Ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful fate? Episode 15 By #annie

Hey People’s i know Many of u not liking the Track Of this ff even i felt this Boring… So this Part Was written B4 Thinking That it is boring So just Accept It from Next I’ll Change The track And make it interesting so It starts…


Everyone went to their rooms without talking to eachother as they all were sad.. and Tensed..

Anika’s room..

She was Turning left to right.. but wasn’t able to sleep.. she Gets up from bed.. and went to her Private (secret) room lay down on Recliner turns on the Tv and Watching her and shivaay’s video..

Watching that she slips into deep sleep..

Shivaay’s room..

Shivaay was laying on Bed closing his eyes.. but wasn’t sleeping..
Ansh comes to his room and knocks on door.. shivaay opens the door..

Ansh:: papa can i sleep with u?
Shi:: ofc beta.. U can and he embraces him in his arms and lay down on bed Hugging him tightly and then They both slips into deep slumber in minutes..

Ishu’s room..

Ishana Was walking like a pendulum in her roomm.. and Was scratching her head…. she was Unable to believes what just happened today.. she sat on Recliner and Closes her eyes today’s all incidents flashes infront of her Eyes… she opened Her eyes immediately and runs to her bed.. Covers herself with blanket.. and hugging om’s pic she sleep..

Om’s room..

Om was sleeping peacefully but His mind was full of Emotions.. He didn’t wanted to lie to tia but he had to For the sake of her health and Robin.. he kept quite..

Rudy’s room..

Rudra Was Playing Cubic Just Turning sliding And thinking.. while laying On bed.. he was looking up at ceiling And was playing cubic.. lost in thoughts.. for him it was Scariest Day .. first time in his life he attended Someone’s funeral And that too of child.. who took birth In front of him and died in fornt of him…. he was Unable to handle all but he was trying.. Distracting himself Getting busy In dif things but His Mind was There only..

Somu’s room..

Saumaya was working On lappy.. she was Typing something but was looking at wall.. her mind was missing..

She was Continusely Looking /staring the front wall.. without even blinking her eyes..

The cry of robin were echoing in her ears.. the voice of her di telling them About death of baby were echoing in her ears..

Her thinking:: we should be happy as roti are happy With their child they even Got child.. But Still the Words and cryings are Haunting me.. It still hurts that.. that child Died.. and we did Burried him with our own hands.. this is All Just.. i don’t understand why this happens….

Prianku’s room..

Prianku was half sleepy and Half not..

Ranveer enters her Room and does something on something…. and leaves..

Ran’s room..

Ran’s thinking: i know prianka is sad much sad even I’m too Sad.. but she’s more.. I’ve seen so many funeral but she never saw any.. and this First was Hell for her.. Thet is why I gifted her something which will make her happy… 1 2 3 And she’ll come running to me..

Prianku’s room..

Prianka was sleeping (half sleepy) when Clock Striked 12 And the watch Which ran Gifted her Starts speaking.. hey prianka I love you too..

Prianka immediately Gets up from her bed and Holds That watch.. And hears carefully..

And in happiness starts dancing..

Ran’s room..

Ranveer’s POv..

I was walking like a pendulum from here to there when Priyanka came to me running..

She hugged me without any question..
I reciprocated the hug…

She started crying i consoled her but she kept on crying..

Prianka what’s wrong why u r crying? I asked

Ran u love me? She asked

I knew she Is Overexcited and wasn’t believing On her ears and eyes..

Yes prianka i Love u i replied

And she started smiling we got aprat and sat on Bed..

We were talking about only Tia and Child and robin .. as this was the scariest thing happened today we never imagined that this thing will ever Happen infront of our eyes… but Somehow we had managed to overcome that Thinking and After some time of our chat prianku Fall asleep .. i Too closed my eyes.. And Turned to other side….

(Pov ends)

In morning ..

Everyone wakes up and gathers in Dining site..

After a while everyone sat down on their respective chairs..

Dadi:: tia beta we are very happy For u have u Decided the name of child ?

Tia:: dadi i haven’t decided yet but .. robin Had Decided along ago..

Pinky:: that’s great.. what’s that..

Rob:: actually choti maa.. abhishek..

Jhanvi:: and Surname?

Robin and tia looks at eachother..

Everyone notices them!

Shi:: what’s with surname badi maa..?

Dadi:: puttar we have to do naamkaran and for that we should know surname of Abhishek..

Ani:: is that compulsory?

Shakti:: yes beta?

Ish:: if a person don’t have one?

Tej:: than nothing..

Rob:: actually my Real name is Dhuruv ..

Om:: full name?

Tia:: he is orphan..

There was pin drop silence..

Somaya’s pov..

There was pin drop silence after That answer.. and that felt awkward weird and what not.. so breaking the silence i spoke …

What’s the need to call Dhuruv bhaiya Orphan.. we’re here to call him Our..! He’s our bhaiya.. i said..

Everyone smiled..

Somu u r right dhuruv is our brother.. and From today own.. he’s Dhuruv mehta.. anika di declared..

On which Everyone nodded their heads in Positive and clapped..

We all forgot about That small baby’s death and even i stopped thinking about that..

Somu! I’m sorry .. i heared someone whispering in my Ear..
I turned to him and He was rudra our duffer boy..

What happened why u r apologizing? I asked..

Actually night b4 yesterday i Teased U na for that I’m saying sorry he replied Making Cute puppy face….

I forgave him On which he did Finger bhangra..

He’s such a duffer..

(Pov ends)

Ansh(making angry face):: today is monday.. we’ve to go to school billu …

Shi:: okay Come jaan ..

He lifted ansh in his arms and went to Ansh’s room.

And everyone else left to their rooms

In Ansh’s room..

Shivaay’s Pov

Ansh was standing in Front of his small cupboard and just looking at his clothes.. i was wondering what’s wrong with him why he’s behaving like this… i walked up to him and Sat down on Carpet anf pulled ansh towards me he sat down in my lap and was looking down only..

Ansh? What’s wrong my jaan? Why u r angry? I asked Him while patting his back..

No one loves me.. he replied still looking down..

Why u think like that beta? Everyone loves u Trust me.. i Told him while making him face Me..

No.. you’re lying no one loves me.. everyone loves Tia bua’s baby .. not me..

I laughed a little and hugged him tightly..

Beta nothing is like that. U know Everyone loves u more than him.. as u r my elder son.. never think like That again.. Because we all love u Equally.. it’s Just that everyone is taking care of him.. as he is Newly Born.. i Replied while kissing his Forehead..

Really papa? He asked me innocently..

Yes beta i Replied while setting his hair…

He smiled and hugged me..

Anika’s pov..

I left behind shivansh.. and saw their cute son father moments.. they were hugging eachother..

I acted like coughing.. and they turned to me..

U ppl don’t love me.. i Said while making puppy face..

No mumma come join us.. ansh REPLIED while Spreading his arms like a bird..

I ran to them and hugged both of them..

I’m the luckiest women i got my complete family back i thanked God..

Pov ends.

After some hours..

Everyone gathers in hall..

Ani:: shivaay Why U didn’t dropped ansh to school..?

Shi:: ani school gave holidays for 1 month..

Ish:: holidays?

Sah:: yes.. holidays winter holidays..

Om:: isn’t this so long?

Rud:: O u r so stupid.. they Gave the name of winter holidays But gave Fun holidays..

Som:: Same with u duffer.. These Are winter holidays only.. They just extended this..

Pri:: but why?

Ran:: cOx weather News predicted that this month will be Cold Nad may have snowfalls ..

Ansh:: snowfall yayyyy..

Tia: u like snowfall?

Rob:: what kind of Question this is?

Pink:: what’s Wrong with this question?

Jhanvi:: actually pinky he means That Which child doesn’t like snowfall?

Tej:: My..

Shakti:: I..

Dadi:: ur Dad..

Everyone laughs..

After sometime they all leaves for court.. for the shivika marriage..

In court..

Anishsomveer and dhuruv Standing on One Side of table..

Shivomrupri and tia Standing on The other side of Table….

Elders standing in Front of table and Middle of them..

Sah and ansh Were holding cameras..

Anika was wearing White Long Frok With Black Embroidery On that.. with Open hair Light makeup with kajal in eyes.. pink lipstick.. anklet In both Foots..

Shivaay was wearing 3 piece black Suit With white shirt and Pefect hair..

One person Was sitting on Chair in between them…

Person :: u both sign here..

Shivika exchange glances and blushes ..

Everyone notices themm..

Rud:: bhaiya why u r blushing.. She’s anika di.. not someone else that u r shying seeing her..

Som:: rud not onlyy bhaiya but di too Blushing..

Om:: u Both stop teasing them ..

Ish:: Stop being so angry..

Pri:: Di Why U all are fighting..

Ran:: it’s not Fighting its lOve…

Ansh:: Now stop it ..

Shivika signs Exchange rings.. ..

And take blessings from elders..

Everyone Wishes Them Happy married life..

In Home..

The Villa was decorated beautifully (u can imagine sangeet Theme of Shitia Marriage when shivika got married..)

Ishkara Was standing in middle of Hall.. surrounded by all..

Ishana And om was lost in eachothers Eyes..

Ishana was wearing baby Pink Long Frok With Curly Hair And om Was Wearing Black pent Coat with Pink Shirt..

Anika was wearing same cloths and so Does shivaay..

Somu was wearing Light yellow Long Frok With Open Long hair.. and Rud was wearing Light yellow T shirt with black jeans and black upper..

Prianku was wearing Light Green Long frok with wavey hair…. Ran was Wearing Simple Black Jeans and white T shirt with Green upper..

Robin Was Wearing Black Pent shirt and tia black maxi..

Ansh was Wearing White Shalwar Kurta with Small Black Waist Coat..

Sahil was wearing Red T Shirt With Black Jeans and upper..

Else Were wearing simple (elder clothes )

Ani:: om It’s Enough stop staring eachother..

Shi:: Same withu ishu..

They both coming back to senses..

Om: uh uh what u said bhabi?

Rud:: O u became Duffer.. bhabi said stop staring eachother..

Om:: (in trance of her) What else should I do rudra she’s Looking so Beautiful..

Ishana feels Embarrassed And blushes .. om realizing what he just said..

Om:: uh.. i.. i mean ..

Som:: it’s Ok Bade bAll wae bhaiya.. It happens..

Everyone giggles.. and Ishakara blushes Lil..

Ran: I’m feeling hungry..

Pri:: we should finish it soon..

Dadi:: Ok..

Ishkara Exchange’s Rings..

They All sits on dinning table..

Ansh:: what’s In dinner?

Ani:: it’s ur fav..

Shi:: It’s Just pizza.. and ..

Ansh Starts dancing..

Shi:: what happened ? Why u dancing..?

Om:: Maybe he is happy?

Ansh:: yes..

Rud:: reason?

Ish:: pizza..

Pri:: pizza?

Som:: yes he loves pizza and..

Ran:: and di Had banned it..

Tia:: what’s the reason?

Rob:: He have some problem..

Everyone went quite..

Sah:: He gets Constipation..

Everyone Bursts Into Laughter..

After dinner they sits on sofa..

Ani:: bade papa Tell us About that accident Proof.. we want To clear U from all allegation false allegations..

Shi: yes i agree..

Som :: nothing To agree bhaiya (teasing)

Shakti:: Actually beta that accident really happened..

Om:: i told u they are really guilty.. But..

Cut by ishana..

Ish(placing her hand on His shoulder):: om calm down let papa complete first..

Om calming down..: ok

Shakti:: Beta i said that accident happened for real.. but not by us..

Rud:: what do u mean chote papa..

Tej:: actually we were Going by that Way when we saw one car Crashed aand Some people falling on Road..

Pri:: it means U both are innocent

Shakti:: yes..! Actually.. we even Helped them.. That video Whixh daksh showed To everyone Is reverse..and little bit edited

Ran: mean?

Tej:: mean.. we helped that family they were laying on road we recognized that family as they were 3rd Famous Business man of mumbai.. but Unfortunately They were dead.. i mean Mr and mrs mehta were dead.. but their Kids were alive and conscious We helped them And Move them From road.. whe we moved Them We heared police siren and In Tension We ran From their Crossing their Body’s..

Tia:: but in that video it was shown That one Male and lady were on floor and u Both made children’s lay beside Them and U Crushed all of them with ur car..

Rob: But chote papa said that it was little reverse and Edited.. mean They reversed the scene of them When they Removed child’s From road and Edited was that Car passed crushing the bodies While in reality Car passed The body without Touching them…

Anika was silent so Does Ishsomveer..

Everyone Went quite..

Shivaay who was noticing Anika Shooked her when Some Tears falled from her eyes..

Shivaay after shooking anika..:: anika What happened why u are crying..

Hearing shivaay voice.. anika along with ishsomveer came to their senses..

Ani:: n..nothing..

Om:: Don’t lie.. Ish u tell what happened..

Ish: Actually..

Rud:: why u Both are quite..

Som:: This is our story..

Pri:: what are u saying ur story? I mean how come?

Ran:: Actually our mom dad .. 3rd famous businessman of mumbai..

Shreya mehta and raghav Mehta..

Were killed Not Died by accident..

Tej:: mean u were the kids whom we saved…

Ani:: yes bade papa..

She was shivering due to fear… not only anika but ishsomveer also everyone could feel their pain…. shivaay held anika’s hand In his hands..

Anika’s Pov..

He holded My hands in his.. i was relieved..
“Anika relax We’re With u ” I hear him And I nodded..

After all that’s past i have to be strong enough to Handle my Lil Babies ishsomveer they’re kids for me.. and i don’t want them to suffer Again thinking that..

“Ishsomveer u can go to ur room” i ordered Them..

“Di it’s okay.. I’m okay i don’t have any prob.. i can Handle it.. I’m strong now..” ishana Tried To Explain me… knowing that I’ll never Allow..

“Di ! ME too can Bear..!” Somu said

“Me too ” now ranveer said..

I was Thinking How could they Do this.. i mean they’re childs Na how can they feel same pain again and again..

Shivaay’s Pov

Anika is thinking something.. i know she is trying to protect her Bro sis.. but they’re mature enough to Handle anything..

Even i can feel anika was just confuse about it only..

“Anika” i whispered

She looked at me lostly..

“Yes ?” She gasped..

“Anika i know what u thinking but let them Stay here..! It’ll be better ” i explained her..

“Fine shivaay ! As u say.. but ishsomveer u have to promise that u will not cry i can’t see u crying..!” She demanded A promise

And they agreed taking same Promise..

(Pov ends..)

Tej:: now tell what happened?

Ani:: actually i was 7 years old and Ishana 6 somveer 5 years old.. when that bad day came.. we were returning from Some restaurant after somveer’s Birthday as they just Turned 5.. on our way to Home when Dad saw some Board and took jungle’s route.. as I remember that was Road closed board so that’s Why leaving highway road dad took Jungle’s road.. When we reached half way we saw a car standing in middle of the road dad stopped the car as There was no other way to Go except to go back.. my mom Was Worried and horrified.. She told dad not to stop and Go reverse.. but dad stopped the car.. after stopping the Car we looked up at that parked car when Some mask uncle and aunt came out And Pointed gun On us .. i was Shocked my mom Told me To bow down And hide behind seat and to protect Ishsomveer i complied and Did what she said.. dad Started reversing car when We were Surrounded by lot of goons.. so dad Stopped again and rolled down the mirror .. dad asked that lady And Man what they want and they all started laughing.. and hearing Their Demand.. we were shocked..

Om:: what was demand?

Ish:: Our lives i mean Mom and dad’s life..

Rud:: than what happened..somu?

Som:: i don’t remember much what they Said and told and ask i just remember that Scenario nothing else..

Ish:: They were kids.. they don’t remember much.. I’ll tell.. after their demand our mom was Crying and dad was just looking at all of us.. dad Told them that they Can take his life And plead to leave all of us..but they were Stubborn they Shot our mom and dad on Head without Further Talk.. And They crashed Our Car with their.. after that they left.. our Mom and dad was laying dead half On seat anf half on road….
We were Injured but not much.. as we were Hiding and The crash wasn’t much Hard..

Ani:: Than after that A car stopped i couldn’t See their faces.. as that was winter days and 2 man’s Came out Covering their Half faces with muffler
But i can guarantee they were not bad.. because They helped us and get us out of car.. even They tried to help Our mom and dad But They ran away after hearing Siren of police..
After they left That man and lady came out from A tree.. laughing.. they Were holding tape recorder which was making Police siren noise.. and now i think they were none other than bade papa and dad..

Shakti:: it means The lady was roop and his husband..!

Shi:: Yes maybe..!

Om:: not maybe I’m pretty sure..

Rud:: but what happened with u di.. i mean didn’t They Caught u or took u..

Som:: no.. i know what happend next as di have Told me And I do remember lil bit.. after that good man’s left di Took Us and hid behind Some bushes we saw Everything from there..

Pri:: what Everything?

Ish:: we saw that man and lady Was checking Our mom and dad By their Shoes And That man Called an other person.. and some new lady Came their…with another man.. And they smashed their Body Upper part with their cars.. And after That they putted 4 Childs dead Bodies On road their Face were also Smashed..

Tia:: than How The Police Recognized That theu were mehta’s If faces Were spolied..

Ran:: car was of dad and dad’s identity cards were In car..

Rob:: than where u all went?

Ani:: orphanage..

Shi:: but u all were having properties and home an..

Cuts by tej..

Tej:: shivaay there were many reasons they couldn’t go to their home..
1. They were dead in world’s eyes..
2. Their property was overtaken by kapoor’s..
3. They didn’t know their home’s address
4. If they had went to their house that man and lady could have killed them also.. as they have seen everything with their eyes..
5. And even if they would have gone to police station they would have handed over to that killers..

Om: mean?

Shakti:: om beta because i do think.. not only me even tej bhaisahab thinks same.. that police was Involved in all that because they wrote in report that they died in accident while in reality.. they were killed and died by gunshot..

Om:: ok i understood..

Rud:: but why kapoor’s overtaken their properties?

Tej : They were partner’s..

Tia:: it means Mom could be that One lady and dad One man..

Rob:: maybe because she is Money Greedy As u have told….

Ani:: firstly we have to Free Dad Bade papa From fake charge and only i could Do that..

Shi:: what do u mean?

Ish:: She will call commissioner..

Om:: But how commissioner will know That she’s The Famous Ansh empires owner..?

Som:: as Our number Is already Installed in devices.. by the Name Of AE..

Everyone:: Hmm..

Anika Calls Commissioner..

On call..

A:: Hello Mr Bhatiya..

C:: hello mam how can i help u?

A:: do u remember the case of Mehta ? WHO got hit By Oberois?

C : yes Mam?

A:: i want u to remove that case from ur file!

C:: But mam We have Solid proofs ! AND they are out on bail from last 6 years..

Anika looks at ranveer..

R:: Hello Commissioner

C:: hello may i know who u r?

R:: RM talking ..

C:: yes sir? how r u sir?

R:: I’m fine .. haven’t u heared Miss ? Didn’t U understood?

C:: sir but That lady Is Asking to Remove Case i can’t Close that case..

R:: I’m overtaking that case send me details.. And from now own None of ur man will ever Come near that case! Understood?

C:: yes .. sir.. ok sir.. bye sir..

Call ends..

Everyone Was Looking At ranveer and anika.. Except Ishsom..

Shi:: what was that?

Om:: why He was Accepting ur order..?

Rud:: Why u said That u r overtaking ? That case?

Pri:: Are u An RFOCB’s senior officer?

rob:: what’s that RFOCB’s?

Tia:: rapid force Of Crime branch .. actually this is the force which have all powers But they Have one senior Officer.. whom they all obey.. Only one and Everyone Bow Infront of that One officer..And Ranveer is that one officer..

Ran:: yes I’m! Anything wrong?

Shi:: hmmm….

Ani:: Chill he is officer not Vampire..

Dadi:: beta whatever u Are or u will do but be careful we Can’t bear any loss now.. Take care of Urselfs..

Saying this she leaves..

Pinky:: GOD bless u all…

Jhanvi:: takecare everyone..

Leaves both..

Tej:: I don’t know What is true or not or u will believe on what I and shakti Told.. Because my Own Son doesn’t believes Me How could i expect Anything From Others.. but I hope u will Succeed and will prove us innocent and will Punish Real Culprits..

Shakti:: i just Pray that u all will get to know Everything soon and everything will be Good again..

They both leaves..

Tia:: We Should discuss ..?

Rob:: any place?

Ani:: yea but First go And put aabhi in cardle..

Shi:: till the We will Took Ansh to his room..

Om:: I’ll Help Ishu in taking sahil..

Rumaya:: We Need to Do Some imp Work let us finish..

Priveer:: we will wait there on our place..

Everyone Okay!

*(tia and robin..)*

Tia puts abhi im Cardle..and Goes to Change clothes while Robin had changed already.. after changing She comes to him..

Tia:: Robin What U think?

Rob:: What..? I mean what u asking about?

Tia:: That 2 lady’s and man’s?

Rob:: I do think That man’s were Ur dad and ur Ex’s dad.. and Lady’s Were Ur mom and roop Bua of Shivaay..

Tia:: i do think same .. but i Feel very Hurt.. My mom Did so much bad with anika nd Her family .. and still they are helping us..

*she cries*

Rob:: tia it’s time to payback not to Feel Hurt weak.. we have to help Them in all as now we are One family..

*saying this he wipes her tears and hugs her tightly..*

Tia:: I love u Dhuruv.. U r such a good person.. u Never let me feel Weak and alone..u always stood by my Side.. and that’s the only thing i love about u.. u R perfect.. she gives him a peck on cheek..

Rob:: I love u too my love and gives a peck on her neck..

They both Leaves to Hall..


Shivaay made sleeping Ansh lay on Bed properly and anika adjusted The Bed And Blanket..
After that they both kissed Him on forehead and went to their room…

In their room..

Shi:: Anika I’m sorry for hurting u .

Ani:: it’s ok shivaay u have Already apologized.. and i even forgave u now No need ..

Shi:: But i Feel very sad about ur mom and dad..i Wish i could have helped you at that time..but alas I couldn’t..

Ani:: Don’t be sad or sorry.. it was in My fate.. and No one can change Fate.. Just relax now Change we have to join them …

Shi:: i must say U r very strong..

Ani:: Not more than u mr.oberoi..

Shi(getting closer):: really Mrs. Oberoi…

Anika Getting nervous: Yeah…
And He Holds Her hands and Kissed Her hand..
Ani:: what are u doing what if anyone see?

Shi:: none Will see..
Just then There is a knock on door..

Alas.. haha Their Romance got distrubed..


Should i continue?

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