ishqbaaz Destiny or unfaithful fate? episode 19 by #annie

Hey hello guys I’m back with next part of my ff DESTINTY OR UNFAITHFUL FATE?
I’m happy as I got 13 comments this time so not ending yet continuing it where I left itナ
Robin’s POV
They all are holding hand that too while having dinner this looks so romanticナ
But why they all are looking at eachother as they are trying to talk or convey some feeling/message to eachotherナ
“don’t you think we too should hold hands as they all are holding it looks so romanticナ” I said to tia
On which she looked at me and just smiled
She is crazyナ I too smiled backナ

Tia’s POV
“It’s not romantic they are doing something elseナ” I replied to robin
“what are you saying tia I’m sure this is romance kind thing I know I’m not much educated but still I do know that holding hands is romance kind” robin replied and I just smiledナ
“yeah I know it is romance kind but at this time they are not doing romance because just look at their faces and their face expressions they are not fine this expression I have seen before on Omkara’s and shivaay’s face 6 years ago when they were trapped, trapped by my and Daksh’s Family, when annika and ishaana was not with them, when they were shattered, when they were destroyedナ” I replied him and held his hand tightlyナ
‘I got it tia and don’t worry this time we are not alone neither they are we all are together and we will fight every situation with unity and togetherness so no worries” said robin and kissed my hand
Dadi: okay stop your ishqbaazi now do it when you will be alone
Everyone laughed and they all separated their handsナ
After dinner they went to ice-cream parlor and then went to home after getting in home elders left to their rooms and kids went to their roomナyoungsters were in hall only looking at eachotherナ
And then looked at eachother
And again spoked together

“great we all want so change and meet at our place”
And this time they all laughed and went to their respective rooms for changing
Shivika room
Shivaay silently went to change and annika too left for changing as they have two changing rooms in their room
After sometime they both came out and looked at eachotherナ
“shivaay I know what you are going through but trust me I didn’t sent those messages I don’t know how they came in my message box but trust me I don’t know from where it came” said annika to shivaay in just one breath
Shivaay came closer to her and held her hands in hisナ
“I do trust you annika and believe on what you are saying I’m just tensed that who did this that’s why I wanted a meeting today to be done in basement” replied shivaay and kissed annika’s hand
Annika hugged him while crying and shivaay reciprocatedナ
After a minute they got apart
“okay stop crying this time game is in our hands just let’s go and bring your mobile too” said shivaay and she nodded
Annika picked her mobile and they both left to basement
Scene to ishkara on the staircaseナ
“om is you thinking same as I am thinking?” asked ishaana to om while turning to him
“yeah I think so but don’t think much as everything will be sorted in basement” replied om to ishaana and cupped her mouth
Ishaana smiled and turned to go up when her foot slipped from the step
Om held her by her waist and pulled her towards him they both shared a romantic Eye-Lock
(Saathiya played in background)
And then they left for basement
Scene in basement
“what happened shivaay? Why you were crying I know that tears were not of happiness so no need to lie” asked om in a serious tone

“actuallyナ” said shivaay and stoppedナ

“di you tell we know you both are hiding something from us so tell us” said ishu in ordering tone

“ummナ I knew you would know actually there was some misunderstandingナ” annika was telling

“di misunderstanding really? you both should trust eachother blindly that there is no space for even a smallest misunderstanding” soumaya shouted kind of interrupting annika

“don’t do this soumaya this wasn’t her mistake evenナ let her complete first” said shivaay while side hugging annika in a protective wayナ

“Awww” said Priveer and rest smiled and soumaya apologized

“okay continue we want to know what happened” said robin

“fineナ actually annika forgot her mobile in washroom so I asked a waiter to bring that when he handed me the mobile a message popped up with the unknown number message was bye jaan so I opened and found an unexpected chat I was shocked and couldn’t even believe that but tears filled my eyes on its own I never doubted her but that messages filled my eyes she even comforted me” said shivaay holding annika’s hand

“so my thinking wasn’t wrong that something is wrong” said rudra

“neither ours” said Priveer

“nor ours” said roti

“yeah we are in too” said ishkara

“we should find out who did this” said annika

“we will surely but for this first tell us what happened how you forgot your mobile I mean how can you drop your mobile in washroom” asked om

“actually when we were busy in talking I got some call from an unknown number voice wasn’t clear so I thought to go out and attend but when I was going I bumpedナ I mean not me a waiter bumped into me his drinks tray falls on me so I had to go to washroom to clean thatナ” explained annika
“we got a point to start our mission” said ishu

“which point” asked everyone but she didn’t reply and called someone
“hi I’m ishaana Mehta owner of ansh empires I need one help send me today’s All CCTV’S Footage nowナ no excuses and none should know about it my diamond necklace Is stolen from your hotel I can inform police but I don’t want to spoil your reputation so just give me the footage I’ll do rest on my own hope you will co-operate?” said ishaana
“yes okay sure” were manager’s words only

Ishaana gave him e-mail address and after some time they got footage and ishaana disconnected the call

“what is wrong with you? Why you lied you know na how much I hate lies?” said om

“there was need and life is full of truth and lies an honest person will never succeed there is always a little piece of lie needed so yeah I lied and our work is done” replied ishaana with full confidence

They all watched the Footage on led

“look there that waiter” said rudra

“duffer even we can see that” replied om

“but in whole footage he is wearing cap and his face isn’t shown” said soumaya

“something is wrong” said prianku

“look stop! Look at that bumped scene closely mobile was in tray and di didn’t took it to washroom” said ranveer

“yeah! My doubt was rightナ that waiter wasn’t waiter really this all was planned” said robin

“I think our enemyナ annika try to remember anything happened apart from this?” asked tia with curiosity

“yeah while returning from washroom a man met me I mean he wasn’t very young nor old just the same age as shivaayナ he was asking for job so I took his detailsナ” told annika

“what’s his name?” asked shivaay

“Dakshナ” replied annika
Everyone shocked
“even I was shocked same as you at that timeナ but he is not Daksh Khurrana he is Daksh Malhotra”

“have you ever seen Daksh?” asked tia
“no” replied annika

“then how can you believe that he is not the same Daksh we need to find out” said shivaay

“we will search for him on internet and if not than O and ishu Bhabhi is here we will sketch him annika di will tell” said rudra

“first time spoked with some sense I’m proud of you” said om

And he smiled proudly

And they all started searching about khurrana’s and Daksh on internet but found nothing about them so they decided to sketch both Daksh
Om was sketching as annika was telling and ishaana was sketching as tia rudra and shivaay was telling her they both were in different rooms

Okay fine it’s enough now guess they’ll be same or not?
Till than bye Tc and yeah do leave your precious comments and don’t get upset about rumaya and Priveer scenes I’ll give that in upcoming episodes and hope you will like my both ff so bye and enjoy


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