Ishqbaaz- A complete analysis

Ishqbaaz – A Complete Analysis

Hi guys, today I am here with an analysis on the journey of Ishqbaaz from the beginning.

As we know IB completed its one year of success last month, so first of all a big hug and congrats to all IB fans (including me). Secondly, these are my views and I understand that some of you may not agree with them and I respect your opinions with hope that you’ll also respect mine. Thirdly, if you have to share anything, please kindly drop your views in comments below. I hope you all will co-operate.

IB started with the tag lines, “Hum saath hai toh baat hai” and “Ek duusre ke jaroori hisse hai, yeh ek kahani ke teen kisse hai”. Well at some point we found it missing, especially when DBO came and the three O’bros separated but again after this one hour episodes, we are having fun witnessing O’bros together. So, if we talk about bromance and the concept, it is still holding to its roots.

Now coming to romance, well Shivika and Rikara are rocking, I don’t think I can mention RuVya here as still there is a long way for them to come. Although Shivika are divorced and Rikara are still not that free with each other, there is some spark and chemistry in them but Ruvya, I don’t find that magic in them (Sorry, if I hurt anyone). Well talking about Ishkara and Rumya, well they were of course something truly different and magical. However there journey couldn’t be completed as according to the CVs and GK, they lacked chemistry (which I still don’t understand, why and how).

Well coming to screen-space and opportunity, we all will agree that Shivika being the main lead have and are getting the maximum SS, also due to its larger fan following compared to the other two. And I think that Rikara and Ruvya are not getting enough time, well although they have plenty of Bhavya but I think Gauri should also get equal chance, so that even Rikara story can progress, which according to me, is not moving with that flow. Although I don’t think there is any Ruvya story, I mean what are they trying to show is still not coming to me. And Shivika, they have come a long way and will go further also like this.

Now coming to the story line, oh there is a lot that can be talked of, IB has witnessed many major twists and turns (some I found so illogical). But see if you are talking about serials, then let’s keep logic outside and watch them (not only IB but for majority of the serials). It was actually better in first 6 months but after that, better not to talk about it.

So I have some questions,

1. When will Anika’s and Bhavya’s past be revealed?
2. Does Tej know about Svetlana’s mask drama? And for how long will he remain the same fallen man?
3. If Bhavya is on a mission of finding the locket, why isn’t there even one scene where she is doing some searching but all she does is relax and enjoy Oberoi drama (which will never end)?
4. Where is Mahi, will they ever bring his story in the spot light (I was looking forward to this track)?
5. How many more villians are to come ahead (Really fed up of this villianbaazi)?
6. What about Priveer, they have been completely neglected?
7. How long will kamini continue with her “make Priyanka mad” campaign?
8. Will Jhanvi ever get some peace in life?
9. When will they disclose Shakti-kamini-Pinky thing, because till then Shivaay’s truth will not be clear?
10. When will this Ragini-Samar thing end? And where did their mother go?
11. When will all these stupid MU get cleared? (Maybe never)
12. Will Shivaay ever use his businessman brain to find out the truth?
13. When will they have an actual story?
14. What about Roop and her husband who is in jail, I think?
15. Why did Gayatri’s husband burn himself in the Maha-arthi (episode 1)?

I think they should better think about these questions rather than showing baseless drama.

Now some points for the characters,

1. ShivOmRu, you have a sister if you have forgotten about her. They are behaving as if, after marriage, sister doesn’t exist only, atleast call her to ask about her whereabouts.
2. Anika, even you have a brother, talk to him once in a while, he’ll feel better.
3. Bhavya, you are on a mission, will you ever complete it yaa phir free mein rahna ka kuch jyada hi maza aa raha hai. You are on national duty not a vacation.
4. Omkara, you said that Soumya is your sister, so where did all the care and love vanish when she left OM and your brother bought a new girl. And now you are trying to make them patch up, why didn’t you try it for Rumya, allergy thi kya. And haa think about your wife first rather than about Ruvya.
5. Shivaay, bhaiyon ka to ho gaya, what about you. You have time for Ragini and her stupid things but no time to solve the mess of your own life.
6. Shakti, ab to kuch bol do ya pura serial khatam hone tak bas chup hi rahoge.
7. Tej, what to say, you’ll never change.
8. Jhanvi, use some of your brain, and try to see beyond also.
9. Pinky, Anika ko barbaad karna kya kafi nahi tha jo ab Gauri ke piche pad gayi ho.
10. Gauri, you are the most sensible person over here, be like this only. Atleast what you do has logic.
11. Dadi, you are wonderful as always but keep checking on others also once in a while.
12. Ranveer, you are an ACP, atleast do some investigation to know the reason behind the weird happenings in your house, also take help of Bhavya, so that she stays away from Rudra.
13. Priyanka, be little more strong and confident. And show that Kamini, you are no less.

I hope the CVs come up with something better for the further episodes.

So according to me, IB gets 7.5/10 for its journey and progress till now.
I am sorry if I hurt anyone.
Please share your views also.

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  1. Fenil

    Agree with u dost.
    All points are true.
    I would like add one more also,…in start shivaay said badi mushkil se mene Omkara ko paya hai…they never revealed about Omkara’s drugs past or whatever how shivaay relives his bro from drugs past.Dadi hain but she has no power Shivaay bhi dadi pe chillata hain Shut up all .

  2. Each point is too accurate. Although baby track too has no logic but still I loooove it?

  3. I am completely agree with u I like rumya more than ruvya

    1. Me too. I lyk Rumya most.. not ruvya

      1. Prajkta

        Missing Rumya a lot

  4. Good job.Well said.I really appreciate it

  5. Aarti32

    I agree wid all your points..
    Gul Mata ko kab chemistry dikhni band ho jaye, nobody knows!!
    D screen space thing, I totally agree..
    I can’t digest Rudra romancing dat Bhavya..thumbs down for ruvya from me ?
    Is show mein har kisi ko apne alawa baki sabki padi h..sabke fate ko silna h, bas apne ko nhi!!
    Mahi to gaayab hi ho gya!!
    Tej lost all d respect he earned as Anand Babu in Hum Saath Saath Hain ?
    N abt Rumya n Ishkara..they were d best thing dat ever happened to Ishqbaaaz ❣

    1. Prajkta

      Tej – Anand babu…..Lol….you are right, he lost all respect
      Even i loved Ishkara and Rumya a lot
      Yaa, even i find no connectivity in Rudra and Bhavya

  6. Aarti32

    D Shivaay Singh Oberoi ko koi bhi emotionally blackmail kr deta h!! I mean kuch bhi.. doesn’t Shivaay hv brains!? N wat is Shivaay n Anika’s relationship status, just by the way??

  7. I agree with u but i love om and gauri they are great as couple i wish they got some more screen space togetherinstead of the drama.gauri is strong beautiful and sensible and very charming so i want the makers to show some more gauri and rikaraa.they are cute and i love them.i think ruvya are also not that bad.but makers should give them some real story.

  8. Guys Bhavya is awesome 🙂 she is clever and she is perfect for oberois. I don’t like soumya…Bhavya is sensiblenad pretty too

    1. Prajkta

      I am not saying Bhavya is not good, but when we talk about her chemistry with Rudy, it doesnt work out that well.

  9. Nikita_jai29

    Your analysis is good… And I don’t like ruvya… They are lack of cute magical chemistry… Which we seen in rumya…

  10. Kiya

    I agree with ur all points… Well I didn’t watch Ishkara so much but the fact is their love story ends before it starts properly but what about Rumya?? Rumya r married so I think they r perfect match like Shivika & Rikara.. But they bring Bhavya… They r not married but still Shivika & Om want to bring them close but they didn’t slove Rumya prblms… Bhaiya is good but Ruvya track is meaning less… By the love Shivika chemistry & now love Rikara chemistry… Missing Rumya very badly…

    1. Kiya


    2. Kiya

      *bhavya not bhaiya

  11. Hi I’m new in telly update ruvya also good and bhavya is smart

    1. Prajkta

      Bhavya is good but doubts about RuVya

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