Ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful fate ? Episode 13 by #annie

Hey everyone… back again With my next update of ff…

First let’s start episode

Episode 13

Episode starts..

Anika’s Pov…

Today’s day was Awesome.. i was laying on my bed.. and checking the cctv Footages of today.. when i found My ..and shivaay’s fight video too.. I’m so so happy to see my family .. i got my family after a long time.. i just can’t even express how much happy I’m.. .. i was lost In all this when i got Group call on my laptop ..

Hello guys .. i Said while waving My hand in Front of My lappy camera

(Pov end)

Shi:: hey anika..

Om:: shivaayy anika said hello guys.. And U just said hello to anika we are here too?

Ish:: om He can’t see us because he only want to see my di..

Som:: after all she’s my di.. beautiful di

Rud:: my bhaiya isn’t less handsome…

Ran:: really?

Pri:: yes my bhaiya is more handsome than anyone …

Ani:: u guys stop teasing us..!

Shi:: why u called now?

Rud:: bhaiya di .. u forgot we’ve to plan to take revenge.. and today we aren’t tired muxh.. so come let’s Go to basement..

Om:: rud Is this The time to plan..

Ish:: yes this is the time.. we should plan..

Ani:: it’s late..

Shi:: not really it’s just 9..

Som:: so let’s Go to basement..

Ran:: prianku? Are u ready ?

Pri:: ofc ..

All:: okay let’s do it..

Shivaay’s pov..

They all are mad.. i turned off the lappy and went out of bed.. uff they are so mean it’s so cold.. and they want to do Planning in basement.. I’m not ready to Die soon of cold.. i went to Ansh’s room he was sleeping peacefully..i Kissed his forehead and covered him Fully In blanket on the heater and left for the basement..
I reached 4th floor
There i found Everyone already Standing near pool..

We all are in same clothes I wondered..

And then we all one by one jumped into pool.. i guess this pool doesn’t have water because when we jump into this we never get wet..

After Reaching Basement.. we went near some wall..and there anika entered the pass of that sliding wall…

Anika What’s the password ? Of all locks..? I asked anika..

Billu.. she replied..

Umm fine she’s not ready to tell me it’s ok.. i tought and we entered that arranged room..

So we’re are Here what next om was asking ..
While ishu said to settle down first…

We sat Down on Some rug.. Around sitting table..
The room Was Normal It wasn’t much cold.. on asking ishu replied that heaters are on..

I was relaxed as we’ll not get cold..

We should starts planning pri was saying..

Where to start Our plan? Ani asked..

We should find Where they are and should Shoot them on Head .. rudra suggested

No! We’ll find them later.. first i want to find tia i want to thank her. I told everyone..

All were shocked and anika become sad. Even though that wasn’t Any serious Thing as tia is no more my gf but i could see jealousy on her face clearly…

Anika! No need to worry tia will be married by now.. om Calmed her..

Even Tough she wasn’t saying anything to anyone.. but was om did That calmed her

(Pov end)

Ani:: I’ve no issues .. she helped my Family.. my Shivaay in such a Difficult time.. we should thank her..

Ish:: di Are u okay?

Ani:: yes I’m totally ok.. ishana .. i never hated her.. Because she never said Anything to me.. but she was my best friend.. i would love to meet her again..

Shi:: than why u were fuming..?

Ani:: for a minute i forgot she never done any mistake.. and She wasn’t the one who Aparted us..

Shi:: I’m sorry..

Om:: sorry? For what?

Ani:: for nothing ur bhaiya has gone mad..

And glared shivaay ..

Rud:: uff we’re here to plan. Not to glare di..

Somu (giggling) :: rud That’s called love..

Ran:: not really!

Pri:: that’s called anger isn’t it ranveer?

Ran:: prianku? I said sorry!

Ani:: what’s going on?

Om:: we should say That.. as today everyone is saying sorry!

Shi :: okay stop it.. I’ve Plans for tomorrow..

Ish:: tell bhaiya..

Shi:: so.. tomorrow we’ll Find Tia..! Anyhow..

Ani:: we can find her now only ..

Ish:: how 😮

Som:: di have become magician..

Rud:: di show me ur magic..

Ran:: stop kidding Rumaya..

Pri:: u stop Scolding everyone..

Om:: guys stop fighting..

Shi:: anika tell how?

Ani:: by tracking her number..

Ish:: but from where we’ll Get lady baba’s number..

Rud:: Common sense.. She is Tia kapoor .. we can easily get her number..

Om:: so what if she’s tia kapoor…?

Som:: arrry bare ball wale bhaiya.. kapoor industry’s owner We can get her number by calling There ..

Shi:: there? Where?

Ran:: u all become senseless..we can Call to their Company number..and from their we’ll Get her number..

Pri:: stop Scolding everyone Ran.. u can say that Without scolding..

Ani:: prianku ran what is wrong with u both.. why u are fighting So much Today..

Ran:: nothing di.. let’s start Our work..

They all settle on Their respective chairs..

Shivaay searches on net..

Kapoor industries.. and found A company Of them and Wrote down number Of company on sticky notes..

Om:: u got?

Shivaay nods in yes..

Rud:: give me I’ll call..

He dials number..

Poc:: hello ?
Rud:: hello who’s there?
Poc :: I’m sanjana Mrs kapoor’s secretary..
Rud:: actually I’m friend of Tia kapoor and I lost her number.. I’m out of city and can’t even go to her. Please can u give me her number..

Poc:: sorry sir.. But i can’t Give..

Rud:: okay just tell me where she’s..

Poc::?stammering) i .. i don’t know..!

(Call is on Speaker)

Shi::(whispering) Bribe her..

Everyone glares shivaay..

Shivaay gives whatever wala look to everyone..

Rud:: Tell me I’ll pay u for that!..

Poc:: sir I’m not that type person..

Rud: 5000..

Poc:: sir.. Mrs kapoor disowned her ..

Everyone’s jaw drops..

Rud:: where she’s..

Poc:: (stammering) i.. i don’t know..

Rud: 3000 more..

Poc:: she lives in some Small colony!

Rud:: her number?

Poc:: sir.. she has no phone But..

Rud:: what but?

Poc:: nothing..

Rud (giving death glare to Landline) 2000 more..

Poc:: I’ve her husband number.. **********.. here it is..

Rud:: thanks..

Poc:: my money?

Rudra looka at all..

Ani(whispering):: ask her account number.

Rud:: give me ur accnt num..

Poc:: *********** here..

Rud:: ok wait..

Om Transfers 10000 to her account..

Rud:: it’s done.. don’t tell anyone about us..

Poc:: i got it .. I’ll not .. bye..

Ends Call..

Rud:: oh God she’s so greedy..

Ani:: maybe ..

Som:: not greedy but maybe needy..

Ran:: what u mean?

Som:: look here i found this article.. about kapoor industry’s..

Ish:: we all can’t look At same time share it in group we’ll see sitting In one place..

Om: wow intelligent ishu..
Ish:: Blushes..

Ani:: stop ur romance article is in group..

Shi:: okay..

They all read article..

Ani:: oh bete ki..!

Shi:: they’re in loss..

Om:: it’s bEcause of her Deeds..

Ish:: right she did bad with her daughter And god punished her in this way..

Som:: U got it now?

Rud:: yeah..

Priveer:: guys we didn’t understood how What punishment..

Shi:: actually kapoor’s are in loss from last some Months.. 6 years ago Mrs kapoor disowned tia.. and Throw her out..and Now After 6 years she is in loss she even didn’t paid Her workers from last 3 months..

Ani:: and that’s why..that sanjana got bribed easily..

Om:: Jaisi karni wesi bharni..

Ish:: what next?

Som:: we should call tia..

Rud:: at this time?

Ran:: it’s 10 only..

Pri:: okay call..

Shi:: I’ll not..

Ani:: I’ll..

Anika dials her number from landline…

After some rings a man Picks up the call.

Man:: hello who’s there?

Ani:: hello.. I’m tia’s friend can i talk to her?

Man:: sorry..! she’s not fine.. I’m her husband Robin..(same robin of ib )

Ani:: what happened to her?

Rob: actually (stammering )

Ish:: u can tell us we will help u.. She’s Our friend too..

Om Glares ishu lovingly..

Rob:: actually she’s having high fever and she’s pregnant too..! I don’t have Enough money to take her Hospital.. as government hospital is not very good They couldn’t treat her well! (In Crying tone)

Ani:: (concerned) tell us ur address we are coming…

Rob:: (tells them address)

Ish:: take care of her we’re coming..

Shivika gets up

Ishkara:: we’ll come with u..!

Rumaya:: not only theyy we too!..

Priveer:: we too..

Shivika:: fine then let’s leave..

They all leaves from backyard way..

After half an Hour.. they reach a Chawl area..

Rud: lady baba lives here..

Som:: yeah this is the address only..

They went near one door and knocked the door..robin opens the door..

Rob:: yes ?

Ani:: I’m tia’s friend Where is she..?

Rob:: yeah come she’s there pointing finger on some Small mattres on floor..

Tia is laying on that sleeping..

They all went in.. (that’s only one room with Kitchen in One Corner and Washroom In chawl are only two Washroom for whole People’s of chawl..)

Anish Checks her fever She is Burning..

Rob:: she slept just now.. i gave her some Sleeping pills

Ani:: let’s take her to hsp!

Shi: but how? We’ll take her to car?

Ani:: ran get that wheelchair from my cars dicki..

Ran leaves..

Shi:: wheelchair in ur car?

Ish:: for ansh .

Shi:: but..

Cuts by anika..

Ani:: u can ask later..

Ran comes with WC..

Robin and shivaay Helps Anish To Make tia sit on WC ..!

They took her to car..!

Ani:: rumaya priveer… U guys Stay here pack their imp Stuff.. take That to villa.. and lock this house.. we’re going to hsp..

Rumaya:: but we want to Come with u..

Priveer:: we’ll join u after packing then we’ll Together Go back to villa..

Ani:: okay..

Rumaya and priveer went in Chawl..

Rest of them leave for hsp..!

They reach ansh city hsp..

Rob:: this hsp this is very Costly.. can’t we go somewhere else..

Ish:: this is our hsp only.. now let’s go..

They took tia In and Doc takes her in Emergency..

Rob :: who U are? I mean in these 6 years no one came or call to ask Her well being and now U pppl of nowhere appears?

Ani:: I’m Her bestie..anika and she’s my sis..ishana..

Shi:: I’m her ex.. shivaay and he’s my bro..omkara..

Rob:: oh so you’re shivika ..tia had told me about u . ! But i didn’t know u patched up..well nice meeting u thanks..

Doc: she’s okay now And Waked up.. u can take her home mam.. But Make sure She eats Healthy food and Proper medicines as SHE is sick And weak and 7 months pregnant..

Ani:: okay thanks ..

Doc leaves..

Robin went in..

Tia:: robin where I’m? Who brought me here .?

Rob:: we’re in hsp..

Tia: hsp.. which hsp!?

Rob: ACH (ansh city hospital)

Tia:: ACH it’s expensive we can’t afford this Why u bring me here..

Ani:: because i wanted..

Tia:: anika u..

Shi:: And me too here..

Tia (with happy tears):: shivaay ..

Ishkara Says hi!

Tia:: om.. u guys here .?

Rob:: actually tia they’re the owner of This hsp and they brought u here.

Tia:: but how?

Ani:: we will tell u let’s go home first?

Anika went near tia and hugged her..

Tia:: I’m sorry anika..

Ani:: sh No sorry and Don’t cry much This will affect ur baby

(Caressed her baby bump)

Tia smiles..

They took her to villa..

Rumaya priveer welcomes them…

Ani:: u was Gng to come to hsp?

Rud:: Di we got late so we came here directly!

They took roti (robin & tia ??) to one room of villa..

And made tia Sit on bed..

Tia:: why here we were supposed to go home?

Shi:: yeah this is ur home.. from today..

Tia:: but shivaay I can’t stay in ur house..

Ani:: why?

Rob:: because it’s his house..

Shi:: not mine.. it’s all Anika’s.. ansh empires owner..

Tia:: really?

Ani:: not really.. what is mine is Also of shivaay..

Tia:: u married?

Shivika:: not yet..

Rob:: who’s ansh?

Shi:: our son!..

Tia: aha.. i got it . That hotel incident?

Shivika blushes.

They all Giggles..

Tia:: shivaay u Went to village..? And ani U left mumbai than how u met and this business?

SHIVIKA:: narrates them how they met and all!

Tia:: hmmm!

Ani:: Now u rest tia..! And robin Take care of her..everything is in kitchen u can Go and take..if not just use intercom for servant service.. we’ll meet in morning..

Tia:: thanks.. Everyone..

All:: it’s our duty!..

Rob:: still thanks..

They all smiles and leaves..

Roti hugs eachother and Smiles .



Shivaay’s pov..

Anika is so Kind hearted.. she helped tia.. I don’t know what kind of person she is..
I stared her for a while and looks away..

U was Staring me? She asked..

No! I lied ..

Yes! I saw u u was staring me..
She blamed .

Really? How u know I was Staring u? I asked..

Because i saw u.. she replied..

It means u was also staring me..! I said..

No!.. she replied..

I got closer To her.. she was Breathing heavily…. i Tucked her dancing Hair behind her ear.. her eyes Are so Beautiful attractive.. they always attracts me.. i kissed her on forehead.. and Lifts her up in my arms took her to Her room.. and Made her stand On floor Of her room.. i locked the door.. and hugged her tightly.. she reciprocated…

Billu ji! I love u.. she whispered in my ears..

Pannika I love u too.. i Replied while kissing on her cheek..

She blushed hard….

Anika’s pov..

What happened to this bagadh billa.. Why he’s so Romantic today.. he made me sit on Recliner and sat beside me holding my hand.. and Placing his head on my shoulder…

Anika you’re So good.! He said.

Shivaay even you’re good I turned to him.. and cupped his face..

He smiled..

Shivaay! I whispered..

Yes ? Anika… He smiled..

Actually i wanted to ask you.. something! I rolled My eyes..

Ask na? He Replied..

When we r gng to get married? I looked into his Blue orbs..

When u say say.. he held my both hand and kissed them..

Really? I Widened my eyes..

Yeah..! He Said..

I hugged him and he reciprocated… we both Sat there talking.. all night ..

And they Both went to Deep slumber..


Ishana and om were standing on Window of ishu’s room..

Ishu was Looking At moon.. and Om was looking at his Moon..

They both were lost in deep toughts..
When Ishana Got disturbed by Her dancing Hair.. which was irritating her om tucked them Behind her ear and again stared her..

Ishana turned to him And called his name “Om” no response..

Again “om” No response..

She shouted ommmm…. he Coming to his senses Looked here there.. what happened.. what happened..? Why u are shouting..

Ishana Was looking at him With ( he’s impossible wala look) nothing om.. it’s just that Enough staring.. go back to ur room..

Om… no Ishana I’ll not go

Ish:: why?

Om:: because i want to spend sometime with my Future wifey..

Ish:: future wifey?

Om coming Closer to her Holding her by her waist..

Om:: yeah Darling..

Ishana pushing him back..

Ish:: for that we should get engaged first.. and for that you Have to talk To ur parents first..

Om:: I’ll talk with them na..

Ish:: not will you’re Gonna talk with them tomorrow on Breakfast table..

Om:: but what’s the Hurry ishu?

Ish:: hurry? Om ? Still hurry u know what .. it’s been 6 years I’m waiting for this moment And still u r saying hurry? Om u r gonna talk With them tomorrow and that’s final..

Om again holding Ishu by her waist and coming closer to her face..

Om:: okay My jaan calm down I’ll Talk with them in Morning..

Ishana Starts Breathing heavily ..

Om::(smirking) what happened why u r not saying anything?

Ishana (in mind) wow This zulfi singh Oberoi has become smart.. coming closer to me.. Made me shutup with his closeness and asking me why Not saying anything..

Ish::(with difficulty) okay That’s gOod.. I’m sleepy I’m going to sleep.. saying this she pushed him again..

He smiled..

Ishana was going to her bed.. when om holds her by her Hand..and turns her toward him..

Om:: i need A good night kiss..

Ish (stammering) kiss.?

Om:: yes.. now give me fast i want to go..

Ishana hesitantly kissed Om’s cheek and runs to her bed and Lay down covering her self in blanket..

Om left smiling..

Ishana (thinking) uff this zulfi singh Oberoi will make me die one day.. and smiling she went to Deep slumber..

Om on His bed.. (thinking) why she always Gets shyed Being closer to me.. She’s mad..

And he too Slips into sleep..


Rud in his room..

Somu in her room..

Rudra calls somu!

Som:: yeah rudra what’s going on u called this much late?

Rud:: nothing much somu.. sleep isn’t coming.. I’m getting bored.. even shivaay bhaiya isn’t in his room..

Som:: So U called me to entertain u?

Rud:: yeah kind of!

Som:: what do u mean By kind of do i look Like a joker to u?

Rud:: yeah no not joker but not less than that..

Som:: cry baby.. Don’t u dare to call me joker..

Rud:: what cry baby? I’m not cry baby.. but u r .. remember How u was crying in hsp?

Som:: I’ve heared u cry alot..on small things.. protien shake..

Rud:: u have heared but I’ve Seen u with my these two eyes. And I’m not protien shake.. but u r wrestler somu wrestler.. parathas eating machine..

Som:: hawww rudra mind ur language..

Rud:: hawww.. I’ll not somu Wrestler..

Som:: I’ll not spare u cry baby..

Rud:: even I’ll not spare u for Disturbing my sleep..

Som:: what? I disturbed u? No.. u disturbed mine..

Rud:: okay come.. thann..

Som:: I’ll see u in Morning..

Rud:: i don’t care.. about ur kiddish threatening.. bye Somu wrestler..

And cuts the call..

Som:: I’ll not spare him and Throws her mob on bed..

Rud:: she is mad and laughs …


Prianku in her room when ran comes to her..

Pri:: u here and at this time?

Ran:: yeah actually i wanted to say Sorry..

Pri:: i forgave u along ago..

Ran:: not really because if u have forgiven me Than u had not taunted me in Meeting room..

Pri:: Hmm…!

Ran:: look i was right.. so for The forgiveness.. i brought a gift for u!

Pri (over joyed):: really?

Ran :: yeah!

Gives her a Well wrapped box..

She opens the bOx..

Gift ( Black Watch with white Diamond dail.. there’s prianku’s pic in that watch Background.. With so many functions..

Pri:: watch is beautiful..but how to use this it’s very confusing..

Ran:: wait for a minute I need forgiveness first..

After 1 minute watch strikes 1..

And A volume came from that watch..

I’m sorry prianku really sorry forgive me!..

Prianku shocked+ happy some tears rolls down her cheeks..

Ran:: pri?

Pri:: ran Thanku so much.. and yes i forgive u..

Ran Smiles..

Pri: ranveer i told u Na we should go back home? As I’m nt feeling good?

Ran:: yeah?

Pri:: look this news there was a major accident Of 3 trucks.. due to whixh 6 more cars accident happened and all died on spot.. It’s the same road where we were gng.. it happened Exactly On the same time when we left the Road..

Ran:: thank God.. we’re safe..
Pri yeah!
Ran yeah!

Pri:: i want to Say u something don’t mind..

Ran:: say I’ll never mind..

Pri: i love u..

Ran Looks at her without any expression..

And after a minute left the room silently…

After he left prianku Placed the watch on side table.. and Lay down on bed covering her self with blanket.. She was crying.. And thinking..
What Is wrong with him.. i Told him that i love him.. and he left without answering.. weird man . All man are same.

She slept there crying …

Ran*thinking* Why she loves me.. i never felt anything like that about her … She’s cute ..sweet.. but i never looked at her In that way..
..i don’t really love her..
I just like her her..yeah just like her simplicity.. her cuteness.. madness.. everything..

Like seriously? No
Yes i love her..!

I’ll Tell her about my Answer tomorrow..

And he too sleeps there only..

In morning..

Everyone Wakesup gets ready and Reaches breakfast table..

Everyone sat on their places..

Ani:: Good morning everyone..

All:: Good morning..

Ani:: actually dadi Pinky and jhanvi aunty.. and tej shakti uncle.. today I wanted to tell u that .. here is someone with us our old Friend u know her well . She’s gonna stay here with us with her husband..

Dadi:: who is she beta?

Ani:: Rammu bring them ..

Rammu comes with tia.. and robin..

All elders stands in happiness..

Pinky:: tia .. u here what a pleses surprise..

Jhanvi:: it’s pleasant pinky

Pinky: sames

Jhanvi:: we are happy to see u here

Tej:: we wanted to thank u for bailing us out

Shakti:: really beta thanks

Dadi:: come sit here it’s not good for ur health to stand much

Pinky:: oh my mata u r pregnant

Tia nods in yes

Jhanvi:: whixh month

Rob:: its 7 month

Dadi:: ok stop Talking first let her sit..

Roti sits Next to eachother..

Ansh stands on table and went to tia..

Ansh:: hi miss tia… I’m ansh Owner of this house..

Tia:: nice meeting u Ansh ..and smiles..

Ansh :: same here.. i have a question..

Tia:: ask..?

Ansh::(pointing his finger towards Her baby bump..) what’s this why u Are weirdly fat.. what’s in ur tummy?

All Shocked..

Tia (smiling caressing her baby bump) :: My cute Sweet baby..

Ansh ( slaming is palm and cursing tia) if it was so cute and sweet than why u ate Ur baby.. u hungry Fellow.. u could eat fruits..

All laughs hard..

Shivaay comes to him and Lifts him In his armm..

Shi:: u naughty Fellow.. come have Breakfast..

Ansh:: okay My billu I’ll eat by ur hand..

Shi:: okay.. and he Sat on his Chair With Ansh sitting Infront of him On table..

Ani:: U have Changed billu!

Shivansh:: what?

Ani:: ansh I’m talking with u.. u have changed.. after Meeting ur dad.. u doesn’t talk with me.. b4 u always Roam around me .and now look Everything by dad only..

Ansh:: muma Don’t be sad.. I love u still..

Shi:: don’t be jealous of me (giving Victory smile )

Ani:: I’m not jealous..

Tia : u ppll still fight..

Dadi:: yes beta..

Pinky:: Tia what’s goings on in ur life’s…

Ish:: aunty actually ..

Om:: choti maa actually nothing good ..

Jhanvi:: what do u mean by that..

Rud:: mom Mrs kapoor disowned tia.. 6 years ago..

Tej:: why?

Roti looks at eachother..

Som:: uncle still we don’t know only tia knows..

Dadi :: puttar tell us..

Tia :: actually .. (stammering )

Pri:: tia be easy we’re ur family u cn share..

Ran :: yeah she’s right…

Both glares eachother..

Tia : actually dadi.. when i bailed out tej n shakti uncle .. and helped u leaving Mumbai.. this all happened on that day.. after u ppl left i went back to my home.. but to my surprise khurran’s were already there.. my mon didn’t even let me In and Throws my some stuff packed in a bag on my face.. she told me that i spoiled her plan.. because i bailed u Ppl out.. and helped u leave the mumbai… on asking she replied.. that she was Also involved with khurrana and for her motive She was getting me married with Shivaay.. and I was only her pupit. For that motive.. without my knowledge she was using me against u ppl.. i Left the home as she throwed me out.. For one night i slept on bench Of mY garden.. next i heared news about she disowning me .. i was left alone i was broken.. My mom.. my Love Betrayed me.. And even u ppl were not there to Give me any support.. so I decided to finish my life.. and went near bridge.. and when i was going to Jump robin Stopped me.. and Hhe became my support.. and married me.. After 1 year.. we now loves eachother.. even tough he isn’t much rich but we were happy… and now after 6 years u all found me.. i got A family again.. robin Was right Nothing bad happens with good people.. and even if that happens that will not stay for forever..

And she cries happily..

Robin side hugs her..

Ani:: tia Robin said right..

Shi:: look it’s proved..

Om:: Tia We’re happy too to make u a part of our family again..

Rud: yes lady baba.. U seem Weird in this Oldish look u need makeover again..

Ish:: aside that.. u should now be happy and Forget that bad days..

Som:: If you’ll stay Happy ur baby will be healthy..

Pri:: And cute too..

Ran:: just Like her..

Everyone stares him..

Dadi:: puttar now we will take care of u..

Pinky:: i didn’t got a chance To see Ansh’s childhood.. but I’ll see Ur baby’s..

Jhanvi:: I’m happy too for this..

Tej:: we’re sorry because of us.. u faced so much..

Shakti:: yeah we’re really sorry..

Tia:: nothing is ur fault.. my mom just Loves money..

Ansh:: what’s going on?

Sah:: ansh U are gonna have small bro..

Ansh Stands in table in happiness..

Ansh:: really?

All:: yeah..

Ansh:: who’s going to give me Bro?

Ani:: ur Tia aunty..

Ansh:: okay

He goes and pulls Her cheeks thanku..

Tia cups his face..

Shi:: actually guys.. and dadi Dad mom .badi mom..bade dad.. i want to marry anika..

Dadi:: that’s good..

Shi:: Thankyou..

Pinky:: we’ll arrange everything.. just tell us when..?

Ani:: Aunty.. i want simple marriage Between us only as I don’t want World to question That if we got married Now than Who is ansh..

Jhanvi :: that’s right we’re with u.

Om:: and mom I want to Do Engagement with ishu..

Dadi:: accepted who else want to marry or engagement?

All: giggles

Ansh:: okay today is sunday.. what plans?

Shi: no plans..

Rud:: we should go out For outing..

Suddenly Tia screams in pain… grabbing everyone’s attention..

All gets worried and took her to hsp..

In hospital..

Ishkara rumaya priveer.. shivika robin.. pinky jhanvi tej shakti are there.. dadi sahil and ansh are at home..

Doc took tia to OT..

And after some 1 hour comes out..

Doc:: congratulations.. She gave a birth to boy..

Robin:: thankyousomuch doctor..

Shi:: can we see ? AND HOW’S TIA?

Doc:: she’s fine.. but sorry.. baby isn’t He’s much weak we have taken him in Observation.. We can’t say About him.. we can even lost him.. His mom Didn’t took any Injections.. medicine’s..and not even proper food or diet.. And all that affected her Baby.. Baby is delieverd in 7 Month only.. his life is In risk..

Everyone shocked.. robin Is about to fall.. when shivomruran hold himm..

Rob::(crying) it’s all my fault.. i couldn’t take Proper care of her …i wasn’t having any money…. i was jobless.. it’s all my fault..

Om::(Consoling) it’s Fate..

They all consoled him when tia shifted to General Ward..

They all went to her..

Tia: (laying on bed) where’s my baby?

Ani:: he’s With doc.. Some complications!

Tia:: its a boy or girl..

Ish: b..boy..

Tia:: why u all seems Sad.. U should be happy..

Som:: di weren’t sad.. we’re Very happy..!

Tia:: it seems u all were crying..

Pri:: no .. di actually yes.. we cried being so happy .. but just little..

Tia:: true?

Rud: yes lady baba.. don’t u believe us..

Doc comes..

Doc:: mam can u come with me..

Ani:: yeah..

She leaves..

Tia:: where anika Gone? Why doc called her out?

Shi:: a..actually tia it’s her Hospital doc must be Discussing about hsp..

Tia:: yeah..

Ran:: yes how’s u feeling di?

Tia:: fine just Little pain.. Have u guys seen my Baby?

Om:: not yet..

Tia: robin why you aren’t saying anything..?

Robin was num… doctors statements was Roaming In his mind ( He’s in Danger . We may lost him)

Shi:: actually tia.. he Took Promise infront of God that he’ll Not say anything To anyone or talk.. till he sees His son..

Tia:: really?

Som:: di Don’t u believe us?

Tia:: u all seems lil Wierd..

all:: really?

Tia:: okay guys kidding..

Doc tells something to anika..
Anika messages in group..

All reads at same time and Looked at eachother..

Tia:: what happened guys which Message u got?and all together..

All:: num..

They left the room making excuses..

In Lobby of hsp..

Shi:: anika What’s wrong why u called us all here..

Ani:: it’s a Bad news..

Ish :: di About tia’s baby?

Om: Is he ok?

Rud:: di dont tell anything Bad..

Som:: Di Say?

Pri:: Di Why u are silent..?

Ran:: We should ask doc she’ll not say anything..

Ani::(crying) stop guys.. He’s dead..

All Shocked..
Robin who just came there listened that and Collapsed on floor..

All rushes to him and sits beside him..

Ani:: ishu go to tia Don’t let her know anything..

Ishana leaves with om..

Rob(crying):: m…my son diied? No this can’t happen… shivaay .. u can do anything na please bring back my son? I beg u.. anika U ..please help me..

All consoles him and made him sit on bench.. he’s normal Now..

Ani:: robin I know it will Feel Weird.. but .. for tia we’ve to do that..

Rob: what?

Ani:: actually Doc told me that tia is Also serious.. i mean she doesn’t look as she is sick but she’s.. If we Tell her about her child’s death she may Go in deep depression.. And that may risk Her life..

Rob:: no no i can’t afford loosing her..

Shi:: what should we do now?..

Ani:: doc Said That he has A baby boy who’s mom left him Here and ran away after delivery.

Rud:: how mean..

Ani:: that boy needs a he have heart Hole..

Som:: just like ansh..

Everyone looks at anika.. robin in shock looks at everyone..

Ani:: hmm..! Doc said he’ll Transplant the heart of tia’s baby to that baby ..

Pri:: isn’t it risky?

Ani:: no professionals are here..

Ran:: but dead heart?

Ani:: no doc have already Attached that Heart To Machines still beating..

Shi:: robin?

Rob:: I’m ready.. atleast i could Hug My child.. if not child his heart.. i mean that baby will be my Child than..

They all nods in yes..

Rob:: okay No more tears I’ll never let tia know About this matter.. I’ll adopt that baby with my baby’s heart..
All Hugs robin..

Ishkara:: what Is going on?

All:: u here where is tia?

Ish:: doc gave her A Pain killer injection.. and she’s sleeping..

Om:: what We’ll do..

Rud:: tells them the Decision..
Ishkara complies..

Tia was sleeping when They all does Tia’s baby funeral.. and gets back to hospital..

Heart surgery was done.. And even stitches were not Be seen .. As they used latest Technology..

Ok done with writing Now comment down.. and suggest me the name of baby boy

If any confusions ask below

bye tc..


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