Ishqbaaz – Cute Couples ff by Ashwathy Episode 6

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In Oberoi Mansion
In Shivika’s room
Anika wakes up and sees herself on floor. She goes to freshen up. She comes out wearing a blue saree. Just then Dadi comes there.
Dadi : Anika, I know Shivaay hurted u. But don’t worry, wat we did is not a mistake. When he ll know the truth then everything ll be fine. We heard Tia talking to her husband, we can expose her soon. And I told everything to Pinky and Omrupri. But u shud be strong, ok. Anika smiles.

In Pool area
Shivaay stands there and Tia comes there.
Tia : don’t worry Shivaay baby, everything ll be fine. She hugs him. She gets closer to him. Just then Anika comes there. Shivaay sees this and holds Tia’s hand. Anika gets angry. She goes to them. She pushes Tia and she falls down. Shivaay gets shocked and goes to help Tia but Anika holds his hand.
Anika : where r u going Shivaay, to help this cheapde. Tia gets up.
Tia : How dare u.
Anika : I’m daring becoz I’m Shivaay’s wife. Don’t dare to get closer to him. I ll never bear it.
Tia : u married him by cheating.
Anika : if u say this once more then u won’t know from where chameli is coming to ur face. U cheated Shivaay. U r already married. Shivaay gets shocked. Tia starts her fake crying.
Tia : see Shivaay baby, she is saying such lies about me. Baby, I don’t know anything.
Anika : arreee, is Shivaay studying in LKG to call him baby. U can call him Shivaay. I don’t like somebody calling my husband baby specially u. Tia goes to Shivaay and hugs him.
Tia : baby, see how she is behaving. Anika gets angry. She holds Tia’s hand and twists it. Shivaay looks on.
Anika : once again if u get closer to my husband then u won’t stay in this house. Only I have the right to get closer to him. Tia goes angrily. Anika tries to go but Shivaay holds her hand and pulls her closer.
Shivaay : wat drama r u doing now?
Anika : wat did I do Shivaay? I married u to save u from Tia. She is already married. I didn’t say this is to u becoz there was no time. I didn’t meant to hurt u.
Shivaay : just stop it. I don’t believe u.
Anika : I don’t care, I just know that I’m ur wife. Shivaay holds her hand and twists it. She cries but Shivaay was least bothered.
Anika : Shivaay, its hurting………
Shivaay : I don’t care……I just consider u as a sl*t. She was shocked to hear this.
Shivaay : even ur each touch hurts me, I just hate cheating. Wat did u say to Tia, only u can get closer to me. Then show it to me. He gets closer to her, he lifts her and takes her to bed. He places her on the bed and gets on top of her.
Anika : Shivaay, plz leave me. She shouts but Shivaay cups her mouth. He tore her sleeves. She cries. She gets unconsious. Later after one hour, Anika opens her eyes and sees the whole room in a mess. She sees her dress tore. She cries.
Anika : (thinking) did he force himself into me but how can he. I lost my virginity in front of a person who hates me. I feel to burn myself. She cries.

In Kitchen
Anika, Pinky, Jhanvi and Gauri is cooking. Anika was sad.
Pinky : Anika, y r u sad?
Anika : nothing ma.
Jhanvi : r u ok, u look tired.
Anika : ya. Pinky and Jhanvi goes to call everybody.
Gauri : didi, when pan becomes hot then start adding the oil. I ll be back soon. Anika : ok. Gauri goes. Anika thinks about Shivaay’s words. She breaks the glass in anger. She walks through the glass pieces. Blood starts starts oozing from her legs. But still she was not having any emotions. She sees the burning pan and keeps her hand on it. Tears roll down her eyes. Pinky comes there and sees this. She moved Anika’s hand and calls everybody. Pinky cries.

In hall
Anika is sitting in the sofa. Everyone was sad and tensed seeing Anika’s condition except Tia. Just Shivaay comes there. He was shocked to see Anika in such a condition.
Shivaay : wat happen?
Pinky : I don’t know, I went to call everyone for lunch, when I came back today kitchen, I say Anika keeping her hands on the hot pan. Shivaay was confused.
Dadi : Anika, wat happen puttar?
Doctor comes there and checks her. He removes the glass pieces from her legs. She shouts.
Dadi : Shivaay, go to her and hold her hands, her pain ll reduce by ur presence. Though he didn’t to go to her but still he can’t see her in pain. He goes to her and holds her hand but she removes it. Shivaay was confused.
Shivaay : (whispering) y did u do this?
Anika : (whispering) I hate u. Shivaay was shocked to hear these words from her mouth, though he hate her, he can’t hear such words from her mouth.
Anika : (whispering) u forced ur self upon me, I lost my virginity in front u. Shivaay was shocked but he understood wat has happened.
Doctor : she is ok, she just need complete rest. Doctor goes.
Dadi : Shivaay take Anika to her room. Shivaay lifts Anika, she cries being uncomfortable.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay places Anika on the bed and goes. Later after few minutes he comes back and closes the door. Anika sees him and gets angry. She stands up and the blood starts flowing again.
Shivaay : Anika sit down.
Anika : I feel to burn myself. She cries. Shivaay takes his laptop and connects his pen drive to it. He shows her a video where Shivaay is talking to the guests who came to see him. Omru were sitting beside him.
Shivaay : u think that I forced myself on to u but that is a mistake. I think at Morning around 10’O’ clock, I lifted u and bought to bed and u got unconsious. The video is from 10:30am to 11:30am. This shows that I was talking with my guests. I have taken this from today’s CCTV footage. If u have any doubt u can ask Omru. U just check ur body, if I forced u then there would have been at least some nail marks. Is there something like that. I tried to get closer to u but nothing happened between us. U r still a virgin. I just tore ur sleeves to make u scared, I’m not so cheap to force a girl. She was shocked and very happy to know that she is still a virgin. A smile appears in Shivaay’s face seeing her happy. He brings first aid box and dresses her wound. He goes. She smiles.

Shivaay comes there and sees Anika reading a book with great difficulty to hold it as her hands were burned. She doesn’t see him. Shivaay looks a her. He then notices her milky white stomach. He feels to touch it but thinks about her cheating and stops. He goes to washroom and comes out wearing his night wear. He sees Anika busy in reading book. He goes to her and sits beside her. But our Anika didn’t notice him. Shivaay takes the book from her hand. She was shocked to see him.
Anika : when did u come?
Shivaay : its already half an hour and u r asking me now. U were busy reading. Don’t u want to have food. He goes and brings food and starts feeding her.
Shivaay : don’t think that I forgave u. He then gives her medicines. Then he removes the gloves from her hand and applies ointment. Tears roll down her eyes. He wipes it. Anika looks a him. Just then he gets a call. He goes to attend it.

Pool area
Shivaay : did u get the details.
Man : sir, ur doubt was right, Tia is married to Robin. Shivaay gets shocked.
Shivaay : send me the details. He cuts the call.
Shivaay : (thinking) it means Anika was saying truth. He feels guilty for hurting her.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika lieing on the bed closing her eyes. He closes the door and goes to bed and lies down beside her. He offs the light and Anika gets scared. She was not even able to touch anywhere because of her burned hands. Shivaay sees this and moves closer to her and keeps his hands slowly on her hands. Music……….Plays…………She gets relieved.
Shivaay : don’t get tense, I’m there for u…………

Precap :
Gauri sees Om using drugs……….AniOm talk……….. Omri romance……………Shivika talk……………

Author’s note :
Guys, hope u all like it. Plz comment. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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