Ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful fate ? Episode 14 by #annie

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lets start..

episode 14

episode starts with …

anika’s pov..

why this happened with tia and robin they never done bad with anyone.. why fate is so cruel with them… why she got punished every time first for 6 years and when after those 6 years she found happiness she lost her child.. but this time i’ll not let anything bad happen with her… surgery is done and she’ll be woke till 6 i’ll take her baby to her… i must say robin is a strong man… tia is lucky to have him as her life partner..

” anika where are u lost” i heared shivaay asking

i just nodded in nothing…

shivaay don’t u think god is doing wrong with robin and tia.. i looked at shivaay with narrow eyes..

yes.. even i think that…. why god always punish good peoples.. he looked back at me..with teary eyes…

anika shivaay thank u so much for doing so much for me robin thanked us..

no need you are our family its our responsibility …. I replied while shivaay just nodded his head..

we all went to tia’s room after 6 when she woke up ..

she was asking about her child from us ..

we all faked the smile … and i went to bring baby i lifted baby in my arms.. he was sleeping.. i took him to tia and handed her the baby she hugged him and kissed him all over his body…

robin went out as he could not handle it more.. afterall which dad can stay happy on the day of funeral of his son.. shivaay went behind him.. tia did not noticed them as she was busy in talking with her baby.. ishu came to me and dragged me out.. i was shocked by her sudden gesture ..

di! should we tell elders about all this? ish asked me..

no way! i kind of shouted at her.. how could u think of that even.. don’t u know the situation of dadi? she is also sick.. and pinky aunty she can mistakenly say that infront of tia.. jhanvi aunty will never say but she can be hurt ..and she will never let anyone know that but this secret will eat her from inside.. tej uncle will tell tia directly..and shakti uncle will never lie.. i explained her..

ok di sorry she asked for forgiveness and left side hugging me..

we went inside and saw tia playing with her sleeping baby… we smiled seeing her.. but some where in corner of our heart we were still sad.. this thing was pricking my heart and i think of others also but somehow we managed to put on fake smile hiding our all sadness…

shivaay’s P.O.V

i saw robin leaving the room and went behind him he went to an empty ward and sat on floor folding his knees and hugging them his knees were touching his chest and his arms were holding his knees tightly he bowed down his face and his forehead was on his knees… he started crying vigorously .. i patted his back and he looked upp at me and hugged my knees crying i sat down near him and he hugged me again i consoled him and he stopped crying..

what happen robin? i asked while patting his back

shivaay .. i know i got my baby back.. but he is still not mine i mean it still hurts that i lost my own child.. i got happy seeing tia happy.. but when i looked at that baby i remembered my baby’s face and that pricked my heart.. he stammered while crying…

i got what he was trying to say.. i know its difficult to manage this situation but some how i consoled him and he become normal.. i told him to see that baby as his only..
and think about boy and tia’s future we can’t change the past but we can make our future best.. he agreed and we went back to tia’s ward where she was playing with baby but now baby was awake and was playing with tia.. small smile crept on robin’s face due to which we all got happy much happy.. doc came and told us that we can take them home.. and one assistant of doc will be visiting us daily for regular check-up of baby..

we took tia home and before leaving the hospital we informed at home about our arrival..

tia’s pov..

i saw my baby he’s just like his dad cutest among all.. i’m happy to the core we left the hospital.. and were on our way to villa.. i never imagined that i’ll ever get my family again or people except robin who will love me.. but i think GOD listened to my prayers as he blessed me again with family.. i was lost in all these thinking when sudden breaks of car make me come to my senses again.. i saw out from window our car was parked in front of villa’s gate.. we reached the gate when all elders with ansh and sahil stopped our way and does pooja of me and my child along with robin i looked at everyone .. but it felt weird that youngsters does not seem happy much these dull faces of them were making me worried even robin was not much happy.. i entered the villa after pooja and to my wonder whole villa was decorated with ribbons and ballons and beautiful pink theme of villa rainbow/ multipul color lights were twinkling i smiled not simple wided smile crept on my face not only mine every one who was with me in hospital but after some seconds their smiles got disappeared again.. and that made me sad too.. but i was happy that i have family.. i never tought that i’ll ever get this happiness again.. or my baby will be loved so much or will have everything which i had in my childhood.. i got lost in my thinking when pinky aunty shooked me and getting back into my senses i smiled …

tia lets go to rooms she said..
ok pinky aunty.. i replied..

no aunty call me choti mom and jethani ji badi mom.. not only tia ishu ran ani and somu u ppl will also call us moms and jaith ji and shakti ji dads.. said pinky aunty and jhanvi aunty just smiled..

everyone complied..

shivika ishkara rumaya and priveer left the hall and i think went to their rooms …
robin took me and baby to our room and elders too left the halll

robin’s pov

i took tia to room after closing the room door i went up to her and sit beside her.. she was looking at baby who was sleeping in baby cardle ..

aren’t u happy with this baby? she asked

i got shivers in my whole body .. i felt as someone stabbed me in my heart.. my eyes got widen and legs hand body got stoned.. it felt as my hearbeat stopped
with much difficulty i looked up at her in her eyes…
what are u saying tia? i stammered as some tears drop fell from my eyes..

baby u look at urself how much sad u seem even shivaay anika ishu om and other youngers were sad too so what should i think of that? she asked

actually tia we all are tired much as we did not got chance even to sit and so much tension of ur well being .. i lied to her..

she smiled and hugged me telling how much she is happy.. i reciprocated the hug and the flashes of my son funeral were flashing in front of my eyes as i closed my eyes…some tears made their way out of my eyes..

tia was so happy and while talking with her i forgot everything.. and we lay down on bed… talking…

*pov ends*

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