Ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful fate ? Episode 12 by #annie

hey guys this is annie here with next part of my ff..

so it starts..

episode 12

anika’s pov..

Finally we reached home..

After a long travel..

Tiredness was very clear on everyone’s face even mine too.. Ansh was sleeping from Maldives and is still sleeping shivaay hold him in the whole travel.. i was glad .. to see them togather..

Shivaay go rest u must be much tired.. I ‘ll take ansh .. i said while Forwarding my hands..

No! Anika I’ll Go by myself.. He replied with fear In his voice.. and left towards the room of ansh.. everyone was in hall when Servants came and took their luggages to their rooms ..

Everyone was looking at me to say What to do i was Hell Irritated with Them that they are acting as if they’re my slaves..!

Guys this is ur home Too ..i shouted kind of..

They all nods And Starts leaving..

Wait! Stop actually.. ik u all are tired..! So dinner will be send to ur rooms when u all will say..just use the intercom .. i said

They all nodded again and left to their rooms..

Weird They all are weird .. i murmur..

And left to see ansh ..

Shivaay was laying on bed Sleeping peacefully While shivaay was watching him Sleeping I could see clearly his concern.. i went up to him and Covering ansh Switching off lights..! I took shivaay with me in my Room..

He was hell Sad.. i hugged him tightly and He bursts into cry..

Ok shivaay now stop! Don’t cry much ansh is save and with us..!
I said..

Anika! He was .. he… we nearly lost him.. he cried..

I consoled him by giving Him tight hugs .

After sometime he was i asked him to Go to his room and rest ..he complied and was About to leave…

Anika! Ansh Called me papa? How he know?i mean Why he called me papa?

He Questioned..

A…actually He knew it .. i stammerd..

He smiled ..

I’m happy ..and hugged me i reciprocated the hug ..and then he left

I went to washroom got fresh and went to my bed With dinner..

Shivaay’s pov.

I’m happy to the core of my heart he called me papa.. god…I’m Thankful to u ..thanku .. i went to My bed after Getting fresh..

I got a call on my mobile to open The laptop Which is in drawer I couldn’t recognized the number first.. But when i Answered the call i got to know this is the group of us.. the youngster..

I Switched on the laptop.. and after Sometime i got a Call From the name (anishsomveershivomrupri)

GOD this is such a long name … i chuckled..

(Ok guys pov ends..)

On call ( let me tell u this is Group video Call Screen is Divided into 8 parts u can imagine rest)

Ish:: hey everyone wassup?
Rud:: di U r looking so fresh as U never went on a trip..
Om:: she is just like that rudra..

Som:: btw why we’re Here on call?that too this Time?

Pri:: maybe everyone was missing eachother?

Ran:: no not like that their must be some imp Discussion..

Ani:: guys if ur prediction is done Shall we Talk?

Shi:: yeah.. u all r behaving as someone told u To get ready for KBC..

They all Chuckle..

Om:: btw why we’re here..
Ish:: awin..

They all gives her death glare

Rud:: di u know How tired I’m?

Som:: how will she knew?

Pri:: u have point..

Ran:: guys stop Giving Lectures..!

Shi:: uff i think we should sleep..

Ani:: no wait !

All: what ?

Ani:: do U all had Ur dinner?

Ish: yes di.. we know You’ll Never let us sleep without having dinner..
Som: and if by chance we’ll sleep..
Ran:: without having our dinner.. you’ll punish us Next day..

Pri:: hahah really? Di u have become hitler?

Rud:: not hittler Warden..

Om:: stop it.. She is Anika bhabi.. shivaay may mind that..

Shi:: huh! Stop teasing..

Ani:: U all i won’t talk with u..huh bye..

All: no please don’t cut the call..

Ani:: okay..

Om: what’s next?

Ish: we should plan something for Khurrana’s..

Som::: to take revenge..

Rud:: no i will kill them that would be my revenge..

Pri:: rudy .. don’t be in so hurry to Die.. because you’ll get Death Sentence..

Ran:: we’ve to do everything secretly..

Shi:: Yeah u r right we’ve to be careful much careful..

Ani:: We can discuss this in Morning also?

Om: but where we’ll discuss that?..

Ish:: I’ve idea..

Ran:: what are u waiting for di?

Som:: i know..

Rud:: tell me na.

Pri:: rudy Have some patience..

Shi:: guys why So suspense?

Ani:: they are sicopaths..let me tell… we’ve A basement We’ll setup everything there We’ll have Everything there.. but For that u all should sleep.. ?

Om: okay..

Ish:: huh? Fine no one is in Mood to Laugh!

Rud:: di it’s time to sleep not to laugh .

Som:: di i agree with rudy..

Ran:: now a days U r agreeing with him so much..

Everyone chuckles.

Pri:: that’s true.. i agree..

Shi:: Now look at urself Prianku U too agrees so Much With Ranveer in Every topic..

Ani:: Something is Wierd..

Ish:: yeah..

Om: we were going to sleep?

Rud:: no .. I’ve a question..

Som: what? Question?

Rud:: What happened on cruise?

Ran:: i too wants to know..

Pri:: me too..

Shi: i know..and Bites his tounge ..

I mean me too Wants to know..

Ani:: when I’ll get to know I’ll tell u..!

They all complies..

Everyone:: okay Gud night sweet dreams and.. cuts the call..

Next morning Everyone Gets fresh had Breakfast..

Shi: ansh beta ..

Ansh runs to him and hugs him..
Shi: ansh I love u so muxh meri jan..

Ansh:: i love u too..!

Ani:: enough of love now Go to school..

Ansh:: I’ll go with papa..and I’ll introduce My dad With my friend’s..

Ani:: no! U can go with Him but you’ll not introduce him.. we’ll throw a party for that?

Ansh:: okay..fine.. dad come..

Ansh Holds his hand..

Ani:: billu Ji..

Both turns..

Ani:: Billu u Look Other side I’m talking with ur dad..

Ansh Looks away..
Shi:: what?

Ani:: Take khanna with u.. and when u return ask Khanna about basement and he’ll Take u To basement ..

Shi:: okay and gives a flying kiss to her..

She catches And kisses that catched kiss..

Ansh:: mom dad ? If ur romance is done We should leave? I’m getting late ..

They both feels Embarrassed..

Shivansh leaves..

Elders Was in their rooms As they Was tired much ..and after breakfast they again went back to their rooms..
Sahil Also Left for school..

All youngsters goes to basement (I’ll reveal where that is when shivaay will come..)

Ani:: guys isn’t it safe?

Om:: it’s perfect..

Ish:: what’s the plan ?

Som: let bhaiya come first till then we should Set this kabara.. Otherwise we’ll not be able to survive here..

Rud:: we’ll just Plan here not live here..

Ran:: She meant to say.. that We should adjust Here everything..

Pri:: but it’s So far.. how we’ll arrange ?

Ani:: Not to worry everything is arranged In Backyard we just have to Take them in!..

Ish:: what is in everything?

Om:: we’ll know.. but how we’ll bring that here..

Som:: i know ..

Ran:: come..

They All Moves to further side of basement.. there are many stair case..

Rud:: u Have small Basement villa too?

Pri:: amazing..

Om:: where they lead?

Ani:: They all lead to Different places .. but now we just need This Green One..

They steps on stairs..

Anika pressed a button on grill.. A Door Opens..

That was the floor Of Backyard.

Rud:: wow such a mysterious Villa..

Pri:: i loved it..

Ran:: really?

Som:: Yeah! She just said that..

They all started picking up boxes their were several boxes of diff kind big and small all kind..

After picking few..

All:: we’re tired..

Ani:: okay now rest will be brought by elevator..

All:: what elevator? You’ve thn why u made us walk so much..

(Except ishsomveer)

Ani:: because you all didn’t exercised.. so this was compensation.

Everyone’s jaw drops..

Ani:: stop it come we’ll bring rest..

After some time..

Every box was in basement..(in one line)

Rud:: it looks like we’re going to settle down here..

Ani:: kind of i need everything to be perfect..

Everyone :: ok..

Shi:: khanna take me to basement..

They gets into mansion’s elevator..

Shi:: khanna basement not upper floor..

K:: sir i know..

They went to 4th floor..

Kh:: sir jump in pool..

Shi:: have u gone mad..there’s water..

Kh:: not really.. sir I’ll count from 3 to 1 .. you’ve to jump in on 1 ..

Shi:: fine..

Kh:: 3..2..1.. jump..

They both jumps in..

And after a second..

Shivaay opens his eyes..

They were on a slide..

And after Sometime they reach on some big mattresses…

Kh:: sir come..

They went to a wall khanna enters a pass on some remote..connected with wall in corner..

Wall slides to other side they enters the basement..

Shi:: wow so secretive..

Ani:: khanna ji thanks now leave from backyard one.. and stay tuned ..

Kh:: ok mam.. and leaves..

Shi:: Who Suggested this idea?

Ani:: whichh idea?

Shi:: this secretive Basement..

Ish:: it’s Our..

Oberoi’s praises mehta’s..

Shi:: what are these boXes?

Ani:: Things for this basement..

Ish:: before u Could ask More..Let me say bhaiya.. we are going to arrange here everything.. but we were tired so We haven’t arranged it yet..

Om:: Good explanation ishu..

Shi:: ok lets start..

Ani: first We’ve To cover floor with carpets..

They all Togather.. Cover floor with Beautiful carpets..

Than from one corner to another tHey sets a long table..

And lots Of laptop on them Computers..printers.. scanner.. paper shredder.. Wi-Fi modem.. and Many Phones..

A File Cabinet and lots of empty files..

8 comp tables with rolling chair..

Lots of bean bags with blankets..

A fridge..double door
A dispenser
A table with Some Kitchen stuff.. like kettle.. Elctric Stove .. And Some Utensils

Om:: its done?

Ish:: i think so..

Rud:: ahh my body..

Som:: I’m tired..

Ran:: same here.

Pri:: we should sleep..

Shi:: anika we could have Taken help by Some servant..?

Ani:: yeah But this place Is secretive no one Knows About this..
So They can’t come here because i can’t trust them..

Om:: what about khanna..

Ani:: i know him .. He was Ur Bodyguard..
I trust him..

Ish:: okay what next..?

Anika shows them a Bag..

Som:: what’s this..?

Ani:: you’ll Know come with me..

They went to an Elevator.. and that Comes in kitchen..

Rud:: di we can Come to kitchen? Than why mini Kitchen there?

Ani:: we can’t Come Frequently..or Everytime.. We’ve To be careful..

Shi:: okay now what next?

Ani:: lets make Lunch first ansh And sahil will be on their way..

Som:: So soon?

Ish:: somu Look at ur watch it’s 2:00 Pm we were Working hard..

Om:: What should we make?

Shi:: anything..

Rud:: let’s order?
I’m tired..

ANI: not bad idea..

Ish:: okay fine We’ll Order..

Som:: I’ll eat.. Parathas..

Ran:: I’ll eat..paneer Butter masala..

Ish:: I’ll eat.. Pizza..

Rud:: same as ishu di..

Om:: same as ishu..

Pri:: I’ll eat Paneer Butter masala…

Shi:: i can Eat everything..

Ani:: okay fine Order by urself.. and laughs..

Everyone orders

Ani order for Shivaay ansh sahil and Elders..

After lunch..

Anika to everyone we need some surgeries..

Everyone?: why ..

Ani:: It’s For Safety….

Shi:: God surgeries for safety?

Everyone’s jaw was dropped..

Ish:: (stammering) s.. surgeries

Om:: how ?

Rud:: noooo…

Som:: It’ll hurt..

Pri:: I’m scared..

Ran:: I’m not ready..

Dadi:: no I’m not ready too.

Pinky:: oh my mata.. Anika That sounds Scary..

Shakti:: what’s the need..?

Tej:: I’m ready!..

Jhanvi:: if tej is ready I’m ready too..

Sah::: i don’t know.. What to say..!

Ansh:: ufff you’re acting as If mom said u To give her ur kidneys.. she just said surgery for safety.. i trust my mom.. I’m ready mom..

Anika Smiles..

Everyone feels Sad fr asking such Questions..

All:: ok we all ready…

Ani:: that’s great.. it’s a small surgery.. It’ll be done in Medical Room of our villla.. we just need to insert this chip.. tracking chip.

ish:: okay That’s it..

Om:: so let’s go..

They went to medical room..khanna was waiting there with some doctors..

After half an hour.. They was Ready..

They comes out..

Shi:: this was so small .. surgery..

Ish:: we were Scared for no reason..

Om:: but what was the need..?

Rud:: So that if we ever got lost in mall we Can be found easily..

(And does logic sign)

Som:: why will we lost in mall? Weren’t Small kids….

Pri:: you’ve point..

Ran:: why To Think? We can ask di!

Ani:: so finally some sensible question..
Actually Guys we had planned To take revenge from khurrana’s..

She was cut by dadi..

Dadi:: khurrana’s.. revenge what’s all this?

Pinky:: don’t mess with themm they’re Demon..

Shakti:: no need of revenge.. mata rani will Punish them..

Tej:: i don’t think They’re wrong.. they’re Going to do something for their family.. nothing is wrong In this..

Jhanvi:: yes…! Tej is right..
Shakti Bhai.. you’re right too.. That mata rani Will punish Them.. mata Rani Is punishing them in this way ..

Ani:: yes We’ll Take revenge because they tortured you.. and I’ve read somewhere … (Zulm karne wale se sehne wala Ghunaghar hta hai) (guys i don’t know Its eng :p)

Dadi:: okay puttar …

Ani:: okay so these chips are for safety That if.. only if Somone Got stuck Somewhere We don’t have to worry.. we’ll Track them by this GPS chip.. but don’t tell to anyone about this chip..

Rud:: di You’re Becoming Genuins By staying With me..

Som:: Oh not really rudy its because she is my di.. Intelligent like me ..

Elders :: uff u all are same Fighting always..

Let’s Leave

Elders leave the area and went to their room..

Ansh:: papa let’s play games..

Shi:: okay Come..

Sah:: di I’m going to sleep.. just for sometime? Please..?

Ani:: Okay fine go sleep..

Ansh:: and What about me Can i play game?

Ani:: No U have to finish ur homework first..

Shi:: he can do that later..?

Ani:: no..!

Shi:: yes!..

Ani:: no!

Shi:: yes he’ll play Game With me.. and will do homework later
. Pannika..

Ani:: bagadh billa show ur tadi to Someone Else.. and Don’t Ruin my name..

Shi:: I’ll only show this to u! Pannika..

Ani:: billuuuuu..

Shi:: paanikaaa..

Ani:: you’ve become Stubborn more..

Shi:: not reallyy.. you’re stubborn why u not letting us play games?..

Ani:: because… my wish first he have To do Homework..

Shi:: we are going To play game And will do the homework later…

He holds ansh Hand who was giggling Because of their So cute fight for him..and is about To leave..

Ani:: Wait billu’S..

They Turns to her..

She Was holding a Jug of water From Nearby table..

And Thash splash on shivaay…

Ansh,ishkara,rumaya, priveer
Cups their Mouth..

Shi:: (fuming) u pannika..
Ansh hands him a Glass of water..

Shivaay gives evil smirk to annika..

Ani:: billu You changed your party?


Shivaay Throws Water on annika..

They both Are drenched from top..

All are giggling..

Ansh:: (holding shivaay’s hand) papa come First You’ll change.. Than we’ll play Games..

They both leaves Showing Tounge to annika..

Ani:: I’ll not talk to u billu..

And smiles..

Ish:: Di Are u okay?

Om:: ssssh ishu let’s leave..

They all leaves anika and went to Their Doings..


Ishana’s pov

We both Were laughing .. at what Just happened Outside Medical room..they are just so cute..

Just Than i Remind That I’ve to take round of galleries..

” I’m sorry om! I’ll Catchup With u later.. I’ve to go for My Round..” i Told him..

” what I’ll do here Let Me join u? I mean i can Accompany U? And yeah I’m the New manager of ansh Gallery? So it’s My Job ? ” om Said..

“Okay Fine! COME stop telling me ur rights.. i know everything!” I REPLIED

“Let’s go” om Said..

We left The villa and get into a car..

I was driving.. because I know He is afraid of driving..

Om was Looking fabulous in that Light Grey With lil Black touch trousers and Black T-shirt.. and That Chain or whatever that Was in his Neck.. his beautiful hair were Dancing .. I was Mesmerized with his Beauty.. I stopped Staring Him and started concentrating on driving.. with small Smile On my face..

Om’s pov..

I Noticed her staring me.. But i ignored after some Time she started concentrating on Driving with her beautiful smile..

She Is so Beautiful But Her smile makes her more beautifull.. She is Looking fAbulous In that Light Grey Top with black jeans and Her long Open Hair.. uff she’s Just amazing.. i could stare her my whole life.. i was Mesmerized By her beauty…..

You’re Beautiful ishu.. i praised Her Beauty..

“I know om! Stop Staring me It feels Awkward! Ishu replied…

Really ishu? What About u .. when U was staring me? Did i said Anything? I asked..

Ayy u lier.. I wasn’t staring u.. ishu Replied..

Ishu Stopped the car at some side of road..and turns towards Me ..

Ishu don’t try to take Advantage of me! I said..

Really! Mistar artist..? Advantage ? And that too of urs? in ur dreams.. ishu Replied with A evil Smirk..

I was Enjoying these moments…

I started moving closer to Her.. she Started Blushing..

Ishu’s pov..

He is coming too close there Is no Gap btw Us .. my Heartbeats are raising As they are trains.. why the hell I’m blushing.. look at urself ishu u have become A tomato.. not tomato but strawberry…

Stop om what u r trying to do? I stammered..

Ishu my Future wifey I’m trying To Take ur advantage.. he chuckled..

I Started sweating.. ufff Mr artist U r guving Me goosbumps i wanted to tell him this but My mouth Was zipped i don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.. i want him To be mine.. but His closeness Scares me.. I want him hug me kiss me.. but when He’s trying to do so I’m Afraid.. You’ve gone crazy ishu..
I looked up at him in his eyes.. His Eyes are just amazing.. i got losted in His Eyes.. As there’s no Other world exist For us … i was lost in his Eyes when He grasp Me By my waist And pulls me toward himself.. I immediately hugged him tightly… he reciprocated the hug…. i was feeling The Warmth of his Body When i got drenched in water fully.. i Immediately break the hug And got apart From Himm..

FTW! Om why U poured water on me?
I Questioned while fuming..

Ishu what u was thinking I’m doing romance? I was trying to reach that water bottle which was in ur Door’s pocket! … om replied with A evil Widesmile..

Really? I’ll not leave u .. i said..

For that you’ve to hold me first.. replied With naughty smile..

He was laughing at me..

I got a Water bottle from Back Seat and .. poured at him..

Om’s pov..

I was Laughing when I got drenched in water fully.. gosh ..! No ..

I gave a death glare to ishu.. she laughed like A sicopath..

Ishu! I Speak

What? She Looked at me..

U are looking Funny.. i Laughed..

What funny me? U know u Looks like A Drenched cat.. she Teased ..

Hahah ..! And u A Mad Joker.. i Laughed Again..

Joker? Mad ? Me.. ? She Questioned..

Yes! I answered..

Same to u.. back to u.. no Return! Huh! She said..

I laughed and held her hand..

She too laughed and Held my hand..

Ish ! I think we should Now go Home.. we’ll get cold..? I asked.

Yeah u right..! She replied and we drove Back to home..


Rud: somu Don’t u get bored staying at home?

Som: no rudy i do work In home so I don’t get bored..

Rud:: I’ll help u today? Ok

Som:: maybe Come I’ll show u what i do!

Rud: ok..

They both gets into Saumya’s secret room and sat in chair Infront of laptop..

Rud pov

We reached Her room secret room.. I’m so confused why she brought me Here…

Rudy Actually i do home broadcast..on Radio mirchi.. she told me..

Really? What’s ur name there? I Questioned..

I’m love angel! She replied..

I’ was Hell shocked .. she is the love angel? Whose poster was in Market.. like seriously? I was Lost in toughts.. when i felt a Cute Chubby hand on My Hand..

Rud r u ok? She was Asking..

Yeah yeah.. i stammered..

Okay so now today u will join me? Isn’t it? She asked me..

Yeah sure I’ll join! U with the name of Love Devil

Love devil? She asked..

Yeah! U r love angel U give Advice on Love.. right advice.. and I’ll be love devil..and I’ll give funny Love suggestions or evill ? i replied..

Somu’s pov..

Oh GoD he’s Mad.. devilish Suggestions on love? I can’t bear Him like this… but finally I agreed With him because he’s saying That this will increase The Channel TRP and what’s Much Good than this.. we start Our broadcasts..

(Pov finish)
She started..

Hello guys..! This is Your Love angel back with a bang.. today I’m not alone here My Bestie.. is with me.. love devil.. this is Gonna be Much intresting.. than b4 so guys Here is love devil

Rud:: hi Helo namasty everyone.. love devil is here With Cute love angel…today You ppl gonna have awesome Time with us.. so let’s start with Our First Caller .. here it is ..

Som:: Hi who’s there..

Caller:: I’m Sumit here Actually Love angel .. i Love a girl so much.. How should I propose her? She’s my classmate.. please give some suggestions that she will say yes Only..!

Som:: so Sumit first Get Info what she likes and what not.. than Arrange a beautiful Romantic Date for her near some sea.. and take her there and Say some Romantic lines.. and I’m sure she’ll Say yes.. because Every girls love these things..

Sumit:: thanks Love angel.

Rud:: wait sumit! Where gng that was only Love angel’s advice mine is left I’ll take Ur love test here…

Sumit:: What test?

Rud:: I’ll take test if ur love is true?

Sumit:: I’m ready .. I love her really..!

Rud:: okay fine..

Q1 what u Like about her?

S:: Her Figure.. that’s attractive..

Q2:: What’s That u Love about her..!?

S:: She’s Beautiful! SHE attracts Everyone Her body shape is so perfect..

Q3:: U want to propose her? For what? U want to date her for u love her or u want her?

S:: i want /need her..

Q4:: If she accepts ur love? Will u ever take her To ur bed or you’ll just be in limmit?

S:: it’s normal to take a girl specially Ur gf To ur bed So it’s obvious We’ll cross limit..

Q5:: so When You’ll Marry her?

S:: marriage no way!

Rud:: than idiot you don’t love her u lust for her..

Som:: Sumit u r such a cheap guy..!

Rud:: What’s her name and ur class Ur college?

S:: Aradhya.. 2nd year.. Crisant High School!

They cut the call..

Rumaya:: so Guys this is it for today.. Learn From today’s broadcast Have a Good Day.. bye Ur Love angela nd devil..

Broadcast ends..

Som:: Wow rud U r just amazing..u r truly Intelligent..

Rud:: okay Okay somu… I’m Having Goosbumps.. ..

They both laughs..

Som:: i like u rudra..

Rud :: me too…
And they hugged eachother..


Pri:: ran Where u going?

Ran:: actually I’m going to visit some orphanage houses..

Prianku’s pov..

Orphanage house? But what he was going to do there…

What you’ll do there? I asked him..

Actually..! I visit the children’s aand Give them some Gifts.. and do charity for Their betterment.. he replied..

I’ll come with u..! I said..

Fine! He replied..

He’s So boring.. I’m so happy Go lucky.. our Couple will be Ajooba..

I chuckled..

He looked at me..

What? I asked..
He nodded in nothing..

We left the villa in his car..

God ! He’s so boring.. he’ll not even Talk i should turn on the Mp3.. i switched on the mp3..

Ufff what the wuck? He listen To Nothing? Its empty.. I gave a Angry look to him..

He looked up at me..and giggled..

You’re so boring..! I finally told him.

Not really! get That laptop from back seat! He kinda ordered me..

I jumped on my seat and turns to back.. and get the laptop and on the laptop on his Instructions..

Ran’s pov.

This girl is mad.. What was the need to jump on Seat.. i was Laughing.. but silent laugh..
She Was behaving As it’s a mission to On the laptop yes. Ran ok ran … what’s this i asked..

That’s reply! She Answered..

I know Don’t try to act smart with me! It feels awkward you’re behaving as I’m Ur sir.. stop Saying like soldiers.. i said..

Okay! Stop pleading i understood.. she replied with Weird Faces..

Hey? FYI I’m not pleading! I rolled My eyes ..

Really? You was pleading.. she laughed..

Don’t laugh.. i wasn’t pleading.. i stammered..

Okay Fine stop crying U wasn’t pleading cry baby! .. she again laughed..

*(pov ends)*

Ranveer was fuming..

Ran::(shouting) pri Stop teasing me….

Pri:: (funny way) I’m not teasing u cry baby!

Ran :: ( in High angry tone) i stop Teasing me Priyanka singh oberoi..

She Got shocked…

Prianku”s pov..

He shouted on me my heart losts its beats.. I was Taken aback..

None Ever scold me like that I looked up at him.. he was fuming i was hurt my Hand My heart Both were hurt by him..

Heart because He scolded me..
And hand because in anger he banged his palm On my hand that was placed on Hand break..

I Fasten the seat belt.. And Went silent.. Looking out of window..

My Eyes were pleading for crying.. Some tears even made their ways out..

But i controlled Myself.. and my Heart was Crying..i kept on staring at Sky when he was Driving the car..

My heart was Broken i loved him..
Even when i didn’t know who he is and he behaved this way with me.. i was just having fun with him..
Some more tears escaped From my eyes..

Ran’s pov..

She was Teasing me i don’t know why i shouted at her.. and scolded her.. i Kept on Driving.. when I found Her lost somwhere.. i saw lil drops of her tears.. sparkling on her Her left Hand..

I Tried to Ignore Her.. and suddenly my Gaze stopped at her right Hand’s fist which was Having some blood stains.. i Immediately looked at my palm left hand palm it was Having blood stains too..

I felt As someone pricked my Heart.. i applied the break and parked the Car On a road side.. went out from Car and Opened her side Door.. she was still lost.. i shooked her and she came bavk to her senses..

She looked up at me.. with her tear filled eyes..

I.. I’m sorry ranveer .. I’ll never tease u again.. she stammered..

That pricked my heart again! ..

I Sat on my knees there and held her injured Hand in my hand opened the dash board and took out First aid kit..

I applied the ointment on her wound.. and she Was trying her best to stop Her scream ….

She was even trying to stop Her Cry..

I’m sorry prianku.. i Get angry easily on small things.. i don’t know what happened to me.. I’m just sorry..i never meant To hurt u .. hurt such A sweet Person Like u …. i asked for forgiveness from her..

She even Forgave me.. but was still quite..

Prianku! I know i hurted u.. but trust me.. I’m feeling guilty.. u looks Cute when u Talk Not Silent…. i kind of plead her To smile..

But she was num..

I hugged her tightly.. and she started crying while reciprocating hug…

I hate u ran! She stammered..

Ok enough finally U said something i was dying to Hear ur voice.. i chuckled..

She pushed me Away and Wiped her tears..

I get into car and Starts the car..

I think we should visit that tomorrow I’m not feeling good To go Let’s go back.. prianku Showed her worries..

I complied and went back To home..

Okay guys done with the update..
I’m sorry ik its late but I’m very busy now a days.. please handle but i think this is Enough? Ain’t it? Long enough?

And if u think I should chamge something In ff? Do tell me By commenting down..
And even if u think it’s filmy Negative Comments are allowed too.. :’)

I’M Planning to write 2 new os

1st of shivika as I’ve imagined it’ll be interesting..

2nd of whole ishqbaaz that will be funny one..

So guys drop ur comments about today’s ff part!

And do tell me should i write Os?

No precaps I’m giving BEcause i plan what will happen When I’m writing..

Ignore any kind of mistakes.. Because Neither I’m good in English nor in writing..

So Bye Guys TC.


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  4. Ansh and shivaye combo was nice…awesome

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    Hii Annie it was really long and interesting……. I am liking the infrastructure of Mehta Villa…….more than anything else……..and about the story then its……its like full of detective giri……
    Fantabulous epi….
    Post the next one soon….
    And do check out my ff also… part is uploaded….

  11. Samm

    this was super cool and amazing. and you should definitely try the os. waiting for more 🙂

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