Ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi ki prem khaani ep15

Hey guys I’m back so let’s start

Gauri was shocked hearing anika shout chutki she didn’t know how to react her sister was infront of her and she didn’t know and when she did she left her

Gauri stared no movement and the scene was on shivaaye who was screaming

He was shocked because of him anika died he shouted sorry anika I didn’t mean to be horrible to u yr life was in risk I found out ur gauri bhabi sister but I was compelled not to tell u I’m sorry ur own bua wanted to get rid.of u she was busy looking for u

Gauri went to shivaaye and says how could u tell my sister to go and die what did she ever do 2 u

Shivaaye says when we were teenagers we got married flashback is shown play this song while u read ahead thanks
Shivaaye sees anika and was shocked and found out she was new and decided to have a competition to win her but didn’t know it would turn serious he was dared to sleep with her

He got his friends to tease anika but she managed to handle then and shivaaye wanted to win her as it was a matter of his reputation so he went up to her and asked her to marry him she refused so shivaaye decided to pretend to commit suicide and really fell he managed to hold on and shouted to his friend anika and her mates took their scarfs from their neck and managed to pull shivaaye up.

Anika went up to shivaaye and says the people who love don’t probe it they try to win them the real way.

Anika was 2alkimg while a car pulled up and put her in shivaaye saw this and his friends go shivaaye save her and shivaaye went after them

The goons made anika have a drug which after 3 days she forgets everything they made anika and shivaaye marry

Shivaaye took it as a chance and slept with anika

When anika found out she is pregnant she was upset and she decided she will never let her child face humiliation the flashback ends

Shivaaye was still crying he said as always he regreted it and looked for anika but never found her.

He was embarrassed

The episode froze

Precap shivaaye gets slapped and gets shocked seeing someone

Please comment and tell me how u liked it thanks for reading love u all

And yes I changed soumya to bhavya because my sister thinks bhavya will be better as.she is opposite rudra now

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  1. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Nice one dear

  3. Resh

    Rosie!!! This one was crazy yaar! Omg! Such a dangerous teenager! Wait where is Anika’s kid! And seriously is Anika dead!? Nooo!!! If they keep telling stories then she can never be saved! So because of that gauri was kept away from anika! This is literally crazy! You are awesome! Waiting to know what will happen next! Love you loads!?❤️️

    1. Rosie25

      Aww thabks so much resh I love u 2 ???

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