Ishqbaaz – Cute Couples ff by Ashwathy episode 2

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In College
Rudra goes to Soumya and sees her crying.
Rudra : Soumya, I’m sorry. He does sit up’s. She smiles.
Rudra : friends. They shake their hands.

In Art Gallery
Gauri comes there and doesn’t find anybody. She goes inside and just then Om comes there. Om hears some noise.
Om : (thinking) is there any thief inside, then I won’t leave him. He goes inside and sees a girl.
Om : u thief, even after being a girl u r stealing things. Shame on u, girls like u r always this way, their eyes ll be on money. Gauri looks at him surprised. Om holds her hand.
Gauri : listen to me.
Om : shut ur mouth. I don’t want to hear any lies. I hate lies. Gauri gets scared. He throws her outside. She falls down and gets hurt. He turns his face.
Om : just go from here. Gauri gets angry.
Gauri : u long hair creature. How dare u to hurt Gauri Malhotra. I’m not here to steal ur things. I’m here to work with u in the project. Everyone said me that u r a kind person and a good artist so I was interested to work with u but I was not knowing that u don’t know to respect women. She cries. Om gets shocked.
Gauri : u called me theif and insulted me. Now I ll show u who is Gauri Malhotra. Let me see without me how u ll finish this project. She goes.
Om calls the man.
Om : can I get any other partner.
Man : no sir because the company suggested her name. U just have few days so finish it faster.
Om : ok can I get her number.
Man : yes sir, I ll send u. He cuts the call.
Om : wat have I done. U r always fast Om without thinking anything.

In Oberoi Industries
Shivaay and Anika shakes their hands.
Shivaay : lets go and see the plot first so we start the project.
Anika : ok but before that can we become friends. Shivaay smiles.
Shivaay : sure. They goes.

In the project plot
Anika and Shivaay comes there.
Anika : this place is strange there is very less people staying near by.
Shivaay : ya, I can’t see anybody here. Anyway lets start our work. They discuss something. Just then a car comes there and a man comes out of it. Anika sees this. She suddenly hugs Shivaay. Shivaay was shocked. He tries to come out. But Anika whispers Plz. Shivaay was confused but remained silent. Then she saw that man coming towards them. Suddenly without thinking she kisses Shivaay on his lips. Shivaay was shocked. He was not able to move. She holds Shivaay’s coat tightly. The man was shocked and angry. He goes. Anika sees him going and comes out of the moment. She was not able to face Shivaay.
Anika : Shi….. Shivaay……I
Shivaay : (angry) I don’t want to hear anything lets go. They sit in the car.
Anika : Shivaay, just listen to me once. I’m really sorry.
Shivaay : Anika stop it, just think that if I did this to u, ll u listen to wat I say. No u ll not talk to me. May be u ll even slap me. I’m not doing that because I consider u as a friend and I have some manners. She cries. They come to the office.

In Shivaay’s Cabin
Anika sits crying. Shivaay sees this and feels bad. He gives her water. She drinks the water.
Anika : Shivaay, plz forgive me.
Shivaay : its ok Anika, I know u did that with some reason. She nods.
Shivaay : I got angry because I didn’t expected that though I wanted and loved it. Anika gets shocked. He smiles. He gets a call.
Shivaay : Anika, I have some work, I’m going, I ll ask driver to drop u. He goes.
Anika : Wat did he mean? Though I wanted and loved it. It means he wanted a kiss from me. Idiot. She smiles.

Precap :
Gauri punishes Om………Omika meeting……..Priveer fight……..

Author’s note :
Guys, I felt that this story is boring because I got very less comments compared to my ff’s. I’m very sad. Hope u ll this. And a Happy news to everyone that our Shivika got the award for favourite international jodi. ☺????Bye guys.

By Ashwathy

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