Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi #Listen to me# shot 2

Hey guys many were shocked to read shivaay slapped Anika .Trust me I will reveal the reason in today’s shot. Thanks for those lovable comments.
Scene shifts to Oberoi mansion,
Dadi (cries): What is happening in family? Every relations are breaking one by one . My grand children are suffering more.
Kamini thinks now cry mummy ji . I’m gonna shatter the whole family .
Jhanvi : please don’t cry mummy ji. Everything will be fine . Right Tej?
Tej: Yes ma jhanvi is right . Everything will be fine. I hope all the mess happened here will be cleared.
Shwetlana thinks oh no now Tej is supporting jhanvi. Now I should do something.
Shwetlana: but how Tej? Om married a girl secretly and he didn’t say anything about the matter not even to his brothers.
Tej: you are right shwetlana. I think I have seen her before.
Jhanvi: I think I saw her in temple . Even I complimented her for her singing skills. But she didn’t say about her marriage.
Shwetlana thinks now what should I say? She is the one who saved me in an accident.
Buamaa: OK let’s not talk about this I am going to bring Gauri as om’s wife .
Shwetlana: but.. she gets by buamaa.
Buamaa: Om will do whatever I say ? My decision is final . Shwetlana you be away from our family matter.
Shwetlana sees tej is not supporting her . She stamps her foot and goes from there.
Pinky comes to buamaa with joining her hands : bua please bring back my anika also . I have done wrong with her many times. I didn’t believe her. Once I wished her to leave Oberoi mansion forever. But my shivaay’s condition worsened . Now I want her to be here . She is our family. Our happiness lies with her and her happiness. Please bring her back. (She started to cry heavily).
Buamaa : Please don’t cry pinky. You are my daughter and even jhanvi. I will bring your happiness back. Saying this she kissed the foreheads of pinky and jhanvi.
Now where is shivomru. I gonna talk to them first pinky and dev you guys take rest.

Scene shifts to Anika’s home…
Anika: Shivaay you should have slapped me harder .
Shivaay: What the wuck? Anika . How can I slap you? So that’s why asked rudra to make the slapping sound and I acted like slapping .
Anika: But Shivaay will they believe us?
Shivaay: uff why are you asking these many questions? Meri maa chup ho jaa yaar. I’m gonna take nap now.
Anika: can I ask you something?
Shivaay: not again . Ok this is the last one.
Anika: you told me that you sold my home. But you asked us to meet you in my home after our drama. Can you give an explanation?
Rudra: arrey shivaay bhaiya mahi was right . Anika bhabhi is question shop . (Rudra started to laugh and anika glares at him).
Anika: shivaay answer me.
Shivaay pulls towards him: do you want to know the reason?
Anika nods yes.

Shivaay was about to say something .
Rudra: Shivaay bhaiya don’t start your romance here also.
Suddenly they hear door knocking sound .
Rudra: I will go and open . Bhabhi and bhaiya continue continue mmm.
Rudra goes and open the door. He was shocked to see his soumya there with band aid on her head. He gave a bone crushing hug to soumya.
Rudra: what happened sumo ? Why did you left without telling me? I was worried for me and what happened to your head ? Will you please say something?
She was continuously staring behind rudra in a shocked reaction.
Rudra left her and turned back.
Shivaay: soumya you are here?
Soumya went silently went near shivaay and knocked his head with a vase. Shivaay fainted at the place.
She saw shocked anika at the back of shivaay
Soumya: Anika bhabhi and rudra run away from here and find shivaay bhaiya. He is not our shivaay bhaiya . He is not having kanji eyes. Saying this soumya also fainted there.
Rudra cups his mouth : what is happening here bhabhi ? I don’t understand .
Saying this he laid between shivaay and soumya.
Anika: Phail gaya raita!!


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