Ishqbaaz College FF: Dear Life (Part 4)

Part 4

It was 6’o clock in the evening ,omkara was busy in completing his painting.saumya was getting bored . Rudra visit their home everyday in the evening but he didn’t show up till now so soumya decides to go oberoi mansion.

Saumya: Bhai I am going to meet prinku .

Om: Wait I am coming too,Shivay has called me.

Saumya and Om reach oberoy mansion.

Shivay: It’s good that both of you have came I am making lasagna .

Saumya: wow bhaiya it’s my favorite.

Om: let’s watch a movie tonight.

Saumya: Great idea I am going to call dumbell and prinku.

Saumya goes to prinku’s room she was sitting on the bed lost in thoughts .

Saumya calls her name but she doesn’t respond .saumya pat her shoulder then she came out of trance.

Somu: what happened prinku?

Prinku:nothing somu I was feeling tired.

Somu: prinku you never tell me about anika where did you meet her?

Prinku stammers and says: actually she came to our school for a competition you were absent that day.Why are you asking about her.

Somu sense something is wrong but she diverts the topic.

Somu: leave it .let’s go we are watching a movie .

Prinku ; you go I am coming in five minutes.

Saumya goes from there prinku remembers the day when she met anika and gets upset.

Saumya goes to rudra’s room

Rudra was talking to someone over phone..

Rudra: baby I am so glad that you are joining our college ,I can’t wait to meet you. Why don’t you come on date with me tonight?

Saumya was used to these type of conversation of rudra with other girls ,but she was sad that he’ll not spend time with them.

Rudra:It’s okay baby I can understand the importance of spa appointment .I’ll see you in college.

Saumya was relived that rudra is not going.

Rudra cuts the phone, saumya barged in ..

Saumya: Rudra ,shivay bhaiya is making lasagna ,then we’ll watch movie together come fast.

Rudra makes a face and say ok.

Saumya: you are still angry .I am sorry .I promise I’ll not hide anything from you.

Rudra: haha see I made you apologize to me. Don’t ever forget your promise.

Saumya: Ok .By the way who’s gonna meet you tomorrow in college.

Rudra: oh so you heard my convo ,It’s a surprise you’ll get really happy to meet her tomorrow. Rudra smirks..

Saumya gives a confused look while leaving the room with rudra.

They all gathered in front of shivay’s home theater, all were having lasagna plates in their hands.

Om: okay guys decide which movie you want to watch.

Shivay: horror movie..

Rudra: No bhaiya ,prinku gets scared of these movies.

Saumya: yeah bhaiya prinku doesn’t want to watch it.

Prinku laughs and say: everybody knows who get scared of horror movies.

Om says while looking at rumya: Shivay let’s watch conjuring .I am sure we’ll enjoy the screaming session a lot.

Rudra: why are you taunting me ,I don’t get scared by these type of movies but your sister gets really scared .Do you want to scare your own sister O.

Saumya: crybaby ,I don’t get scared you do .I am brave.

Shivay : okay then let’s watch the movie and decide it .

The movie began..Saumya who was busy in eating lasagna put down the plate and holds the hands of rudy whose condition was same. After sometime all witness the loud screams coming from their side. Shivompri start laughing and click their pics. Movie ended after sometime,it was more a comedy film for them expect two frightened soul.

Shivay: So guys now you decide who is more scared.

Rudra: I am not scared .I was giving company to saumya.

Saumya: bhaiya ,we were acting to make you all laugh.

They all laugh more loudly.

Om: okay saumya now let’s go to sleep ,we have to go college in the morning. Mom has gone to nani’s place ,we have to wake up by ourselves.

Saumya: bhaiya I’ll sleep with prinku tonight.

Rudra: haha see how much she is scared.

Shivay: yeah only she is scared ,rudra you will sleep alone tonight right?

Rudra hugs him and say: no bhaiya I’ll sleep in your room.

All laugh and go to their respective rooms to sleep.

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