Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi #Listen to me# shot 1

Hi guys . After watching particular scenes in Ishqbaaz and Dil bole Oberoi, I’m here with my own plot. From Ishqbaaz I’m gonna start from Mahi blackmailing Anika and from DBO Gauri confessing her truth to Om but Om was not in his room.

I hope you guys will like it.
Shot starts from Priyanka’s wedding day.
The bride and groom are taking vows as a part of the marriage. Oberoi family members are happy to see their prinku getting married to her guy. The bride and groom finished all the rituals. Suddenly Kamini shouts how can this marriage happen if the groom is not here. Everyone are shocked.
Pinky: Kamini ji what are you saying? Don’t start your drama now.
Kamini: Pinky ji that guy is not my Ranveer.

Tej: What rubbish?? Could you explain what is going on here?
Priyanka removes her veil. She thinks of her unlucky fate . She feels like crying and shouting loud. She knew that Ranveer is gonna marry her for torturing and revenge. Not even in her dream, she wished a wedding like this. She cursed her fate for reason of ranveer’s sister’s accident. She turns towards her husband, to whom her fate is connected with. The groom removes his sehra. The oberois were shocked to see Dev Chabbra in the place of Ranveer. Pridev stands and comes out of the mandap. Shivaay was hell angry on Dev’s act. He was about to slap him, but someone stops him.

Shivaay: Anika leave me . This time he didn’t do good.
Anika: shivaay listen to me. It was me who made Dev to sit in the mandap. Because..
She gets a slap from shivaay.
Shivaay: what the hell ? Who gave you the permission to decide about my sister’s life?
Other oberoi members are shocked to see their billu slapping a girl for the first time and that too his anika.
Anika: Shivaay just listen to me…

Shivaay: stop it (in a loud voice).
Rudra: bhaiya let anika bhabhi speak.
Shivaay: Shut up rudra . Behave matured at sometimes. First be a sensible and responsible person. I know what to do. Don’t interfere.
Omru , dadi and prinku were shocked as shivaay won’t pinpoint rudra’s activities. Rudra feels heart broken . Even though he is like what shivaay said , he didn’t expect his super man will shout or insult him like this.

In the meanwhile , Shivaay drags Anika and push her outside the mansion.
Shivaay: Get out and don’t show up here. I feel disgusting to be with a cheap middle class woman.
Anika cries and tries to explain him. But shivaay was not ready to listen her.
Suddenly a lady tells her that Stop Anika take this person also with you.
Om: what nonsense shwetlana ? Why are you here with chulbul?

Chulbul: omkara ji I don’t know why sultana ji brought me here . Even I tried to ask her. Before chulbul could complete shwetlana pushes him outside the mansion. Chulbul falls on the ground and the wig and spectacles falls on different places Chulbul gets up dusting his dress. Everyone are shocked to see a girl there. Om mutters Gauri.
Shwetlana: chulbul is not he but she. Understand Om she is Gauri , Gauri omkara Singh oberoi.
Jhanvi: what is this Om? Why do you people these many revelations today.
Om: you are not chulbul .

Gauri: nods no.
Om: I was right you are a gold digger . But I didn’t know you will use my friendship.
Gauri: Omkara listen to me once.
Om: Shut up . I hate lies. You knew it. Still you played with me. Now get out.
Shivkara banged that gates on Anri.

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  9. I think it would be mahi acting like shivaay as his plan got flopped bcoz of anika he slapped her may I think . Please update soon

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