ishqbaaz Destiny or unfaithful fate? episode 18 by #annie

Hey guys I’m back with next episode of Destiny or unfaithful fate
In last part I got no comments just 6 that is not enough for me to continue it this maybe the last update as I can’t continue it without any support of yoursナ
Shivaay got shocked reading that text and opened the message and there he found some more messages
UNKNOWN: Hi jaan why you weren’t picking up my call?
ANNIKA: I have told you not to call me when I’m with my family
UNKNOWN: sorry I didn’t know it
ANNIKA: its ok how are you?
UNKNOWN: how I’ll be without you? How I’ll be seeing you with that shivaay
ANNIKA: it’s about some time only my love than my revenge will be complete and I’ll leave him just have patience
UNKNOWN: okayナ I love you my jaan
ANNIKA: I love you too my jaan bye
UNKNOWN: okay bye jaanuナ

Shivaay had tears in his eye which didn’t go un-noticed by anyone
Om: Shivaay what happened why u are crying?
Shivaay was mum
Rudra: bhaiya why you are crying? Tell naナ
But still shivaay stayed mum
Annika looked at him and shooked him “shivaay what’s wrong with you?”
Wiping his tears shivaay spoked “noナ nothing actually after a long Time we all are together so these tears are of happiness” he kind of stammered and dropped the mobile on tableナ
“bhaiya you are more emotional than me” told Rudy and patted on his arm
Where all just smiledナ
Annika picked her mobile and unlocked it and saw the same messages she got shaken up but somehow managedナ
Annika’s POV
I saw those messages I got shaken up but somehow I managed and looked at shivaay who was again having tears in his eyes but this time he was looking down so none can caught and this time even I know the reason but how could he think like that about meナ and ナ who sent those messages from my mobile I have to find out this time I won’t let anyone separate usナ
Thinking this she smiled and held shivaay’s hand with love
Shivaay’s POV
I don’t want to believe those messages as I did last time because of which I had to stay away from my annika and my sonナ
But what to last time that was video but this time these messages how can this be fakeナ
I don’t want to doubt her butナ
He was still thinking when annika held his hand and he looked in her eyesナ
Her eyesナ trying to say somethingナ
Her hand warmth Is giving me relief asナI don’t as what but just giving me relaxation I can’t doubt her againナ
I shooked my head and held her hand on which she blinked her eyes and smiled lovinglyナ
I don’t know what but definitely she is trying to say something and I have a strong feeling that she too wants to talk about that chat onlyナ
Om’s POV
I don’t believe on what shivaay said I know he’s lying but why I think something is bothering him I need to know about that maybe something related to Bhabhi otherwise he will never cry like this he only cries for us (omru Pri) or Bhabhi and ansh but his tears show clearly that he was crying because he is hurt deep inside heartナ
Ishana’s POV
why di is holding jiju’s hand and why is jiju crying and smiling both at same timeナ
why om is lost in thinking why I feel something like a storm is going to come again in our life’s
I feel like as di is trying to shield her relationshipナ but what’s the need now everything is clearedナ
Really cleared? Or something again is going to happen? Or maybe happeningナ
What If my feelings are trueナ?
Noナnooo I won’t let anything bad happen this time with anybodyナ
Thinking this she held omkara’s hand with a jerk and held it as she is saving him from some dangerナ

Ishaana’s move grabbed everyone’s attention but none said anythingナ
Rudra’s POV
Why everyone is holding each other’s handナ
Lost in thinking he was looking at everyoneナ
“do you know why they are holding hands as they are protecting eachotherナ” somya’s voice interrupted his thinkingナ
Not looking at her he replied very maturelyナ
“I don’t the reason Somu but this time I can clearly see the fear of losing someone on their facesナ I have seen bhaiya before when we were in village this same expression I have seen there I don’t know why this is now but I can say it that something happened to them or they got to know something we’ll know once we reach villa till than enjoy the dinner” I replied to her without looking At her once but I could sense what she was feeling she was horrified of being shattered again as if someone again is going to take away everything from her even I had that feeling I know I’m the baby boy but I became mature now I can understand everything very well I do act like kid in front of them but I’m not a kid anymore this time I’ll protect my whole Mehta and oberoi familyナ
I jerked off every tension and held somya’s hand just to tell her that she’s not alone this time at least we and I are with herナand she understood everything without me telling her as she smiled backナ
Somya’s POV
He held my hand and I got a current “ishq wala I think” I understood everything which was in his mind and his intention of holding my hand first time after my family someone held my hand like this I’m relaxed this time even I’m not a kid we both smiled looking at eachother and I tightened my grip on his handナ
Ranveer’s POV
Not again why everyone looks horrifiedナ noナnot this time I won’t let anyone harm my family again this is my promise to myselfナ
Thinking this I looked at prianku who was horrified tooナ
“I know why you are horrified but don’t be scared I’m here with you this time I won’t let anything bad happen” I told her while holding her hand on which she just gave a look to meナ
“Do you trust me?” I asked while massaging her handナ
And she just noddedナ
“great just keep this trust in mind and never ever get horrified againナok?” I told her and she again nodded I smiledナ
Priyanka’s POV
I wanted to speak but my heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t utter a single word but just nodded and just tightened grip on his hand and gave him a smileナ
I do trust you and I have full belief that you will never let anything bad happen with any of usナ


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