Ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi ki prem khaani ep14

Hey guys please comment how u liked it but first of all I would like 2 thank resh who gave me that boost 2 write and not finish she was worried as I didn’t write since about 2 weeks

anika thinks 2 her self what is wrong with shivaaye first sahil and now me why why what is wrong with me is it my name blood why does everything matter 2 him

She wipes her tears and goes outside

The scene shifts 2 shivaaye and omkara and shivaaye is seen telling omkara that I didn’t mean it I didn’t do nothing why why is this happening with me the more I try 2 help anika the more sad she gets Omki tell me what shall I do??

Before omkara speaks they hear gauri and bhavya screaming

Shivaaye runs out and sees anika standing on the side of the cliff drunk she says god why is shivaaye like this sometimes nice sometimes horrible why why first u snatched my chutki and then my house and now my sahil had been sent 2 boarding school and now shivaaye

Why why And she starts crying ??

Shivaaye ssayss anika don’t be silly get down and we can talk please

Just as anika wad about 2 speak boom she fell down

Anika extended her arm but shivaaye failed 2 grab it everybody stood in shock they all wondered what is happening

Gauri started crying and goes chutki meri anika di omg

The screen stops on anika and gauri and shivaaye omkara rudra and bhavya faces

Sorry for the short ep next one will be posted soon and I promis2 it will be long but please give me some ideas and also tell me if I should continue

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  1. Sagithya

    Amazing.. u should continue ..

    1. Rosie25

      Thanks so much Sagithya

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Hey dear… Please post next part ASAP.. It is nice

    1. Rosie25

      Thanks nikita

  3. Alekhika20

    Amazing update


    Dear Rosie
    Aap ne Mujhe se Kya poocha hai?I don’t understand English fluently so that’s why iam more thing.iss main Rudra ki opposite soumya haina phir bhavya kaise hogaya.last line pe bhavya hai so that what I’m ask?

    Take care?

    1. Rosie25

      Thanks UF

  5. Resh

    Hi Rosie! Anika and Shivaaye are always so cute… they love each other a lot but end up hurting each other! It was a wonderful episode! You are not stopping! You should continue! ?? Check out all the comments above “On Demand” please continue.. please post the next one soon!?❤️️?

    1. Rosie25

      Thanks resh I absolutely love u ???
      But the thing is my comment section has gone low and it kind of makes me feel I’m useless and I’m not made for this x

      1. Resh

        Ik at times makes us feel useless but try and think from their side too.. Check out the positive side when you feel like this.. Then thing will be better! Think positive and keep smiling !☺️?❤️️

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