ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful fate? Episode 8 by #Annie


Hey guys here I’m back With another part of my fanfiction bak bak in end..

Episode 8

Episode starts with..

Doc Telling them ansh is Conscious now u can meet him..

They all went inside ward.. Except shivaay..
Anika sits beside himm..

Ani= ansh Kaisa hai tu ab .. (ansh How are u now)
Ansh= mumma Me thek hu ek dam Jhakas.. ( mumma I’m perfectly fine)
Ish= billu Ku ro rha tha tu hai? ( Why u was crying)
Ansh= kunke mumma roo rahi thi.. (because mumma was Crying..)
Som= woh ku ro rahi thi.. (why she was crying)
Ansh= billu ne kuch kaha tha Uski waja se( billu said something to mumma that’s why she was Crying..)
Ran= who’s billu?
Ansh= woh Obdoi wala billu.. (that obdoi billu)
Om= i think he’s talking about shivaay..
Ansh= who’s this long hair creature..
Rud= wah he’s same like me he too calls U long hair creature..
Om gives him angry look.
Ansh= and who’s this Dumble boy?
Pri= hahaha Rudra he too calls u Dumble..
Ansh= now who’s this aunty..
They all laughs..
Ish = they’re our Friends They’ll be Living with us..
Ansh= why?
Ran= because they’re our friends..
Ansh= So?
Som= so they’ll be living with us..
Shivaay enters..
Ansh= stop right there…
Shi= but..
Ansh= i said stop… Don’t come in and Don’t even speak…
Ani= but ansh…
Ansh= muma i hate this billu.. Who’s he what’s his name? What’s his surname? What’s his class? Why will he come in? He’s just A simple wolkel(mean worker Afterall he is a kid) He can’t come In His boss’s room.. There’s is a difference btw Him and me.. Standald difference (mean standard)

Everyone Cupps their Mouths..
Ani= ansh That’s not Gud.. Don’t talk like ur dad..
Ansh= mummma I’m saying Right i don’t want to see billu’s face…
Ani= but ansh… He will be living with us..
Ansh= no mumma he can’t… I don’t want to see his face…
Ani= ansh Don’t u know He’s a great Chef…
Ansh= chef really?
Ani= yes..
Ansh= ok so From today he’ll be my personal chef…and can Stay with us…
Shi= thank you ansh. (with happiness)
Ansh= Don’t call me ansh Billu.. I’m ur sir… and you’ll be living in servant quarters..
Ani=ansh That’s under repairing..
ansh= hmm ok you can live with Us In my room ok?
Shi= okay sir..
ansh whispers in anika’s Ear.. = I’ll make him sleep On floor and giggles..
ansh= and stay away from mumma
shi=ok and come nears him And caresses his hair..
ansh= billu don’t get senti I’m fine and next time don’t spoil my hair..
They all laughs..
Ansh= what’s ur name dumble and Long hair?
Om=I’m Omkara
rud= and I’m rudra..
Ansh= and Aunty?
Pri= I’m priyanka..
Ansh= ok omrupri ..and billu ur?
Shi= shivaay..
Ansh= you’re billu..
Ani= ok Now let’s go home..
Ansh= Okay..

They left.. For villa..


Mehta’s villa..
They all enters..
Shivomrupri.. wow…

Ansh= What happened billu..
Shi= U have decorated it well..
Om= Same Moons and stars In all Villa..
Rud= that’s cool..
Pri= and paintings too..

Ani= okay Now come in it’s almost night go get fresh and We’ll have dinner then..

Ish= om Come I’ll show u your room..
Om= yeah Ok..

Rud= somu please?
Som= yeah sure come..

ran= now only Me and u left Let’s go I’ll show u your room…
pri= A okay

ani= shivaay come I’ll show u ur room.. .
Shi= yeah okay…

Ansh= mumma…!! Who will take me to my room?
Ani= ansh I’ll be back na u sit here..
Shi= I’ll take u.. Come And lifts him up..
Ansh= you’re not that much bad billu.. but i hate u Because u made my mumma cry..
Shi= sorry I’ll never do that mistake again…
Ansh= Rectify..
Shi= yeah..
Ansh= okay i believe u but I’ll take some test.. Than we’ll be friends..
Shi= sure sir..
Ansh= u can call me ansh now..
Shi= okay ansh..
He took him To his room along with Anika..
Ansh= down i want To stand on my bed.. Billu..

after standing on bed..
ansh= mumma I’ll eat pizza..
Ani= ansh Not pizza i can’t make it today…
Shi= but i can..
Ansh= okay billu please make pizza for me…
Ansh Kisses him on cheek..
Ansh= i like u billu And wink…
Shivaay hugs him I like u too ansh And wink..
Ansh= ok don’t copy me and smiles Now Leave i want to change..

They leave..

Ani= now come I’ll show u your room..
Shi= okay..

On 2nd floor..

Ish= om this is ur room..
Om= its nice..
Ish= om Hurry up get fresh And come down… I’ve to arrange dinner And Have to get fresh too..
Om Pulls her Towards him And hugs her..
Om= ishu Thanks much for doing so much for us..
Ish= I’m not doing anything its di who Decides everything and thanks To me? Han Not fair its my Duty to Help my Future hubby..
Om= i love u ishu..
Ish= i love u too..
She gives a peck on his lips and runs..


Rud= thanks somu..
Som= for what?
Rud= for Bringing me here..
Som= it’s my Job rudy..
Rud= can we be friends?
Som= yes why not
And then shakes Hands..
Rud= somu you’re so nice..
Som= same to u rudy.. Now go get fresh I’ll be waiting down..
Rud= okay..
She leaves thinking He’s so sweet..

Ran= thanks prianku. ..
Pri= for what?
Ran= for consoling me in hsp.
Pri= its ok Ranveer..
Ran= friends?
Pri= yes yes yes..
And shakes hand..
Ok now you Get fresh I’ll be waiting down..

And he leaves..

Shi= ani thanks..
Ani= no need.. Get fresh up.. You’ve to make pizza for ur son..
And is about to leave..
Shivaay hugs her from behind..
Anika i love u so much… He whispers in her ear..
Anika turned and their lips touch eachothers..
They look into eachothers eyes…

Allah warriyan plays..
She whispers i love u too bagadh bille.. And runs he smiles..

Ishsomveer after changing (they all wearing night pajama with White upper )
As their Night dresses are same…

Shivomrupri Are given Black night pajamas with black upper..

Everyone gets fresh
And there’s a power cut..
Ansh and sahil Too in Same dress as anishsomveer comes running in hall Anishsomveer are already there.. there was light Dim light of glowing moons and stars..
They were Standing in line facing their BackS To 2nd floor’s staircase
Wearing Upper cap…
Shivomrupri comes there From Stairs and Shoutsss..
Hesring there shout
Ansh And anishsomveerhil too Shoutsss aaaaaaaaaaaaa
Elders come there running…
and light is back…
Dadi= why you all are shouting..
Ani= i don’t know dadi.. First
Shivomrupri shouted and hearing them we too shouted..
Elders leave….

Ani= shivaay why u ppl were shouting…
rud= di we got scared?
Som= scared?
Om= yes..
Ran= why?
Pri= actually there was no light but in Light of moons we saw u standing there in white clothes and Something scary was drawn on ur backs .. So we tought..
Ish= what u tought?
shi= that There are ghosts..
Ansh= stupid billu Its Taz drawn..
they all burst into laughter ..
Sah= haha Buzdill…

Ansh= ok now go fast and make pizza billu shi= yes I’m going ansh..
Ansh lefts to his room.. Sahil too lefts..
Omru= bhaiya we’ll join u…
Shi= ok..
Ani= ok u guys go to kitchen I’ve some pending work… I’ll join later..
Somish we’ll help u di..
Pri= what I’ll do.
Ran=come I’ll show u the villa I’m free.

Shivomru lefts to kitchen anishsom left to Office room..

Priveer Goes to See villa..


They Saw kitchen
Om= after six years we are gonna have some Kitchen bromance..
rud= O it’s same as our kitchen .. Just more big..
Shi= yes.. Omru.. U both are right..

They takes out things.. And starts Making pizza..

Ani= ishu takes out Handicap..
Ish= why?
Som= i think you want to record OBROS.
ani= yes.. They Have seen this kitchen after 6 years and they’ll be doing Their bromance their.. I want to record themm just hurry up..
Ish= yes di…
they Took handicaps and went there

Ranveer took her to 4th floor (by elevator)
Pri= its it’s so nice villa I’ve never seen such a beautiful villa b4.. I mean i used to live in a mansion 6 years ago.. But that too wasn’t this big.. And U all have decorated whole villa.. ..
Ran= thanks.. Prianku.. Actually we wabted to decorate the Ground floor only but anah insisted us to decorate whole villa each and every room.. So we complied..
pri= handsome. ..
Ran= what?
Pri= i mean ansh is handsome..
ran= are u okay prianku? I think kids are cute and mans are handsome?
Pri= yes you’re handsome..
ran = thanks you..
she Smiles..
He too smile..
He took Her to Backyard by the same elevator..
they sit there near and starts chit-chatting …
There was fire too… (Winters)

In kitchen OBROS were dancing And making pizza..
song Plays
Lafzo ka yeh rishta nahi
lamho ka yeh kissa ni..
sadiyon ka hai. yeh wasta..
hai rooh ka rasta..

anishsom hiding Behind Different pillars..
was recording them From Different angles . ..
they Made pizza And They Stopped recording..

In Dining table everyone assembles.

Ansh was missing
Shivaay goes to call him to have pizza but didn’t find him.. He searched whole villa.. And comes running to table..
shi= anika ansh is nowhere to be seen..
Ani= relax shivaay he’s in His Room only did u checked properly?
Shi= yes i checked whole villa..
Ani= come with me i know where he’s..
All youngsters go with Her elders were sitting..
Anika comes to ansh’s room..
and lifts a Statue..
a door Opens..
Shivomrupri are dazed ..
Rud= a secret door..
om= look he’s there..
they enters..

The room was decorated with same moons and stars.. There was small Gym.. Lots of toys pictures of whole family(mehta) were on Walls.. From their different holidays.. Big Painted pic of Anishsomveer with sahil and Ansh …on wall.. Music system everything was there…
shi= what’s this anika..
ani = its a secret room i think ansh’s playroom u can call that only..
pri= only This or others too have this secret room..? in their room..
ish= actually whole villa’ s rooms Have This secret room..
om= but Why whole villa?
pri= i Think this was too ansh’s wish? Right Ran?
Ran= yes..
ansh= okay now investigate later.. I’m hungry lets go.. Billu I’m again Tired Take me..
shivaay smiles and lifts him up in his arms and they walked to Table Shivaay Make him sit On His chair Which was in between sahil And anika’s chair..

Anika shivaay was sitting opposite to eachother..
Same with ishkara rumaya and priveer They all were sitting opposite to eachother..

Ansh after eating pizza..
Ansh= billu it’s yummy..
Shi= thanks ansh..
ansh= who are they? Mumma pointing finger at Elder Oberoi’s..

Ani= ansh.. They’re Parents of omru shivaay and Prianka..

ansh= oh let me Meet them..

he stands on Table
(Their dinner was done so servants took everything.. Table was empty.. )
and he walks to dadi..
ansh= who’s she and what should i call her?
ani= she’s grandma but Ur great Grandma..
ansh= I’ll Call her GGM.. And hugs dadi..
dadi blesses him..
now he went to SHINKY and Asked same question..
Ani= they’re ur Grandma and grandpa..
Ansh= Dada dadi And hug Both ansh kissed pinky on cheek And says U are cute dadi..
Pinky kisses him..
now he went to Tejhanvi..
same question…
ani= they’re ur Bade Dada And Badi Dadi..
he Hugged them and kisses jhanvi On cheek and says u too are cute..

dadi= So ansh Am i not cute..
ansh= GGM.

and runs to her and kisses her.. you’re more cute than them.. and they all smiles..
he now Goes to shivaay..And kissed him on Cheek..
ansh= billu you’re sweet and ur pizza was awesome..
he spreads his arms..
and says..
billu take me to my Room..
shivaay lifts him And ansh Hugs him And keeps on talking.. shivaay took him to his room…and Lay Him down on bed..
ansh= Now sit with me and Read story..
shivaay complies..
shi= where is story book?
ansh= in my Drawer..
anika comes
ani= ansh medicine ni li.. ( u haven’t taken medicine..)
shi= oh sorry i forgot.. To give..
ansh= mumma No..
ani= yes
and shivika made him have medicine..
anika leaves..
shivaay Reads story.. And ansh Comes to him and Places his head in his lap and Shivaay caresses His hair..
And continue story.. He sleeps and shivaay Left from their Giving him Kiss on forehead..
shivaay went to his room..

Anika comes to dadi with Mac book in her hand..
dadi= anika puttar Come sit with me..
Ani= yes dadi
dadi= anika thank you so much Beta You’ve done so much For us in just one day.. I don’t know how we’ll payback.. Ur Doings..
ani= dadi u are calling me beta and On other hand u r Thanking me? not fair.. if I’m ur Daughter Than How u can say thanks to me and thinking to Payback? ok leave it don’t say like that Again.. and i came here to Show u something….

she shows the recording of Obro Kitchen…moments..
dadi Gets happy And Hugs anika.
dadi= puttar they’re happy after a long time…. It’s just because of u..
ani=dadi it’s just starting I’ll make everything alright now I’m leaving…
dadi= ok TC..
Anika leaves..

anishsomveer Gathers At Pool side Shivomrupri Too Comes there…
They sits there in a circle
Ani= shivaay What happened B4 6 years..?
ok so I’m done with the update.. …
DrOp ur opinions. .. and Post will be updated soon..
And Guess what happened 6 years before..
# annie

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