Ishqbaaz Diaries – Episode 3

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Shayna here with the next episode of my ff Ishqbaaz Diaries. First of all I’m really happy n excited to watch Ishqbaaz as it is going 1 hour from today. Hope u guys are excited as well. Anyways, I have an announcement to make regarding my ff. Some people asked me to write the dialogues in English but I’m writing it in Hindi cuz I wanna give it a real show like feel. Instead of writing the dialogues in English I’m gonna write the English version besides the Hindi dialogues so that people who don’t know Hindi can also enjoy the ff. Okay, now let’s jump into the story.

Recap: Oberoi family moments and Anika’s introduction.

Railway Station:

Rudra reaches the station and goes in.
Rudra: Yeh Dadi bhi na… Usse laane station toh bhej di par uska photo nahi diya. Ab main ussey kaise pehchanu? (Dadi has sent me to pick her up from the station but didn’t even show me her pic. How am I gonna recognise her?)
He asks the details of the train at the desk and goes to the platform. He then calls Dadi.
Rudra: Dadi… Main station pahunch gaya hoon par maine toh kabhi ussey dekha nahi. Toh main ussey kaise identify karoon? (Dadi… I reached the station but I never saw her before. So how should I identify her?)
Dadi: Woh yellow color kurti aur jeans pant mein hain. ( She is wearing yellow color top and jeans.)
Rudra: Theek hai… Main dekhta hoon. (Okay… I will search her.)
Rudra ends the call and starts finding her. He searches for nearly half an hour but couldn’t find her anywhere.
Rudra: Yeh ladki toh kahi nahi hain. Ab main kya karun? Dadi ka phone bhi nahi lag raha? (I can’t find this girl anywhere. What should I do now? Even Dadi’s phone is unreachable.)
He tries calling others but there’s no battery in his phone.
Rudra: Yeh battery bhi abhi katam hona tha. Ek kam karta hoon. Main ghar jata hoon. May be woh apne aap chali gayi ho. (Now only should the battery drain? I’ll do one thing. I’ll go home. May be she went on her own.)
Thinking this Rudra starts his car and drives off towards Oberoi Mansion.

Oberoi Mansion:

Anika comes to Oberoi Mansion. She parks her scooty and goes in. She sees Jhanvi and Pinky sitting in the couch and goes to them.
Anika: Excuse me mam…
Jhanvi: Yes?
Anika: Can I meet Mrs. Jhanvi Oberoi?
Jhanvi: I am Jhanvi. And you?
Anika: Hello mam. I came here for the interview. I’m an interior designer.
Jhanvi: Oh, yes. Can you show me your designs?
Anika: Sure, mam.
Anika shows her designs and her previous work experiences. Jhanvi gets impressed with her style of work.
Jhanvi: You can come to work from tomorrow.
Anika: Thanks a lot mam.
Jhanvi: No need to thank me. Your work is really amazing. When you come tomorrow let me know. I’ll explain the theme and all.
Anika: Sure mam. I’ll take your leave.
Anika is about to leave. Just then Shivaay enters. Anika is going towards the door and Shivaay is coming in from the door. Anika’s designs slip from her hand and fall on the floor. She bends down to pick them up. Shivaay passes by her without noticing. They both miss to see each other. After picking up her designs she leaves Oberoi Mansion.

After some time Rudra enters Oberoi Mansion. He is going in while checking his phone. He bumps into some girl. She is about to fall down so Rudra catches her in his arms. They have an eye lock. After coming to senses they both part away.
Rudra: Excuse me… who are you?
Girl: Excuse you? Do you have any manners? You bumped into me and instead of saying sorry you are asking me who I am.
Rudra: Oye… Keep your manners to yourself. Mere ghar mein guske mujhe hi manner less bol rahe ho. (You are calling me manner less when you yourself barged into my house.)
Girl: Hello? Maine tumhare ghar mein nahi gusa hoon. (I didn’t barge into your home.)
Rudra: Acha… Toh yaha kya kar rahi thi? Kuch bechne aaye ho kya? (Yeah? Then why are you here? Did you come to sell some stuff.)
Girl: Mind your language. Okay?
Rudra: Warna? (Or else?)
Girl: Or else I’ll kill you.
Rudra: Show me how.
Girl: I will …
She is cut off by Dadi.
Dadi: Arey Rudra. Aa gaye tum? (Rudra… You came?)
Rudra: Haan… Dadi. Par yeh unique piece kaun hai? (Yes… Dadi. But who is this unique piece?)
Dadi: Chup kar Shaitaan. Yeh Soumya hai. Tujhe beja tha na station isse laane? (Shut up devil. This is Soumya. Didn’t I send you to pick her up from station?)
Rudra: Woh yahi hai? Pata hota toh kabhi jata hi nahin. ( Is this her? If I have known I wouldn’t have gone.)
Dadi: Rudra…? Soumya beta yeh Rudra hai mera pota.
Soumya: Hi.
Rudra: Hi. (Rudely)
Dadi: Rudra… Yeh tumhare kamre mein rahegi. (She will be staying in your room.)
Rudra: Par Dadi… mein kaha rahunga? (But Dadi… where should I stay?)
Dadi: Tum Shivaay ke kamre mein shift ho jaana. (You shift to Shivaay’s room.)
Rudra: Dadi… Aap mujhe pooche bina mera room kisi aur ko kaise de sakte hain? (How can you give my room to someone else without asking me?)
Dadi: Acha toh ab mujhe kuch bhi karne se pehle tujhse poochne padega? (So now should I take your permission before doing something?)
Rudra: No Dadi… But?
Dadi: But wut kuch nahi. (No buts, no wuts.)
Dadi goes from there. Rudra gives an angry look to Soumya and goes to Shivaay’s room. Soumya also goes to her room.

Shivaay’s Room:

Rudra angrily walks into Shivaay’s room. Shivaay is going through a file.
Rudra: Yeh ladki samajti kya hai apne aap ko? (What does she think of herself?)
Shivaay: Rudra… what’s wrong? Kiske baare mein baat kar raha hai tu? (Whom are you talking about?)
Rudra: Uss moti ke baare mein. (About that fatty.)
Shivaay: Shut up Rudra. She’s our guest. And she has a name.
Rudra: I know. But bhai this is not fair.
Om: What is not fair?
Rudra: Uss moti I mean Soumya ko dadi ne mera room dedi. (Dadi gave my room to that fatty I mean Soumya.)
Om: It’s okay Rudra. Guests ke liye hum itna toh adjust kar hi sakte hain na? (We should adjust for guests. Right?)
Shivaay: Even I’m saying the same thing.
Rudra: Theek hai. Ab aap dono mujhe lecture dena band karenge. Please? (Okay. Will you both stop your lecture.)
Shivaay: Om, what are you doing here? Anything important.
Om: No Shivaay. Nothing important. Mere room mein kuch kam chal raha tha. Toh maine socha ki thode din ke liye main yahin rahun. (There’s some work going on in my room. So I thought of staying here with you.)
Rudra: Great. We three can share the room until the marriage.
Shivaay: Sure. More than happy.
They all hug.

Precap: Anika-Shivaay meet. Anika throws water at Shivaay. Om meets Ridhima. Rudra plans something for Soumya.

So guys, completed the 3rd episode. Hope you guys are having a great time. Do leave your valuable comments below. Meet you next week. Bye.

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