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Hey guys Annie again with an update… Of my ff..
I’m kinda dissapointed …as I’m not getting enough comments… but still continuing it in hope one day I’ll get…
So enough of my bakbak lets directly moves towards the episode…

Episode 4

*after 6 years leap*

One big villa of 3 portion (just like a mehal)

One big swimming pool outside and 3 inside…

(rest intro will be with Passing episode)

One boy five year old is running in hall
Half covered in towel…
Ansh stop i said stop… You’re messing up everything… You’re wet… Just come to mama na… A lady says..

Ansh yes he’s ansh…
Ansh:: mama Don’t you know ansh kisi ke kehne par nu rukta bas apni marzi se rukta hai… (ansh only stops if he wants not with others wish)

Lady:: ruk tujhe me batati hu jo tujhe itni tadi chari hai( stop u Attitude I’ll tell u)

Another lady:: anika dii why you’re shouting at him that too early morning

~{now clear they’re mehta family }~

Ani:: somu look at watch do u really think it’s very early morning?

Ansh Runs towards som…

Ansh:: somuuu please tell mama.. Na to come with me in my school for function…

Ani:: ansh no one can change my decision..

Ish:: really di..

Ran:: i don’t think so that’s true di..

Sah:: neither me

Ansh:: yes they’re on my side…

Ani:: this isn’t fair none on my side… Huh (she makes puppy face.)

Ansh goes to her and signs her to lift him up in her arms…

Ansh cupps her mouth in his lil hands..

Mama don’t be sad I’m on your side.. But please come to School to attend function..
Ani:: beta I’ve meeting to attend..
Ran:: di why fear when we’re here.. We’ll attend that meeting u go with ansh
Ani:: but what about your office?
som:: it’s just for one day..
Ani:: but he wants us to go on a holiday…!!
Ish:: no worries I’ll talk with manager to Set interviews and we’ll select one bestest Ceo for all our Work and then we’ll go…
Ansh Smiles…
Ani:: okay then..
Ish:: di that’s for holiday now go get ready for function… Fast… And we’ll to get ready and leave for office..
Ani:: but not without breakfast…
They nods and leaves to get ready…


Somewhere in village in small house of 3 rooms…

Dadi:: billu Why are we going there after so many years…
shi:: dadi because i want to give you people best life again if not best Just good… I can’t see u ppl in pain anymore i was just not doing anything all those years because you wasn’t well enough to travel.. But Now we have to go back to Mumbai… dadi now no more arguments… We’re leaving that’s final…

om:: but shivaay where we’ll live there…
Shi:: I’ve arrange some money we’ll live there in one house That’s small just one room but we have to adjust there for one month atleast..

Rud:: than?
Shi:: I’ll find job So some good change will happen..

They all agrees to him and they leaves to Mumbai…


scene back to mehta’s villa

they all after doing breakfast leaves Ishsomveer To office and anika ansh and sahil for school


they Crack deal
after function..
she reaches home and leaving ansh and sahil at villa and Giving instructions to baby sitter and Security she leaves with driver to office
in office
they celebrate by cutting a big 5 portion cake And Dinner In five star hotel With whole Company’s staff..

manager to anika.. Mam congratulations again for cracking this deal… Now you’re i mean Ansh (she never revealed herself and not given any interview just everyone knows their company by name of ansh) are the Number One World’s business tycoons…

Ani:: thanks But this is all you pplz effort…

they cheers and goes to dinner
Oberoi’s arrive at some colony…
and reach a home.. (the house where they are gonna live is same where mehta’s used to live..)
om in heart:: this is the same place where ishana used to come she used to live somewhere here.. (he don’t know her house)

rudra enters House first and then they all moves in.. they all are kind of shocked…

house is dusty But still moons and stars which were hung By anishsomveer are glowing.. There are painting on walls.. (they’re just in hall)
rud:: o look..!! Paintings… I think the person which used to live here Was an artist..

prianku:: and maybe scared of..
shivaay cuts her saying Darkness..!!!

Shivaay back to flashes
(*one day anika comes to Shivaay room to ask him something and suddenly there’s a power cut she hugs shivaay and is shivering.. Shivaay :: what happened anika… Biillu ji I’m scared of darkness.. Please turn on the lights… Anika relax its just a simple power cut.. Billu ji you know what just hang some glowing moons and stars in your room.. So whenever there will be a power cut they’ll start glowing and will give light.. I have done this in my room too*)
fb ends tear escapes from his eyes…

om:: shivaay lets go in room…
shi:: yeah.

and they enters the room…
in room there’s two 4 portion beds attached with each other (one 4 portion was of anishsomveer and one 4 portion which is attached with the first one is of sahil so he can sleep with all of them after one day…)
room is dusty too walls are covered with dust… Moons and stars are hanging there too…

they all started cleaning house.


back to hotel after Dinner

ani:: ishu u ppl go home.. I’ll come after sometime ..
ish:: di i know you’re going to take round of our old house colony..
anika nods and they all leaves to… their respective directions…

she reaches the colony

scene to Oberoi’s

after cleaning the wall Behind beds they all are hell shocked..

shivaay… :: A.. A anika
om…. :: i. Ishu
Prianku.. :: rudra bhaiya look he’s ranveer..

that picture of them appeared.. And they were shocked happy…

picture of anishsomveer hands on shoulders and wide smiles oN face…

it mean i was thinking right says om and shivaay at the same time..

priru looks at each other shockingly

Whattt.. U both were thinking?

that this is anika’s house::shi
that this is ishana’s house::om

rudra:: hmm it means.
ish mean. ishana… and veer means prianku cuts him and says lovingly ranveer..
but what Som means says rudra..
om:: somaya..
rud:: how do u know o?
shiv:: look there’s written

there were names written on Their pics Very small..
And anishsomveer in heart With together forever

They all smiles seeing their picture

rud:: o look this somu is so cute na..
they complies…

anika reaches outside her old house.. and sees lights on First time in these 6 years… She calls Landlord and he arrives
ani: who are they living in that house? Landlord :: mam they’re Some 9 members total.. And They one who took on rent name is shivaay..

anika’s heart skips a beat tears rolls down

ani:: shivaay?? Full name..
landlord:: that i don’t know..
ani:: go ask him but don’t let him know why you’re asking…

LL goes and knocks on door..
anika in her car with black windows looking at the door..

om comes she was shocked and happy too…

LL:: sir may i know Shivaay’s full name I’ve to write on agreement..

om :: shivaay taking a pause singh oberoi

LL leaves.. and comes to anika.. Mam they’re Oberoi’s.

ani:: hmm ok..!! How much rent they’ll be paying?
LL:: mam 1500

ani:: and what’s the price of house?
LL :: mam 1 lac

anika gives him money and buys that house..
ani:: don’t take any money from themm. And return them their money now… Paper work will be done tomorrow…

he leaves and again knocks on door
this time shakti opens the door

LL:: hands him 1500 keep it with u sir.. Ansh company has bought this home now u can live here without giving rent

he leaves…

in home

shiv asks papa who was there…
LL he gave me money of rent back saying this house now belongs to some ansh company and now we can live here without paying rent replies shakti…

they all feel it weird…

sometime passes…

again knock on door this time rudy comes..

there was a boy pizza Delivery Boy…
rud :: yes?
boy:: sir this is your meal..
rud but i haven’t ordered anything…
boy.. Sir I’m from ansh pizza shop… This is sent by our boss to u.. I’ll not charge any money this is free he takes..and boy leaves..

he comes in with pizza again everybody shock..

shi:: rudra why u ordered so much pizza’s i don’t even have enough money to pay the bill…

rud:: bhaiya i didn’t ordered… A boy gives it for free… He said this is sent by their boss… and this is some ansh pizza shop..

once again they feel it weird…
but as they all was very hungry they ate all pizza’s…

after sometime again knock on door..

Shivaay goes this time..

there were 3 4 man’s…

sir here’s your order…

Shiv:: but i haven’t ordered anything

I know sir we are from ansh supermarket our boss has sent
us here and they went inside… Shivaay follows them they put shopping bags on table and leaves wishing them good night…

They checks bag there are fruits

10 bottles of protein shake rudra gets happy

Thermos of espresso they’re hell shocked as everything is what they used to use 6 years ago…

milk biscuits water mineral water and much more…

the all retire to beds except shivaay as there is only 8 beds…

after sometime shivaay comes out from room running and bangs on the door of nearby house… One man comes out he asks him something and leaves to home back…

anika goes to him wearing hoodie and ask him what he said
he says that the man was saying to call ambulance as they don’t have mobile… And their dadi isn’t well… She asks him not to do so as she will arrange everything..

after sometime there’s a knock on their house

om goes to see if ambulance is here…

he opens the door and one doc with one nurse and one ward boy comes in

Doc:: where’s the patient
Om takes them to dadi there he checks her and nurse goes her some injections wardboy brings some medicines and give it to them doc instructs them.. Shiv:: what’s ur fee doc??
doc:; our boss sent us here no fees
pri:: u mean ansh hospital? Boss

He nods in yes and leaves…

doc comes out

ani:: yes doc what’s the issue..
doc:: mam its winter season there’s cold inside she was sleeping without blanket and no heater… And she’s aged and weak so she got high fever…
he leaves….

after sometime again knock on door tej opens and there comes blankets heater… And one matrice(anika tought there are only 8 beds where shivaay will sleep so she sent one comfortable matrice for him… )
shiv:: u must be from ansh
man:: yes sir.. they all leaves
one man comes to Shivaay and gives him new i phone 7 this is from our boss if u need anything just dial the number saved with the name of ansh even u cn get job… He leaves…

they all was thinking its some kind of good hearted person but shivaay was feeling some personal connection…

they all sleeps comfortably anika got call of ishu…

ish:: di where are u…?
ani:: ishu sleep I’ll nott come as I’ve imp work take care of all…

night passed she was outside house in her car sleeping

around 8 she woke up and orders some breakfast for herself and some for her beloved family oberoi’s

I’m done with the update…
sorry if u didn’t like… or maybe it’s short..
please manage this time..
next will be longer..

no precap

please drop ur precious comment
ik guys it’s kind of filmy but i love it this way only…
and yeah oberoi’s lost their name fame business everything (will be revealed in upcoming episodes)


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