Ishqbaaz – Cute Couples ff by Ashwathy Episode 8

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In Oberoi Mansion
In Priveer’s room
Ranveer hurts Prinku. Anika who passes by sees Ranveer hurting Prinku.
Prinku : don’t think that I’m so weak, how can a man stoop site low.
Ranveer : shut up, don’t dare to shout at me.
Prinku : plz, leave me.
Anika : Prinku…… Ranveer leaves her.
Anika : can u just prepare a tea for me, plz….
Prinku : sure bhabhi………She goes.
Anika : Ranveer, how is ur life with Prinku?
Ranveer : its good didi, she is very caring……
Anika : how is ur behaviour towards her?????
Ranveer : I’m taking care of her very well…….. Anika slaps him……..
Anika : u started saying lies to ur didi, how can u behave in a cruel way to Prinku.
Ranveer : didi….. I…..
Anika : not a word more, Veer, I know she insulted u but u shud have not behaved to her in such a way. It was a misunderstanding, promise u ll not hurt Prinku once again.
Ranveer : promise. Anika smiles. Prinku comes there.
Anika : Prinku, sorry for wat Ranveer has done.
Prinku : no bhabhi, plz don’t apologise. Anika smiles and goes. Ranveer looks at Prinku. She goes.

In Omri’s room
Gauri comes there.
Gauri : where did this Om keep the bag? She searches for the bag and finds it on the top of the cupboard.
Gauri : didn’t he get any other place to keep bag. She takes a stool and climbs on it to take the bag. Om comes there and sees this. Gauri tries to take the bag but Thudd……. She falls down. Om sees this and laughs. Gauri gets up and starts crying like a baby……..
Gauri : aaaaaa……… Mama……… I fell down and u r laughing……
Om : sorry….. I was not able to control laughing.
Gauri : don’t talk to me.
Om : ok, listen to me. He tries to hold her hands but she cries, at last Om hugs her to make her calm. Gauri was shocked by his reaction. She smiles. Music…………. Plays……………….. Later Om realises wat he is doing, he breaks the hug and looks at Gauri. He goes. She smiles.

In Rumya’s room
Rudra comes there and sees Soumya sad.
Rudra : wat happen sumo?
Soumya : don’t call me that, I’m Soumya.
Rudra : wat happen? If I won’t call u sumo then who ll call?
Soumya : don’t dare to call me that I’m not fat….. I’m not sumo…….
Rudra : Sumo, y r u crying?
Soumya : just get out, I’m not Sumo, I’m not fat. Rudra gets angry.
Rudra : u can’t deny the fact that u r fat, u r Sumo…… He goes. She cries.

In hall
A man enters and hugs Anika.
Arjun : Anika, how r u?
Anika : I’m fine.
Arjun : hai, everyone, I’m Anika’s fiancee Arjun. Everyone understands that he doesn’t know the truth that Anika is Shivaay’s wife.
Anika : (whispering) Shivaay, plz don’t tell him everything. If Arjun gets angry then papa’s respect ll be at stake.
Arjun : Shivaay, I saw all the three couples but where is ur wife.
Tia : I’m here.
Arjun : oo, nice to meet u. Anika, come I want to talk to u. He holds her hands and takes her.

Pool area
Arjun and Anika comes there.
Arjun : I missed u so much. Anika smiles. He holds her closer. Shivaay comes there and sees this.

Precap :
Shivaay jealous……….. Anika shocked……….. AniRu talk……….. Rumya romance……….

Author’s note :
Sorry guys for the short update, u all know I neeya rest as my operation finished today morning. For few days I ll post short updates, sorry for that. And guys plz suggest me a actor for Arjun’s character. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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