Ishqbaaz College FF: Dear Life (Part 1)

Hey guys I am kavyaa. I am starting a new story today .I love the stories those are based on college life. I was in co-ed school but I am graduating from a girls college . I miss all those co-ed wala fun so I am trying to relive all that memories by writing this ff ,I really hope you all like it. Please do let me know your views on my story.

Junior batch-

Rudra singh oberoy
Priyanka singh oberoy
Reyaan Chhabra
Saumya dixit
Romi Kapoor
Ishana singh randhawa

Senior Batch-

Shivay singh oberoy
Omkara Dixit
Mallika rathore
Tia kapoor
Ranveer singh randhawa
Riddhima gupta
Dev chhabra
Daksh singhaniya
Robin fernandis
Siddharth rana

It was a bright sunny morning .A boy with thick long hair was trying to give final touch to his painting in his garden but continuous sound of horn was disturbing him.
Omkara shouts and call his sister: somu come fast otherwise your dumbbell will make me deaf.
A cute bubbly girl come out of home and goes near her brother.
Saumya: Bhai I am going to college with rudra and prinku. wish me luck it’s my first day.

Omkara: Exactly this is your first day you should come with me. I’ll explain you everything.

Saumya : No bhai you will come with your best friend shivay bhaiya then you both will start a deep conversation about emotions and duties, I don’t want to get bored.

Saumya felt a hand on her shoulder and see shivay standing there. She bites her tongue in embarrassment .

Shivay: So I am boring and my idiot brother is very interesting.
Saumya: NO bhaiya you are very good but according to university of London best friends should balance each other as your practical side balances o bhaiya’s emotional side ,My smartness balances your brother’s dumbness.
Rudra came down from car and shouts
Rudra: Sumo stop making fun of me and come otherwise we’ll get late on first day and college girls will lose the chance to see my grand entry .
Saumya hits her head with her palm and ask rudra
Saumya: where is prinku ?
Rudra: She is waiting in the car. Come fast .
Saumya nods and follow rudra but shivay stops her.
Shivay: Saumya please take care of prinku ,you know her she gets nervous.
Saumya: Don’t worry bhaiya she is my best friend. I’ll be with her always.
Shivay smiles and wish her luck.
Om: I really hope that we got our old prinku back. She has always been like saumya to me.
Shivay nods sadly and om put hand on his shoulder and assures him.

Rudra stops the car near college gate.
Saumya: Dumbo, why you stop car here. We are going to same College ,take us inside.
Rudra: Sumo If I will take my twin sister and a fatso like you with me in college ,My first impression on girls will ruin completely. You can walk from here,this is for your benefit only.You know calorie burn.
Saumya: yeah it’s for my benefit I don’t want to spoil my image with an idiot like you.
Prinku: Rudra bhaiya saumya please stop we have to go inside .I don’t want to spend all day I this car
(guys prinku gets nervous in front of everyone except rumya)
Saumya: why you call this guy bhaiya .He don’t deserve this much of respect.
Rudra: I am 3 minute older than her.
Prinku:yeah, bhaiya saumya is three month younger than you, om bhaiya is like my brother and shivay bhaiya is like her brother so technically you both should behave like brother-sister too.
Saumya and rudra shouts loudly : nooooooo
Prinku in teasing tone: Why??
Rumya: coz we are best friends.
Prinku smiles and say: Let’s go saumya we are getting late.
Saumya nods and they both go inside college.

Rudra’s car come inside and he gets down with attitude ,within minutes he was surrounded by many girls.
Prinku and saumya was standing at some distance, prinku laughs and saumya makes faces.
Saumya: He is hopeless, lets go to canteen .Class will start in 15 minutes I’ll grab a bite.
Prinku smiles and they head towards canteen.
Canteen was crowded ,Prinku was sitting alone on a seat while saumya has gone to bring their order.
Suddenly two boys come and sit on table infront of prinku.
Prinku starts shivering with fear.
Boy 1: Robin, I think winter has came early this year , she is feeling cold I should give her my jacket.
Boy 2: yeah Daksh but I think a hug will be a better option.
Daksh smirks and stand up to come close to prinku but a voice stopped him.
“don’t you dare”, shouts saumya with her finger pointed at daksh .
Robin : It looks like ms. Cold has a bodyguard.
Daksh : robin, you don’t understand girls .She wants a hug too. I’ll give you a hug ,hugging a cute teddy is always fun.
Robin and their friends laughs aloud and daksh come near saumya but saumya gives him tight slap.
Daksh gets really angry and was about to slap back saumya but a strong grip hold his hand.
He was none other than Shivay singh oberoy.
Shivay: Don’t you dare touch my sister .
Daksh: Oh so this fat girl is your sister.
Shivay holds his collar and about to punch him but om stops him.
Om: leave him . he won’t get changed by your punch. We don’t have time for such people.
Shivay stops and look at prinku who was crying badly.
He goes near her ,prinku hugs him.
Om: Daksh stay away otherwise I’ll not stop shivay next time.let’s go somu.
Om comes outside with saumya who was staring angrily at daksh.

Om: prinku ,somu don’t get affected by all these .It’s your first day go to your class.
Shivay: Don’t tell about all these to Rudra .
Prinku and saumya nods and go to their class.

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    Anyway, Ishqbaaz College ff.. that’s a superb rocking idea yaar …And the characterization is great too….so senior batch…junior batch….sounds really interesting…. Ishu and Ranveer are bro sis i guess…. Waiting for their entry….And this was a wonderful update… I am eagerly waiting for the next☺☺
    ( and Om Dixit…the name sounds nice?????)

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