Ishqbaaz – Cute Couples ff by Ashwathy Episode 4

Haii guys, I’m back with a new episode.

Here goes the next episode

In Oberoi Industries
Anika : can u act as my boy friend.
Shivaay : wat??
Anika : Actually my dad fixed my marriage with Arjun, I don’t like him, to get rid of him I said that I have a boy friend. To make him believe that I kissed u.
Shivaay : but Anika my marriage fixed within a week. I’m sorry. Anika smiles sadly.
Anika : its ok Shivaay, anyway we r friends.

In Coaching Centre
Prinku sees the boys talking about how they fooled her and made her believe that Ranveer stole the book.
Prinku : (thinking) this means Ranveer has not done any mistake. I misunderstood him. She feels guilty.

In Oberoi Mansion
Pool area
Everyone discuss about wat has happened.
Shivaay : I think Anika doesn’t like this marriage.
Om : do u have some soft corner towards her or Love?
Shivaay : no Om, u know I’m gonna get married to Tia.
Om : Prinku, did u apologise to Ranveer?
Prinku : no bhaiya, I have to.
Om : And Rudra y r u so quiet?
Rudra : Om, I have fallen in love.
All : wat? who? and how?
Rudra : Soumya, we finished our project together, we r together always. I have fallen for her. Bhaiya, will u say to papa and ma.
Om : r u sure Rudra, don’t u think its too early.
Rudra : I’m sure, I want her.
Shivaay : I ll talk to bade papa and bade ma. U don’t worry.

In Malhotra Mansion
In Anika’s room
Anika : Shivaay is already engaged with someone else so he can’t do acting.
Gauri : leave it didi, we ll find someone else.
Anika : veer, r u still angry with Priyanka. According to her wat she did was correct. So forget it.
Ranveer : I want her as my wife.
Gauri : r u serious bhaiya.
Ranveer : ya.
Anika : so soon.
Soumya : Love is like that it happens at any time. Like it happened to me.
All : wat??
Soumya : I’m in love with Rudra.
Gauri : Soumya, u r just studying.
Soumya : di plz, ll u talk to papa, ma.
Anika : ok, calm down.

In Malhotra Mansion
In hall
Oberoi’s comes there and talk about Rudra’s and Soumya’s alliance. Anika, Gauri and Ranveer was shocked to see Shivaay, Om and Priyanka. Ranveer signs Anika. Anika whispers something to Anjali (her mom). She tells this to her husband Niranjan.
Niranjan : we fixed Rudra’s and Soumya’s Marriage, I think that we can do Ranveer’s and Prinku’s marriage. Actually Ranveer and Prinku know each other and Ranveer liked her. Everyone looks at Prinku. She smiles. Everyone gets happy. Anika again whispers something to Anjali.
Anjali : Anika’s Marriage is already fixed and Shivaay’s is also fixed. Only Om and Gauri is left. Even Om and Gauri know each other so we can even fix their marriage.
Jhanvi : we r ok with this. Everyone looks at Om.
Shivaay : Om, plz agree. He nods.
Tej : so we can do all the marriage in a week with Shivaay’s Marriage.
Anjali : Anika Marriage cannot be done now becoz Arjun is busy with some work in London, so we ll do her marriage later.
Jhanvi : ok.

Promo of upcoming episode

Boy : I considered u as my friend but u betrayed me.
Girl : listen to me once.
Boy : wait and watch, I ll make ur life hell. He pushes her and goes.
She sits crying.
Anika : God, u can’t do this time me, I didn’t cheat anyone. I just wanted to save him.

End of promo.

Precap :
Marriage…….. Dadi in coma……. Everyone shouts at Anika……….. Pinky and Omru consoles her………..

Author’s note :
Hope u all ll like the upcoming episodes. It ll be interesting, hope u all liked today’s episode. Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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  3. Ashwathy di pls post the next episode of nafrat se pyaar pls

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