ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful Fate? episode 3 by #annie


Hey guys again up mean back with another part of my ff..
I hope you all are liking my ff.?
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Guys I’m not gonna use names much.. I’ll Give Reference of scene and character which will be in scene… And then starts the scene okay?? If any prob? Tell me below in comment section… I’ll change the pattern…

Moving towards episode..
And yeah special note in the end…!!! Do read that too..!

Episode 3

*mehta house*

As usual anika Left for Oberoi Mansion…
Somveer left for college..
Ishu is with sahil… And Taking classes…


*oberoi mansion*

Shivaay is working in his room..
Priru left for college…
Om left for Gallery..

Everybody is in hall (oberoi members just gossiping

~{guys let me clear somveer are from middle class so they will be studying in some Low class college (its fact) and priru will be Studying in High class college (so no College togather scene) }~



Anika arrives at OM..
After entering she sees everybody (she haven’t met anyone yet)
She is kind of nervous

TEJANVI SHINKY also kind of shocked thinking who’s she…

Dadi Calls anika and Introduce her with everyone…

Everyone likes her..


Scene – 2

Ishu After taking classes is waiting for om In the same place where they met… First time…

Om arrives With camera…
He sees her from far And takes her pictures thinking he’ll show her (unknown to the fact it’s their last meeting)

After sometime he reached there

Hi ishu he says
She doesn’t reply

Is everything okay ishu..

She takes out that money from her which ridzi gave her.…

She throws money on om’s face

Om was hell shocked..

Om:: what’s this ishu…?
Ish:: mistar omkara this is money which you sent Me thinking if I’m a beggar ? Or i need ur money? You was the one… Who came to help me yesterday ? Not i? I thought we’ll become good friends in future as u seemed same As me..!! Different from other boys But no i was wrong u too same like other boys..
i don’t need ur money Mr om..

Om was shocked by her words..
He holds her by her Shoulder…

What you’re talking ishu.. I sent this? Like seriously you think like that about me? Why would i sent you? This money …? Look ishu you’re highly mistaken

There are tears in eyes of both…

She looks into his eyes and he looks into hers… They was lost in each others eyes..

Naino ki mat maniyo re.. Naino ki mat suniyo… Naino ki mat suniyo.. Re… naina thug lenge…
Plays in bg

She frees herself from his clutches…

Ish::Om you’re asking me? Why would u send me this money…? I should ask you why u send me this money??

Om:”Ishu trust me i didn’t send this money…
Wait… Who gave u this money?

Ish::Ur bff,,, riddhima…

there was pain in their eyes as they don’t want to fight and want to be with each other forever…

Om:: ishu i.. I haven’t Send her i just told her that i like u ishu…

Song plays..
Reh bhi na paaye yaar.. Seh bhi na paaye yaar…behti hi jaye dastann…

Ishu now calms down..

Ish:: mean? She came by herself?
Om :: yes..!

she was overjoyed hearing this (because she too likes him and This was Something like biggest happy news for her and in that excitement)

she hugged him

ish:: I’m sorry Om i misunderstood you.. I.. My heart was saying this can’t be truth.. And my mind was saying It’s truth sooo sorryy..

He reciprocate the hug..

she realized what she’s doing… and breaks the hug they both blushes..

And went on tea date..!!

somveer were fighting as usual


priyanka was busy in thinking about ranveer
.Priankuuu to herself
I want to meet ranveer again by any chance… uf he’s so coOl…

rudra was busy in flirting with girls…


one month passed in all this

Ishkara’s relationship is Getting stronger day by day… with some nok-jhok… and paint fighting

shivika fell for each other but not accepting…

Somveer and priru never met eachother…again..


one day (after 1 month)

shivaay falls from stairs (nothing serious just got some injuries scratches on arm and head. Body paining )

pinky gave him a high dose painkiller..
anika goes to his room to check if he’s fine..

He is like a drunken man (reason painkiller)

ani:: mr .oberoi are u fine..?

Shi:” yes while nodding his head in negative

ani:: billu ji are u serious you’re saying yes and signaling no..??

he again does same…

he stands up and goes near her… holds her by her waist.. and speaks.
anika… she was Stunned as for the first time he called her by her name… I think i like you.. You know… I falls off from stairs as i was Staring u and Taking steps… He smiles.. Her eyes get widened…. Some hair were dancing on her face… He tuck then behind her ear
…i fell something strange when i first saw u… On ur first day Of job… You’re just so beautiful… Different from others… I know I’m gonna marry tia the daughter of universe ..that Lady baba.. But i feel like I’m doing something wrong.. I want to be with you… But… Why?? He falls asleep on her shoulder… She Lay him down on bed… And about to go… He again wakes up… And pulls Her by her hand and she falls on him.. Her lips touched his..
he again says..
Look now I’m with u na I’m feeling complete… ur touch gave me shivers…its just like a Current shock of 440 volt and again dozes off… She goes thinking about him…tia was seeing all this And starts dancing on (haddippaa dang dang dang)

anika thinks its just what he feels i do feel same.. ?????

Next morning shivaay wakes up and smiles and When anika Arrives he Propose her for friendship


om propose ishu for marriage and she agree


after one more month

in morning ishu And Shivaay got some video message…

ishu breaks down so does shivaay…


in mansion
anika arrives..

shivaay :: i love u.. And want to marry u tomorrow tia…

anika was hell shocked
so does tia..

shi:: miss mehta u are fired (double shock)

everyone was shocked

shivaay leaves doing his signature step

Anika leaves the mansion..


om gallery

Ish:: throws ring on him i hate u om i hate u… She leaves crying..

om breakdown and collapsed on floor…

*mehta family shifts*

no more Oberoi’s ?

*6 years leap*

so done with the update…
guys ik today’s episode is boring and shocking … but I’ve to do it.… all passed time will be shown in Flashbacks after 6 years With the passing scenes…
please don’t kill me ?
drop ur comments

and i didn’t let rumaya met as I’ve planned something much interesting…

please drop ur comments

guess what was in that video?

ignore mistakes please


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