Ishqbaaz current track analysis by Samm

Sometimes, I just feel too drawn towards this recap page… I blame the earlier episodes of ishqbaaz which used to be entertaining. I felt something from the original storyline creep into this episode and a few previous ones. Like the omru reply to pinky which was characteristic of them to defend their bro’s happiness. Well, better late than never! Also, what the hell is wrong with pinky? Doesn’t she understand Hindi nowadays? How much insult will she endure to hold onto a losing cause? And dadi? How come she’s never even seen talking to Shivaay nowadays while pinky won’t leave him alone for a minute?! And neither would Annika, for that matter!

I’m sorry ishqbaazians, but i recently felt like Anika is being a pushover. When Shivaay was all tadibaaz and arrogant, she was busy putting him down, showing him his place and what not! Even to the point that he even married her to take a dig back at her! and when they fell in love with each other, she just had to become a noble idiot, underestimate his strength in handling the truth and make the worst mistake of her life and put everyone through hell! and now when the poor soul has finally fell into a routine, even if it’s a boring, half dead one, she’s making it all about her and not thinking about his feelings at all, just like all the times before. in simple words, so many episodes into the show and there’s almost zero character development of Annika, except that she started believing in love too, and it would be amazing, if only love solved her problems instead of bringing the problems to her! In some cases she even seemed similar to Ragini with her attempts to win back Shivaay with jealousy rather than actual truth and sincerity! I’m not saying that she’s a psycho like Ragini, but she did put on a show just like her rival and tried to illicit a favorable response from him like an experiment. For a person who knows him as well as Annika does, she should have better ideas that the hit and trial jealousy experiment. Why can’t she just respect his wishes and accept her fault and simply say sorry. Knowing one’s mistake is one thing, but apologizing for letting that mistake the other one so badly is very important for a relationship that’s barely surviving! Bhavya was right after all, if Shivaay actually cared, Annika wouldn’t be able to do all of this without making a few trips to the jail, again!
As for omru, instead of blindly supporting their noble idiot Bhabhi, they should stand by their brother and not use him as a trump card against his own hopeless mother. They keep saying one for all, all for one, but they haven’t done anything in this except for bringing Annika back to the Oberoi mansion. They actually proved that what Tej thinks of them might just be the truth! All their power is because of their name, their family and basically Shivaay!

In that sense, i think this show did prove its point of being a male-centric story instead of the female centric ones we usually see. Shivaay being the ‘abla naari’ who follows his duties come hell or high water, who protects his family from every trouble, who makes sure his brothers have zero problems in their lives, who keeps his emotions hidden inside a rock-wall so that everyone else lives in peace. And after all of that, one bitter word from him and the heroine of the show goes to cry in a corner, his evil witch of a mother begins a string of complaints that he didn’t say more and his brothers just nod their head at his misfortune to be surrounded by such people. In my opinion, Shivaay is better off on his own! He would live a much more peaceful life as a modern saint with painted hair and costly clothes in the cold mountains. I’m sure he’s good enough to earn a good living even in the Himalayas and if he feels too lonely, he could meet a truly nice mountain-girl who would take care of him on her own, won’t get intimidated by animals or mother in laws, who knows what the guy actually needs, which is some peace from the forced aggression and violence and some good old fashioned love with background music and long, quiet eye locks in a cozy cottage, far far away from a pool of water, preferably. but i suspect Shivaay to be a bit crazy too, and that is the reason why he’s still sticking around with this crazy bunch of a family in which half the people couldn’t care less and the other half care a bit too much about everything which doesn’t have anything to do with them! but try as much as i wish to, i can’t blame Shivaay because it’s understandable of him to not ignore his sense of responsibility towards the psychos and just go on with life hoping for a better future with some miracles, as he always does! I can understand Shivaay; your fans hope the same for you!

Lastly, i don’t mean to hurt anyone and i know this was way too brutal of an analysis. More than that, it was my irritation with this show’s current track and how this show just does away with respect in any relationship like it’s nothing more than extra baggage! Respect in any relationship is crucial, whether it be a husband-wife, siblings or mother-son or anything else! The unbelievable thing is that no one respects anyone else’s personal space, no one respects anyone’s feelings or opinions and yet they get along like family! The lack of respect towards a particular person is the reason why pinky is being like this, and yet no one in the house seems to observe this!! I agree that pinky had it coming from omru and Janhvi in the first place, because she never did much to earn that respect, much less command it by blackmailing her son’s happiness and peace! It’s just as useless as changing one’s dressing style and wearing uncomfortable clothes to make a guy jealous without him realizing it! But the fact that Shivaay did fall for it says something about his taste and life choices too, doesn’t it?

Also, I’m sure I’ll receive a lot of negative replies for this, but please keep in mind that I too like this show a lot and its just my thoughts that I’ve put to words in a possibly harsh way. Sorry for hurting anyone, it wasn’t my intention to hurt any fellow fan.

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  1. I can completely understand your irritation as at some point even I feel the same. I am not saying that I completely agree with you but of course some things you said are really correct. Actually they are using Shivaay’s emotions. I am not saying Anika is wrong but her way is wrong to some extent, if she cared so much for Shivaay she should have not gone from his life, anyways Pinky herself accepted that she can never tell Shivaay the truth. So instead of playing with his emotions tell him the truth, when Omru and Jhanvi also support Anika, and if Pinky discloses the truth, then Dadi, Shakti should take a step further, anyways I don’t think Pinky will ever do it because she knows she is powerless without Shivaay.
    Sorry if I have hurt anyone, I am really sorry but this is what I feel.

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Your points are correct…

  3. I feel that they are playing with shivaay’s emotions and feelings…i completely accept your thoughts…

  4. I agree with prajkta. ?

  5. Pui

    You are right dear! Things seem stupid in the serial now. What is weird is that Dadi doesnt know anything about whats happening in her house and no one who knows it is going to tell Shivaay. If he’s so unaffected by things then he should be able to accept the truth. Hoping for the nok – jhok moments to come soon.

  6. Ur totally right …! Review was honest n to the point .. and keep it up yrr …
    Anika’s character its losing its charm
    And whatever nonsense they are showing doesnt happens in any1s life .. cant relate it to anything .. pure drama this serial has become .. aunty types ! I m hating anika now .. n there was no pt in this much drama n dragging … first she went n again came .. just to drag the pointless story ..
    Already atopoed watching it .. just watch tomorrows glance n leave it .. but nw m stopping even tht .. done with this … decided to watch something sensible .. KRPKAB .. top choice no drama no dragging .. love it ! N one humble request to all .. m nt here to promote anything or hurt anyone .. i want to say is tht .. guys plz support good content and sensible shows .. just watch some episodes of krpkab .. i bet u will fall in love with it .. shaheer has bought dev to life .. his eyes speaks volume .. its really good friends… recently saw tht divyanka and mouni took away best actress prize in gold awards n jennifer who has taken acting to another level in beyhadh wasnt appreciated.. krpkab dint win any award .. i m nt criticising but only once watch them n decide by urself ..

    1. WardhaRosYY

      Damn true! Krpkab is so realistic. And right Maya’s acting in Beyhad is the Best ever. Although the show is not very realistic but Jennifer’s acting nailed it.

      1. Thanks

  7. It’s very true dii and u kniw what everyone accepts bhavya rather they know that rumya is married and they should make them closer I kniw on monday onwards it will be merger of ib but I’m gonna watch thus show ever it’s irritating a lot yaar

  8. I’m Gonna not I mean

  9. Diyaa

    “as a modern saint with painted hair and costly clothes in the cold mountains…finds a nice mountain girl…” ???I loved your analysis to the core Samm. I stopped watching the show a while ago. Was unable to watch bizarre villains, garish makeup and costumes, imbecile storyline, and butchering of main characters. The show has it’s appeal I am sure but I am just not the person with adequate taste for it. I am thinking, maybe Gul Khan needs some psychiatric help. She does this to all her shows. But post IPKKND (the first one) she got possessed by jaadoo, tona, plastic surgery and what not. Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed reading your review.

  10. Nita D

    To begin with, Sorry for such a late reply…I read your Analysis the day u posted….it’s fab….u have well put in words what I or most of us feel….haven’t watched both the shows for 2 mths now…..maybe I’ll continue from the episodes where Anika comes back…..
    Shivaay being Abla naari…..that thing is so true…..(and funny the way u have written!!)….and “modern saint with painted hair and costly clothes in the cold mountains. ” oh God wow…..

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