Ishqbaaz College FF: Dear Life (Part 2)


Shivay and om enters the class.Shivay gives a furious look to robin and daksh . Om signs him and they sit on their seats.
Shivay: om you should have not stopped me that time.
Om: Shivay leave this topic, more you will extend that topic more they will think that our sisters are our weakness.
Shivay was about to say something but Professor enters the class. Behind him a girl wearing a denim kurta and leggings enters the class .she was looking everywhere with curiosity. Her moving gaze finally met with shivay. The girl narrow her eyebrows as if she is finding something unusual in his face .Shivay felt her expression weird and unconsciously his hands check his face .Their brief eye lock broke with professor’s voice.
“class you know that we don’t take new admission in our senior batches but Anika deserve that opportunity because of her excellence academic performance. She has been awarded by full scholarship. So please give a big round of applause to Anika .”
Everybody claps and Anika thanks them by folding her hands ,everyone finds her really strange. She sits beside Mallika. Anika look around the class ,all were making strange faces seeing her .Anika get upset then she look at mallika who was smiling warmly to her. Anika gets little happy from inside.
Anika :hii
Mallika: hi , I am mallika.
Anika look at mallika’s eyes it looks like she was crying .
Anika: Are you upset? You can tell me ,I can kick out any problem in this world. Mallika laughs a little seeing anika’s animated body language and talk.
Mallika(in sad tone) : Actually I broke up with my bf today.
Anika: oh , Is he our classmate?
Mallika nods and point at siddharth who was sitting on last banch with Dev and was stealing glances with mallika.
Anika was about to say something but they got silent because Professor was teaching an important topic.
She decided to talk with mallika after class.

Priyanka and saumya enters the class. Rudy was sitting their with bunch of girls surrounding him.He looks at saumya and smirks. Saumya gives him a you are impossible look and start looking for a seat . Prinku tap her shoulder and she looks at the direction where prinku was pointing. A girl wearing long skirt with sleeveless top and big earings was waving at him and showing them two empty chairs beside her.
SAumya whispers in prinku’s ear : Do you know her?
Prinku signs no with her haed.
SAumya and prinku goes near her and sit on the seats.
Saumya says thanks to her.
Girl: Hello, I am ishana . You know this class is really weird I was looking for right people to make them my friends you two look like perfect friends for me.
Saumya and prinku smiles .
Ishana: you know I always have a dream that I will enter the college and I’ll find my mr. perfect but look nobody is good enough for me in this class.
Saumya and prinku laugh and continue listening to her.
Ishana point out at Rudra say this guy is handsome but everytime I see him song” character dheela hai “ plays in my mind.
Saumya laughs out loudly..
Saumya: ishana he is prinku’s brother.
Prinku nods and laughs.

Ishana holds her ears and say sorry to prinku.
Prinku: It’s okay he is like that only.
Ishana laughs and saumya smiles seeing that prinku is not getting nervous with ishana.
After class got over Rudra comes near them ,He gets happy seeing a new girl and forward his hand ti ishana.
Rudra : hello, I am Rudra Singh OBeroy .Naam to suna hoga.
Ishana starts laughing loudly saumya and prinku laughs.
Rudra makes a sad face and ask “what is so funny?
Saumya: actually rudra whenever Ishana see you “character dheela hai “ plays in her mind that’s why she is laughing.
Rudra makes a face and drag saumya
Rudra : where do you find a weird girl like her?
SAumya : You always find people weird when they say truth.
Rudra: Just like you and your long hair wala brother .She is perfect for your family take her home with you.
Saumya: Duffer look prinku is comfortable with her . It is good that she is getting new friends.
Rudra nods and look at prinku but a person caught his attention.
A boy was continuously staring at saumya . Rudra looks at him angrily. He was about to say something to him but he stopped hearing a loud scream besides him.
“Reyaan”,saumya shouts and hug that staring guy. They were hugging each other like long lost friends. Rudra never saw any guy this close to saumya except him and shivom. A weird feeling run across his body. He goes to prinku.
Rudra: who is he ?

Ishana: DUMBELL, anybody having eyes can say say that he is her boyfriend . Ishana says while looking dreamily at Saumya-Reyaan.
Rudra: Don’t call me by that name and looks angrily at prinku for telling her his nickname.
Prinku says sorry and say: Bhaiya .he is reyaan.
Rudra : I know his name sumo screams his name so loudly that whole class knows his name now. Rudra says irritatingly.
Prinku: Bhaiya remember When we were in school saumya has gone to Delhi for GK competition .She met Reyaan there since then they are fb friends.
Rudra: Sumo told you about him not me why ?
Prinku shrugs her shoulders.
SAumya comes with reyaan there.
Saumya : Reyaan, Meet my friends Rudra and Priyanka I always tell you about them and my new friend ishaana .
Reyaan say hii to everyone.
Reyaan : Guys sumi speaks a lot about you guys .
Rudra : oh so you guys often talk.
Reyaan: Yeah we guys talk regularly on fb.
Rudra looks at saumya angrily.
Saumya: you know guys I came second in GK competition because Reyaan came first . He always gives me study tips.
Reyaan smiles ..
Reyaan : Guys it’s really nice to meet you all ,I have to go to meet my brother he is in our senior batch. See you later.
Reyaan goes and Rudra turns towards saumya.
Rudra: Why you have not told me about him?
Saumya: Why should I ? Do you tell me about your hundreds of girlfriends?
Rudra : yes you know about all of them,wait is he your boyfriend?
Saumya: No, he is my friend But why it affects you even if he is my boyfriend.
Rudra: I don’t care ,its just you tell prinku not me.
Saumya: I tried but you always fight with me on unnecessary topics and I forgot to tell you.
Rudra makes face and leaves from there.saumya looks confusingly.

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