buamaa says no, you are our bahu. Gauri says no, we decided this, when Shwetlana leaves from this house, I will also leave, I came here just to help Om. Om stops inspector and says still 3-4 hours left from 48 hours challenge, I made you reach jail, person can be clever, what’s destined happens, someone told me bad never happens with good people. Gauri looks on. Om says I hope you will also understand this, I promised you, I will make you out of here in 48 hours. He holds her hand and takes her out. Gauri cries and thanks Lord for making Shwetlana out of Om’s life. She says I know Om and I were together till this point, now I have to leave, good thing is happiness will return in his life, its time to bid final be to this house. She cries and leaves.

Shivaye gets Gauri home. Dadi asks who is she. Shivaye says she is your bahu and Om’s wife. Dadi says Gauri and Anika are bahus, if one’s functions happens, other’s functions will also happen. Naintara thinks to use this big chance and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waiting for the best shivika moments

  2. Archiya

    Was it Mahasangam of 2 serials or just DBO for more than 30 min.. Shivika was hardly there today.. Hopefully from tomo v get some nice obros moments..nothin more to comment

    Gud morning all an have a good day

    1. Pushpa

      hey archu…..v hv the same dp….4me thts the best moment and the scn sealed the whole epi…correct archu….

      1. Archiya

        yeah same DP… same pinch… for me too.. absolutely dear there couldn’t have been a more perfect moment.. high-five
        it feels like a complete family, dont know wen shivika will have kids, but sahil seemed like their own kid wen they hugged him togther

    2. Akriti

      hii archu….
      same to same….DBO for more than 30 minutes…..
      I also felt that….
      but don’t worry…
      from today it will be real mahasangam…

      and same pinch….same to same dp….

      1. Pushpa

        akriti…..same dp same pinch high five dear…together with archu…

      2. Archiya

        come lets have a group hug.. for loving the same moment an having it as DP

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Archu.. hold on.. save ur energy.. we might have some blush moments coming up..
      the actual sangam starts today.. so I gues we will see nice episodes!

      1. Archiya

        i m hoping so too..

    4. LAX

      It’s not always about the quantity, it’s also about the quality. The little Shivika scenes we had were amazing.

      1. Archiya

        I agree.. Quality is important.. An whenever it comes to shivika it’s always abt quality.. It’s just that as usual I expected more

    5. Ranilya

      Archu DBO did get more space….sad….
      As if said umm my comment they should have finished off with Svetlana b4 the maha sangam…..

      I skipped most of DBO parts …

      Best was the Shianihil hug … you have it in your dp..??? perfect family…

      And also i liked it that Shivay expressed about him guilt to Anika.. ..

  3. First of all thank you Soooooooooooooo much.? amena itni long episode type karne ke liye
    ..kitni mehanat karti ho aap…so a big thank you..

    @wah wah..nivi dear, mahasangam entry from you….???Congrats. …….GNG GNG GNG……..

    @MMaahi my TU OMI….bass gender ki difference he????????? …..i am soo beech bhi time nikala that is sooo sweet of you…and you back with a bang..ek dum khidkitod dhinchak type ki shyari…

    Ha ha ha…late ho gayi main aaj…koi bast nahi..

    43 minute ka episode he…toh time toh lagega..hi???

    Now coming to episode
    1..chalo aadhi drama khatam ho gayi…..i mean sutlu ki….???? drama finish..

    2..gourika toh bahut fast he..itni jaldi..mouth to mouth ???


    3..i was laughing to see Omi..bechara apni chireya ko hug karne jaa raha tha…gouri beech main police boldi..warna aaaj toh gourika ka first hug ho jata..waise chulkara ki first hug kab ki ho chuki he…
    But nice hamesha gouri apni shhadi yaad karti he..aaj om ne bhi kiya…?nice..

    4..but for me today one thig was very special..shisaani..scene..sooo swwet soo lovely. .

    5.Sso-soo you are still in guilty…meri ankhe aur kasn dono taras gayithi ye dekhne ke liye aur sun ne ke liye… you saved sahill ..fir se dil.jit liya..

    6.Annika didi-today you rocked..when you hug was pure and natural…chipdi jaldi se band bajao..

    7.sahil my cutypie..when you cslled annika didi meri ankhe hi bharri hogayi…??? kitna pyasr he sis bro ke beech..Sdo ne dono ko hug kiya. Wow…soo beautiful. .

    8 After so many days..we see three bro together. ..that was also a special thing not for me but for all

    9.pinky ready hoja..agar shivika tujh rak pahuch gaye na teri band baj jayegi..

    TKC.-same line for you…

    11.janvi and buamaa-you also rocked..but as per promo it is looking like buamaa will turn negative. .?soo sad.. i am sure about it..

    12.precap-chalo Sso ne apni saadi manli toh apni bhaiya ko bhi sikhaya..somu ko le kar aaye the aab gouri… fir se ek trap wali celebration. .yarr ye obrois koi bhi celebration. aur real wali nahi kar sakte kya…???

    14.saw the new segment…Didi is looking sooo gergous and beautiful. .plz abhi toh cum se cum thodi romance dikha do..yarr.bahut time ho gaya..

    So asj ke liye itna.milte he kal…

    1. Pushpa

      arpi…hw r u dear..all good? nevermind late but the latest comments… thts was owkward om wanted to kind of hug her and she called police….3 brothers moment was great & shivika family hug the bestest..

    2. Akriti

      lol….shivika apne junior se kuch seekho…
      absoloutly right…

    3. AnuluvsIB

      11. TKC.. TKC kaun Arpita??

  4. Shraddha-DBO

    Hi all IB- DBO fans, shivikians and rikarians.

    I’ a hard core fan of both couples and love them equally??

    Yep, actually DBO was shown a bit more coz I think they wanted to end that soon.?

    I’m happy coz now from 2morrow, we’ll get to se POORE OBEROI family (except Tej I think).
    Really wanna see aniri bonding and shivri bonding?
    Sad that Om will be angry with gouri, but it’s ok they aren’t rushing it…..?

    @ maahi, thank you for shayaris……

    Hi archiya, Chavi, Lax,

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey..Shraddha. Gul Khan is colouring our canvas yaar like you. Have a Thrilling Tuesday.

    2. Archiya

      Hey Shraddha
      hw r u doing ?

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Hi Shraddha DBO! Hard core DBo fan is it? ? Don remember seeing u in IB page earlier! Sorry my memory is bad!
      Have u been here before?

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Hey, I was there in Ib long ago. During Tia’s exit time…
        After that I was busy with xams so was there in DBO only.

        Thanks buddy for asking?

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Oops! Sorry that I forgot!
        Welcome back anyways?

    4. Archiya

      i m sorry dear i got u confused with Shraddha Sharma.. i thought u changed ur login name.. sorry abt that ..

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        It’s fine archi?

    5. LAX

      Hi Shraddha
      How r u ???

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        I’m fine lax?

  5. Shraddha-DBO

    Hi astha, gayathri visu, mount, shraddha sharma and all others???

    1. Samm

      Oh your dp! ?
      I loved how Omkara calls Gauri! Your dp reminds me of that! ?

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Hope I will get a real romantic scene to make it my dp?

  6. Okay finally the wait is over….today is not the actual mahasangam we will get it from
    But reading comments above I felt that many here havnt seen dbo ofcourse due to that Svetlana but last week it was awesome with rikara chemistry…..and there are also comments like I love shivika only want more shivika scenes like that….liking is someone’s own intereset but as a die hard fan of IB from the first I will support each and every brother of the show be it Shivaay om or rudra….so if rudy’s love story starts I will support that…I can’t tell all of you to do that but at least don’t comment about other pair…it’s hurting to see our fandom made of three lovely brothers fans is splitting….I am saying this bcoz as it is a mahasangam both shivika and rikara fans will read this . I think you all will understand and I am extremely sorry if you think that I am giving unneccessary lecture.

    And abt the episode it was okay okay. ..and ya the cpr scene can be more emotional but here also I won’t blame the actors it was purely because of poor editing rushing scenes this implies to sahil returning scene too…..but that hug was awesome????
    Waiting to get more obros scene
    Hope I will get some.

    1. The main reason for my above cmt is my frnd we both are in clg and was reading the written update as we scrolled down my frnd who is a new fan to dbo(as I suggested she is now watching all ib epis)
      Was disappointed…she was like why can’t they give a chance for the New pair….so this made me think out there how many fans will be like this….I think you all will agree with me in this

      1. AnuluvsIB

        I agree chnadini.. we would like to see story of all the bros equally..
        All we want see is see them all together!
        Abt the rush.. in IB if at all something has to be blamed, it is always the plot.. the cast can never be blamed.. they are all awesome.. even when the plot goes all awry, the cast is the one that pulls the show to gether and keeps the fandom glued!!

    2. Archiya

      i liked ur comment.. i agree completely, let me tell abt why i dont watch DBO., i felt it throughly unrealistic, when i saw the first episode, i saw a repeat of SHivika story, if they dont show anything diff how wil it gain our attention.. but i do like om-gauri pairing.. but the story needs to hold ppl… which it was not doing till now
      i m hoping now they will improve on that

      1. Hi archiya…..
        Your points are true yes I was irritated with the unrealistic happenings but what to do I lov the oberoi brothers I can’t control myself when I see them man they are something ????
        I think have to control myself because I am going crazy of these three handsome babies….so because of this effect I watch dbo . I also hope that hereafter it will be good
        Btwn your dp??
        I know you are the dp queen but I just love this hug…a perfect family one

  7. hey ishquies finally our ib and dbo r together im sooooooooooooooo happy fr that today i know they edited it par asli mahasangam will be frm today only we can see all of them together
    and shivika family hug was awssssssssssm
    sultana track got ended omggggggg
    but ib nafratbazz k bina incomplete hai na is liye not even a single epi it would be with out villains but it is the first hindi serial which brings our lead together our daksh brought shivika together now fakelana brought omri
    and i read a above comment that she is nt hapy with the mahasangham i will say just skip the shivika part y to hurt the other fandoms over here
    and i find alll new members here may be both ib and dbo page got combined but its very nice hi alll

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shabana…chalega yaar hum adjust karlenge with this copy paste thing for one day.

      1. haan chalega ek hi din k liye bas muj se aur wait nahi hoga dii and yea i saw sbs segment wer anika pours water on omki instead of shivaay wow super excited to see that

    2. Akriti

      yes chlega chlega….cut and paste…
      and aaj se the real fun will be start…
      the real maha sangam…

      1. haan yaaar

    3. Archiya

      hey Shab
      how r u doing ?

  8. the episode was super many wonderful scenes were their…
    anika and shivajye movements and gauri and ohm movements….i just liked this epi too much
    gauri’s crying made me also to cry and the bad scenes of swetlana ended…ha ha very happy….now between anika and shivaye …….
    hi all me here …………………………..
    ridhima…hi dear
    akriti…..i never missed u … i rememberd u always
    pushpa….bela…..and all
    i loved many dps of registered members espically pushpa,akriti and archiya…..4 me also the best scene was that…..srry others i loved ur dp also….
    hi all have aa nice day may todays epi rock and do anyone tell me when is IPKKND 3 is coming…. i loved that promo too….arnav aka barun fanswow….returning back……..
    shivika ang gaurika scenes were awsome…………………………rudy also rockedddd
    gurlzz and di’s ……..what was the best scene u all loved

    1. hi anisha shab here how r uu ??

      1. Hi dear….am e what about you…..u are next for 11std is it…..mwhat about ur classes…..did u class start………which sub u chooses……

      2. Sorry shab many typo errors…I am fine…and in pink of health and did ur new class started…….which sub u choose……

    2. Akriti

      hi diyas opps! I means anisha…..
      thanx for remembering me always…
      I also remembers you but couldnt reply you properly sorry for that….

      1. Di….meim tumhare reply ??????????????se bahut khushi hum………….?????☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Anisha… Don’t miss me I am here only. Love you ,hope I am still disturbing your sleep by coming in your dream lol. I couldn’t respond at your comments for me earlier yaar. Have a thrilling Tuesday.

      1. I missed u dear….yes now also I dream about you……love u dear .. ……do u have a black churidhar withred in it… I dreamt you in it…..u came near to me…..and we walked through a beautiful place and many more like that…..
        ?????love u dear give me a hug. ….now also I dreamt u giving me a hug…. ☺☺☺☺???????

      2. Archiya

        @Diyas @Astha
        nice to c the bonding between u guys 🙂

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Hey Anisha! Ipkknd3 is back! Yes.. dunno if I have to be happy or sad.. glad that Barun is back.. but no confidence on Gul if she can handle 2 shows in parallel!

      1. anu di…..i am happy that barun is back our arnav singh raisata is back with new look….OMG….what a surprise……yes shivani is opposite to him……i think she will handle this character also…….hope 4 the best of IPKKND…….3

      2. Archiya

        I m super happy excited abt it.. Not sure even I can handle 2 shows??

    5. im chooosing maths with commerce my classes starts in the june month

      1. all the best dear…..4 ur new world…….u r on the next step of ur future…..
        hi dear……………..then what about hyderabad……u are now in hyderabad is it??????????

    6. Archiya

      hey Diyas.. how r u .. i either call u anisha or diyas? u decide..

      1. u can call me either anisha ordiyas ur wish…..dear…..archuzzz….but most of them call me anishaaaa

  9. Pushpa

    hey guys……
    i just hope this spoiler is true…omg….cant wait ……shivaye singh oberoi going to nailed it guys..

    ” Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) proposes Anika (Surbi Chandana) for marriage making Anika wear diamond ring in Ishqbaaz
    Shivaay goes on his knees and proposes Anika for wedding giving Anika a diamond ring “

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…tumhare haath mein ghee sakkar. Happy happy enjoy this confession and jaroor aana hamare family ke shaadi hai tum kidnap hone se bach ke rehna this week. Our life are in danger may be this wedding time( wink wink).

      1. Pushpa

        i’ll b very carefull astha dear…dun u worry..wink wink wink

    2. LAX

      Am dying to see that. ????

    1. Aastha_Reddy


    2. AnuluvsIB

      Shab… I saw that too!! Semma illa!! ???
      I love SurNal offscreen chemistry soooo much! ??? they are awesome?

    3. Pushpa

      OMG…..owsm & thku 4 the link….

    4. Archiya

      i saw this too.. i love surbi an kunal togther..

    5. Iam_aheli_98

      I love SurNal bonding so much.

  10. Aastha1

    Loved to see three brothers together after long time….Hope it continues like this ever

  11. Sejsmiles

    There have been lots of blunders sincr dbo started.. Like gauri being in d same house hasn’t even met dadi, Shivaye, anika. I believe this Maha episode was to cover those massive blunders.. Now atlst Shivaye n family know what happening in OMs life..

    1. AnuluvsIB

      True.. hoping to see them come down going forward!

  12. Chavi

    Good afnoon ishquies…?

    Sure meri Jaan..? let’s all dream together ah..??

    Akriti…I’m good r u?.. Its OK dear..never mind yaar..?☺?..ur comment ?..

    Hi anisha r u dear.. too happy of mahasangam…s yaar from today we r going to watch full masti of shivika omri..Rudy n all family obro moments..exciting ly waiting dear…

    Hi to wish d spoiler comes true…

    Hi chandini…how r u yaar..?
    I agree with u yaar..ishqbaaz is d story of three bros n we ishquies r super happy seeing all three happy with thier love life n all yaar…

    Hi shraddha-DBO …how r u dear☺. .

    Hi arpita..nice comment yaar..

    Archiya..I too felt seeing group hug of shivika sahil like complete family dear..☺

    Sou..welcome dear ..keep commenting ah..

    Hi chaithu..abhi..Shari..aheli..arsi…Ravi..sandhiya..shristi..neha vellanki..harsha..gouri..
    Liji…how is ur granny health now yaar..
    Love u all..keep commenting dears..take care

    1. Iam_aheli_98

      Hi Chavi, I’m Aheli. Nice to meet u. 🙂 And I made a registered a/c yesterday after commenting. 🙂

  13. Hii guys how r u all??
    A big hug to all of u
    Actually met with a small accident so couldn’t cmnt…..also my xams r coming so i may be irregular here till my xams gets over or i may disappear also 😛
    Bt will definitely miss u all
    Luv to all my pkj members (know na i m pathetic at remembering names)
    Talking abt d epi…..
    First shivom prt….full of tadi it was….luved tat prt….
    Then shivaye telling om to ignore rudra’s call as he’ll ask many questions….. sach me bahut halke me liya rudy ko….vo bhi serious baatein kr skta h
    After a long tym shivomru together…..aankhein taras gyi thi inko dekhne k liye
    Shivika n sahil….it was so nice….so pure… me d best prt of yesterday’s epi
    Shivaye cn nvr forgive himself for d mrg stunts he did n so doesn’t wants to remember abt d past ( remember in one epi he said anni also nt to talk abt past)…..he saved saahil nt fr anyone else bt fr himself… reduce his guilt level at least by some percent……if he is d reason of their agony then he’ll only provide them comfortness……d reason of their happiness their well being…….his hug frm behind was jst to assure both tat nothing cn happen to them they r safe in his embrace……
    Situations teach everything……d man famous fr his short- temper today telling his wife to stay calm……cn it be d best def. of complementing each other…….
    Bdw point to be noted SAAHIL HAS HIS OWN ROOM IN OM…….i thought he is staying with rudy…..
    Anyways am i d only one who felt tat yesterday ib was of 20 mins only…..n d rest was swetlana drama….. Bt ok they hd to wrap up swetlana’s story so it needed much tym
    Bt i had some doubts on dbo as i don’t watch d show….
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    How om n gauri came ti know abt swetlana??
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    Happy tat frm today d actual mahasangam will strt which i yearned to see till now…..whole family all youngsters together…..aniomru, shivri bonding n mainly aniri bonding n their antics making shivom go crazy….

    Above saw one cmnt stating tat she hates shivika which really hurted me a lot being a loyal fan of shivika… twitter also many r fighting amongst each other……i really don’t understand if someone don’t lyk anyone then keep it to yourself only n skip d prt u don’t wnt to watch…..why spreading negativity……..Promote wat u lyk , don’t bash wat u hate
    Guys throw shine nt shade….

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Shree! What happened!! Are u ok now gal!!??
      Al the best with ur exams yaar! Do well!!

      U seem to have missed some chunk of DBO.. sweets MrsK are some honey bee bites.. a plan by RiKara.. freezer part don bother.. I used to read written update but even i don remember on how it can out!!

      Swet drama is done! We r in for some nice shivika and Rikara!! ??

    2. Archiya

      missed u yaaar.. an take care of urself

      epic line “Promote wat u lyk , don’t bash wat u hate”

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Shree…meri dost,meri yaar,meri brownie..
      thousands of hugs and kisses for your speed recovery. Pata tha Oberois ke function hai toh hamari family se kisi na kisi ke saath accident jaroor hoga. Take care love you.

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  15. Hi chavi

  16. Ranilya

    Had been busy whole day so couldn’t comment.. .and also I was not very eager to comment too…

    What’s with this mahasangam??
    It was like cut paste of DBO n IB…that too with poor editing… I skipped most of DBO.
    It was more of DBO than IB though…
    Only the van blast scene was a bit like a merger……
    They could have easily finished off with Svetlana b4 the sangam!

    CARS- ?shot when Shivay n Om parked n got off their cars…. and their stride towards the van too…Om was almost matching Shivay…

    HUGS- Shivomru and Shianihil both were awesome…
    Shivomru….best brothers ever…loved the concern Shivay showed
    Shianihil…they make a perfect family hug ??? they always take me to shivika n ansh…
    Again… Shiavy melt my heart with his hug n caressing both towards Anika n Sahil.

    SAHIL- loved you….????? Aryan….
    Loved his dialogue delivery in that tremulous voice? and his expressions too…
    Even the scene where Sahil is unconscious and Shivay is carrying him was good.

    RUDY- loved his dialouge while driving car n his expressions too….
    Poor Rudy…..this is the disadvantage of being the youngest.

    ANIKA- the way she came running to Sahil…..poor soul…she was half dad waiting in anticipation….

    SHIVAY- 1- Good to know he still feels guilty for using Sahil to get married to Anika.
    2- his concern for his Anika
    3- his dialogue…angry young woman ban ne ki zaroorat nahi hain…
    4- iv already told abt hugs
    And yes…. again Shiavy is the one to get Gouri to OM…like somu…..hope Gouri is here to stay unlike somu…

    OM- Though I missed most of DBO I liked Om with his brothers.
    He cares of Gouri….not just chulbul…
    Was he limping?? I felt so….

    GOURI- was looking good

    BUA MA- Good
    JHANVI- ok
    PINKY n NT- ignore….

    Hope tomorrow’s mahasangam is more like one than today’s cut paste….
    Waiting to see Anika n Gowri bonding….

    Saw a spoiler where Anika throws water on Shivay but he escapes n it splashed on Om….
    Also Gowri’ s candy hits Shivay….???

    1. Ranilya

      Anika is looking super gorgeous in the kulgothra puja dress n make up….earrings r a bit bulky n lengthy but still Anika is ??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Trust me after today’s episode u will be super eager to comment! See u soon at the next update page!! ?

  17. Shekhar

    changed priority of SSO aka SHIVAAY


    so at last it was his repent for SAAHIL and all her good deeds of ANNIKA for his family so

    far which forced SSO to put SAAHIL and ANNIKA marginally above the importance of PINKY

    in his life. His repent for SAAHIL raise a special space in his heart and mind, but PINKY’s

    biased, and self focused behavior during TIA’s pregnancy track is pinching and hurting him

    heart out, and his subconscious is still reacting to that her behavior and her not trusting

    over him, and stood against him, and simultaneously when he found her , ANNIKA, keeping

    fully trust over him , made all the difference, and this all changed the priority list of SSO’s

    life. The feeling that, which e many times uttered, WHEN I NEED MY MOM’s HELP, I AM NOT

    GETTING IT, has sucked out all the charm of MOTHER-SON love from between them and a

    what we see as of now, it is just a formal MOTHER-SON relation, a relation with one way

    feelings, nothing sourcing out from son to mother.

    As he is wise enough not to voice out his dislikes, but PINKY is feeling his dislikes intensely.

    She does feel, there is wall now between her and SHIVAAY, and she is receiving nothing

    from other side except few tossed feeling less chain of wordings. When she tried to see the

    reason of that, that woman named PINKY when she raised one finger at ANNIKA, forget

    other four finger were pointing at herself.

    What ever we are seeing so far in SHIVIKA MOMENTs, its all efforts of both to get each other

    in right perspective, but not love, but love feelings is the reason for making out such efforts.

    Both are equally , gradually and slowly changing themselves according to other one’s

    needs, and in all this, normal HUSBAND-WIFE relation has nothing to play any role, and

    accepting this fact, they are HUSBAND-WIFE for OF and few one but more the friend

    almost all through.

    While looking at SHIVIKA unison, we know, that track has consumed more than 65% epis as

    it was messed up due to NKK BELIEF of SSO. Changing in beliefs is tough when belief owner

    is the person like SSO with full attitude, while in GOURIKARA unison , no such problem is

    there, whatever it is, is only the MU, which eventually get solved within span of few epis

    compared to SHIVIKA. And same way any track for RUDRA , in my POV, will not consume

    more time.

    I don’t know, who might have guessed in this TU, but definitely CVS had left a clue in this

    epi for a person being behind NT. NT was briefing some one on MOB over what is going on

    in OM, and this will stem out another track from this NT track.

    One thing is sure, in my POV, there is one person common in all these conspiracy, and that

    person is the victim of either SHAKTI or TEJ.

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Shekhar, I thought NT was instructing the goons abt Sahil.. which call are u referring to?

      1. Shekhar

        no, she was briefing some one else other than GOONs, who might be that, yet to come up.

        ANU, a bar dance just can not go to such an extent. It requires lot of money, men power and many sources, which she just can not have all .

        It is surely some one else, but no goons>

    2. AnuluvsIB

      True.. a bar dancer cannot have the resources to execute this..
      given that Anjali mukhi is a senior actress, it is possible that she might not be there just to be a part of pinky’s game.. possible.. Zaheer could be bigger Agenda..!

      Btw.. good analysis.. esp ur point an shivika vs Rikara! And Tej/Shakthi.. true.. they are the root of all conspiracies against OF!

      1. Shekhar

        Who is this ZAHEER?, I guess, it is THERE, right?

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Oops! Yeah a typo!! No Zaheer..

  18. Mouni

    some new spoilers said that shivika will make plan to expose who is behind NT in the puja and anika will see that the dancer is talking on the phone so she followed her and then it seems pinky will get exposed , waiting to see sso’s reaction to his mom’s truth

    l hope the spoiler is true , it means soon we will end this track

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Mouni.. I saw the video too.. but am getting scared now.. what if it is just annika who gets to know it is pinky.. she might not reveal it to Shivaay! Esp after mahi truth!!
      Thai is just what I was worried abt!!

      1. Ranilya

        Yes Anu….loojs like Shivay is sitting in the puja n only Anika goes following NT .. ..
        What if Anika doesn’t reveal the truth to Shivay??

        I’m going mad thinking of it.. .. I want Shivay to know the truh….

  19. AnuluvsIB

    Moderation uncle! Y aren’t my comment moderated for long!? ?

  20. Shreyanvi

    Episode was good…though it was not merged….but no problem we r gonna get mahasangam from today in real sense….
    Finally swethlana is out….oh ghosh…i can’t even imagine hw I hv beared her(sweth) nd murder of science which they did in show from starting till yesterday…they should give all regular followers of dbo “VEERTA AWARD”..????….i was just left to pull my hairs???…but still was watching murder of science everyday only for
    gaurika /shreenal…. but now I m happy dat finally something nice will happen…
    Coming to epi I loved om’s nd shivay’s entry nd their swag uffff???…i was like maar daala…. also sahil shivaye nd anika’s part was treat to watch……hoping for best….waiting for nxt epi eagerly…..

  21. Chavi

    Good evening dears..
    Hi chaithu☺..

    Ranilya?comment yaar..

    Shekhar baai…? analysis..what u said in
    Changed priority of true yaar..
    I too having d same doubt baai..there is one person behind all these conspiracy it may b roop..kamini..n there’s a list of villains in IB know..??so let’s wait n see in future plots..what’s CVS going to show us…

    Hi anu…? Di’s is what happening to me too nowadays yaar..

  22. this is so boring

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