Ishqbaaz- Dil Bole Oberoi- 3 Shots by Luna (Part 2)

Hello Ishqies…I’m back with the second shot of this FF…..Thanks for giving your comments in the previous part….This part will also show Om’s new FL Gauri played by Shrenu Parikh. Those who have watched the second promo of DBO must be knowing, that Gauri is a village girl who speaks in UP dialect. So her dialogues will be also like that only. Most of the part of this update is in Hindi, but I’ve given English translations as well. Here’s the link of the previous part for those who have not read it:

Part 1

Some important points to be known of my FF:
1. Shivaye and Anika are happily married.
2. Om has now became a swami, so he’s credited as Swami Om in this FF.
3. This FF is just for fun, it’s a spoof on the show, making fun of characters. So don’t take it seriously.

Scene 1: Shivaye, Anika, Om, Rudra, and Soumya are in the car, on there way back to Oberoi mansion. Shivaye was driving the car. Om was sitting beside him. Anika, Rudra and Soumya were sitting at the back.They are in the middle of a jungle.
Swami Om(calmly to Shivaye): Shivaye….wahan zara dhyan se chalao…kahi koi durghatna na ho jaaye…yatayaat ke niyamo ka paalan karo…unka ullanghan mat karo….aaine ka istemaal bhi karo…peeche ka haal bhi dekho…aage ka haal bhi dekho….bagal mein bhi dekho….kamar ki peti bhi baandho…..meter ko bhi dekho…wahan ki gati ko bhi dekho…dhyan dena ki kahi who 20 kilometer prati ghante ki raftaar se zyada toh nahi ho gaya????
{Swami Om(calmly to Shivaye): Shivaye….drive the car properly….God forbid, that accident an accident happens…follow the traffic rules…don’t break them…use the rear-view mirror also…..look back also….look front also…look side also…wear the seat belt also..look at the meter also…look also at the speed of the car… look if the speed of the car doesn’t goes above 20 km/h??}

Shivaye(gets irritated with Om’s non- stop bak bak and shout is full nasal voice): Fhat the wuck…fhat the wuck is your problem man…..why the f**k are u irritating me man…fhat the wuck….I know driving okay…I know all the driving rules…..Shivaye Singh Oberoi…(now we don’t understand what Shivaye says, and we only hear: wayong wayong wayong…u r mad…ur completely mad…wayong wayong wayong…sadak ka kooda…wayong wayong wayong).
Swami Om(calmly giving a smile): Shivaye, shaant ho jao….itna krodh kis baat ka??? Dekho kahi galti se tum kisi ko thok na do.
{Swami Om(calmly giving a smile): Shivaye, calm down…why are u so angry??? You may hit someone by mistake.}

Shivaye(shouting): Don’t tell me anything okay….I know everything wayong wayong wayong….and I can’t do any accident.
Suddenly the car stops.
Anika(to Shivaye): kya hua ji…car kyu rok di????
{Anika(to Shivaye): what happened?? Why u stopped the car???}

Shivaye(shouts in annoyance): arre maine nahi roki hai……petrol khatam ho gaya hai.
{Shivaye(shouts in annoyance): I didn’t stopped it….the car is out of petrol.}

Anika(shocked): kya??? Itne ameer hokar aap gadi mein petrol bhi nahi daal sakte??? itni kanjoosi kis baat ki??(suspiciously)kahi apni kisi girlfriend par toh paise nahi uda rahe???
{Anika(shocked): what??? Despite being so rich, u can’t fill petrol in your car??? Why are u being so miser???(suspiciously) are u spending your money on your some girlfriend???}

Swami Om(shocked): ye kya Shivaye??? Tumhari ek premika bhi hai???? Tumhari biwi hote hue bhi, tum ek parayi stri ke saath sambandh banaye hue ho??? Yeh toh bahut bada paap hai…tumne bahut bada durachaar kiya hai Shivaye.
Swami Om(shocked): what is this Shivaye??? You also have a girlfriend??? Despite you having a wife, you have relations with another woman??? This is a very big sin….

Shivaye(Shouts in anger): okay just Shut up okay, just shut up…I don’t have any girlfriend…I don’t have any premi…premi…whatever!!!! And this is not my car…this is Rudra’s car….usko Petrol bharna chahiye tha(he should have filled the petrol)…..

Rudra: haan… main …woh…maine aaj subah hi car kharidi thi…isliye main petrol bharna bhool gaya….sorry.
{Rudra: yes…I ..woh….I bought the car today morning itself….that’s why forgot to fill the petrol….sorry.}

Swami Om(calmly): Tumhe aisi laparwahi nahi baratni chahiye thi Rudra….ab tumhari wajah se hume kitni pareshaani uthani padegi…ye tumhara wahan hai Rudra, toh tumhe isme indharn bharna chahiye tha…ye tumhara farz tha,…hume humesha apna farz ada karna chahiye….yahi toh humare sanskaar hai….yahi hai humar seekh…yahi hai…
{Swami Om(calmly): You shouldn’t have been that careless Rudra….now because of u we will face a lot of trouble…This is your car Rudra, so u should have filled petrol in it…this is your duty….we should always fulfill our duties….this is only our upbringing….this is our morals…this is….}

Shivaye(irritated): okay stop it…I’m not getting at all what u r saying Om,… Rudra, because of u we are stuck in the middle of this forest…there’s not even network here…u can’t even do a simple job…now what will we do????
Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…ab waqt aa gaya hai ki hum apne charno ka istemaal kare aur apna maarg khud dhunde.
{Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…Now time has come that we should use our legs and find our own way}

Shivaye(furiously): what??? Are u crazy??? How will we reach home by walking??? The distance from here to our house is about 200 kilometers…how can we reach there just by walking???
Swami Om(calmly): apne charno ka istemaal karke Shivaye…hum dheere dheere kadam lete hue apne bhawan tak pahuch jayenge…pehle ek kadam, phir doosra kadam, phir teesra kadam aur phir chautha kadam… aise karte hue, mere ganit ke hisaab se hum teen din mein apne bhawan pahuch jayenge….par aisa bhi sambhav hai ki tab tak hum mein se kuch log swarg sidhar jae.
{Swami Om(calmly): by using our legs Shivaye….we’ll slowly, by taking steps, will reach our home….first we take one step, then second step, then the third step and then the fourth step…by this, according to my calculations…we’ll reach our home in 3 days…but it’s also possible that by then ,some of us will leave for heavenly abode}
Shivaye(shouts in anger): oh just shut up(now he again goes nasal and we only hear: wayong wayong wayong khoon khandaan wayong wayong wayong ganda khoon wayong wayong wayong)
{Shivaye(shouts in anger): oh just shut up(now he again goes nasal and we only hear: wayong wayong wayong blood lineage wayong wayong wayong dirty blood wayong wayong wayong)

Anika(gets irritated and shouts at Shivaye): aap chup karoge ji??? ab koi aur raasta nahi hai….chal kar hi jaana padega

{Anika(gets irritated and shouts at Shivaye): will u keep quiet ??? Now we don’t have any other option….we have to go by walking only}

Shivaye(shocked): what???? Are u all crazy???? Tum sab na certified paagal ho…tum sab ko paagal khane mein hona chahiye tha.
{Shivaye(shocked): what???? Are u all crazy???? U all are certified mental patients….u all should be in the mental asylum}

Anika(shouting at Shivaye) o ji…rehne do….pagal khane mein apko hona chahiye tha…bhool gaye aap kaisa pagal pan dikha rahe the thodi der pehle hotel mein?? Bandar ki tarah uchal rahe the.
{Anika(shouting at Shivaye) o ji…leave it…u are the one should be in the mental asylum…did u forgot, what craziness u were showing in the hotel??? U were jumping like a monkey.}

Shivaye(starts stuttering): woh toh main…woh toh main…
{ Shivaye(starts stuttering): actually I…I…}

Anika(shouting at Shivaye): woh toh main kya???? Haklana shuru ho gaya aapka?? koi jawaab nahi hai na?? chalo ab niklo gaadi se.
Anika(shouting at Shivaye): actually I, what??? Again u started stuttering??? U don’t have any answer na??? now get out of the car.

All get out of the car. Cool wind was flowing. Suddenly they see a girl in a wedding attire running towards them, from the opposite direction. All get very shocked seeing that girl. The girl goes to them,. She’s very scared.
Girl: pelez…pelez…hume bacha lijiye. Humre peeche gunde pade hain.
{Girl: plz..plz save me…goons are after me}

Anika(to the girl): par ho kaun tum????
{Anika(to the girl): but who are u????}

Girl: humra naam Gauri Sarma hain ji….hum UP ke rehne waale hai…hum Hanuman ji ke bahut bade bhakt hai aur Salman Khan ke bahut bade phan(gets shy).
{Girl: my name is Gauri Sharma ji…I live in UP…I’m a big devotee of Lord Hanuman and also a big fan of Salman Khan}

Shivaye{to Gauri(annoyed)}: tumse bas naam poocha tha okay….tumhara bio-data nahi pooch rahe hai..wayong wayong wayong….
{Shivaye{to Gauri(annoyed)}: we only asked your name okay…we are not asking for your bio-data..wayong wayong wayong}

Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…ye kanya bahut dari hui hai…isse is aise baat mat karo….hume iski sahayata karni chahiye…isse hume bahut sara punya milega…moosibat mein pade logo ki hume humesha sahayata karni chahiye…arre yahi toh humare sanskaar hai…dusron ki sahayata karna…isse bada sukh iss duniya mein aur kuch nahi…baki sab kuch moh maya hai.
{Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…this girl is very scared…don’t talk to her like that…we should help her…we will get a lot blessings by this….we should always help the people in trouble….this is only our upbringing….helping others….we can’t get more happiness, by anything than this, in this world…other things are only Moh Maya( unrealistic desires)}

Rudra(excitedly): ye Maya kaun hai???
{Rudra: who is this Maya???}

Shivaye(shouts in anger): WILL U ALL JUST SHUT UP!!!!!! What help will we do of this girl??? First we need to help ourselves.

Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…itna krodh…itna krodh kis baat ka hai tumhe???? Kya pareshaaani hai tumhe jeewan mein??? Kahi koi aisi pareshaani toh nahi jise tumhe bataane mein sharm aati hain???? Dekho aajkal vigyaan ne bahut tarakki kar li hain….kisi bhi bimari ka ilaaj ho sakta hain and kisi bhi ang ko theek kiya ja sakta hain.
{Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…so much anger??? Why have so much anger??? Do u have any problem??? Do u have any problem, that u r ashamed to tell us about it?? Listen, Medical Science has became very advanced now. Any disease can be cured and any organ can be fixed}

Shivaye(furiously): will u just shut up Om??? Or I’ll forget that u r my brother.

Swami Om(calmly): Bhulne se yeh rishta thodi na mit jayega… Yeh rishta to uparwale ne banaya hai….khoon ka hi nahi, ye aatma ka rishta hai…hum ek jism, do jaan hain.
{Swami Om(calmly): by forgetting, this relationship will not end…this relations hip is made by God….nt only blood, but it’s the relation of soul…we are one body and two souls.}
Shivaye(starts laughing hyena laugh): Om…I beg in front of u….plz keep quiet for some time..plz.

Swami Om(calmly): isme bheekh maangne ki kya zaroorat hain Shivaye, arre main toh tumhare liye apne pran bhi de sakta hoon…..agar tum chahte ho ki main chup ho jaau aur apna gyan na doon toh theek hai, main chup ho jaata hai…par gyan toh meri hawa mein hai bhai, tum mujhe toh rok sakte par iss hawa ko kaise rokoge???
{Swami Om(calmly): why do u have to beg in front of me Shivaye??? I can even give my life for u…If u want, that I keep quiet and not give my knowledge to anyone, then fine, I’ll keep quiet….but knowledge is in my air, brother…u can stop me, but how will u stop this air}

Rudra(confused): ek second…aapki hawa main???? Aapka matlab…(makes a disgusted face after getting what Om said) O… thoda aur edit karke bol dete dialogue, jaise maine kiya tha.
{Rudra(confused): one second….in your air??? What do u mean(makes a disgusted faceafter getting what Om said) O…u should have edited out the dialogue a little more, like I did}

Anika: ab chodo ye sab aur chalo, Gauri….tum bhi hamare saath aao, tum hum logo ke saath safe ho.
{Anika: now leave all this and lets get out of here…Gauri…u also come with us, u r safe with us}

Shivaye{shocked(to Anika)}: what??? Anika…we can’t take this girl with us…goons are behind her, we’ll also get in trouble.

Anika(taunting): toh aap ho nqa hume bachane ke liye… sirf batan se hi tadi maarna aata hai???
{Anika{taunting): then u r here na to save us,…or u only know, how to show your tadi}

Shivaye: uh…who..woh…..

Anika: lo…phir haklana shuru…dekho ji maine keh diya na, ki Gauri hamare saath aa rahi hai, matlab aa rahi hai.
{Anika: see..again u started stuttering…see, I said na that Gauri is going with us, that means she’s going with us}

Shivaye shakes his head with a vacant expression.
All start walking. On the way, Om and Gauri start talking to each other

Gauri(to Om): arre aap toh wahi Swami Om hai na???? bahut suna hai humne aapke bare mein…bahut bade phan aapke …aap humre gaon mein bahut hi phamous hain ji….aapko toh bachha bachha jaanta hai…oo, itna andhera mein aapka sakal theek se dikh nahi raha tha na, isliye hum thoda confusiya gaye the…par ab sab kilear hain…aapka ek auto giraph milega ka????
{Gauri(to Om): arre…u r that Swami Om only na???? I heard a lot about u….I’m a big fan of u….u r very famous in my village….u r known by everyone there….I wasn’t able to see your face properly in so much darkness, that’s why I got confused…but now, everything is clear…can I get your auto graph???}

Swami Om(calmly): Gauri…mujhe bahut prashanta hui, ye jaankar ki tum meri priyasani ho…aur rahi baat mere swastlekh(autograph) ki, toh main itna mahaan nahi hoon ki tumhe autograph doon…arre main to bas ek mamooli insaan hoon, jo iss duniya ko gyan baatna chahta hain….mujhe iss tarah sharminda mat karo.
{Swami Om(calmly): Gauri…I’m very pleased to know that u r my fan….and about my autograph, then I’m not that great to give u an autograph…I’m just an ordinary human being, who wants to give knowledge to this world….don’t embarrass me like this.}

Gauri: aree naahi naahi..aap sarminda kahe hoyenge…humre liye toh ee saram se doob marne wali baat hai…agar aap auto giraph nahi dena chahte hain toh theek hain…hum jid nahi karenge, par ek selphie toh banti hain ji…pelez, iske liye mana mat kijiyega….aapse selphie khichwane ke chakkar mein hum ek tho bina batan wala phone bhi leke baithe hain kabse, isscireen ko hi tuch karne se sab kaam ho jaata hai…socha tha jab aapse milenge tab khicha lenge…phuto usme ek dum kilear aati hain na…isiliye…par humko abhi tak samajh nahi aaya ki ee phone ka istemaal kaise karte hai…ajeeb paheli hai ee bina batan wala phone.
{Gauri: no,no,no..why will u be embarrassed??? I’ll die of shame because of this…If u don’t want to give autograph then it’s fine, I’ll not force u…but at least take selfie with me…plz, don’t say no for this…just because to take selfie with u, I even bought a phone, without any buttons…all work is done just by touching the screen….I thought that, whenever I’ll meet u, I’ll click a selfie with ….because photo comes very clear in it na…but I still didn’t understood, how to use this phone…this phone without buttons is a big puzzle}

Swami Om(calmly): Maine toh doorbhash(telephone) yantra ka istemaal hi karna hi chod diya hai….main ab iss sansaar ki moh maaya se upar uth chukka hoon…mere jiwan ab inka koi sthaan nahi hai
{Swami Om: I had stopped using phone long back….I’ve came above the desires of this world…I don’t have any place for these things in this world}

Shivaye(hearing what Om said, murmurs): yeah..that’s why were sitting with us in the car.

Swami(to Gauri): Par agar tum chahti ho ki main tumhare saath ek alok-chitra(photograph) khichwa loon toh theek hai….main tumhari ye khwahish puri kar deta hoon……jab hum mere bhawan pahuchenge, toh main tumhe mere kamre mein le jaaunga aur tumhare saath….
{Swami Om(to Gauri): But if u want that I click a selfie with u, then fine…I’ll fulfill your wish….when we will reach our home, then I’ll take u to my room and….}

Gauri(shocked): hain??? Ee ka keh rahe hai aap????
{Guari(shocked)hain?? What are u saying??}

Swami Om(Calmly): Gauri…pehle meri puri baat toh suno…main tumhe apne kamre mein le jaaunga aur tumhare saath chitra khichwaunga.
{Swami Om”(calmly): Gauri….first let me complete na…..I’ll take u to my room, and will click a selfie with u}

Gauri: O…par aapke kamre mein kahe ji????
{Gauri: Oh…bu why in your room}

Swami Om(calmly): kyunki mere kamre mein hi devtaao ka waas hai….sirf hum dono hi kyu…. devta bhi hamare alok- chitra mein aane chahiye.
{Swami Om(calmly): because in my there is the presence of all Gods…why only two f us??? Gods should also come in our selfie.}

Gauri(getting excited): arre baah!!!! Isse badki khushi ki baat toh humre liye ho hi nahi sakti…..aapke pabitra kamre ke bhi darsan ho jayenge, aur aapke saath saath debtao ke saath bhi main selphie khichwa loongi…ee toh humre liye double bonus hain ji…..isse achhi khushi ki baat aur ho hi kaa sakti hain.
{Gauri(getting excited): wow!!!!!! What can make me more happy than this???? I’ll get to see the holy room of yours, and apart from U I’ll also click selfie with other Gods}

Swami Om(calmly): par kanya….tumne abhi tak hume ye nahi bataya ki tum kisse dar kar bhaag rahi ho…aur tumne ee dulhan ka joda kyun pehna hain???
{Swami Om(calmly): but girl…..u didn’t told us yet that from whom u r scared and running from??? And why are u in this bridal outfit???}

Gauri: Om ji…oo ka hai na…ek gunda humse jabardasti saadi kar raha tha….hum usko thenga dikha ke bhaag gaye saadi se, toh sasure ne gunde bhej diye humre peeche, humein pakadne ke liye.
{Gauri: om ji…what happened that, a goon was marrying me forcefully…so I ran away from my wedding…that’s why he sent goons behind me, to catch me}

Swami Om(to gauri): tumne bilkul theek kiya kanya….kisi ko bhi kisi se zabardasti shaadi nahi karni chaiye….ye bahut bada paap hai,iss galti ke liye kisi ko koi shama nahi mil sakti…. hum iski kadi ninda karte hain…..aisa paap karne walon ko narak mein bhi jagah nahi milti.
{Swami Om( to gauri): U did the right thing girl….no one should marry anyone by force….this is a very big sin…no one can be forgiven for this mistake…I criticize this a lot….the people who do this sin, doon’t even get place in the hell}

Shivaye who was walking ahead of Om and Gauri, starts coughing after hearing what Om said.

Anika(who was walking with Shivaye, grins and says to him): Kya hua ji???? Kuch purana yaad aa gaya kya???
{Anika(who was walking with Shivaye, grins and says to him): what happened??? Did u recalled something??}

Shivaye(making a straight face): Nope…nothing!!!!!

Gauri(to Om): Aapne bilkul theek bola Om ji…aisa logon ko toh narak mein, oo garam tel ki kadhai hoti hain na….us mein daal kar, pakana chahiye……oo jo gande keede makode hote hain na, aur oo jo saanp bichoo, unse katwana chahiye…tadpa tadpa ke susuron ko roj maarna chahiye.
{Gauri(to Om): You said completely right Om ji…..these type of people should be cooked, in that…that deep cooking pot with oil….they should be bitten by those, dirty insects..and those…those…snakes and scoripons…They should tortured daily}

Shivaye(gets furious, turns back and shouts at Om and Gauri): Will u both just shut up??? What nonsense are u both talking about????

Anika(to Shivaye): aapko itni mirchi kyu lag rahi hain….aur ye log waise theek hi keh rahe hai…aise logon ke saath na aisa hi hona chahiye
{Anika(to Shivaye): why are u getting so hurt????and what they are saying is right…These type of people should be treated like this only}

Soumya: aap theek keh rahe ho Anika bhabhi…aise logon ko 3rd degree torture dena chahiye… kisi se zabardasti shaadi karte hain…jo kisi aur ki zindagi ka faisla khud lete hain.
{Soumya: u r saying right Anika bhabhi….these type of people should get third degree torture…those who marry someone forcefully, those who take decisions of others life forcefully}

Shivaye(gets irritated and shouts): SHUT UP ALL OF U….aise baat kar rahe ho jaise zabardasti shaadi nahi ki ho…kisi ko tadpa tadpa ke uska murder kar diya ho…u all are mad, mad(now he starts speaking in nasal voice and we don’t understand what he’s saying and only hear: wayong wayong wayong …ganda khoon…wayong wayong wayong …sadak ka kooda… wayong wayong wayong… sadakchap log…)
{Shivaye(gets irritated and shouts): SHUT UP ALL OF U….u all are saying as if, a person has not forced someone to get married, but tortured someone till death …u all are mad, mad(now he starts speaking in nasal voice and we don’t understand what he’s saying and only hear: wayong wayong wayong …dirty blood…wayong wayong wayong …road trash… wayong wayong wayong… roadside people…)}

Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…main samajhta hoon ki tumhe apne purane karmo ka pachtawa hain…..bhootkaal mein kiye gaye tumhare paap tumhe sone nahi de rahe hai…woh kaante ban kar tumhe dil mein chub rahe hai, par yahi toh sachaai hai….humare karm, hamara peecha kabhi nahi chodte….woh humesha humare saath rehte, aur hum chahe naa chahe…humare paapon ki saza humein zaroor milti hain.
{Swami Om(calmly): Shivaye…I know that u r feeling guilty for your old deeds…the sins that u did in the past aren’t letting u sleep….they have became thorns now, and are piercing u in your heart, but this is only the truth…..our, deeds, never leave us…They always be with us, whether we want it or not…we definitely get the punishment, for our sins}

Shivaye(seething): okay just cut this crap…and tell me how more will we have to walk???? We are walking for half an hour…I’m tired now.

Anika(to Shivaye): Saari zindagi BMW mein ghumoge toh yahi haal hoga na??? ab kya kar sakte hain….jab tak hume koi madad nahi milti humein aise hi chalna hoga.
{Anika(to Shivaye): If you’ll travel your whole life in BMW, then this will only happen to u na??? now what can we do…till then we don’t get any help, we have to keep walking}

Suddenly they see a Police gypsy coming from behind. ACP Ranveer along with few other Police constables come out of the gypsy. All get happy seeing the police, as they finally will finally get the much needed help from them.

Shivaye(to inspector): ACP…Thank God u have come…we need your help…I’m Shivaye Singh Oberoi….Our car got out of petrol in the middle of this forest, and that’s why we were walking to get help from someone. Plz drop us to our home.
ACP: Yeah, that red car na??? we found that car locked, few kilometers from here. Is that car yours???
Shivaye: yeah, it’s mine.
ACP: u all are under arrest for stealing that car.
Shivaye(gets shocked and shouts in anger): what?? Have u gone nuts???? That car is ours…we have bought it…RUDRA…WILL U SAY SOMETHING???
Rudra(scared): uh…haan bhaiya…I only bought that car, today morning itself.

ACP(to Rudra): kaha se kharidi thi ye car???
{ACP(to Rudra): from where did u bought that car???}

Rudra: Woh maine ek anjaan ladki se kharidi thi…usse paiso ki zaroorat thi isliye maine uski madad karne ke liye kharid li..O bhi toh tha mere saath mein…O..kuch bolo na.(Rudra gets scared and hides behind Om)
{Rudra: woh…I bought it from a stranger girl, she was in the need of money, so I bought the car to help…O was also there with me…O, say something na(Rudra gets scared and hides behind Om)}

Swami Om: uh….haan…maine hi kaha tha Rudra ko us ladki ki sahayata karne ke liye…..isse hume bahut saara punya mila tha.
{Swami Om: uh…yeah….I only told Rudra to help that girl…We got a lot a blessing by doing that good deed(gives a fake smile)}

Shivaye{to Om and Rudra(seething)}: uss ladki ne tum dono ko ullu banaya hai…chori ki gaadi bechi hain tumhe…aur karo punya.
{Shivaye{to Om and Rudra(seething)}: That girl fooled both of u….she sold a stolen car to u…plz do more good deeds like these}

ACP: Kahani achhi hai…lockup mein baith kar baaki kaidiyon ko sunana…ab chalo humare saath police station.
{ACP: The story is good….tell this to other criminals in the lockup…now come with us}

Shivaye(shouts in anger at ACP): Tumhara dimag kharab ho gaya hain kya???? Pata hain tum kis se baat kar rahe ho??? Shivaye Singh Oberoi!!!!! Abhi ek phone ghumaunga aur ye wardi utar jayegi.
{Shivaye(shouts in anger at the inspector): have u gone mad??? Do u even know to whom u r talking??? Shivaye Singh Oberoi!!!!!! I’ll make one call and you will be suspended}

ACP(arrogantly): Yaha jungle mein, network nahi hai aur police station mein main phone use karne nahi doonga…phone baad mein ghumana, pilhaal chalo humare saath.
{ACP(arrogantly): There is no network in this jungle…I’ll not let u call in the Police Station…..u can call later on…for now, come with us}

Shivaye(shouts in complete nasal voice,that we don’t understand what he’s saying, and only hear): wayong wayong wayong…u r mad, completely mad…wayong wayong wayong….Shivaye Singh Oberoi….. wayong wayong wayong sadakchap log(roadside people).

ACP(to Shivaye): jail mein baith kar chillana Mr Oberoi….
{ACP(to Shivaye): U can shout in jail Mr Oberoi}

Anika(to Shivaye): wahi toh…kyu ji…yaha jungle mein janwaro ko pareshaan kyun kar rahe ho…..tumhari awaaz sunkar janwar sochenge ki kisi billi ka pet kaharab hain.
{Anika(to Shivaye): Right…kyu ji..why are troubling the animals in this jungle??? After hearing your voice, he animals will think that a cat is having constipation}

Shivaye(furiously): tumhe ye bahut mehenga padega Inspector.
{Shivaye(furiously): This will cost u a lot Inspector}

ACP(arrogantly): sasti cheezon ka shauk toh mujhe bhi nahi hain Mr Oberoi.
{ACP(arrogantly): Even I don’t like cheap things Mr Oberoi}

Gauri(whistles ACP’s dialogue and says): waah, dialogue maara hain ji aapne, Inispector sahib!!!!
{Gauri(whistles at ACP’s dialogue and says): wow…what a dialogue, Inspector sir}

Anika: ye kya yaha pe koi movie chal rahi hain kya, jo ek doosre ko filmy dialogue maar rahe ho aap dono????(referring to Shivaye and ACP)
{Anika: Is there a movie going on here, that u both are giving filmy dialogues to each other????(referring to Shivaye and ACP)}

ACP: chalo bahut ho gaya…arrest karo in sab ko…
{ACP: Now this is enough…arrest all of them}
Constables arrest all of them. Shivaye again starts shouting in nasal voice, we don’t understand what he’s saying and only hear, as u know, wayong wayong wayong.

Anika(to Shivaye): bas karo ji… aur kitna chillaoge????ye log aapko lockup ki jagah pagal khane mein daal denge.
Anika(to Shivaye): Leave it ji….for how long will u shout??? They will send u to mental asylum instead of lockup.

All sit in the Gypsy and leave from there. Shivaye was still shouting, and we only hear wayong wayong wayong with khoon khandaan and sadak ka kooda in between.

This crap will be continued…..

Precap: Shivaye, Anika, Rudra, Om, Soumya and Gauri meet Ishana in the police station.

This FF will end in the next part. Wait for the next part to know the conclusion. Drop your comments to give your views.

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  1. Nansshivika

    wayong wayong…….its awesome n om pravachans are So was hilarious ????????????

    1. Thanks Nans

  2. Akshaya

    Oh my mata. That was so hilarious

    1. Thanks Akshaya

  3. Vincy

    Awesome ??????

    1. Thanks Vincy

  4. Maan aanandit or romanchh (full of excitement) se bher gye hai.. UP ki bhasha ka prastuti Karan(presentation) prashanshniye (appreciable) hai.. Aapke agle lekh ki prathisha(waiting for your next part) rahegi.

    1. Thanks Nikitajai

  5. Renimarenju

    Wah……kya baat hai….luna……the words u used….ek dum first class hindi…….swastalekh,
    dur bash, indhan……wagera…wagera……..I can’t believe still this written by u miss luna….miss critic…..Arrey……up wala dialect……u simply rocked……Enjoyed it a lot……luna…..
    mein tumhein nahi chodungi……luna….Kyunki…..Has haske mere peth mein dard ho rahi hai……Abb…..dawai bhi tum hi bata do…..baap re….kasam…..lady baba ke reiki…………koi upaay bata deejiye…….swamiji omkara……se poochkar……ki hasi pe taala kaise laga doon……
    Mein bhi seethi bajawungi…….arrey yeh crap bhi bade cute hai ji…..oh my maata…….give me a wifis……luna……{haahaa…hifi…}

    1. Thanks Renima, dear. believe it yaar, it’s me only. I’ve not copied it from somewhere,lol. Don’t worry, I’ll send u reiki, pet ka dard theek ho jayega. btw, have u watched the second promo of DBO??? and did u liked it???

      1. Renimarenju

        Yeah….watched it…..but to be honest i didn’t liked it…..I mean…..I expected some thing new….but……omkara is reminding me shivaay only now…..and gauri….also … the same……smart…….naughty girl…….not like anika…….but some how similar 2 anika…..only….. And…….yaar…..This is reminding me the very first promo of shivika……and anika’s dance when she saw sso near the chopper……But still i wanted 2 see gauri-omkara pairing…..since as actors both shrenu and kunal are really gud………But promo wise……i didn’t felt some thing catchy or impressive…..which is able 2 grab attention……What’s ur view dear

    2. Same feelings Renima, This looks like the same repetition of Shivika story. Same angry young man, same bubbly girl, same love-hate story. Nothing looks innovative from the promos. Om was different type of character yaar, a Male lead which we never saw on Indian TV, so I expected his story to be different too. But good thing is that we know why Om became like this, he has a backstory which justifies his cynicalism. At least watching the character growth of Omkara will be interesting. Gauri’s character doesn’t looks much interesting from the promos, but her UP accent looks cute, and who knows, maybe she can have a hidden agenda.

  6. I am laughing likehell?????..I am loving this swami om???om???
    and shivay waong waong. ??
    And I appreciate you for writing with such an amazing concept…My all tiredness has fade away..I feel so fresh,

    1. Thanks Nishi, I’m happy that my ff made u laugh removed your tiredness.

  7. Awesome…..i’m laughing like hell….

    1. Thanks Bhavana

    1. Thanks SSO

  8. My God so hilarious!! I did the mistake of opening a nd reading it in train.. ppl around me are giving me a weird look for laughing out loud!!

    1. Thanks Anu.

  9. God… My stomach is paining like hell now… Dialogues are mind blowing… Loved it…. Post soon

    1. Thanks Anu

  10. Kehkasha

    Namaskar Luna ji……hahaha……i mean seriously UP dialect……..even I belong to UP but can’t imagine of speaking in such dialect ??…….u know why coz I am not habituated to this language……..anyways jokes apart I only want to say that u have amazing written this dialect……..although I didn’t speak……but yup I have heard…….and this is perfect….

    Aapke itne shuddh…….sanskari……agyakari……shakahari type ke diction ne hum sab ke pet Ki oh my Mata kar di………aur dimag ko chakra Diya………?????

    I hope u understood this……..but anyways u need to send Reiki to all of us……..we badly need so…….

    And in above comment u asked reni di about the second promo……..then I also wanna share my view……..and I agree with renima di……..why r they showing each girl with a problem…….in one interview posted on insta… is revealed that Shreenu aka Gauri is fifth failed…….simple yet daring girl……..but I am not ok with this…..

    I think they must show……her like this for sometime……..and then they must reveal her to be a well educated +qualified girl……..who was behind someone……so she changed her identity……

    Anyways I am full with two ffs and don’t have much time……otherwise I would have started a story for gauri……

    Well sooooo sorry for such a boring +late comment…….i think I shared everything ??

    1. Thanks a lot Kehkasha. Actually I got that UP dialect from Hindi movies, I was wondering whether I got the dialect it right or not. Thanks for telling me. Okay dear, I’ll send reiki to u also. Sorry yaar. I caused stomach ache to everyone here,lol.

      Yeah, I’m not happy with Gauri’s characterisation. She seems to be same like Anika. As u have said, it can be possible that gauri has a hidden agenda and is not what she’s portraying to be, otherwise it’ll be the same repetition of Shivika story. Well, lets hope that we don’t get disappointed.

  11. Wow….luna thank you….
    U should send this to Gul khan. It will be like a SLAP on her face…her characters being cartoons…please continue writing and post often. I liked the fact dat u brought ishana here too.
    In DBO I don’t like gauri n shrenu Parikh. I was eagerly waiting for om’s story to begin. But after seeing shrenu opposite kunal I am no more excited. Its more like Arnav n Khushi. Not like shivay n Anika. Seems like all the creativity of gul’s creative team is gone out of ideas. Really missing ishana……

    1. Thanks Ghosha, yeah, I agree. Gul doesn’t knows how to show a different story. I’m also missing Ishana.

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Hai, I am laughing,like a mad….!! I loved this concept. And I likes Swami Om’s dialogues and Shivaay’s wayong…wayong….

    1. Thanks Gayatri

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