Ishqbaaz: we can never get apart (Shivika TS) part 5 (last part)

Hi guys! Today is the special episode of the TS,that is the revelation drama. I hope you all enjoy it!

ShiTia marriage day
Shivika room:
Both Shivika get ready and share some emotional moments. Anika tells Shivaay something shocking. The thing she tells is muted.
Shivaay:nahi Anika. Mai aur khatra nahi le sakta. (No Anika. I cannot take more risk)
Anika:Shivaay believe me. In sure this plan will work. Trust me. It’s the right time.
Shivaay:but Anika………(Anika cups his mouth)

Anika:Shivaay,do you trust me?
Shivaay:yes,I do.
Anika:then is fine. I’ll go to the hospital to check on Romi.
Shivaay:OK. Please inform me about her condition.
Omru enters.
Rudra:Bhaiya,don’t worry. I’m going with Bhabhi. You be with O.
Om:I swear,today we’ll not leave them.
Rudra:yes O,aaj lady baba,lady drama and lady siyapaa ki oh my mata ho jaani hai. (Today lady baba,lady siyapaa and lady drama won’t be spared)
Anika:aaj kaise bhi karke,hume Tia ka sach sabke saamne laana hi hoga. (Today we have to reveal Tia’s truth in whatever condition it is)
Aniru leave for hospital. Shivom plan further.

Aniru enter Romi’s ward. They see Romi lying there(guys,Romi jazz slipped into coma)Anika holds Romi’s hand.
Anika:I know Romi,how it feels when you are threatened for your brother. Today we’ll give justice to you and your brother.
Anika takes the chip from her hand and then Aniru leave.

Guys,you must be thinking that how Romi landed in the hospital. So here’s the flashback.
Romi was lying dead on the floor. Everyone is confused and scared. Shivaay goes near Romi. He sees that she was still breathing. When he was about to say that Romi is alone,he saw the tensed face of Tia and saw that Mrs Kapoor and Svetlana were scared as if their truth will come out. He saw that Aniru were sad,but signalling him something through their gestures. He understood what they meant and declared Romi to be dead.

In midnight.
Shivika and Omru gather in Shivika’s room.
Shivom:what were you born signalling?
Rudra: Bhaiya,actually first let’s take Romi to hospital. Till now,Bhabhi had her a medicine through which she can breathe and can survive. But now,it’s an emergency. Me and Bhabhi will explain everything later.
Confused ShivOm agree and then rush to the hospital. Romi is treated. Doctor comes out.
Anika:doc,Is she fine?

Doc:ma’am,this is an attempt to murder case. We found that first she was hit by a strong object,by which she fell unconscious. She lost a lot of blood from her forehead. Then,I think,she was near the telephone,trying to call someone or note down something. Because,she was writing something with a pencil as she had some pencil marks on the tip of her hand. But then,the murderer came and tried to kill her with the telephone wire,as we found some marks of wires around her neck. However,she escaped as she may have scratched the murderer’s hands to free herself,and after that the murderer may have pushed her and she came rolling down the stairs.

All were on the verge of crying. Who could be so cruel?they thought. Shivaay already had a doubt on Tia,Svetlana and Mrs Kapoor as he had seen them worried and tensed.

Shivaay:can we meet her?
Doc:you can,but………
Om:but what?
Doc:unfortunately,she landed up in
All got sad and returned to the mansion.
Shivika room:
Rudra reveals that Anika didn’t suffer from any memory loss as it all was their plan to reveal Tia’s truth.
Shivaay:but why did you hide it from us?
Anika:because Shivaay,you tried what not to let me revive my memory. I had a condition. I was forced to do it. Think Shivaay,if I would have said,that I remember everything,mere ek haan se aapko kitni khushi milti(you could have been very happy with my one yes). In excitement,you could have told everyone that I remember everything. Then,our plan would have flopped.
Om:you are correct Bhabhi. But how did you do it?
Rudra:out was all my plan. That day,when Tia came with the documents for opening a hospital,I had already read it. It read that Bhaiya would transfer all the money of his business to the Kapoors. Then we would have gone bankrupt. So,I told my plan to Bhabhi. She went and argued with Bhaiya,and in anger,Bhaiya pushed Bhabhi. When Bhabhi fell,I arranged a mattress for her. As per the plan,she fell on the mattress. Then,instantly when you descended the stairs,Bhabhi pushed the mattress and I told Bhabhi to lie down. I even arranged for fake blood. Then,all the drama happened. Bhabhi trusted lady baba and got to know that Svetlana was her sister. Then we planned all this. It was very difficult to hide from you,but we had to.
Om:you could have at least informed me?

Anika:we couldn’t Om. Svetlana continuously kept an eye on you. She revealed all her plans to destroy this family. Shivaay,do you remember that once,we had checked the recording in the camera on the day of Rudra’s roka when Rudra’s marital video was sent by someone from my phone?
Shivaay:yes,and then we suspected Tia and Svetlana(realising what he said). Oh!how could I forget? That means……
Anika:yes Shivaay,Omru,Tia was the one who took my phone and sent the video to the media. And during the Haldi rasam,Romi called us and told us the whole truth. Fortunately,we have Romi’s confession as Rudra recorded the confession.
Shivom:Rudra,really tu toh smart ho gaya.
Rudra:isi baat pe,Obro moment!
Shivomru hug each other. Anika smiles seeing them.

Om:Bhabhi,aap nahi aaoge?(you won’t come)
Anika:no,I was just admiring the love between you three.
Rudra:come join us,Bhabhi.
Anika joins them.
All:we’ll expose them tomorrow. Dil bole Oberoi!
*********flashback ends***********

@Oberoi mansion
Everything is ready. Pandit arrives. (Something is fishy about the Pandit). When Tia comes,Anika shouts.
Anika:Shivaay,yeh shaadi nahi ho sakti!(this marriage cannot happen)
This shocked everyone. Anika winked at Shivaay. Shivaay understood what she wants him to do.
Shivaay:kya bol rahi ho tum Anika?(what are you saying)
Anika:Shivaay,Tia is already married,and that too some Dushyant.
Tia panics. Fear was visible in her face.
Tia:no Shivaay,she’s lying.

Anika:I’m saying the truth. She moans for him and gets emotional. Dushyant is the dad of Tia’s baby!
Pinky:shut ups Anika. Yeh toh had hi par kardi tumne(you have crossed your limits). You wants to stay permanently in this mansions na,that’s why you are doing this.
Dadi shouts:pinky! Shut up! What drama are you doing?
Pinky:mummiji,drama mai nahi,aapki laadli Anika kar rahi hai(I’m not doing the drama mummiji,your sweet Anika is doing this.) Shivaay,tu kuch bolta kyun nahi(why don’t you say something Shivaay)
Dadi and pinky argue. Shivaay gets irritated. Anika signals him something. He starts bursting out.

Shivaay(shooting):stop it! Stop your nonsense Anika. You are trying to defame Tia. She can’t do anything like this. I’m sure. You may leave. Enough of this drama.

Pinky got overwhelmed. Others received a big shock. Especially Dadi and Prinku. Om was smirking. Rudra was missing.

Pinky:ekdum sahi kaha Shivaay(you said right Shivaay). And you. Why are you standings here?leave this mansions.
Anika shreds some tears and leaves.
Pinky:chalo,aafat gayi(problem went)
Dadi:you did very song pinky. You’ll regret for it.
No one hears Dadi and they get busy with the rituals of marriage.

ShiTia do the rituals of marriage and take pheras around the fire. Dadi was asked to do the gatbandhan. But,as she was lost in thoughts,the bond want tight and it slips while taking pheras.
Dadi(mind):I knew it. Even god knows. The bond isn’t tight. It even means that Shivaay and Tia aren’t having a nice relationship. Their real bond will also be lose.
But who will listen to her?no one. She was unwillingly participating in the marriage rituals.
When Shivaay was about to fill Tia’s maang(hairline) with sindoor,someone shouts.
Voice:stop the marriage,Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Tia thinks that she had heard this voice before. She turns to see who it was. Another person comes out behind the person. The people are revealed to be Robin and Anika.
Tia,who couldn’t control anymore,just ran and hugged him. T
his resulted the bond to break. And in Hindi weddings,when the bond slips out breaks,the marriage is considered to be bad luck.
Tia:Dushyant,you’re alive? I missed you a lot.
Dushyant:even Me Tia. But,your mother had held me captive.

Everyone was confused. As soon as Tia heard that Mrs Kapoor was the one behind separating them,she went to get mom.
Tia(shouting):why mom,why? See,even after marrying my Robin,you forced me to get married to Shivaay. I even agreed. Now I can’t. You have crossed your limits.
Pinky:what are you talking Tia?
Tia:pinky mom,I can’t marry Shivaay. Anika was right. I am already married. And the child which I’m carrying,is of Dushyant.
Pinky was shocked. She went and slapped Tia. The second time,when she was going to slap her,she couldn’t. Someone held her hand. It was none other than Anika.
Anika:aunty,isme Tia ki koi galti nahi hai(there’s no fault of Tia in this aunty). The plan was of Mrs
Kapoor and Tia’s sister Svetlana.

All were shocked to the core.
Tia:Anika is right. Svetlana Di is my sister. But Anika,how did you find Robin?
Robin:I’ll tell you. Tia,you remember,once we had come to the resort to celebrate our anniversary? That day,I had just fainted in the pool and you got me admitted in the hospital. But,your mother got to know that I’m alone so she held me captive in our house in 65,Gulmohar road. She gave another body to you and you did the funeral of it. Romi,my sister was misguided by Svetlana di and she believed that I was killed by Shivaay and Anika. So you both,who were innocent were trapped. Then,before some days,Romi came to meet me. I told her everything. But she couldn’t help me. She thought to take help from Shivaay and Anika. You know,your mother misguided Shivaay in believing that Om was the illegitimate soon of Tej.
Tej:what!is this true Shivaay?

Shivaay:yes bade papa.
Jhanvi:how could you believe that Shivaay?
Shivaay:badi maa,the day when I asked Anika to sign the divorce papers,I got to know that Mrs Kapoor had called me to an unknown location. There I met daimaa and she told me that. She then blackmailed me that she’ll leak the video of daimaa’s confession to the media. First,she blackmailed me to give Anika the divorce papers. I had to man handle Anika to sign those papers. But,however,I didn’t sign them. Then,she put glass pieces in the juice which Tia was going to drink. That time I trusted Anika and took a stand for her. As soon as Mrs Kapoor saw this,she told Tia to hide her necklace in Sahil’s crutches. This time,she again blackmailed me to take Tia’s side. And,I had to,forcefully blame an innocent. Later,I explained Sahil everything. Even he understood.
Jhanvi:Shivaay,can you please play the chip which you got?

Note:all the whole Svetlana and Mrs Kapoor were silent(unke pow se zameen ghisak gayi)
He plays the video. All were shocked. Dadi opened up.
Dadi:Shivaay,ye teri daimaa nahi hai.(she’s not your daimaa). Your daimaa passed away years ago.

Dadi couldn’t think of anything. She just went and slapped Mrs Kapoor tight. She then slapped Svetlana too.
Dadi:I didn’t know that you both will fall do low. Why are you doing this with our family? What did we do?
Mrs Kapoor:you don’t know? You Oberois have killed my husband. We wanted to take revenge. That’s why I planned all this. Anyways,the marriage is done. So,there’s no point in arguing on that. We have already destroyed your image in front of media.
Shivaay:who said that me and Tia have married?
Mrs Kapoor:you took 7 rounds in front of fire. Pandit read all the rituals. What else is required?
Pandit:who told that I’m the Pandit?
The Pandit removes all his accessories to reveal his face. It was none other than our Rudy.
Rudra:yes,we knew that you both were doing drama. So,how was my acting? It’s a fake marriage. Who’ll believe. Shiv
aay Bhaiya never married lady baba.
Svetlana:you didn’t do nice with us. And,Kalavati,you were on our side right?
Anika:Kalavati? Seriously?all this while,I was exposing your tricks in front of everyone and you are still expecting me to be Kalavati? Where did your super working brain go?
Shivaay:to clear your confusion,Anika never lost her memory. It was all her and Rudra’s plan.

Anika:Seriously Svetlana,you only think. Even if I lost my memory,why would I find you loyal and trust you? I could have trusted anyone in this house,right? Then why only you?
Svetlana and Mrs Kapoor were shocked.
Mrs Kapoor:but what proof do you have? Only some words? These could be considered as false statements.
Anika:what do you think? I don’t have proofs? Wait. Now I’ll show you the proof. She asked Khanna to get the CCTV footage. The footage contained everything-how Mrs Kapoor added acid to the Mehandi and how Romi was attacked.

Then she took Rudra’s phone and started the audio of Romi’s confession.
All were shocked.
Anika:you think Romi died,right? Let me tell you something. God never does something bad with nice people. We saved her. She’s admitted in the hospital. But,unfortunately,she landed up in Coma.
Robin:how dare you? How dare you try to kill my sister? She meant everything to me.
Tia:and on what basis mom? I tried to explain you are Svetlana Di thousand of times that Oberois didn’t kill dad but you never listened to me.
Pinky:why would we kills your fathers?
Tia:actually,25 years ago our dad,Mr Uday Kapoor used to work with Tej uncle add his P.A. Once,Tej uncle asked him to come to the office as it was urgent. While returning,dad met with an accident. When we got the news of dad’s death,mom was broken and she thought to take revenge from you all.
Tia(to her mom):mom,now I can’t help you anymore. I am extremely sorry,I…..
Before she could say anything,she received 2 tight slapped on her face. One from her mom and the other from her Di. Because of this,she slipped her balance and was about to fall down,when Anika rescued her.
Anika:don’t you have manners? Tia could have got hurt. She’s pregnant. This could also have handed her baby. (Turning to Tia):you are OK?
Tia nodded positively. Pinky was all time regretting the words she spoke to Anika like when she accused her for harming Tia’s child etc. She goes to Anika and holds her hands.
Pinky:Anika beta please mujhe maaf karde. Maine tere saath bahuth galat kiya. Tujhe maa jaisa pyaar nahi de payi. (Anika beta,please forgive me. I did very wrong with you. I couldn’t give you the live which a mother gives)
Anika:nahi aunty. Haalaath insaan ko aisi cheezein karne ke liye majboor kar leti hai. Aur aap haath mat jodiye. Kyunki badon ke haath maafi ke liye nahi,balki ashirwaad ke liye uththe hai(no aunty. Condition forces a person to take such drastic steps. And you don’t join hands. Because elders hands don’t raise for asking sorry,but for giving blessings.)
All were happy listening to Anika’s thinking. And then,Mrs Kapoor and Svetlana were arrested. Tia comes to Shivaay.
Tia:Shivaay,I’m sorry for what all I did. I didn’t mean to harm you and your family,but mom forced me to do that. I’m really very sorry.
Shivaay:it’s OK Tia. Now at least you can start your new life with your husband. Because you both have to raise your child together. I wish you all the best for your life.
Tia:Shivaay,actually I wanted to tell you something.
Tia:I goes Universe didn’t what you and Anika to get separated. And you know what,I think Shivika sounds perfect than compared to Shitia.

All have a pleasant laugh after listening to this. Tia apologizes to everyone. The guests and media surround Shivaay.
Media 1:sir,if you had never married Ms Tia,then who was the one sitting with you in the mandap that day?
Media 2:why did you decorate Ms Tia as your wife in front of us on the reception day?
Media kept asking all sorts of questions. Even the guests were confused. Shivaay knew what to do. He went near Anika,held her hand gently,and then dragged her in front of the cameras.
Shivaay:she was the one sitting with me in the mandap. Meet my wife,Mrs Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. And well,on the reception party,some conditions made me introduce Tia as my wife.
Shivaay answers all the questions. Then,when Shivika turn,they find pinky and Dadi standing in front of them.
Pinky:Shivaay,mai tujse kuch maangna chahti hun(I want something from you)
Shivaay:kya chahiye aapko Maa?(what you want mom)

Pinky:dekh,pichli baar tune jab Anika se shaadi ki thi tab humme toh iske baare mei pata hi nahi tha. Isliye mai chahti hun ki tu Anika se abhi shaadi kare,poori duniya ke saamne(see. When first you married Anika,none of us knew about it. That’s why I want you to marry Anika again now,in front of the whole world.)
Rudra:choti maa mai Pandit ban jaaun?(choti maa,I’ll become the Pandit?)
Dadi:oye khotiya!
All:shut up,Rudra.
They all laugh and then the real Pandit is called and Shivika are married. This time,in front of the whole world,with all rituals and our dear Omru clicking their marriage photos.

Shivika then come for taking blessings from elders. They then hug everyone and everyone had a Dil bole Oberoi moment with Tia and Robin clicking their photo.
Pinky suddenly remembered something.
Pinky:oh my Mata ! Shivaay,we didn’t do your pre marriage rituals,Shivaay?
Rudra:uski zaroorat nahi padegi choti Maa(we won’t take it). Bhaiya had done then before. Haina Bhaiya?
All:but when?
Rudra:I’ll show you.
He takes out his phone and shows the photos and videos that he captured in his contained the engagement and joda celebration that happened on the same day,their Mehandi,Haldi and even their Sangeet.

All teased Shivika after this. They all had a funny moment in trading then and then stopped. Shivika do the rituals done after marriage like ring finding ceremony,first rasoi etc. But this time,she made aloo puri which didn’t taste like it was burnt. All were happy. Rudra gifted Shivika a pic photo frame which had all their photos-right from their first meeting till their marriage. It had beautiful moments which Shivika spent together,even their pre marriage rituals which they had done secretly.

And what about Tia and Robin? Actually Shivaay forgave Tia and Robin started his business. Both Tia and Robin shifted to Noida. Tia and Robin had a daughter and they named her Tina.

Here,Shivika had twins,so they named them Ansh and Anshi.
So his,fine with the ff. I hope you all like it. And to inform you,the upcoming track of Ishqbaaz will be somewhat similar to the ff which I have written,except for some parts. Please do tell me if you loved this ff. And sorry for this extra,extra long episode. But what to do,it’s the revelation episode so it had to be grand. And,sorry guys,as I won’t be available till 17 March as I’m having my final exams. I’ll surely post after exams so take care. And thanks to all who supported and commented on my ff. All the best for the ones who are having their exams. Take care. ??

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