Ishqbaaz and dil bole oberoi ki prem khaani ep13

Hey so I’m Rosie and yes I’m a girl and UF I didn’t feel bad at all and yes add me up on Insta rosie25_11

So let’s carry anika and shivaaye see each other and smile.

Shivaaye shouts her name and says wait there.

Anika thinks he is goin 2 say thanks and then says no need shivaaye I know I’m the number one but u know ..

Shivaaye bursts out laughing and says excuse me did u actually think me shivaaye Singh oberoi will say thank u 2 u

Anika looks at him and says excuse me I helped u and u are … u are so rude ur name shouldn’t be shivaaye Singh oberoi it should be AKRU SINGH OBEROI.

shivaaye says excuse me just then rudra and om enter with soumya and gauri.

Rudra says the couples gaurika and shivika that soumya needs to shave her beard and and she is turning into a gorilla which is scaring me.

Soumya says how dare u rudra don’t speak 2 me and gets her slipper off and throws it at him.

Rudra says voh … bhaiya help me na.

Omkara burst out laughing.

Gauri says omkara u need 2 cut ur hair people will think I’m getting married 2 a transgender think about my respect.

Anika,soumya and gauri start laughing

Shivaaye says anika u aswell disgusting anika says wait I will show u what is disgusting she pucks up a water jug and throws it on shivaaye just then shivaaye bends and the water falls over omkara and rudra.

Shivaaye starts laughing and says ur name should be panika not anika and u waste so much water think what that water could have helped us with tut tut God made some people but forgot 2 send brains in there.

anika then says Mr akru singh oberoi how dare u and says u won’t go short if u apologise shall I tell everyone what u did.

Shivaaye throws his phone and says I have done nothing.

Anika says another phone Broken u could have given that money 2 the less fortunate..

Shivaaye looks at her

Anika says God forgot 2 give akru people a nice heart.

Oh jaannaaa plays …..

Rudra interrupts and says let’s play truth or dare so who first.

Everyone moves always except omkara he says give me a truth.

Rudra says what did u do on the first night with gauri.

Shivaaye looks at him and says rudra behave.

Rudra says I can’t ask baby questions can I it will be boring.

Omkars says ok I didn’t do nothing gauri was ill and we aren’t even married so what first night.

Gauri says ok now my turn so i pick dare.

Soumya says ok easy kiss omkara…..

Gauri gets shocked and says infront of everyone

Soumya says ok on the cheek gauri goes 2 kiss on the cheek and omkara moved his face which then turned into a lip lock

Anika and shivaaye looked away.

Wherelse rudra aur soumya fell asleep

Gauri wakes them up and says now ur 2 turn she says tell us a truth.

Soumya says im preg ………

Rudra says we are planning a surprise so yes that’s it

Shivaaye turn comes and they all ask him about his love.

Shivaaye says never I dojt have time for all this …

Anika turn comes and she picks dare

Shivaaye says I dare u jump off s cliff can u do that u act all brave but so nothing

He gets up and walks away

Anika was shocked 2 see his rude behaviour the scene froze on anikas crying face.


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    1. Rosie25

      Thanks f

  1. Superrr episode.Loved this fun segment.
    Keep writing dear.

    1. Rosie25

      Thanks sanyukta

  2. Alekhika20

    Nice update


    1. Rosie25

      Thanks uf

  4. Nice… Will Anita jump from Cliff??? Plz post next episode asap yaar am waiting….

    1. Rosie25

      Will do preetha
      We will see what happens next

  5. Anita must jump, shivaay must save anika then he must get the fear of losing her… If this happens it will be nice…. It’s just my thought…waiting for the next update yaar….

    1. Rosie25

      Nice idea but I’ve already written one up and will post it in a few days

  6. Dhar

    Superb epic episode, plzz post the next update ASAP

    1. Rosie25

      Will do dhar

  7. Madhuani

    So akdu bagad billa.
    Waiting for next

    1. Rosie25

      Thanks madhuani

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Nice one dear

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  9. Sagithya


  10. Shivaay is too much yr How can he told like that!!!!!!!! Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

    1. Rosie25

      Thanks banita

  11. Resh

    Such a nice ff! And I read that you were planning to stop writing this ff! How can you think about stopping it!? Get that thought out of your! Everyone is enjoying it! Come on yaar!! Btw I’m sorry I couldn’t comment on your previous episodes! I was a little busy! I went thru all of them! Just enjoyed them! I’m waiting for the next one! I’ll definitely try and post a comment!?❤️️

    1. Rosie25

      Thank u resh absolutely love u ???

      U have made my day

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