Ishqbaaz – Cute Couples ff by Ashwathy Episode 7

Haii guys really thanks a lot for ur comments. Guys do u remember the speciality of today, today is 27th May, first anniversary of ishqbaaz.???????????????

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In Shivika’s room
Anika was shocked hearing the word I’m there for u. A smile appears in her face. She sleeps.

In Omri’s room
Gauri comes there and sees Om sitting at a corner. She moves forward and sees him injecting drug. She was shocked. She goes to him and throws it. Om sees her.
Gauri : y r u doing this?
Om : its none of ur business.
Gauri : Om, r u ok.
Om : I want to be alone.
Gauri : tell me y r u trying to use drugs.
Om : Gauri, go from here.
Gauri : no, I won’t.
Om : don’t shout.
Gauri : I ll shout let everyone know wat u r doing? Om gets angry and slaps her. She gets shocked. Om realises wat he has done but goes. Gauri cries. Prinku was seeing all this.

Pool area
Anika is sitting there. Prinku comes there and tells everything to her.
Prinku : if Shivaay bhaiya comes to know about it then he ll be very sad.
Anika : don’t worry, go and call Om, tell him I want his help.
Prinku : ok bhabhi.

In hall
Om is sitting there. Prinku comes there.
Prinku : bhaiya, Anika didi want ur help, can u go there becoz she can’t walk.
Om : ok.

Pool area
Om comes and sits beside Anika.
Om : Anika, do u want my help.
Anika : Om, can u just blow my hands, its burning. Om smiles. He takes her hands on his hands and starts blowing.
Om : y did u burn ur hands. Anika tells him everything.
Om : so u thought that Shivaay forced u but actually he didn’t.
Anika : ya, he is not so bad. One day he ll realize everything. I’m so happy that Gauri got such a sweet husband like u. I know u ll keep her always happy. I know u ll never hurt her. Tears form in Om’s eyes. Anika sees this.

Anika : wat happen Om? Om looks at her.
Om : I slapped Gauri. She smiles. Om gets confused.
Anika : Prinku said me everything, she saw ur fight, she also said me about ur past. Forget it Om, if Riddhima cheated u its not ur mistake. Forget her and think about ur brothers, if they come to know that u r trying to use drugs then it ll definetly hurt them. Promise me u ll not use drugs anymore. Om smiles.
Om : promise. He keeps his hand on her head. He smiles.

Om : Gauri…….
Anika : u don’t worry about her, she is much interested in knowing everything. Even I slapped her many times but after some time, she ll come and talk to me. She ll be fine. I know it ll be difficult for u start a new life but stay as friends. Everything ll be fine.
Om : bhabhi……….Anika was happy to hear this. He smiles and hugs her and goes. Shivaay was standing behind the pillar and hearing everything. Tears roll down his eyes. He goes to her. Anika sees him.

In Omri’s room
Om : Prinku can u get me a cup of tea, my head is paining. Gauri hears this.
Prinku : ok bhaiya. She goes.

In kitchen
Prinku comes there but just then Pinky calls her.
Gauri : u don’t worry, I ll give tea to Om, u go.
Prinku : ok bhabhi. She smiles and goes. Gauri prepares tea and goes to the room.

In Omri’s room
Gauri comes there and Om sees her. Gauri keeps the tea there and tries to go but Om stops her by holding her hand.
Om : I’m sorry, plz forgive, won’t u forgive ur hus….. friend. Gauri looks at him and smiles. He sees her cheek with marks of his hand. He touches her cheek. She closes her eyes and feels his touch. He moves towards her cheeks. Music…………Plays…………He tries to kiss her but stops realising wat he is doing. He moves back and goes. Gauri smiles.

Pool area
Shivaay comes there and sits beside Anika. He holds her hands and pecks on her both palms. She gets shocked.
Shivaay : thank u.
Anika : for wat?
Shivaay : for supporting Om and making him understand the situation.
Anika : he is even my brother.
Shivaay : not only for that.
Anika : then……
Shivaay : for coming into my life. Anika looks at him. He goes. She smiles.

In Shivika’s room
Doctor checks Anika.
Doctor : now she can walk but be careful, don’t worry ur burns ll also heel soon, it ll go within 2 days.
Shivaay : thank u Doctor. Doctor goes. Shivaay gets a call and goes to attend. Later he comes back and sees Anika struggling to walk. He closes the door and goes to her. He holds her hand and helps her to walk. She looks at him.

Shivaay : enough for today. He lifts her. She holds his collar tightly. He places her on the bed but she didn’t leave his collar. Shivaay sees this.
Shivaay : I know I’m very handsome but it doesn’t mean that u can check me out like this. She leaves his collar and turns her face. He lies down beside her. She turns her face. Shivaay sees this and smiles. He holds her chin. She gets tensed.
Shivaay : wat happen? Look at me Anika. She looks into his eyes. She gets nervous.
Shivaay : calm down, I’m ur husband. I won’t hurt u, don’t worry. He keeps his hand on her hand. She smiles.
Shivaay : Good Night……..
Anika : Good Night. They sleep peacefully.

Precap :
Priveer fight…………Anika slaps Ranveer…….. Omri romance………Soumya cries………. Rudra angry…………Shivika moments……….

Author’s note :
Guys, thanks a lot for ur comments. Next one may be little bit late. So plz forgive me. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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  1. Sairan

    Great episode loved it
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    Another awesome one. Kindly post that another one soon too. Loved it and will be waiting for the next.

  3. Awesome di. Loved it. Thanks for posting the ff. Please post nafarat se Pyaar ff also. I am eagerly waiting for it. ? ?

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    Wow awsm di .. I wasn’t able to comment on prev epi but this one is awsm I’m happy that ur moving forward mode ..


    Ashwathy Kya aap RuMya pe based ek ff banayegi please???i really like your all ff storys.i really very miss RuMya in show that way iam requeste.sirf RuMya nahi ShivIka,GauriKara ko bhi include karna.

    Waiting for next part..

  7. Rasika

    Loved anioms bonding and Shivika s understanding, loved the epi and 1 more thing di anniversary of ishqbaaz is on 27th June,not may

    1. Ashwathy

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  13. Aww it was so nice…I like anika nd rudr’s bonding pls make some seens of thm in coming epis
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    AniOm Convo was cute….
    Shivika r adorable….
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  15. Awesome . First anniversary of Ishqbaaz is 27th of june dear

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    Superb updt

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    Hey ashi,,,i’ll call u that

    One yr anniversay on27 june..

    Mindblowing update…..
    Lots of misunderstandings get clear n new twists arises..
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    I forgot to comment on the last part but loved both parts. Gave me soooo many emotions ?

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