ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful Fate? episode 7 by #annie

Hey Guys Annie again.. with Another part of my fanfiction..
Here It goes..

Episode 7
Episode Starts with..

Ansh punching shivaay on his Legs With his lil Hands.. and Telling him i hate u billu…
and crying
Shivaay was standing like a statue..
Ansh= i hate obdoi i hate u billu u made my mama Cry..
Shivaay kneels down on his knees..
Holds Him by shoulders (lovingly)
Shi= ansh I’m sorry i made ur mumma Cry.. I’ll Apologize her too.. Please stop crying..
But just then ansh Faints..
Shivaay shouts ansh..
Anika comes Running
And they both were trying to wake him up..
Anika Tries to lift him But shivaay Lifts him up and asks anika To move they
Move out of Office And drove off to Ansh City hospital..
In hospital they Took him in
Everyone there greets anika
Doc took ansh inside emergency ward..
Anika was crying Shivaay consoles her..
Anika hugs Shivaay.. And starts crying While murmuring please save my Son..

Song plays..
Nazdeek hai dill ke
phir Kyu lagy milke
jaise ho miloO door woh
Jazba hai anjana
mushkil hai samjhana
Apna Hai ya hai ghair woh…
Ishq be adhoora sa
Rooh me hai poora sa..
Dard hai yeh saari umar ka…
Oh jaaaanaaaaa…
Iskara enter Oberoi house
Ishu was Happy seeing all

Ish= namaste..
They all says namaste..
Rud= you’re ishu di right?
She nods in yes..
Rud= I’m rudra the lady killer.. I mean i was lady killer now I’m not..
Pri= hi I’m priyanka..
Ish= nice meeting u..
Om= ishu meet her she’s my dadii..
She touches her Feet..
Dadi= stay blessed puttar..
Om= she’s my Choti maa..
She Greets her..
Om= she’s my Mom..
She Touches her feet..
But jhanvi stops her and hugs her..
Om= he’s my Choti maa’s husband..
Ishu Was shocked.. But Greets him..
Om= and he’s my Mom’s husband..
Ishu Still shocked and Touches his feet..
Dadi= puttar where’s anika?
Ishu= she must be in office I’ll call her And ask her to come she takes out Ph..
Ishu Calls on Group.. (anishsomveer) Everyone picks up the call.. (ranveer, somu,) instead of anika Shivaay Picks up the call as she was lost and wasn’t able to talk…
Ish= di where are you? You know I’m with Omkara.. Come they all want to meet u.. and yeah kanji ankho wala bagadh billa isn’t here so just come..
Ran= really?
Som= ishu what u doing there..
And here shivaay speaks..
Ishsomveer anika is in hospital with ansh he’s serious… Come she needs u.. And Call.. Ends

Somveer Rushes out Taking sahil..
Ishh was shocked And tears were rolling down..
Om = ishu what’s the matter what happened why u r crying..
No response
Om shook her..
Ish= om.. Ansh… Wo.. He’s in hospital… We need to go..

They all wasn’t getting who’s ansh but they left with her…

Ishsomveer and sahil and Oberoi’s reach hospital at same time sahishsomveer rushes inside together and Oberoi’s followed themm..

In a corridor Anika was Sitting On Bench Completely shattered and lost.. Shivaay was standing beside her..

sahishsomveer was shocked seeing bagadh billa there.. But they Speaks up together Anika di..
Anika Rushes to them And they had group hug…
Ish= di what happened to ansh..
ani= he just faint in Shivaay’s arms..
Ran= Shivaay’s? What Exactly happened?
Som= did he took stress?
Sah= did he cried?
Anika nods in yes..
ish= di why? Don’t u know? Doc strictly prohibited To give him any kind of stress.. And never let him Cry Much.. Then why diii..
Oberoi’s =
They All were Confused Who’s ansh and what Shivaaayy is doing here and what had happened..

Ani= I’m sorry ish.. ..but and looks at Shivaay..

Ran= oh so now I got it..! Mr. Bagadh billa this all happened because of u..
Sahishsom Stops ranveer From speaking further And Took Anika inside one ward…
Oberoi’s now Goes to shivaay..
Om= what are u doing here..?
Shi= i Brought anika And ansh here..
Rud= but bhaiya how you meet them?
Shi= rud I went for job Interview in ansh empires .. There i met them…
Pri= bhaiya who’s ansh?
Pinky= why they are Crying so much what happened to him?
Shivaay was Silent..
tej= shivaay..
Shakti= shivaayyyy…
Jhanvi= shivaay we are asking something..
Shi= maa.. He’s anika’s son..!
Dadi= where is her husband..
Shivaay looks Into Her Eyes..
Shi= dadi woh.. Actually uska Father… I mean Uska baap..
Dadi= what woh..
Ish= uska Baap Shivaay singh oberoi hai…(his father is Shivaay singh oberoi) They looks back..
Ishsomveer was standing..
Om= ishu what u saying..
Ran= o She’s saying truth he’s the father..
Rud= but How’s this possible..?
Som= why not Rudy.. ?
Pri= but They Never Got so close..
Ran= prianku who said They never got so close…
ish= mr. Oberoi Haven’t u told them?
Shivaay Was statued..
Omru = shivaay How this happened and why u didn’t told us..?
Shi= this was an Accident.. But.. I love her.. And Was going to propose her..
dadi= when billu? When u was going to propose her? After more 6-7 years..?
Shi= dadi actually i was going to propose her on the day when I proposed tia.. and fired anika..
jhanvi= shivaay If u was going to propose anika then why Did u Proposed tia and fired anika?
Shi= badi maa actually Some misunderstanding..
Pinky= shivaay some? Misunderstanding? Really? U Got so close with her and left her Like that for some misunderstanding ..
Shi= actually maa i got some Video clip(and narrates clip)

Ishkara was shocked as same happened with Them..
Dadi slaps him hard..
Dadi= billu.. How Could u even think like that about her? U could have asked her About that..
Tej= yes shivaay maa is right.. U just Ruined ur child life..
Shakti= = han shivaay not only ansh’s but anika’s too.. Shame onn u…

Just than doc Comes out from ward..
Anika who was Hiding behind Ward door hearing everyone came out..
Ani= doc how’s ansh?
Doc= sorry but we can’t say anything… We are trying hard But he’snt getting Concious…
Anika Was about To fall Rumaya priveer holds her..
Rumaya looks at eachother and privere looks at eachother as their Hand touches eachothers..
Ish= doc please try Ur best…
Doc= I’m trying.. But when. I told u To take Care of him never make him cry.. Never let him take stress.. It can affect his heart.. Already he has hole in his heart.. Than why U did that..

Oberoi’s were Shocked..

Ran= doc from next we’ll take his Most Care but please make him well..
Doc Nods and leaves..
Anika faints
RUMAYA ISHKARA PRIVEER took her inside Next ward and Make her lay On bed.. ..

Shivaay Collapsed on floor… No One consoled him Tejhanvi SHINKY dadi were praying for ansh…

Soumaya goes to canteen side Corridor Rudra followed him..

Ranveer Left from Their and went to Another corridor Prianku Followed him

Ishu ask Om To stay with anika and When she gets conscious make her understand..
amd sahil u come Khanna Uncle Will be coming go home with him he nods And leaves as khanna comes..
ishu goes to Broken shivaay and pulls him by his Hand and takes him In Empty Ward..
Soumaya sees left Side no one Sees Right side Rudra hides and she sees no one and collapses on Floor and starts crying.. Rudra gies to canteen and Bring some Paratahs..
Rudra sits By her side..
rud= take this paratahs and stop Crying..
som= i don’t need..
rud= i know u love paraths Anika di have told me..
som= rudy I don’t need..
rud= wow u know My name that too every type?
Som= yes.. Di told me
Rud= why u are crying Angel..
She looks at Him with wonder that he just called me angel..
som= Woh ansh.. I can’t see him And my di like that ..
Rud= he will be fine soOn..
som= i hope so.. and starts crying again..

Rudra hugs her.. and she starts crying more and reciprocates the hug..
song Plays..
Duniya Ko bhool jau..
me tere pyaar me
tu nahi toh aag lage Iss sansar Ko..

Ranveer Goes inside ward.. Prianku too enters ..
But ranveer doesn’t see her…

ranveer is sitting On bed and crying Facing his back to door..
prianku places hand on his shoulder..
Ranveer looks Back and Wipes his tears..
Ran= priyanka u here..
Pri= yes ran Me Here…
ran= hmm…
pri= u can call me prianku as u called me outside..
ran= Yeah yeah..
Pri= u was crying?
ran= me? No.. No way…
pri= i know u was..
ran= no i wasn’t crying why would i cry? I know ansh will be ok soon..
pri= but anika di Told you Are very Senti.. U cry on Lil things..
he looks at her and they share a short eyelock
Song plays..
ankhoo ki gustakhia Maaf hoo..
he Looks Here there Breaking eye lock
Ran= no that’s not true.. I don’t cry easily pri= ranveer i know u want to cry U can I’ll not tell anyone..
ranveer Was Shocked and looks At her
She pulls him In hug (she was standing he was sitting so his head was on Prianku’s stomach )
he starts crying vigorously..
she caresses his Hair..
ran= i can’t see my di and ansh like that.. And Crying
tears roll from Prianku’s eyes… And she consoles him
song plays..
mitwaaaaaa ishqqqqqq pe zoor nai….
ishu makes shivaay sit on Stool..
ish= bhaiya..
shivaay Shocked looks at her.. As what happened to her Outside she was calling me mr. Oberoi bagadh billa and shivaay and here Bhaiya…

ish= i know bhaiya you’re shocked.. sorry For misbehaving.. Actually i never knew that why y left di.. I left om for the same reason.. I can understand what u would Have felt at that time.. I’ll not say it’s all Ur fault because Situation made u took that decision.. I just want to See u and my di happy together.. Everything could be soughed out Just U apologize di.. and everything will be okay.. make her Realize hOw that happened ..i know she will Surely understand.. And will forgive u..
Shivaye hugs ishu ishu consoles him
anika gains Consciousness..
om= anika..
ani= om u here? where Are sahishsomveer..
om= sahil went home with khanna.. ranveer And somya went out and ishu is with Shivaay..
Ani= shivaay.. I need to talk with him..
om= first i need to talk with you..
Ani= Say na om..
om= anika I know U must be angry with shivaay and mad at him.. but trust me he’s feeling guilty From 6years.. i never knew he’s hiding such A big Truth but i can Understand How he was from 6 years.. He changed allot in these 6 years.. And me and ishu Have Already passed this test of god As we Too got Same misunderstanding.. But in our case ishu got the video .. She did same with me….but when After 6 years we met.. she Told Me Everything why she left me And I uunderstood her as we can’t let One bad Dream Or chapter Ruin Our whole beautiful life.. I hope anika u understood my point.. Clear ur understanding soon anika And Let ansh Have Love of his parents..
she nods and hugs om..
om consoles her..
ish= bhaiya now stop crying.. Everything will be okay soon come..
and they comes out from ward.. and om and anika too comes out..
anish Together where are Somveer ?
jhanvi= we don’t know
anish= no they must be crying sitting at some corner..
ishkara went to One corridor..
shivika went to another..

and here ishkara Found PRIVEER
in one ward hugging each other…..
ishkara smile

shivika found Rumaya hugging and consoling..
they too smiles..
shivaay takes Anika In one ward..

shivaay: Anika I’m sorry..
anika looks at him..

anika’s pov
I was Happy hearing sorry from him.. and shocked too as he never says sorry easily..
and there he speaks again…
anika I’m really sorry i was Now much shocked.. As he said sorry again.. But that’s nOt the end. He Speaks more.
Anika.. I should’ve asked u before doing anything like that.. But I’m a fool I did everything Without even Asking u.. I lost everything in my life first my love.. Then respect .. Then Money fame everything.. I am the Unluckiest Person .. I made a mistake 6 years ago and I’m Getting punishment of that.. Till now please forgive me i want to spend my life.. My rest of life with u and our son ansh..
i was Wondering from Where he got to say so many Emotional talks..
I was shocked so i was num.. And he started doing sit-ups saying sorry while holding his Ears..
i think I haven’t seen something such Cute than A Shivaay saying sorry .. i was Looking at Him At his beautiful Puppy face.. Which he was making While saying sorry..
but he stopped doing sit-ups and move forward me.. he thought I’m not ready to forgive him So he held my hand and Slapped Himself on face with my hand I immediately pulled my Hand back
Shivaay’s pov
And here comes She Pulled her hand Back.. I know I’m wrong.. And i could clearly see the shocked condition of anika.. I know she was shocked as i said sorry because shivaay singh oberoi never says sorry.. But now im not the same Shivaay which i was 6 years ago..
she speaks
yes she speaked. . .
What are you doing billu g.. i forgave u.. Along Ago.. Like 3 minutes before ..
i smiled Hearing her..
I leaned my face on Her Shoulder..
anika’s pov..
he leaned his face Over my shoulder and I felt something wet On shoulder he was crying… i carresed his Hair..
And he hugged me tight i could feel The warmth Of his body.. Which was Soothing my body.. i reciprocates.. he tightened the hug..
Shivaay’s pov..
i could feel Warmth of her Body.. Her raising Heartbeat was so clear to me.. Her heartbeat was raising When I was tightening the hug.. i felt heaven there as i got my everything back.. i lost Everything When i left anika… now i got anika my anik back I’ll surely get everything back.. As she’s my Lucky charm i guess. And i gave a peck on her Shoulder..that Touch gave me current.. And i can Feel she too got that currents …
Anika’s pov..
His touch gave me shivers He is what i wanted my whole life… and now I’m The luckiest girl as i got him back.. My lOve back..i braked the hug and Gave a peck on his cheek.. and i said.. shivaay no need to worry anymore.. We’ll stay Together With ur family… We’ll Get everything back u lost..
Shivaay’s pov.
First time after 6 years someone was Beside me Supporting me.. Encouraging me.. i felt Relaxed.. After a long time.. I wanted to sleep.. Sleep in her lap To forget my all worries..
Anika’s pov..
I could sensed what he was Feeling and wanting .. But at that time i couldn’t fulfill his wish.. But i hugged him And whisper in his ear.. I’ll surely let u sleep in my Lap in night Shivaay.. And i ran From there i was Relaxed .. I was Relaxed alot.. I even felt as He will make ansh Fine.. and yes i know he’ll so I stopped crying.. I went Out.. leaving shocked shivaay Behind..
Shivaay’s pov…
what.. What she just said.. How she know what i was thinking how could she Read my mind i slapped my head Lightly and Went behind her.. Smiling …
Ishkara Comes to Elders..
Ish= dadi.. Jhanvi anti Pinky aunti tej and shakti uncle please u ppl go home We’ll come with ansh soon..

They looked At eachother..

Ishu sensed that they’re thinking how they’ll go..
One man Comes there..
Ish= Khanna ( yes same khanna who took sahil home same khanna who used to work for Oberoi’s first)
Take them home..
Khanna= but mam i don’t know where they live ..
Ish= khanna ji don’t u know where is Mehta’s villa.. ?
Khanna= mam i know.. But u said drop them to their home..
Ish= khanna ji that house is of them Too got it.. Now drop..
He lefts They left silently as Om signed them…
Shivika comes to rumaya they were now chit-chatting..
Shi= rudra u are eating paratha?
Rud= no bhaiya..
and he looks at his hand.. he was eating paratha with somya..
Ani= really rudy?
Rud= no di no i wasn’t eating i was feeding somu.. As she was sad na..
Somu understands..
som= yes di And… Bha.. I mean Mr. Oberoi.. He wasn’t eating..
Ani= somu now u can call him bhaiya.. Everything is cleared..
She smiles And they Left
Rud= whispers thanku Somu..
Som= its ok rudy..

In way To Ward they hear Laughing Voice.. from one ward And they went inside
Priveer holding eachothers hand Was Chit-chatting and laughing..
rudra and shivaay prianku
somu and anika Ranveer…
they Loook at themm
pri= bhaiya actually woh.. i was just cheering him upp he was so sad..
Ran= yes di She was just cheering me..
pri= yes anika di I was Just cheering him as he was sad just sad he wasn’t crying.. Trust..
Ran= phail gaya raita..
Anisom= ran u was crying agaiN?
Ran= no di I was just lil sad..
Shivaay ok guys its okay everyone was crying..
not a big deal.. If he was crying Too..
Ran= mr bagadh billa ji I’m not talking with u..
som= hey ran chill now we Don’t need be angry with him anymore everything is cleared btw bhaiya and di..
he Smiles and they leave..
prianku whispers sorry ranveer..
ranveer smiles its ok Hota hai..
They reach Corridor whre Ansh ward is.. There they ishkara sitting On bench and Side hugging eachother …
Ish= i love u om
om= i love you too ishu..
and they was about To give a pech
Rumaya priveer.. And shivika cough..
ishkara feels embarrassed..
doc comes
Mam Ansh Is Concious now u can meet him..
ok done with the update..
Drop ur comments and update will be soon;) and thanks for the love u showered On me In my last part… ..

precap : ansh insults shivaay in funny way..

@rusky.. Thanks for the idea.. I’ll surely add this in upcoming episodes after all he’s the son of great SSO.. He’ll do same

okay guys thanks bye Tc

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