Ishqbaaz College FF: Dear Life (Part 3)


Class got over ,Mallika ad Anika went to canteen .Mallika was enjoying Anika’s company .She was a little weird but her antiques were really funny. Anika was really impressed by Mallika as she was a really positive girl and she was making her really comfortable .
Canteen was full but two chairs were empty besides Shivay and Om. Mallika drags Anika with her to their table .
Malika :hello guys meet anika my new friend.
Om: Hey mallu .Hii Anika please take the seat.
Shivay : Hii mallika
Shivay only greets mallika and give a suspicious look to anika who was staring at him like he was a ghost .
Shivay whispers in Mallika”s ears .
Shivay: Why is your friend staring at me like this.
Mallika laughs and ask anika
Mallika: Anika shivay wants to know that why are you staring at him .
Anika : I am not staring at him ,I am looking into his eyes .
Mallika and Om laughs and shivay gives a what the wuck look.

Om : Arz kiya hai ..
Teri aankho me kho jane ko jee chahta hai .
Shivay : Stop your shayri om.
Anika : Actually my neighbor’s cat has same eyes like him so looking at his eyes I remembered that cat.
Mallika and Om laugh really hard at this.
Shivya: Stop it Ok weird girl
Anika: Why are you calling me a weird girl. I could call you bagad billa but I have not done that,
Mallika and OM: Baghad billa
Anika: Baghad billa means mad cat .
Shivay: how dare you?
Anika: Yes you have eyes like cat and you are making faces like a mad guy.
Shivay was about to say something but om cuts him.
Om: Mllu why is your kajal has smudged ?Were you crying?
Anika remembers her conversation with mallika and looks and her with concern.
Shivay: There is no need to ask her I can guess it ,she broke up with sid again.
Mallika: how do you know ?
Shivay: isn’t it obvious he hasn’t came to canteen .He must be busy in writing a sorry card for you .
Om: Come on yar mallu .It’s your 17th break up with sid.
Anika looks at mallu with surprise.
Mallika: I won’t forgive him until he arrange candle light dinner with me.
Shivay and om laughs .
Anika: you guys know each other so well.
Mallika: I am friends with them since 8th standard and they are family friends and neighbors of each other.

anika was about to say something but she stopped seeing a boy joining them.
Shivay: Rudra come sit.
Mallika: hey champ how was your day at college.
Rudra: It was good mallu di.
Mallika: Don’t call me di in college.
Rudra: Don’t call me champ in college.
Mallika: okay rudy got it,meet anika our new friend and anika meet rudray shivay’s brother.
Rudra: hello anika
Anika : hello rudra , you are really different from your brother.
Anika makes a face and look at shivay
Rudra: what do you mean?
Shivay : She means absolute nonsense you don’t listen to her ,listen to me .Where is saumya and priyanka.
Rudra : they are busy in making new friends ,Rudra says while making a sad face.
Om: its good that they are getting new friends because you have already made many girlfriends in one day so they won’t get your company.
Rudra: o you are always behind me .Why don’t you ask your own sister about her new boyfriend.
Saumya comes from behind and shouts.
Saumya: Dumbell, what the hell are you saying.
Rudra: I am telling them about your boyfriend whom you have hide from all of us.
Saumya: Rudra , Reyaan is not my boyfriend he is my friend and bhaiya already know about him.
Rudra: It means even o knows it and not me .
Saumya: Rudra Reyaan’s brother is in bhai’s class .Why are you making it a issue?
Rudra: Because you don’t share everything with me like I do.
Mallika: Guys stop .Rudra why are you behaving like a jealous boyfriend.
Rudra: I am not jealous , I have the hottest date of my life tonight and saumya I won’t tell her name to you.
Saumya: thank you good for me.
Priyanka puts hand on saumya’s shoulder and signs her to stop.
Anika see priyanka and smiles.
Anika: priyanka

Priyanka see anika and gets shocked
Priyanka : What are you doing here?
Anika: I joined your college this year.
Om: How do you know each other?
Priyanka signals anika from eyes .Saumya noticed it.
Anika:I went to her school for an exam ,there we met each other.
Om: this is great.
Saumya gets a little suspicious about them and she decides to ask about it to priyanka later.
Rudra: prinku where is your new chatterbox?
Prinku: she has gone to meet his brother.
Om: who is chatterbox?
Rudra: A perfect match for you.
Om: I have already found a perfect match for me.
Rudra: oh yeah your riddhimaaaa.
Shivay: Guys enough of introductions and fighting sessions for today .Let’s go home.
All bids bye to each other and head back to their home.

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