Hiiii frnds I am Sam…..

I wanted to give my pov on the present tracks of Ishqbaaz and Dil bole Oberoi
First of all let me tell you it’s completely my pov….
I am really pissed off with the on going tracks of both the shows…..I don’t know whether om and Shivaay are now related or not……I feel that only Rudra is the connection between the two brothers….He keeps on shifting places to help his brothers…..
First of all coming to Ishqbaaz…I mean what the hell is going on in it…. Except SHIVIKA scenes nothing seems to be worth watching……There is nothing logical in the show…..How can a mother fall so low just to get her son’s attention…….I am really hating the character of pinky now a days…..No mother can do such a thing to her son….And every human show some gratitude towards the other and here Anika saved her son’s life but instead of thanking her she is plotting against her….And she created a fake identity of Anika’s mother to make her son away from Anika…..
Omg seriously a mother is using her own son’s weakness against him…..
And what’s this dividing of characters between the two shows….. Shakthi’s family problems are shown in ishqbaaz and tej’s family problems are shown in dbo…. Seriously…..
When Tej makes an entry in ishqbaaz he will be seen good and well behaved with Jhanvi and everyone…And he was seen helping Shivaay in exposing the fake Shivaay who was not even his son….But when he is seen in dbo he behaves completely different…He is risking his own son’s life for a girl like swetlana…..
And coming to Mahi…..He is really a nice character…..All wanted to see him and his truth but writers are busy in showing NKK track…..
And last time when all the three brothers are talking in kitchen and Anika listens to them….And gets sad and went away crying…..Rudra and Shivaay came to pacify her but om suddenly disappeared… I am really missing the old om who cannot see anyone sad and who tries to make Shivaay understand the importance of the values….And especially who used to laugh at his baby brother’s antics…..I want omru to bond with Anika like before but now it’s completely hopeless. Because now a days om is busy in dealing with his aged fiancee and her ex boyfriend Kali thakhur

And now coming to Dil bole Oberoi….
The Tej Oberoi who always thinks about family reputation and everything got ready to sacrifice everything for a woman that too who ditched him for his son…..He didn’t even think about his family’s reputation and the Oberoi surname…….He even got ready to let his son die just for his obsession…
I don’t get one thing….How come Tej suddenly became so obsessed with swetlana…..He was never seen so obsessed in ishqbaaz but when it comes to dbo everything changed…..
And main important point is she is not swetlana she is someother person…….The thing we don’t understand is when did this fake swetlana took place of real swetlana…Before meeting Tej or recently…There are many doubts and there is no answer for anything…..
Every track is illogical….And coming to Chulbul what’s going to happen when om get’s to know about Chulbul being Gauri…..He will again start hating her this time more…..
There is only one sensible Oberoi that is om…But with the starting of this spin-off show he too became insensible and another version of Shivaay Singh Oberoi….Simply SSO 2
Now a days Shivaay is changing to good and om to bad and arrogant….Really missing the old om and his shayaris
I was very excited for this spin-off as I thought that it’s going to be the continuition of Ishqbaaz but I totally got disappointed…Now I think if this spin-off is not there then the story line would not have got spoiled……

Last but not least
“Ek dusre ke zaroor hisse hain Yeh ek kahani ke teen kisse hai” this is the story line of the show but now it’s totally missing in the show…..Where are obros ??
There is a time when ishqbaaz is the most fantastic and peaceful show to watch with the unique bonding of the three brothers SHIVIKA knok jhok….Rudra’s funny jokes….Omru bonding with Anika and supporting her infront of Shivaay….To be frank I loved the show during the Mallika track……
We are really missing Sowmya and rumya in the show….

I really feel that makers must have made the show a continuation to Ishqbaaz…..By focussing more on SHIVIKA in ishqbaaz and gaurika and rumya in dbo…..But now I am hell confused…..
Something is happening in dbo and something is happening in ishqbaaz…It doesn’t seem that both are living in the same house…..
I really want Shivaay and Anika to make an entry in dbo and save om and everyone….As Shivaay always says that his brothers are his Everything….Now how come he is not aware when his brothers are in danger……It’s really strange…
And going to past….Both jhanvi and om are missing in prinku’s marriage….How come a mother and brother miss her own son/sister’s marriage……….
When I think about these all my head starts spinning like what is happening here…..I was hell confused with these tracks…..
I really want this swetlana and Kali thakhur’s track to end up ASAP and dbo gets continution to Ishqbaaz……

As I said these are all my points….So if anyone don’t agree with it then it’s completely fine……If I miss anyother points please give it in the comment box…..

If I hurt any of you then I am sorry………

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  1. Richa19

    So true yaar…… totally agree with u….. Once upon a time ib was the show which used to be s stress buster for us n now it seems like v are stressing ourselves by seeing all the illogical drama happening out there…… Especially in dbo…. I mean wht the hell they are showing??? N I agree with u with the tej thing….

    I think all the brothers should be together and help eo in solving problems…. There should be family moments rather than all the dramas and planning amd plotting of the villains……

    Hope this all gets fine soon and they show all the pairs with equal importance along with the other family members!!! * fingers crossed! *

  2. Fama

    Agree with most of your points..
    I think the makers sideline the mahi track for sometime coz I think anika trying to find link between mahi and shivaay will lead to their blood revelation track and am not bother with that for now.
    And about the spin- off, I mean dil bole oberoi. I personally think it wasn’t a good idea to do that, as the story is now mess up a lot with Svetlana’s mystery track, bua ji just present in tej ki parivaar and dadi in shakti’s household.
    I hope the writers with their creativity will sort out the differences in dbo and ishqbaaz soon.

  3. Kiya

    I am totally agree with u Sam…. Seriously what’s going on???? Let me tell today I was watching the old episodes of ishqbaaz.. Its really great.. Specially Tej is behaving very well with janvi… I like it… But now, oh I must say I want to kill this Tej and this Pinky… I am totally stressed by seeing this.. I have been never see any mother like pinky and any father like Tej… They r too much spoiling these two characters… And of course I am missing obro’s moment too much…. Missing cute artist shayrikara our Omkara…. And leave the rumya… I think the writers had forgotten that Rumya is also a part of both shows…??

  4. i m happy that u pen down my thought about dbo and ib.initially ib is like “ek kahani ke teen kissey hai ek doosre ke jaroori hissey hai” but now ib and dbo ak hi show ke do hissey hai aur ak doosere ke hissey nahi hai.
    ib ki story toh phir bhi theek chal raha but dbo is like punishment sessions for ib viewers as ib fans only demanded for om love track . cvs ne kaha ki lo om ki aisi love story denge ki future mein koi kuch demand hi naa kare and we have a result .

    kaise dbo ki creative team nein tej ko typical villain bana diya, jabki ib ke initial episodes mein tej rude selfish but a loving father tha.wo om ko shivay se aage dekhna chata tha. usne om ki happiness ke liye swethlana ko bhi ignore kiya tha. but agian dbo ko start karne ke liye tej ko villian aur jahnvi ko bechari bana diya.

    and my favorite brother rudra he is best. but cvs uska screen space villians ko kyu de dete hai . it very sad to see that he is not getting importance in the show.plz start raumya story they r best couple with over weight cuteness.

    if shivika is the face of ib then shivomru are the soul of ib. we like to watch shivika on screen but we love/die to watch brotherhood in ib.

    i wish ki cvs ne ishkara ki love story ko nicely develope kiya hota to aaj show mein love hota romance hota true-lie love fight hoti.

    may be because of these loopholes only show is not getting trp

    1. Even i agree on what u said abt ishana track … plz once read my comment n let me know if m correct …

    2. And even dadi said om tht someone will come and fill your life with lies …

  5. Thank you for writing down my thoughts buddy … intially it was my fav show and a lot different from other shows but now .. i have already stopped watching it …
    Its really disgusting to see illogical yracks going on …. specially dbo … i thibk writers have sell their brains… cant they think of any other story line … whenever i think now this svetlana track will get over .. she wins again … what the hell is going on yaar .. i miss ishana track .. in that track om was om … his character was not changed for trps and no. Of episodes.. he hated lies and strongly stood for it … ishana was practical and natural to watch .. it would have been a great plot if they dint shut it for once … om would have learnt tht its necessary to lie sometimes to survive . Sorry if it offends anyone elses thinking but this is the truth … no one is perfect … we have flaws … we lie ..we fight … like any normal human nature … but gauri is something really differnt … she is behaving like a goddess of sacrifices and selflessness. Noone is like that in todays world yaar … ishana was something who used to live in real life and thats what it made her character above all …
    N even i miss omru scenes yr … it was so relaxing to watch them… now i laugh wen i remember … one for all and all for one. And soumya and rudra … instead of giving screen space to unwanted ppl tej svet … cant they take forward their story ..? It is so loving to watch them … i dont think they r doing justice to soo beautiful actors like nehalaxmi or soumya and leenesh or rudra .. i heard once hes quitting show long back .. why wont he .. makers have just turned him into a link .. m hating them now ..
    Makers Plz watch krpkab .. u will know what is naturality in a show … !
    Plz conment if u agree … and sorry if i offended anyone … plz comment

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