ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful Fate? episode 1 by #annie

Hey guys wassup?? Annie here
Moving forward

Episode 1

A girl Is working in kitchen with Her hair closed by a clip lil wheat on her right cheek and some on her forehead making paratha in kitchen… She shouts
Somuuuuuuu…. Ishuuuu… Rannn just wakeup guys breakfast is ready (yeah she’s anika)

A voice came in return diii I’m already woke Waiting for u on table…

And 2 ppl hug her from back and greets good morning diii and kisses her on cheek one on right other on left..

Ishveer (she calls ishu and ranveer ishveer and somu ishu ranveer somishveer)
Good morning my love are u ready for breakfast..
They reply in yes diii (they’re ranveer and ishu)

Ok that’s good just this last paratha and we’ll have our breakfast… Replies ani

Diii what’s this u know na i don’t like paratahs I’ll not have breakfast u just love somu not us That’s u always make paratahs only… Says ishu making puppy face

Yes dii i too agree with ishu diii says ranveer while hugging her from back

Uff my kiddo i know this and stop ur this nautanki I’ve made Paratahs just for somu and U ppl will have Aloo puri replies ani

they are overjoyed and hugs her again They Helps her Taking Plates To table
After reaching table

They all laughs seeing that somu isn’t there As she Said that she’s there…

Anika again shouts somu get Ready I’m bringing breakfast While standing on doorstep of their room…

She replied diii I’m already ready waiting on table (she’s still sleeping and Lying that she’s ready)


Anika goes and Holds Her by her ear And twists It lightly she screams Lightly ahh Diii Sorryy Na I’ll not do that again please leave my Ear otherwise I’ll not be able to hear ur sweet voice dii says Somu and she replies Somu u know what’s the time. Its 9 am Ishveer giggles somu gives them angry look And Hugs ani and Goes to get ready
After sometime they all gathers on table and have their breakfast..

Ishu:: di Aren’t u getting late??
Ani:: late ishu? Fr what?
Somishveer looks at eachother and gives ani Inka kuch ni hoskta wala Look

Som:: di i think u again forget today Is ur first day at OM (oberoi mansion) as wedding planner of mr. Oberoi

She Hits her head with her palm And Looks at her watch Its not Working oh God how can i forget .. its already late dadi told me not to get late otherwise mr. Oberoi will scold me.. She rushes to her room And Ishu Follows Her while Somveer are having their Breakfast
Ani:: ishu Please take out a dress for me I’m going to take shower
Ishu nods in yes And she leaves to bathroom
After getting ready she comes out of room and Takes her Bag And keys of her Scotty And leaves saying bye to them and hugging them….

After she left Somveer too left For college ishu starts cleaning Table (house is already clean)

((Their house intro))
Its a small house with One room Big Enough for four of them…
One kitchen one bathroom and a small hall with a Small very small garden in which there are different kind of flowers..
Room= witH 4 portion bed.. A table with One Pc
A bookshelf Everything is second hand a big Wardrobe
Room is fully decorated Chand(moon) taree(stars) are hanging that glows in night when there’s no light..
As they all are scared of Darkness

Walls Are painted And On one wall There’s . picture painted Four in line Hands On shoulder and wide smile on faces (picture is painted by Ishu)

((Their Works intro))

Anika= multi talented girl she can do any job but best In designing and arranging Event’s And Gives catering service

Ishu= teaches dance and painting to The kids of colony In her Home’s hall

somveer= are studying in First year



Anika Enters OM and Is mesmerized by
Mansion’s beauty
She Speaks to herself ::wah kya ghar hai ek dam Jhakas Mehal jaisa (what a house just like A Mehal)

Dadi greets Her and ask her to meet her boss and directs her to his room…

She stands On doorstep

Person is on call
she waits For him To end call after that she Knock on the door

he:: come in

She goes and stands infront of him..

And greets him.. Morning

He :: really miss…??
She:: anika…
He :: just anika..?
she:: anika mehta…
he:: so miss mehta Is it really morning its 12 pm its afternoon now and U r saying Morning .. U are supposed to be here by 9 am why u are so late..

She:: woh actually Mujhy late hogya me time ki bht Punctual hu lekin.. Meri Chandni Kharab thi mjhy Pata hi ni chala time Ghalat hai.. Pir jab ghar se nikli Tou champa b kharab hogyi.. Or Mumbai ki traffic bas that’s why I’m late( woh i got late I’m very punctual About Time But My Chandni wasn’t working and i even didn’t know that chandini isn’t working and when i left for OM my Champa Too Stops.. And Than Mumbai Traffic)

All the while that person was just looking at her innocent face and Her Styles Cool breeze was Making Her hair dance he was mesmerized by her beauty

He:: what chandni,, champa? Aare they Ur sister?
She:: no no chandni My watch Champa My Scotty

He was shocked

He:: fhat the wuck??? Are u mad U have given names to ur Scotty and watch..

(yes he’s shivaay)

Ani:: hawww… So what i love them and when i love Anyone/anything i give them names..

Shi:: whatever .. mind one thing miss mehta.. I hate latecomers And I love Cleanliness … if u will work According to me That will be better for u..

Ani:: okay.. Mr. Oberoi …huh and makes Whatever wala face..

shi:: my name is shivaay singh oberoi miss mehta.. Call me shivaay singh oberoi

Ani:: and my name is anika mehta Call me anika mehta not miss mehta and if you’ll still call me miss mehta than I’ll call u mr. Oberoi fai enough? Giving attitude look

shi:: whatever And leaves Doing his signature step

Ani thinks Heinn? Tadi woh b mere sath anika mehta ke sath kanji Ankho se bass ghurta hai huh isse shadi krne ko koi lrki raazi kaise ho gyi… (attitude that too with me.. With anika mehta he just stare with his kanji eyes Huh How a girl can agree to marry him)

and leaves from there and starts Her work Dadi Comes to her… and takes her to a room And tells her here she’ll be Working U can operate from here…


scene 3

Ishana Is walking on road and passes by A Ice-cream stall she sees Some kids looking at the stall with Need In their eyes lie they want to eat Ice-cream but can’t as they don’t have money ishana sees them And gets emotional And Goes to them… and takes them to Ice-cream stall

Ish:: bhaiya Please give them ice-cream (they’re 10)
ice-cream man gives them ice-cream

One boy From The other side of road is witnessing this and Is smiling

kids leave after Getting ice-cream…

ice-cream man:: Madam 100 rupees ?

ishu checks Her small vault and There’s there’s just 50 Rupees…

she gets Tensed take money in her hand and looks At the seller Making puppy face…

boy Who was witnessing this gets tensed too and Starts walking towards her

man:: madam Agar paise nai the to itni daya dikhane ki Zroorat kya thi mjhy mere poore paise chaheye(madam if u don’t have money why u was Caring for them i need my All money)

ish:: bhaiya I just have 50 rs Take this U daily comes here na I’ll give u tomorrow And hands him 50

Man throws money at her no madam i need Full payment right now

a tear Escape from ishana’s eye

That boy comes and Throw 1000 rupees on his Face

Boy:: take this and leave from here don’t u have manners that how to talk with a girl u should respect girls.. Just say sorry To her right now..

man says… sorryy And Ishu forgives him..

man is about to leave ishu Stops him

ish:: o hello mr Where u going Ur bill is Just 100 nd its thousand Just give back 900 hundred

Boy:: let it be
she:: noo it’s not fair Just give back 900
Man gives her back 900 and makes Angry faces leaves from there

ishana takes Her 50 rupees and his 900 and give him 950
ish:: thanks For helping Me Take this I’ll return Ur rest 50 tomorrow here only

boy:: uff let it be i don’t need it back Just keep it with U…

ish:: but i can’t take it like that…

Boy:: Insan Kuch de to rakh lena chaheye Insan Bura mane na mane insaniat bura maan jati hai (its change quote but its from serial)

ishu smiles.. and gives him 900

Yes he’s Omkara

ish:: btw nice lines i like it i think U love poetry?

om:: thanks U r ryt I like it.. But I’m artist….

ish:: artist OMG me tooo loves art and poetry actually i teaches Dance and painting to the kids of my colony

om:: that’s really great..!!! Ur nice name?

ish:: oh hi I’m ishana All call me ishu and ur? Good name?

om:: I’m Omkara all call me om

nice name
They say To each other

Ishu looks at her watch And Says
oh God I’m late sorry Om I’ve To go Its my class time I’ve to go home see u If its in our fate bye and runs from their he smiles and leaves After she vanished from his sight



Somveer Oh God Today Is off And we are here like idiots they look at each other and gives Idiot we Wala look

som:: ranveer can’t u remember One thing
Ran:: oh please somu… That’s ur fault u couldn’t remember that today is off…
som:: please ran That’s just ur fault ….

when they were fighting somu sees Something on floor and signs ran and they Give each other an evil smirk… And runs hold some money and says party yayyy … (actually its bundle of money Who leave money)

ran:: now we can celebrate di’s birthday
somu:: yes…!!!

and both give hi-5 to eachother

the left for home…


scene -4

Girl:: bhaiyaa today is off than why we came to college
boy :: because today we’ll party…
girl:: but bhaiya what Shivaay bhaiya will say when he came to know? U know na his anger bhaiya I’m scared let’s go home bhaiya
Boy:: uffff priankuuu Ssshh and come
prianku:: rudra bhaiya ..but…
rud:: sshhshsh

and they enter in Some Caffe…



anika Is talking on mob So does Shivaay but on Bluetooth

she was just walking And Talking without looking forward and so does shivaay
after a second they bump into each other anika falls her mobile falls from her hand and breaks..

Shivaaayyy hold her by her waist and she holds his shirt they share an eye lock

shivaay mind:: she’s so beautiful her black eyes attracts me her pink lips her cute innocent face ufff she’s just awesome. ..

Anika mind :: his eyes are so amazing just deep like ocean with multi color beautiful just amazing

just then a voice they hear
Shivaay baby!!!!

he coming out of trance she too looks at the direction from where the voice came…

Shivaay still holding anika :: hi tia u here…what a pleasant surprise…

tia:: baby what’s this
pointing finger at both of them

shivika looks at each other

Shivaay drops Anika and she falls on floor

Shi:: nothing Tia

tia is in shock that he just dropped her so does anika

tia runs to her and makes her stand by giving her hand

t:: are u fine???
a:: yes.. !! Giving angry look to Shivaay…

she thanks tia and steps toward shivvay to fight…

precap :: some nok-jhok …and birthday

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