ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful Fate? episode 5 by #annie


Hey guys… annie here again with next part…

Some doubts…
(anika never left shivaay,shivaay was the one who fired her… She is upset with him but not hate him)
(ishu left om. Just left she too didn’t hate om. and Reason will be revealed in further episodes)

okay so first let’s move towards the episode bak bak will be in last with one note…

Episode 5
Episode starts with
Anika having breakfast in car
And Oberoi’s in their small house..

Mehta’s villa
Ish~ ansh please eat this Sandwich naw mumma will come by 10 na please

Ansh~ no no no… I said no na so noooo first bring mama then I’ll do breakfast only by her hand… And starts crying…

Ish~ kitna bara dramme baaz hai billu tu… (what a big actor u r billu)

Ansh wipes his tears
Ansh~ i said so many times.. Just don’t call me billuu.. I.. I just hate this word..

Sahil comes and greets them morning..

Sah~ where is ani di?
Ish~ she’s not at home.. U just have ur breakfast and Go to school today ansh will be not Going..
He Complies
After breakfast shivaay gets ready in black suit (old one)
And Calls On the number saved by the name of ansh…
Shi~ actually i need job?
Manager gave him address of the interview location and ask him to bring his degrees…
He complies and cuts the call..
And leaves for the interview
Outside in car anika Is still there because she was worried for dadi…

Anika’s point of view
¤ why I’m doing so much for him? Am i doing this for him? Or for dadi? Yes.. I’m doing this only for dadi and rest of them… Not for shivaay..!!.. Like seriously anika… if you are doing this for his family .. Then why i sent espresso.. matrix..and now giving him job… How can i do so many favour’s on him.. He… He… Just didn’t care about me… Then why am doing this… Why… I wanted to hug himmm… When i saw him after these long 6 years… I can’t feel this way again for him.. Anika you’ve to stop right here…!! But… I want to know why he fired me that whennn…and why he proposed tia when he was going to propose me…
Fb starts..
before 6 years and
One night they both were alone in house
So they decided to go on dinner as they became good friends… More than about 2 months so to celebrate their Successful friendship
They went on dinner…
Shi~what u want to order ani?
Ani~ whatever u like but first Some Grape,black grape juice and wink at him..
Shi~ ok waiter first bring 2 black grape juices and after that 2 pizza’s
Waiter was Bringing 2 trays one with Alcohol and one Of Shivaaayyy’s order and they got exchanged… So Shivika got alcohol they drank that in one gulp and feel weird..
Ani~ billu ji why this was so bitter ..
Shi ~ i don’t know.
They chatted for sometime and then they were full (talli)
Ani ~ goes on counter and stands on it.. And shouts shivaayyyy shivaayyyy..

Shivaay goes to her…
Shi~ yes baby…
Ani ~ hawww do i look like baby??
Shi~ ohhh sorryyy if you don’t like I’ll not call…
Ani~ it’s okay but u can call me janu and blushes… He too blushes
Shi ~ janu why u was shouting…
Ani ~ look januuu… I’m flying and Acts like flying bird…
Shi ~ wow janu you’re really flying… Me too want to fly… And He too Stands on counter and acts like flying…
Everyone is laughing..
They both falls down..
Ani~ januuu accident…. Aaa…
Shi ~ oh my jannu are u fine??..
Ani~ yes januu(she was lying In floor with hee face on floor.)
Shi~ okay janu get up..
Ani ~ januuu I’m not able to look i got sticked with this earth… Universe is attracting mee….

Shivaay tries to apart her from floor and he too falls again

Shi~ janu this gravity is much stronger than us.. Gravity is attracting us towards her… I think she love us…
Ani~ acts like crying…

One waiter comes there…
waiter~ sir please go to ur house..
Shi~ i don’t have house.. And acts like crying
Ani~ janu don’t worry I’ve one we’ll share and they hug each other still lying on floor..

Waiter.. Sir there’s a hotel Right beside our restaurant I’ll leave u there and u can check in..
Shivika.. Okay pick us uppp..
2 more waiters come and picks them up and by giving them support.. They left them in hotel…
Suddenly there’s a knock on car’s window.. And she comes to her senses and A wide smile appears on her face..
And soon it vanished… Seeing om on Window knocking she immediately covers her Face with scarf and Rolls down The mirror
Ani~ yes?
Om~ actually i need to go to nearby art gallery.. ? Can u please drop me I’m not getting any auto..
Ani~ which gallery?
Om~ it was with the name of Oberoi Gallery but I don’t know what’s the name now..!
Ani~ ok u mean ansh Gallery.. Come I’ll drop u…
Om comes from the other side.. And before he could sit she wears her white hoodie and now she’s fully covered and Just eyes Are Visible that too not clear..
Om sits and she drove off…
Om~ thanks for the lift..
Ani~ it’s my pleasure.. Btw why u r going there?
Om~ some memories and Also want a job… So..
Ani~ aha I’m sure u will get Job there for sure.. As they always Need New Workers…
Om~ how u know so much About them.. Ani~ everyone knows after all they’re World’s no.1 leading Business tycoons..
Ani~ look here it is..
Om~ Thanks ani…
Ani~ what ? Ani?
Om~ yes.. Sorry i read That On your.. Wrist i think its just first letters..
Ani~ hmmm.. My pleasure
He closes the door and she drove off to home..
In office
Shivaay is waiting for his turn…
Mehta’s villa

Anika enters ansh runs towards her and hugs her legs (his height after all he’s just 5)
Anika lifts him up.. In her arms…
How’s my billu?
Ansh~ I’m angry with you… Huh
And turns his face to other side..
Ani~ why you’re upset with me i just go to arrange our trip to…
Ansh~ excitedly where we’re going?
Ani~ we’re going to.. Paris..
He hugs her saying i love you mumma..
Yeah yeah mumma loves u too and kisses on his forehead…..
Ish~ di u came? okay that’s good.. I have to visit my gallery… So I’m leaving..
Ani~ okay ishu Take care..!!
Ish~ yeah.. U too.. Btw di u look so happy first time? Ahmmm…? What’s the reason…
Ani~ you’ll know… When you’ll reach gallery..
Ish~ aha some surprise??
Ani~ yeah maybe…
She leaves smiling after giving her a hug..
Ani~αnsh Just get ready fast we’ve to leave
Ansh~ mumma where we’re going?
Ani~ office.. .so hurry up..
Ansh runs towards his room….
anika too walks towards her room
anika wears her black 3 piece suit… sets her hair… Wear shades ..
Ansh Wears his small black 3 piece suit sets his hair (as Shivaay).. and says Yeah now its perfect. ..wears Shades And does his(mean shivaaayyy’s) signature step…
Leaves with anika to office
Om is Roaming there Searching something (he thought he might find ishu there)
Ishu enters the gallery

Cool breeze passes By Ishkara…
Their heartbeats Raised…
They feel like They’re heartbeat Are riding on train..
and the only word they uttered Was that..
Om~ I.. i.. Is.. Ishu
ish~ O.. Om..
And without Any Second thought They started Searching eachother like mad people..
And here comes.
They bump into eachother while searching.
Both at the same time says.. Sorry..
And then they look at eachother..
With pain.. Love in their eyes..
their eyes gir wet..
Ishu touches om’s face while he was touching ishu’s face just to confirm that it’s not a dream and after a minute of touch… Without saying anything they hugged eachother..
And burst Into crying…
She was hugging… Crying… Caressing his hair… He was doing same…
after nearly 5-10 minutes of hug… Ishu coming to her senses… Pushes Om back and moves back…
Om~ ishu… Where was u… U know how much i missed you… I tried to search you allot but in vain… And u never answered my calls… why… why ishu… why u left me like that… Why…?
ish~ you’re asking me? I should ask you… Why om why… Why u did that…u when u was going to marry me… When u proposed me… Than whyyy om why u… Cheated me??? Why om? U said you love me? Than why u broked my heart… Just tell me why…

om was hell shocked
om~ but ishu what i did?
but ishu Without giving answer leaves from their And gets into her car and drove off …she stopped her car in some desserted road and Comes out of car Collapsed on floor
*flash back*
6 years ago..
night before breakup
om and ishu on dinner date…
ish~ om tomorrow is my birthday so what prize you’re going to give me… Han?
om~ surprise is surprise so I’ll not reveal that…
ish~ om tell na please… Just some hint?
om~ okay I’ll give hint…
tomorrow morning me and u will Be… going to MH to meet MF
ish~ what’s this MH And MF?
om~ that’s what you’ve to find…
after dinner they left to home..
ishu was thinking all night about MH and MF and finally around 6 am she got to know its My home and my family ..she got Super excited and got ready at 7 am …started waiting for om’s text As he said he’ll be waiting At his gallery so when I’ll message jus come there…
in morning around 9 am ishu Got message and excitedly she opened that And Her Face expression changed from happy to blank..
she got some vedio clip Of intimate scene…
In video There was Riddhima and Om Sleeping togather.. (if you know what I mean)
she was brokend and she broked up with him…
fb ends

She shouts
i hate you omm…. I hate u…. Why u did this with me…. I hate u… And burst into cry ….
anika and ansh reach there… anika went to her cabin which is next to Managers’s ..
Anika~ansh U can roam but Don’t disturb anyone…
Ansh~okay mumma why worry…
Manager calls Shivaay’s number he comes…
Manager Is sitting On chair
Shivaay Comes and greets him..
Manager aks him to sit..
Shivaay was facing Managers’s chair back…
And when manager turns his chair …
Shivaay was shocked and Manager stands up saying sir you here….
And he immediately rushes to him and hugged him saying.. Sir it’s been a king time.. Sit What you’ll take? Tea…? Espresso?
Shi~ no nothing… Just take my interview mishra ji…
Anika was seeing all this from her cabins window which opens in mishra’s cabin..
Mishra ~ sir…
Shivaay cuts him
Shi~ don’t call me sir I’m here as To get job Not ur sir.. Mishra ji…
Mish~ sir if our Mam will pass u then you’ll be my sir again so…
Shi~ what type of work I’ll be doing?
Mish~ sir actually our bosses are going on vacation and They haven’t Hired any Ceo till now so if they found anybody With that much qualities which they want they’ll hand Over him most of their work…
shi~ oh oky… Who’s ur boss…? Name
Mish got message just then and he looks at message and then window
Message was of anika…
Mishra ji don’t tell him anything okay just tell him what all world knows…
He replies with ok…
Mish~ sir.. We don’t know we just know.. There’s a lady with Her whole family… And she is handling everything very cleverly so no one knows.. And Using her son’s name ansh…
Shi~ oh that’s great…
Mish~ sir won’t u ask surname?
Shi~ i don’t believe on them now…

He smiles and Leaves as mishra said wait in Cafeteria side I’ll call u…

he leaves anika smiles and cries…

In cafeteria Shivaaayy was lost somewhere… Ansh was Taking espresso to his Mom’s cabin and they bump into eachother….. And espresso falls Some on floor some on Shivaay’s pent and some On ansh’s full suit..
Ansh in anger removes his Shades ~ fhat the wuck? Can’t u see and walk…

Shivaay shocked….

No precap

Okay guys done with the update… I’m sorry if It’s boring or shorter and late.. I was going to write it yesterday but Some guests arrived and Then I’ve to Sacrifice my sleep to Fulfill ur demand of soon. Update Next one so… here it is… thanks much guys for the love u showered on me on my last update… Please keep showering that…


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