ishqbaaz destiny or unfaithful Fate? character sketch +intro by #annie


Hey guys how’s u all hope u all doing fine… This is annie ………i hope u all remember me……?????
I’m back again with another ff as i promised …

This is totally different from other ff’s and Serial too some scenes will be same… As i can’t remake Them or re think them As good as they are in serial bcoz I’m not good enough Nor in thinking neither in writing /describing..

Actually guys I was thinking to write a New totally new ff With so many Well knowN Famous Actors and actresses but That needs lot of hard work And Here i don’t get enough appreciation For that Because So many pplz Don’t comment i really don’t know Why…
As they should comment according to my point of view… idk wht others think but I think u should Comment when U like someone’s works U should appreciate them To encourage them.. But I can’t do anything with that Just because of this reason Some of my Recently Made friends Left Tu i mean Left The job to give u their amazing Ff And some are planning to leave… Ummm Guys I’m sorry if i bored u Or hurt U I’m really sorry but that’s just my point of view…

So i dropped the idea of writing that long new and knowN Famous actors/actresses Ff and here I’m with some other ff

Sorry for boring u

Here’s Intro + character sketch

Oberoi’s u knw well same characters from serial

Enemies same

Anika mehta: middle class girl who is very independent loving caring and strong girl and stubborn to who just know how to love everyone she spreads love and especially she loves her brother and sisters very much she lost her parents in some accident ( will be reveled in ff)

Ishana mehta : younger sis of anika mehta she loves dncing painting same as anika she is mixture of entertainment for her bro and siso’s

Soumya mehta:: small i mmean youngest sister of anika and ishu she is lil healthy and paratha lover she is very emotional and sensitive she can’t see anyone in pain full senti type and loves her small family of bro and siso’s (one more thing she’s laadli(dearest)) of everyone)

Ranveer Mehta; the youngest brother of anika idhana and twin of soumya he’s just like soumya they are like heart and heartbeat to eachother Same as his sisters

So guys this is it they will be all I’ve in my ff some new character will be introduced with moving story I’ll explain them when they’ll be introduced

In my ff som and ranver prianku and rudy are college students

This ff is full of ENTERTAINMENT……… Emotional… Love and all deaths will be there hart broke wil be there misunderstood regret and all though romance will be there too and most imp shocks will be there too….. Sadddd saddd is high in level

But don’t expect daily Romance as in real life romance is lil and problems are more soo i hope u understand

Guys if u need quick update i mean episode 1 so just fill my notification bar with lots of positive response if u think it is good so it depends on u ppl just now give it a thumb up or thumb down just to give something

I’ll continue only if u ppl want me to continue otherwise its just a intro i can iignore it and leave it here

and my ff will be long/ maybe I Don know how many episodes will be there

Bye guys take care tata


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  1. Nithu

    Annie…im glad that u came …its soo nyce dear do continue…

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    Hey Annie plz continue.. The intro is good.. N chill slowly people will start commenting

  3. intro is really gd…..updt it sn….& hd a qstn…will we gt 2 c Shahil n ths FF 2??????

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    amazing intro……. 😉
    post asap…..

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  10. its nice……waiting for the episodes to continue…….

  11. Puvi

    Hi annie i am very happy ki ur back its awesome dear slowly all will start commenting pls dont feel low dear ur just amazing and ur ff its mind blowing

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