Ishqbaaz – Cute Couples ff by Ashwathy Episode 5

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Guys a small change in yesterday’s precap, cancel Dadi in coma.

Here goes the next episode

Marriage Day
In Oberoi Mansion
Everyone one comes there. Grooms are waiting in the mantap for their Brides. Brides come there wearing gunghat. They exchange garlands. They take seven pheras. Grooms ties mangalsutra in bride’s neck. They applies sindhoor in bride’s maang. The marriage gets completed.
Jhanvi : where is Anika?
Anjali : don’t know where she has went.
Pinky : anyway lets do the mukh dikhai.

In hall
Dadi lifts Soumya’s gunghat. Anjali lifts Prinku’s gunghat. Jhanvi lifts Gauri’s gunghat. Pinky lifts Tia’s gunghat and is shocked to see Anika in place of Shivaay. Shivaay looks at her unbelievably.
Pinky : its means Shivaay married u. Anjali gets angry.
Anjali : y did u do this? Anika cries. Anjali slaps her and again raises her hand to slap but Dadi stops her.
Dadi : I don’t like Tia, I don’t believe her so I asked Anika to marry him.
Tej : ma but u could have said us.

Dadi : this is my decision. Tia comes there crying. She blames Anika.
Tia : Shivaay, Anika hit my head and came down as bride. Dadi gets angry.
Dadi : shut ur mouth. If u want u can stay here but be in ur limits.
Niranjan : but ma y did u choose Anika, her marriage is already fixed.
Dadi : I chose Anika becoz she doesn’t like that marriage. So I thought she is the best bahu for this house.
Shivaay : Dadi, but I can’t accept this marriage.
Pinky : Shivaay, whatever u say she is ur wife and u have to accept it. Everyone one was shocked to hear Pinky’s words. Prinku goes and hugs Anika. Omru smile. Veerriya smiles. Shivaay gets angry and goes.

In Shivaay’s room
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika crying. Shivaay goes to her angrily and holds her by shoulder.
Shivaay : I considered u as a friend but u betrayed me. Don’t think that u can live here as my wife.
Anika : Shivaay, listen to me once……..
Shivaay : just shut up, now u r like a cheap girl for me who can sell herself. She cries.
Shivaay : u don’t like to do marriage with Arjun so u married me by crook, u cheated me. Now I ll make ur life hell. He goes. She cries.

In Priveer’s room
Prinku sits there. Ranveer comes there and holds her closer and pushes her. She falls down. She gets shocked by his action.
Prinku : Ranveer, wat r u doing?
Ranveer : do u remember how u insulted me, this marriage is just a revenge. If u say this to anybody then u ll see ur brother’s Life spoiling not just one but three. She cries. He sleeps on the bed and Prinku on couch.

In Rumya’s room
Rudra comes there and sees Soumya eating paratha.
Rudra : don’t u have any other work rather than eating.
Soumya : Rudra, I want u to accept me the way I am. He smiles. He hugs her.
Soumya : I LOVE YOU RUDRA. They sleeping hugging each other.

In Omri’s room
Om comes there sees Gauri sitting there nervously. He goes and takes the pillow and goes to the couch.
Om : our marriage was unexpected though it was with our will. So we can start our life when we know each other. To be frank I can’t consider u as my wife. She gets shocked and cries. She sleeps on the bed.
Gauri : (thinking) if he can’t accept me as wife then y did he marry me. But still he is right, we don’t love each other so we shud know each other then we can start a new life.

In Shivika’s room
Shivaay comes there and sees Anika sleeping on floor. Her eyes dried up by crying.
Shivaay : (thinking) y did u do this to me Anika, now I just hate u. I ll make u suffer from this betrayal. He lies down on the bed and sleeps.

Precap :
Shitia romance……….Anika gets angry………Anika’s tashan avatar……….

Author’s note :
Guys, hope u all ll like this part. Each day I ll focus on each couple. Guys, plz comment, if I ll get at least 20 comments only then I ll update the next episode of both my ff. If no then I’m sorry becoz this is the first time I’m getting such low response. I’m so sad. According to me all my ff’s are equal and want ur suggestions. Though good or bad getting ur opinion is important for me. So plz comment guys. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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