Ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful fate ? Episode 11 by #annie

Hey guys this is annie with next part of My fanfiction I’ll Say something or anything in last so first let’s move towards episode….

Episode 11

Episode starts with plane landing In Maldives at Night…

After landing All moves to hotel And disperse to their respective rooms…

In morning…

Everyone was called at hotel’s restaurant for dinner after getting fresh everyone left to restaurant….

• Their was buffet and They had so many dishes they ate little and went back to their rooms.. after half hour they gathered in a lobby
• Ansh= mama Where we’ll go?
• Ani= mera billu tujhe bari jaldi hai? Han ( my billu You’re in such A hurry)
• Rud= di Tell na?what’s the plan for today?
• Ani :: actually guys we have to check out..
• Som:: no di Don’t say that we’re going back?
• Ish:: yeah di … we came on a holiday after a long time…
• Ran:: somish Relax! Let di complete ..
• Ani:: thank God ranveer U r becoming sensible!
• Shi:: praise him later first tell the program..
• Ani:: ok Relax I’m telling na..! Actually we’ll leave this hotel As I’ve planned our whole Party And Holiday On Some Cruise…!we’ll be on cruise for 3 days.. after that we’ll be back to this hotel for night stay..! And then.. we’ll go back to India…
• Om:: that’s a nice idea…
• Pri:: so let’s move
• Sah:: prianka di for that i think we should Bring our luggage?
• Ansh:: billu let’s go…
ANd they all leaves to Their respective rooms and after Sometime they left the hotel and went to a cruise…it was all decorated for some party theme..!

Rud:: di is there Something tto eat or we’ll die of starving?

Som:: rudra such a duffer u r…!

Rud:: why?

Pri:: bEcause …let it be you’ll Not even understand That…

They all put their luggage in their room…

After that they gathered In a Hall type thing of That boat (i really don’t have any idea how it looks I’ve never went on that so Just understand please))

Ansh:: let’s start the party…

Rud:: wait guys party without punch?

Som:: no! Rudra don’t punch us..! We can start the party without punch..

Om:: oh God! Somu i thought you’re more sensible than rudra but you’re same like him…

Rumaya smiles…

Rud:: btw somu i mean fruit punch.. not Punch of my Fist..

Ish:: who made that punch?and why can’t we start the party without this punch?

Rud:: oh Di..! Actually in parties Usually people drinks Wine and Other alcohol beverage… but we can’t drink that So for That i made A fruit punch rudy’s special…

Som:: u made it?

Rud:: yeah..!

Som:: than give me first …

Everyone looks at them with confusion…

And rudra gives Everyone Glasses of punch…

They all starts drinking…

Rudra smirks evilly and looks up At Sky And Flashback ( rudra makes fruit punch and thinks.. this isn’t much tasty and we’ll not even enjoy the party…he than sees some Alcohol in Bar’s cabin And add 2 bottle in 2 Container of fruit punches…and says now it’s ready rudy’s special fruit punch… )) flashback Ends…

They all drink Fruit punch…

Som:: rudra u r great such a good fruit punch this is..

Ran:: man’na parega tm teeno bhai kamal ho Cooking me ( i should agree U 3 brothers are great in cooking..)

Ish:: yeah especially Omkara.. and Glares him lovingly…

Ani:: no no no … my shivaay is best And Side hugs Him and gives a Kiss on his shoulder…

(Guys they Are In trance Of alcohol..)

Om:: i agree anika… but I agree with my ishu too… and Passes a Flying kiss..

Pri:: But i just agree with ranveer ..and she blushes…

Sah:: haha !! Why u all roaming around me…

Ansh:: not around u … they all are revolving….

Dadi:: i think I’m tired let me rest fr sometime..

She leaves…

Rud :: why we’re standing like statue let’s dance..

They all cheers yeahhhh…

Rudra on the music player…

Me larki beautiful kar gayi chull plays…

They all dances like mad people’s on that song…

Pinky:: oh my mata!! Why this universe is spinning…shakti ji hold me tightly otherwise you’ll fall …

Shakti:: okay pinky….

Just than rudra changes The song and plays…

Abhi Toh party shuru hui hai..

And again they starts dancing…

After some time they all Falls On Hall floor..

Ani:: I’m tired..

Shi:: awww my baby let me Massage ur legs..

And he starts Pressing her legs…with his hands…

Shi:: Baby ? Are u Feeling relax?

Ani:: janu don’t call me baby na!!..

Shi:: oh yeah janu …

And gives a peck on her hand..

Ishu Shook om..

Ish:: look zulfi G they’re doing such a good romance… we too Should do that..

Om:: but howw…

Ish:: let’s kiss each other..

And makes A pout face closing her eyes…

And Om too does same ..

(Let them Kiss :p)

Pri:: ran Look How they’re romancing…

Ran:: wow so good..

Pri:: what should We do..?

Ran stands up immediately and Opens His arms like a bird..

Ran:: prianku darling let’s fly…

Pri:: gOod idea..

She too stands up and Hugs him from behind ..

Pri:: okay I’m ready.. let’s fly…

They both Makes Sounds with their mouths like (Zuuu zuuu)

Som:: rudra look They all are Doing romance…

Rud:: we too should do that…

Som:: ahhh good Idea…

She Opens her arm for a hug..!!

Rudra too Opens his arms..

(Let them hug)

Pinky:: shakti ji… I want to say you something …

Shakti:: say na And blushes..

Pinky: i loves u.. and blushes..

Shakti:: oh my pinky! I love’s u too G..

Tej:: jhanvi U looking so beautiful hot..!!!

Jhanvi:: really? Than say those three magical Words tej..

Tej:: you’re hot jhanvi…!

Jhanvi:: not this Other 3 ..

Tej:: you’re s*xy baby..

Jhanvi blushes..

Tej:: OMG! I love you jhanvi…!
And blushes..

Jhanvi:: OMG 2! I love you too Tej!!..

They both blushes …

Sahil And ansh laying On floor With Their back facing Sky..

Ansh:: sahil Mamu.. I’m swimming..

Sahil:: yeah me too

They both acts like swimming..

Shivika Looks at flying priveer..

Ani:: billu ji i think they’re going to take off..

Shi:: yeah same..

Ani:: let’s join them..

And they both Hurriedly joins them..

Anika holds Prianku by shoulders …
And shivaay hugs Her From back..

Pri:: di u?
Ani:: yeah we too want to fly…

Shi:: yeah yeah..

And they Four Makes sounds of flying
(Zuuu zuuuu)

Ishu opens Her eyes… and sees om Far from Her As he was Before Closing eyes.. his eyes were closed and he was making pouts..

Ish:: Om U didn’t kissed me i was waiting from Years..

Om opens his eyes..

Om:: I thought you’ll kiss..

Ish looks at Flying Priveer and shivika..

Om:: look they’re gonna take off soon..!!

Ish:: we should join Them..

They both Stand up and..goes to them..

Om holds Shivaay from back by his Shoulder and Ishana hugs om from back…

Shi:: u too want to join? Long hair creature..

Om:: only rudra can call me that..

Shi:: long hair creature!! And shows him his tounge..

Om:: billu ji yes We too Want to join..

Shi:: only ani Can call me that..

Om:: billu ji And shows him tounge..

Ani:: ssshhh concentrate on Flight..

Ish:: shsh..

And they 6 makes sounds..(zuuuu zuuu)

Rumaya ..

Rud:: somu did u hear that?
Som:: what?
Rud:: that sound..zuu..
Som:: yeah that’s flight sound..
Rud:: oh no!we’ll miss our flight..

Som sees ishkara shivika priveer…

Som:: look there rudra our flight…

Rud :: hurry up let’s go..

They both join them..

Rud:: mom.. dad… choti mom.. chote dad come fast our flight is going to take off soon…

Tejhanvi and shinky immediately runs and joins themm…

And now they all starts making soind of (zuuuuuu….zuuuuuu.zuuuuu…)

After couple minutes of flying

Pinky looks at sahil and ansh who was swimming on floor…

Pinky:: oh my mata !! Sahil and ansh are drowing let’s help them..

She runs to themm..

And everyone else to runs behind her…

And shakti bump into pinky..
Tej bump into shakti ..
Jhanvi bump into tej..
Rudra bump into jhanvi..
Som into rudra.
Ishu into somu..
Om into ishu..
Shiv into om..
Ani into shiv..
Pri into ani..
Ran into pri..

And than bEcause of bumping they fall on sahil and ansh (they’ll not get injured as there are mattresses. )

Pinky:: oh my mata!.. i crashed…

Shakti:: oh my pinky! We both crashed..

Tejhanvi:: oh our shinky we 4 crashed..

Now priveer rumaya ishkara and shivika together..

Oh our parents we all crashed..

Sah:: Oh my God save us…

Ansh:: oh my billu save me I’m dying…

Shivaay immediately gets up and runs to ansh lifts him in his arms..

Shi:: yayyyy i saved my billu…

Ansh kisses him on cheem yahooo..

Now they all sit in a row…

Ishkara will perform..

Rudra hosting..

Rud:: now ladies and their gentle mans..
Di’s and bhaiya’s
Girls and their boyfriend..
Bacha’s and wacha’s..

Som:: what is this wacha’s..
Rud:: i don’t know..

Rud:: okay so give ur hands to ishkara…

The long hair creature couple..

He claps and sits on his place..

Ishana stands on nearby table..

Song plays..she dances..

Bhangre di queen me ta ,kuri so Haseen me ta,meri hai Ghazab gaal baat.

She Gets down From table..
Figure haiga Kaint Mera, thumka excellent mera..
Groovey groovey hoja mere sath..

From behind Curtains Om comes..

Nachange saari raat Soniye Vee ..nachange Sari raat soniye ve .. karle thora Sa pyaar soniya ve karle thora sa pyarr…

Rudra stands up And claps..

Rud:: guys supperb .. now everyone please again give ur big hands to Ishkara…

They All claps And says wow wow..

Rud:: okay Now enough of barking.. lets Now welcome the Great Shivika..

They Bagadh Billa And paanika Couple..

Now please ur big hands To them..

And he again sits on his place..

Shivaay Comes ..

Oh what a look.. what a grace..
Tenu hi kara me chase..
What a naksh..what a nain..
Dill tera hi hogya fan..

What a smile, what a style..
Lut’ti neendo ki yeh file..

Kbhi soft, kbhi rude
Killer tera attitude..

Tere liye hi to signal tor tar ke aya dilli wali girlfriend chor char ke..

Anika comes..

O teri ankh da ishaara mujhe fraud lage..
Tu toh majjnu awaara by God lage..

O kasme waade khake..
Apni pocket money bacha ke..
Aaya tere liye paise waise jor jar ke..

Ghar walo ko bhi bye-shye bol baal ke aya dilli wali girlfriend chod chad ke..

Rud stands up.. now Give them big hand again..

Rud:: next will be .

Prianka stands up.

Pri:: me and ran..

Rud:: next will be priveer.. not a couple bestie only so Give them Biggest hands.. and he sits back again..

Mood ashiqana hai..
Subha ghar jana hai..
Tune kaisa jaadu hai kia..

Lamha yeh suhana hai..
Time nahi gawana hai..
Jeene ka Maaza le saathiya…

Tu kheech meri photo..tu kheech meri photo..
Tu kheech meri photo piya..!


Befikar dill hai aaj..
Hai tera mujhpe raaz..
Jo kahe kehne de..
Baawra yeh samaj..

Bhaage Yaha waha yeh zindagi ferrari hai..

Waisi hi zindagi hai jis tarha Guzari hai..

Both togather..

Mood ashiqana hai..subha ghar jana .. tune kaisa jaadu hai kia..
Lamha yeh suhana hai .. time nahi gawana hai..jeene ka maza le saathiya..!

Tu kheech meri photo…tu kheech meri photo…tu kheech meri photo piya…

Rud:: okay Now will be ..
Som:: we..
Rud:: yes now Clap for rumaya..

They both come infront..


Goriya re..choriya re..
Goriya re… choriya re..

Tera jalwa dekha to Dill huwa miilkha..
Badi taiz bhage reeeee..
Manma Emotion jaage re ..manma Emotion jagge
Manma Emotion jaage re manma emotion jaage..

Dill jagah se ..hil gaya re..
Dill jagah se hill gaya re..
Tukdo mein nikla re dill ka chilka..
Tune pheka khake re..
Manma Emotion jaage re manma emotion jaage..
Manma Emotion jaage re manma emotion jaage…

Mera desi typical saiyan
Peepal ki thandi chaaiya..
Mein nache ta ta thayia
Thaiya saiyan saiyan..

O mere saiyan,saiyann.. saiyann…

Pinky:: now our turn..

Shinky stands..

They dance together on..

Dill toh pagal hai..
Dill deewana hai..
Dill toh pagal hai..
Dill deewana hai..

Pehli pehli baar milata hai yehi..
Seene me phir aaag lagata hai ..
Dheere dheere pyaar sikhata hai yehi
Hansata hai yehi..yehi rulata hai..

Dill toh pagal hai..
Dill deewana hai
Dill toh pagal hai
Dill deewana hai..

Tejhanvi joins

Saari saari raat jagata hai yehi..
Ankhiyo se neend churata hai ..
Sache jhoothe khuwab dikhata hai yehi..
Hansata hai yehi..yehi Rulata hai..

Dill toh pagal hai
Dill deewana hai
Dill toh pagal hai
Dill deewana hai

They four Puts hands on eachother shoulders


Everyone claps..

Shail and ansh:: now we..

They both dances on..

Chota bacha jan ke
Na koi ankh dikhana re..

Dubi dubi dab dab
Dubi dubi dab dab

Akal ka kaccha samjha ke
Humko na smjhana re..
Dubi dubi dab dab
Dubi dubi dab dab

Bholi surat jan ke na
Humse takrana re…
Dubi dubi dab dab
Dubi dubi dab dab..

Na thin na na thin na
Nach nacha denge..

Chota bacha jan ke
Na koi ankh dikhana re..
Dubi dubi dab dab
Dubi dubi dab dab

Akal ka kaccha jan ke
Humko na samjhana re…
Dubi dubi dab dab
Dubi dubi dab dab..

They all claps..

After sometime..

Servants come and Arrange dinner they had dinner and ansh And sahil lefts to Sleep…

They all were partying all night..

And sleep on each other in hall …

In morning

Every one wakes up holding their heads….

Ani:: ahhh mera sir.. itna ghum ku raha ( ahh my head why its spinning so much?)

Shi::: mine too..

Ish:: di mera bhi sir..aesa lag raha kisi Ghumne wale jhoole se utri abhi..( di mine head feels like i came out from some Spinning ride)

Om:: mine head is spinning too.. and body Is tired too..

Pri:: Oh God! My head will burst..
Ran:: same with me…

Rud:: ahhhhhhhh my head .. who hit me on head?why its so paining..

Som:: same with me..

Pinky:: oh my mata..!! Why this Universe and cruise is spinning..

Shakti:: it looks Someone beated me black and blue..

Tej:: i think same as shakti..

Jhanvi:: What the hell is happening why We u all are revolving around me Sit At one place everyone..

Sahil and ansh comes with dadi..

Sah:: dii take us to hospital we’re spinning..
Ansh:: not we Spinning but pur heads spinning..

Dadi:: yeah..!

Ani:: guys lets go to our rooms first..

They all stands up..

Shi: what the wuck..!
Om:: hein?
Ish:: oh bete ki..
Som:: why?
Pri:: So soon?
Ran:: nooooo..
Rud:: wait.. what? Hein.. nooooooo..

Ani:: why we’re here on sea side ?

Ani:: Ramuuuuuu…

Servants Comes..

Ani:: why the hell we’re here?

1. Mam actually BEcause u told us to be back after 3 days..
2. And today is the third day..
Anii: how?

1. Mam U all were sleeping Since 2 days..
2. We even tried to wake u up but u Were in deep slumber..
3. Because u partied hard 2 days Before..
4. And U drank too much..

ani:: but we didn’t have drinks…
shi:: yeah she’s right..
ish:: i think they’re right..
om:: yes bEcause our heads were spinning..
pri:: and heads only spin when..
ran:: when we are drunk..

Som:: but how..

Pinky:: it seems someone mixed something..

Shakti:: who could do this..

Tej :: what we Drank?

Jhanvi:: I know what happened .. that fruit punch..

Dadi:: rudra come here..

Rudra goes to her..

Dadi twists his ear..

Dadi:: Khoteya u mixed Alcohol in punch?

Rud:: sorry dadi.. please leave na..

Ani:: guys its ok now we have to leave For hotel get fresh soon..

They all disperse to their rooms..

After half hour they Leaves with luggage..

In hotel There were no rooms available..

Ani:: i think universe don’t want us to Stay here more we should Leave gor india Now itself..

Shi:: don’t talk like this..

Om:: yeah anika it looks like tia is talking.

Rud:: hahah lady baba..

ani:: okay sorry guys.. let’s leave..

Ish:: wait di why soon..

Som: yes di Send luggage to the airport In one car and lets go for shopping here..

Ran:: yeah we’ll enjoy..

Pri:: Yes..

They all leaves in a Car..

And reaches a mall Everyone enters Hall ansh Is entering..

When someone puts hand on His mouth and tries to take him with him..

Ansh tries to speak billu.. but hand grip was tight..

That man gets into a car..
car’s window was open..
man’s hand slips from ansh’s mouth..

Ansh shouts..

Papaaaaa…mumaaa..bachaoo..paapaaaaa ppappaaa pappaaaa man closes the window and dorve off..

They all already saw so shocked Shivaay Hearing him calling papa and being kiddnap Gets into a car and Follow the Car in which ansh got kiddnap..

After Shivaay they all gets into their cars and Follow that car from different routes..

After 5 minutes of chase kidnappers car was Surrounded by mehta’s and oberoi’s..

They all get out of car.. kiddnaper leaves ansh..

Shivaay lifts ansh in his arms..

Ansh Hugs shivaay …and cries .. papa save me ..

shivaay console’s him and gives him to anika …

Shivaay moves to the car 4 man Comes out .. shivaay beats the one who kiddnaped ansh..

Shiv:: how dare u touch my son..shivaay singh oberoi’s son.. he beats him red and blue while other goons Hit shivaay..

Omrura joins shivaay and they together beats all of them red .black blue..and what not.. (^_^)

Police comes and arrests them..

Officer :: thanks gentelman… they were wanted ..they are Kids kiddnaper gang thanks for helping..

police leaves..

Shivaay goes to anika and Takes ansh from her..

Ansh Was sleeping..

Shivaay hugs ansh …

they all left to airport…

And Then gets into their private plane..

And take off for india..!

Guys done with writing..
actually from next planning will be started For revenge..

Thanks for reading and commenting..

Guys I do read all comments of ur.. Weather its ff,os, or anything but idk What happened to my TU they are not giving me option of reply I checked from three different Mobiles but still same..

so please understand.. Thanks for appreciation.. i love u guys..

Actually I’m just here for u.. I want to See u happy .. and I get happy too seeing that i made u Happy with my Work..

I got many comments.. like

* annie U r supperb writer From where U Get this Idea?*

* annie U always Comes up with Something different *

*annie ur every update is Gold*

*annie ur Every os is worth reading that toO several times*

Guys trust me these comments gives me Energy..

firstly i wrote a Totally Dif os FroM EVERYONE’S..
i got so Much love.. and then On Request.. i wrote another with same concept.. but ending Was happy..

Now I’m getting comments to write another os full of happiness…

So guys! Please give me idea On which Part should i write like From where i should start..drop ur suggestions down and one more thing keep showering ur beautiful Comments LOVE..

Love u all..

Bye take care..

Please Forgive any mistakes…



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