ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful fate? Episode 9 by #Annie

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Episode 9
Episode starts..
They all gathers at pool side of Ground floor.. (only Youngsters)
ani= shivaay I’ve a question..??
Shi= yeah sure ask?
Ani= shivaay what happened 6 years Ago…?
Ish= yeah actually om i too wanted to ask the same question..
Shi= actually.. After i fired u and ishu left om it all started on that day itself..

Ani after u left.. Tia came to my room and..
Fb starts
Tia= shivaay i Never expected this from u how could u Do this?
He was kinda Shocked what she’s saying shi= what’s the matter..what i did..
Tia=What U just Did In hall..
Shi= I fired her proposed u..
So she started shouting on shivaay
Tia =How could u Fire Her How could u fire the one u love han? And how could u propose the One u don’t love …

He was shocked

Shi= tia nothing like that..
Tia= stop acting shivaay.. !!! What u think i don’t know? U love her? I don’t know She love u? I don’t know what’s between u and anika? I know!!! I know each and everything… Shivaay I want Just one answer Why u fired her? And why u suddenly proposed me?

Shivaay is shocked and tear escapes from his eyes…
Shi= tia I’m sorry I’m really sorry.. I Don’t know when this happened but… yes.. I love her and last night we.. Crossed our….. Limit… I’m really sorry that all happened when we weren’t in our senses but trust me… Today i was going to propose her… But in morning i got to know her reality what she really is… That’s why ignoring my heart i took decision with my brain.. And fired her and proposed u….

Tia= reality? Shivaay Whattt reality… I know Her very well she’s so innocent.
Shi= no.. She’s not… She’s a cheap girl.. She can sleep with anyone… I thought our night was accident but now i know she does this to take money… She slept with daksh khuranna too..

***thashhh slap on Shivaay’s face by tia*

Tia= daksh… How do u know him.. Shivaay let me tell u..
I wasn’t ready For this marriage at all.. Bjt my mom is forcing me in it.. And daksh is My fiancé… I know we’re engaged too but… He’s My loVe i love him… When U both mean anika and u Started Coming close Mean Ur love Started i thought you’ll marry her and I’ll happily marry daksh but u spoiled everything u just fired her.. Shivaay i want to see That Clip ..

Shivaay shows her the clip..
She was shocked but still not believing that She’s anika with daksh..

Tia= he’s daksh but the girl isn’t anika..

A voice comes from door..


They both look there..

Shitia = daksh…

Daksh= yes sweethearts daksh.. Actually shivaay my darling is Right the girl in the clip isn’t anika.. That’s just Morphed

Shi= than who’s she..
Dak= that’s the secret..
Tia= why u did this..?
Dak= actually My darling tia.. He’s my Friend from 8 Standard but he still don’t know who I’m.. I hate him i wanted to destroy him.. I Wanted to take away everything which he loves.. That is why I took anika.. now she isn’t In his life and I’m happy to see him…like this.. (he laughs sarcastically)

Tia= but Daksh Why U slept with someone else.. That too when u are having Fiancee’…

Dak= hahahha She’s my Fiancee with whom i slept you’re just used.. Nothing else… I don’t love u tia.. I hate u…

Tia starts crying shivaay Holds her..

Shi= u blo*dy ****

They hear shouting of pinky

Pinky = shivaayy come fast…
They rushes out while daksh is Laughing…

In hall Polive arresting Tej-shakti..
Shi= WTH why u r arresting them… Do u even know who we are? Let me call the commissioner…

I’m here.. a voice came from door ….
Shi= Oh that’s good u came.. look what he’s doing. .
Commissioner = ik I’ve sent him.. Inspector take themm..
Media enters…

Media= why you’re arresting them Commissioner Sir?
Com= They’re guilty Some Years ago They Hit Mehta The Famous businessman Of that Time.. And Ran away.. We have solid evidence… I’m arresting them for hit and run case…

Commissioner shows them video In mobile where tej shakti hit Another car by their And Ran Away..

They took them away..

Med= mr Shivaaay is it true?
Shi= i don’t know please leave…
Khanna comes And takes them away…

Daksh Comes From upstairs laughing sarcastically…
Dak= this is the beginning only…!!!

Look I’ve a surprise for u u all wanted to meet My parent’s right.. But Unfortunately my dad is in jail.. but I’ve My sis and Mother And Bua.. U wanna meet He clapped.. 3 times and three Ladies came out From Different pillars…

Dadi= tu…
Roop= yes Maa… Me… I’m the mother of Daksh…
Om= sweathleana..
Sweathleana = and I’m his sis elder…
Shi= and she’s ur bua?
Gaytari = yes I’m..

They All laughs sarcastically..

Dak= shivaay Another surprise I’ve.. 1 2 3 Trinnggg…

His phone rings…

He picks up the call..
Caller= mr Oberoi… We want Our money Back.. My Money right now u murderer…family…

Call disconnected..

Dak= how was the surprise ?
Shi= uh….
Dak= wait wait wait mr oberoi… Some more surprises are left…
1 2 3 thak thak…

Knock on door…

Dak= gO go open the door..
Rudra opens the door…

Rud= who are u ppl?
Pplz= we’re from IT.. (income tax) we have got some news that you’re having Some Black money of 200 cr…
Shi= have u ppl gone mad.. we don’t have any black money.. We even don’t have such big amount at home……

Officer = let us check..

They checked whole mansion and Took out 200 cr.. From Tej’s room..

Officer= look here it is.. we are seizing it..and ur all bank accounts.. We’ll block them…
And they took.. All the money with them…

Rudy locks the main door again..
Daksh again laughs sarcastically = tia switch on the TV.. She slowly moves towards the remote and On Tv..
there was news Oberoi’s Have a fall down Their stock Got Crashed … Due to arrest of Tej and shakti Oberoi.. they are On lose.. If we believe the sources Oberoi’s lost everything… In just A Minute….
Tia slapped daksh Hard.. daksh Pushed her and She Falls down.. Shivaay Makes her Stand She was crying..
Dak= Hahahah Next surprise
Thak thak..

Rudra again opens the door..

Rud= now who u r?
Man= bank..
Rud= from one bank This much mans?
Man= we’re From 4 different banks..
Shi= what u doing here?
Man= ur dad took 300 cr Lone.. not All from one But from Different Banks half half.. Now they’re arrested and we want our money back..
om= but we don’t have..
Man= we know that’s why we are Going To sell ur whole Property as ur dad took lone on condition If They weren’t able to Pay back We can Take over Ur property.. Now please kindly leave this house too u just have one day..

They left..
Dak= That’s not the end.. You’ve to pay Money To that caller too…

Daksh with his mother and Bua and sis Leave …

Everyone dispersed to their rooms after 3 hours they All gathered in hall.. With their respective suit cases…

dadi= billu let’s go..
They all leave the mansion…
shivaay Meets someone outside Mansion.. The man hands him Some lac… And another man took that money while cursing Oberoi’s…

Shi= Tia I need one help Can u help us bailing papa and Bade papa out?
Tia= yes shivaay for sure..

They went To Her farm house.. For one night and she arranged everything to bail them Out..

Even though om wasn’t ready for the bail.. But he agreed Because of dadi…

(their jewelry was too Of bank now)
They Were left with their mobiles and Some small cash..

Next day Tia took all to Railway Station
And there they Left for Punjab as they have their (Dada’s House there)

And for Eating Something they sell Their mobiles … While leaving Mumbai..

Fb ends…

Anishsomveer crying..

Ani= This all happened because of daksh,…
Shi= uh… Yeah..
Ish= why u didn’t even said anything bhaiya?
Om= ishu situation Made him Shut..
Som= but O bhaiya.. u left everything Staying quite?
Rud= somu we didn’t left anything we were Left With nothing…
Ran= but still rudy u ppl should have taken some help?
Pri= from whom everyone defeated us…

Shi= leave it guys… That was past…
Ish= that’s why om Calls his dad By name.. Rud = yes di..!!
Ani= i don’t think they’re guilty..
Rud= same here di even me and bhaiya and prianku thinks same..
Som= i think they were Trapped..
Pri= yes.. I’m sure…
Ran= well .. If it’s true soon we’ll find out.. Om= i just hope u all are right….

They do a group hug…
Lafzoo ka yeh rishta ni plays..

After Sometime..
They broke the hug..

Shi= btw anika How u became Rich?
Ani= not very struggling..
Om= mean?
Ish= actually we left the city on that Itself when Our breakup done..
Rud= so?
Som= so that we Had some old shares Which our parent’s bought..
Pri= then?
ran= than we Came to know they are of some 3500 cr.. ? and we became rich on that day itself but we Lived in delhii…
after 3 years we became the world’s no 1 And Only Business tycoon.. So we again shifted back to Mumbai…..
Ani= when we came back We come to know Oberoi’s had a fall but nothing was so clear even we weren’t that much interested that Time.. But now.. I’m sorry shivaay…

Shi= you aren’t at fault ..

Ish= leave all this.. I’ve a plan..
om= For what?
Rud= o Where is ur brain? That must be For daksh.. And does logic wala sign..

Somu slapped his Head lightly duffer..
She’s talking about holiday plan..

Pri= that’s good..
Ran= actually we’re going to Paris.. But i think now we should go to somewhere else…
Ani= Maldives …
Shi=? What?! Really?
Ani= yeah we’ll leave Tomorrow in evening..
Om= That’s so fast…
Ish = di is just like that only…
Rud= that’s why she’s amazing..
Som= hmm.. we know That
pri= i think we should sleep now its 2 Am
Ran= i agree with her.
They all dispersed to their rooms..

Anika’s room Anika sits On bed..
Shi= may i come in?
Ani= oh yeah sure why u asking?
Shi= anika jab tak darwaza ni kholo gi me andar nai aa skta.. ( i can’t come in until u opens the door..)
Ani= oh ha Me bhool gayi.. (oh yea i forgot)
She Pressed a button door opens he enters and again door closed..

Shi= Anika me tmhara khufiya kamra dekhna chahta hu? ( i want to see ur secret room)
Ani= yeah why not.. come..
She lifts the statue door opens..
And they enters she switched on the lights…

The room is all decorated with Shivaaayyy’s pics.. And a big led is fit into wall..
Shi= anika led on kro(on The LED)
She on and there a video played…

The video is of them when they got drunken and did silly and funny.. Things.

Shivaay laughs Anika too laughs…
Shi= from where u got this video..
ani= actually from that hotel i went there when we came back to Mumbai and there i found this video From a waiter He wasn’t accepting that he have the video so i gave him 10 thousands And he gave me video.

Shivaay hugs her saying i love uh anika… She reciprocate.. They sit on a small bed in secret room…
Shivaay lay down on bed placing his Head in anika’s lap..
Shi= i really missed u anika.. I love u so much.. I’m really sorry for everything…
Ani= I too missed u so much shivaay.. I love Uh 2..
And no need to be sorry it’s Not ur fault.. this is the fault of daksh I’ll Teach them a lesson but for now Just sleep…
Shivaay nods And Holds her one hand and kissed That hand Anika caresses His hair by her other hand.. After sometime of chatting both slipped into deep slumber

Scene to ishkara..
Ishana is Sitting on recliner in her room And reading a Romantic novel..

Ishana’s POV..

I’m reading this novel.. After so Many years.. I used to see this everyday but i never got enough courage to Read them.. As they used to remind Me of My love Omkara and then How he cheated me.. But now.. After A long time I’m reading this because now I’m With My love..
There’s a knock on door..
Who will be there it’s so Late..
“Who’s there?” I asked
And reply Was as i expected..
” ishu ishu its me Om ” He replied in So low tune..

I Got up From recliner and opened the Door..
He immediately came inside and closed the door again…
I was lil shocked with his doings..
“what’s this om Why you are here that too this time.. ” i asked with Making a serious face
Just to scare him haha ik that won’t work..
“just to meet u My jaan” he replied while cupping my Face..
I pushed Him lovingly And He smiled i ran From there to other side of my bed..
“ishu u can’t escape from me” said om and ran to me but stopped and picked up a Pillow..
“OH! So u want to do a pillow fight mr. Artist ” i asked picking other pillow..

“yes.. Mr. artist’s Mrs.. ” he replied while climbing on bed..

” No! om don’t come Near me ” i said and laughed hard..

“ishu! Laugh slowly What if someone hears u” he said with tensed face..

” Hahah no one can listen us rooms are sound proof If the door is open only then anyone Can hear us..! ” I replied him Laughing again…

“really? ” He asked with a confused Look..

“yes i replied and slowly climbed on bed”

“but ishu.. He spoked lil when I hit him with pillow..

And i again Started laughing..

“u cheated ishu” he shouted in funny way.. And hit me with pillow…

And our pillow fight goes own till the pillow lost all its fillings and my room looked like a bird cage feathers everywhere…

We fall on bed together and started laughing like mad People’s and some feathers were falling on us..
That was the best scene of the Day i think so.. I stopped laughing for a while and thought
I’m lucky that this all was recorded by My room’s Security cam.. And again i started laughing..

Om’s pov
We were laughing hard Like Some mental asylum Runner away patient’s ..
Like seriously ..
I looked at her she was Turning left to right again and again and laughing.. I got mesmerized by her beauty
“O God she looks so beautiful While laughing ” i murmured..

She stopped laughing..
” What u said? ” she asked..

“n.. No nothing like that.. ” i replied..

“oh.. Ok” she replied while sitting..
” hey why you’re sitting laugh na u look beautiful while laughing ” i said..

“ok… Wait what ?what did u said? ? ” she asked While Making angry faces …

“nothing.. Actually i wanted to see Ur secret room..” i replied

She was Happy And hurriedly stands up on bed And Started pulling me up by holding my arm.. I stood up on bed too but she falled and without Waiting anymore i came in action and like other hero’s i hold Her from her hand And pulled her towards me She Hugged me with a jerk and hold my collar tightly i smiled and tightened the hug but she Left the hug… Dammit who leaves This kind of hug i murmured..

“Om let’s go” she said While standing in front of The Statue which opens the door of Secret room…

Hey when she went there i was shocked… Is she ghost or what just a minute ago she was standing in front of me and now so Far.. I was totally lost in this foolish thoughts i don’t know why I’m thinking like this.. Just then ishu shouted ommmmmm where are u lost..

I coming back to my senses shook my head
“no I’m not lost” i replied..
“What happened om why are u whispering to ur self.. ” asked ishu..

What i just said that aloud.. Why she said I’m whispering.. I slapped my head lightly omkara you’ve Gone mad..

“come let’s move in ” i said To ishu and rushes to her immediately climbing down the bed.. I held her hand And went straight in room..
There’s no light..
But still there was some shinning..
Some pictures were pasted on wall..
I could hardly see that person’s eyes.. Because of darkness.. I thought that’s of Ranveer but when ishu switched on the lights.. I was shocked or should i say Happy.. whatever that feeling was I got teary eyed.. How cute she’s.. I Lifts her In my arm and Hold her up and Spin a lil with Happiness while i was Shouting i love u ishana… I know she must be thinking i have gone crazy.. But i can’t help with that..

Om my head is spinning ishana Shouted.. So i Lift her down.. And makes a puppy face…
She laughed and i Hugged her..

Ishana’s pov..
Wow.. What a cute person he’s.. What he just Did .. That was Unexpected..
I was wondering what just happened to him.. i reciprocates The hug but soon I pushed him… With love.
I love u too om I whispered.. He Smiled..

Btw why u was Overexcited? I asked..

Actually i thought these are Ranveer’s pictures but when u on the lights that was of u and me and i got Overjoyed so that happened.. He replied while making different faces…

i wasn’t able to understand… what he’s trying to do..

Ranveer? Om U how u thought that.. I mean why? I asked faking my anger.

Actually i just saw eyes that was of boy so i thought it must be of ranveer.. He replied while rolling his eyes.. …

What om can’t u even Recognize ur own eyes.. I asked shockingly…

He nodded his head In negative and made a puppy face…

Oh God i murmur..
Don’t make these puppy face I’ll die.. I said while blushing and staring him

He was still rolling his eyes..

Om i said..
Ishu what’s that led play na What u watch here.. He replied looking at Led..

Oh God he’s not hearing me…

And what this bed is doing here.. he again questioned..

Still rolling his eyes as he’s scanning my room..

Om Actually sometime i sleep here.. Come sit on Bed i made him sit on Bed and i sat beside him.. and Played the lEd..
After watching he looked at me with teary eyes…
Om’s pov.
I never expected that She would have saved my memories like this.. That video which i sent her 6 years Ago On her birthday She was still having that and other videos too..

i was happy To the core of my heart.. And i Side hugged her she leaned her Head on my Shoulder and we start talking about random things… After Some time She slipped to Sleep.. Or should i say deep sleep.. I was Poking her hand.. But she wasn’t reacting at all.. So I made her lay down properly on bed and i Went out of secret room.. I tried to open the door of room but I think they’ve installed some security system in Rooms.. so I lay on her room’s Bed which was covered with feathers.. I wanted to Sleep hugging her but i thought We’ll feel embarrassed or awkward in morning when we’ll wakeup so I Lay on Outside bed and she was sleeping in secret room’s bed..

Scene to rumaya…

Soumaya Was sitting in recliner And Sobbing.. When there was a knock on door.. She immediately wiped her tears and Press the button to Open the door..
Rudra enters the room..
Rudra’s pov
I knocked the room because i heared her sobbing When i was passing by her room
And the opens and i entered .. Without further delay i directly asked her..
Why u was crying..

And as I expected she lied… That she wasn’t crying…

I came closer to her And made her look at me Don’t lie i whispered..

She denied for more then 2 times…

i Took the book from her hand That was of some… I don’t know it’s in Some other language.. I murmured. .

Look somu.. these drop stain…not only drop but tear drop… Which fall On book from ur eyes..
Now tell me what’s the matter.. If u consider me as ur friend otherwise it’s ok… I said….

What Rudra Wow u r speaking like a mature i praised my self In my thinking..

Actually come I’ll tell u She held my hand and Pressed some button..

Oh god she’s going to show me Some Khazana(treasure).. I Tought… But just then room’s door got closed..
I got scared.. I held her hand tightly and Hardly speaked.. G.. G… Host…

Ghost? Rudra where she asked rolling her eyes…

Somu ur room door got closed by itseld That is done by ghost.. I replied while Making Fearful face.

Relax! Duffer… I closed that my pressing this button she replied while laughing..

I Hit my head lightly in my own thoughts…
You’re really duffer i said to my self..

She then opened her room.. Secret room by lifting Statue..

We went inside..
She Switched on the lights..

I got hurt.. Yes i got hurt I Don’t know why.. But i got hurt by seeing pictures of a boy is pasted on walls … It feels like someone stabbed me in my heart….

I don’t know why that scenario hurted me but I thought for once i shouldn’t have asked her the matter.. I feel like I shattered into thousands No… Not thousands but millions of Pieces i tried to ask her. But i wasn’t able to utter a single word even i tried to free my hand from her s… But i was statued.. I think…
Tear drop fell on my Hand That was of somu..
I looked up at her.. She was crying again.. Seeing her Some tears escapes from eyes too without my permission huh…
but still i was quite and lost in all that thinking…
When she speaks…
” he’s the reason” .

And i got courage not much but enough to ask her..
” why”!?

” he’s my Ex he cheated me Our relationship was Of 3 years.. In delhi.. He was also from Mumbai so when we shifted here he Left me.. Saying u r middle class i was with u for Some enjoyment else who’ll love a fat like u.. ” she replied in One Breath and again started crying..

I felt like I got Normal again i wish I could dance hearing he’s just ex.. But i Held her hand.. And speak..
Somu.. You’re not fat you’re just chubby and healthy and That’s good you’re cute in ur own way.. So stop thinking about that looser… I tried consoling her..

She looked at me and wiped her tears..

Thanks rudy.. I’m trying to forget him since 3 years but I’m unable to do.. She Said making sad face again….

Why fear when rudy’s here..

I act like a Smart and cool.. Nothing new in it.. I thought..

Are u sure u want to forgot him?
I confirmed she nods in positive…

I immediately took the blanket of Secret room’s bed and started collecting each and every pic of that guy…
I Got some Pot type Thing which was place there near small basin full of water i Throw water in basin and Throw pictures in That pot..

do u have matchis? Or lighter i asked

She immediately got a lighter from Bed’s side table…
I asked her to burn these photos and if she have any other somewhere took them out too.. She goes out and comes with an album..

GoD.. So many pics.. Now add them in pot i kind of ordered her she does that.. And now i took her Mobile and Started the recording i focused on his face.. In pictures then i asked somya to pick one pic and LIght it with lighter she complied and After a minute all pictures started burning… Now i asked her to Abuse him Don’t shy…
I think that was my Huge mistake.. She burst her anger out…

” Reeyan kutte kamine u fUc***** blo*dy b***** sala harami… and so on i can’t use more
and at the end she showed him middle finger.. actually not him but in video.. ”

after i stopped recording we both burst into laughter…

Somu do u have any lappy or comp? I asked..

yes.. saying this she removed curtain Of Half room (secret room)

I was Shocked how cool she’s full setup of comp nice..

I connected mobile with that and Edited the video.. Lil.. Gosh i made a Meme Of that Boy when he was eating some ice-cream… A picture was saved so i used that to make meme I changed ice-cream into Poop Emoji And write down Somu look this poop ice-cream is tasty i just love this I’ll not Live with u I’ll marry this Piece of shit i only deserve shit…

somu bursts into laughter again.. and I Sent those to number saved By name of reyaan..

We both Fell on bed while laughing…

We both looked at each other she thanked me…

Somyas pov

I thanked him.. Why shouldn’t i.. I shouldn’t thank him I’m happy I’m feeling light just because of him.. He’s so cool…

No need to thanks I heared Him saying this While i was lost in my own thoughts.

Why i asked making puppy face..

Actually in friendship no sorry No thank-you.. It’s a universal rule.. He replied while smiling..

Yeah ok.. i replied…

He Was staring me or just lost Looking at me i wasn’t able to understand.. I too stared him for minutes.. But than our Staring competition was interrupted by none other than.. Me because i thought I’m murmuring to myself but that was quite loud.. That you’re cute rudy…
He smiled so i smiled back..
We were On same position for about 9 minutes… We were laying on bed With Our face turned to each other Our foots were dancing down As they were not on bed and We were talking and like this we chatted about hours.. I exactly don’t know how many hours.. But yeah So many hours i think.. And while chatting when he slept I didn’t know.. I turned on the heater as it was getting cold and i don’t want to disturb him by giving him blanket because he was looking damn cute.. I don’t what’s happening me but Let it be whatever it is and i too fall asleep Looking at him..

Ranveer’s room..

Priyanka comes and knocks on door ranveee who was in washroom allowed her inside telling her the door is opened…
he came out from washroom and she entered the room…

Ranveer’s pov..
Wow i didn’t expected she’ll be there and that too this time..

What happened? Any problem i asked with curiosity…

She just nodded no…
I again Said then?

She directly asked me i wanted to see ur secret room…she was asking that so Cutely..

i don’t know what name should i give to that expression of her Whatever that expression but that was damn cute..

I immediately complied and closing room’s door i went near statue…

No ranveer u can’t go in after three long years.. U cant just cant.. I too a back With deep thought…

Prianku’s pov..

What happened to him why he stopped and why he took a back..

I even asked him but he just said..
I can’t remember old Memories again i won’t go in.. I don’t want to see her. She left me 3 years ago.. But in hope she’ll be back i decorated this room with her pics and some mine.. But i was wrong.. She never came back i won’t go in…

i held his hand and lifted statue and we went in there i collected all her photos.. And Came out of that room in his room there was paper shredder i put that PICs in that and now no more worry.. I said him he smiled..

we went in again…
I was rolling my eyes as I was scanning his room…
and i end up at a shelf i went upto that.. And took a gun there was so many guns..
You’re a cop? I asked

No actually i Love to be a cop but unfortunately i didn’t become.. So sometime i Used to practice here With GUn..
He replied…

I started acting like a police.. Hands up ranveer mehta.. U r under arrest don’t move but suddenly i pressed Trigger and her the bullet came out and hit him in his chest…
i was statued.. he was still standing and no blood was coming out..

Oh gosh he has no blood and i fall..

Ranveer’s pov..

She falled and i tried holding her but we both fall on my mattress…

What happened prianku i asked her while shooking..

No ghostttt bhooothhh bachaoo…
she started shouting
I was relax because room is sound proof..
I’m not ghost i said..

Then why u r still ok and no blood..
She asked innocently..

That was rubber bullet i replied we both started laughing she was looking cute…

We both Lay there on mattress and chit-chatting And when we skipped into sleep no idea

Ok done with the update guys firstly big sorry for supper dupper late update..
Actually firstly i got fever than I got severe migraine.. Then Now my mamu got burned half.. Side from neck To Full arm with Hand.. While working in workshop Workshop caught fire.. Please pray for his health.. Then finding job and all much time..wasted…

Now please forgive..
And comment down… I’ll try my best to update on regular basis.. But please.. comment.. And soon rumaya os 2nd shot will be Updated.

I’ve a idea of shivika os If want I’ll upload os..

So do tell me

One more thing every couple scene was happening at same time ok?
Soumaya’s ex is reeyan of Ishqbaaz same.
and ranveer’s ex is romi same as ishqbaaaz wali romi..
Ignore mistakes weather it’s grammatical or spellings please
Take care

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