Ishqbaaz: we can never get apart (Shivika TS) part 4

Hi guys! Well,I read your suggestions regarding Anika’s past. I decided to start a new ff based on that,bit after my exams. Exam fever,you know ??. So,without eating any time,I’ll straight away start the TS. Hope you all will like it.
Till now,

Shivaay deleted the video. Thanks to Romi. Aniru plan something. Shivika get intimate. Shivaay realizes that he’s in love. However,he doesn’t confess it.

Moving on to part 4:
It’s the Mehendi ceremony. Except Shivika,Dadi,Omru and Prinku,everyone is happy. All try to keep a fake smile on their faces. Anika was working with the preparations,when Shivaay’s blue eyes caught hold of her. Shivaay was totally lost in her. When Anika turns to see Shivaay,they shared a passionate eyelock. However,Omru came and disturbed them. Om goes to Shivaay,while Rudra does to his Anika Bhabhi.

Om:Shivaay,love can be seen clearly in your eyes. Why don’t you confess?
Shivaay:Om,this is………
Om(cutting him):I know,you still think that it’s not love. Do you even know,how much hurt Bhabhi is from inside? Thanks to our Rudy,who is diverting her. Otherwise,Bhabhi could have also invited herself,just like mom.
Shivaay:Om,listen to me. Yes,Om. I agree that I’m in love. I can’t confess to her as I need to get her memory back. Even I don’t want to marry Tia. But for Anika’s sake,I’m doing it.

Om:but it’s not the right decision,Shivaay. You are hurting Bhabhi more. Please Shivaay. Stop all this. I know,only you can do it.
Shivaay:no Om. It’s not the right time. I’m sure Anika will realize her feelings for me on the marriage day.
Om:but why can’t you be the first one Shivaay?
Shivaay:Om,leave this topic. There is no point in discussing about it. My decision won’t change.

Shivaay then waits for Anika. Add Anika arrives,he goes close to toss and starts making her feel jealous.

Rudra:Bhabhi,now it’s enough. I can’t see Bhaiya getting close to lady baba.
Anika:control Rudra. Otherwise or plan will flop.
Rudra:but I have a way to get Bhaiya in control. Now it’s his time to become Mr. Jealous Singh Oberoi.
Anika:but how?
Rudra: Bhabhi,when Rudy is here,then why fear? I have a friend named Rohit. He’s almost of your age. I’ll make you meet him once he comes. Let’s see how Bhaiya reacts.
Anika:OK. But what will I do too make him feel more jealous?
Rudra:I’ll give you his number. You’ll act as if you are talking to him,but in a romantic way. I’m damn sure he’ll get jealous.
Aniru do their logic sign and give hi-fi to each other.

After sometime:
Anika:Prinku,I have an idea. Give these ride petals to all the guests and ask them to shower these when Shivaay and Tia arrive.
Prinku:but Bhabhi,do you really want this wedding to take place?
Anika:keep faith,Prinku. I’ll make everything fine.
Prinku:OK Bhabhi. Take care. And keep one thing in mind-that no one can take my Bhabhi’s place. Not even Tia.
Anika:I know that Prinku.
Anika and Prinku hug each other.
Shitia arrive. Shivaay is continuously staring Anika. Anika signs him to take off the petals from his kurta,but he doesn’t notice. He’s just lost. He suddenly gets a dream of him and Anika dancing together,romantically. His dream is soon broken by Tia,who shakes him to get him back to his senses.
Tia:it’s beautiful right,baby?
Shivaay(starting at Anika):yes,beautiful.

Pinky comes to Anika and thanks her for the idea. Anika then takes 2 glasses of lassi in it to give it to Shitia.

Author’s pov:guys,now pinky is a little satisfied with Anika as she forced Shivaay to marry Tia. She is behaving to her a little properly.

Anika goes with the glasses. Shivaay rejects for the juice while Tia pleases him to share the juice in the same glass. Shivaay,as usual can’t hurt Anika,so he drops the glass. But,the juice spoils Tia’s dress,so she goes to the washroom. Mrs. Kapoor watched this and plans to teach Anika a lesson.

Shivaay secretly takes Anika to the storeroom. Anika is surprised as Shivaay was acting weird. Before she could react,Shivaay puts his finger on her lips. Shivaay then closed the door.
Shivaay:kitna bolti ho tum Anika !(how much you talk Anika!)
Anika:but why did you get me here?
Shivaay:because……….(moving closer) I wanted to show you something.
Shivaay:give your hand.
Anika gives her hand. Shivaay takes out the Mehendi he had in his pocket and beautifully writes the letter S on her palm. And yes,the Mehandi was very dark do that the color doesn’t fade away.
Anika:Shivaay,what are you doing? If pinky aunty sees this,she’ll definitely get hurt.
Shivaay:wait. How does it matter to you? I just wrote the letter S on it.
Anika:but why?
Shivaay:because………you have a brother. His name is Sahil. Before going to his trip,he told me to do something so that you don’t forget him.
Author’s pov:wow Shivaay Singh Oberoi! What a lie!!?
Shivaay:but what were you doing by showing gestures to me?
Anika doesn’t answer. Instead,she goes close to Shivaay. Shivaay was expecting her to give him a kiss. But,she didn’t. She just removed the ride petal stuck on Shivaay’s collar. All this while they were having an eyelock.
Anika:actually. The rose petals were fallen on your collar,so I was asking you to remove them.
Shivaay:but why are you bothered? How does it affect you?
Anika:chori upar se seenazori! Instead of saying thanks,you are scolding me. Leave me.
Shivaay comes more closer. He leans towards her lips to kiss her. But,unfortunately couldn’t. Dadi called Anika and Anika wiped off the sweat and ran away.

Tia asks for Shivaay’s hand to write the letter T with the Mehandi. All this while Shivaay was continuously staring at a lost Anika who was looking at her hand in which Shivaay had written his letter- S. Just then,Rudra and Prinku went and hit Tia. This caused the letter to become A.

Ru&Pri:sorry lady baba/Tia.
Dadi:why to say sorry? Even god wanted this to happen. The name which was printed in Shivaay’s heart for printed in his hands,too.
Pinky:no no mummiji. There’s nothing like that. Tia,you sir for name on Shivaay’s hand.
Dadi:but pinky,the name once printed cannot be removed. It’s better if Shivaay doesn’t removes it.
Pinky:but mummiji……
Dadi:maine kaha na. Agar Shivaay iss naam ko mita dega,toh iss rasam ka astitva mit jaaega. (I told na. If Shivaay wipes off the name,the importance of this ritual will also get whooped off.)
Shivaay:OK Dadi. I won’t wore the name.
Shivaay(mind):thank god. Even I wanted this to happen.

Anika came to the pool and Rudra hid near the pool and Anika met with Rohit. Rohit understood the plan and informed them that he’ll be there tomorrow.
Author’s pov:guys,Rohit’s character well be portrayed by Rohan Mehra,the person who played the role of Naksh in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

@Shivika’s room.
Anika comes and acts like talking to Rohit. Shivaay arrives and his shocked to see Anika talking so sweetly to Rohit.
Anika:OK baby. Bye.

Shivaay comes close to Anika and holds her hand and gold it behind her back tightly.
Shivaay:tum itne pyaar se kisse baat kar rahi thi? (To whom were you talking so sweetly?)
Anika:aapko usse kya? Lagte kya hai aap mere? (How do you care. What relation do you share with me?)
Shivaay(coming closer):pati hoon mai tumhara. (I’m your husband)
Anika:but you are gonna get married to Tia,right? So leave it.
Shivaay:maine tumse poocha ki tum kisse baat kar rahi thi. Jaldi bolo (I asked you that to whom you were talking. Tell me fast)
Anika:I was talking to Rohit.
Shivaay:why did you call him baby?
Anika:what do you mean? If Tia calls you baby,why can’t I call Rohit baby? Leave it. Talking to you is rubbish. I’m leaving to sleep.

Before Shivaay could say anything,Anika goes to sleep. Shivaay was totally red in anger. He wanted to burn that Rohit alive. Controlling his anger,he goes to sleep by holding Anika by the waist. Anika was feeling butterflies in stomach,but didn’t react,as she knew that she won’t get this experience ever again. She drifts to sleep.

Next morning:
Oberoi mansion
It was the Haldi and Sangeet function of Shitia. Anika was busy in preparations,when she received an unknown phone call. She,at first ignored it. But as it started ringing thrice,she thought to pick it up. She went with Rudra to Rudra’s room.

@Rudra’s room.
Rudra checked the number. It was Romi’s number. He was angry. But Anika calmed him down. She put the call on speaker.
On call:
Anika:hello,who is this?
Caller:I’m Romi. I know that you are Mrs. Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and you are with Rudra.
Aniru were shocked.
Rudra:you have cheated me,Romi. Why did you do this. Bhabhi,don’t believe her. She’s a psycho.
Romi:wait. Listen to me. I need your help.
Rudra:we won’t help.
Anika:calm down Rudra. And yes,how do you know that I’m married……to Shivaay?
Romi:because I know about Tia and her evil intentions. She has killed my brother,her husband!
Romi narrated the whole incident of the resort.
Romi:but recently I got to know that my brother is alive. Tia and Svetlana told me that you were the one behind my brother’s death. I trusted them blindly. It was my fault. Tia want kidnapped from the wedding. She purposely fled away from the wedding. She has tried to kill you many times. She was the one who locked you in the fridge. And Rudra,only because of her,I had to act like a psycho. She,along with her sister,Svetlana ditched me! And yesterday,her mother,Mrs. Kapoor was the one who had added acid in the process of killing you. Remember?

Mrs Kapoor adds avoid to the Mehandi kept. Romi sees this. She calls Shivaay and informs him about this. Shivaay saves Anika on time.
**********flashback ends**********
Romi:Rudra,you wanted to know right that why you’re brother is making Tia? Only beside of Mrs Kapoor ! She showed him some recording of daimaa’s confession. But it wasn’t a real one! She asked daimaa to say a fake thing about Omkara’s birth. He had to believe her and had to follow everything that Mrs Kapoor told him! Even,Sahil was blamed because of Tia! Tia hid the necklace in Sahil’s crutches and Sahil was blamed!

Anika:but why are you helping us?
Romi:because I want your help! I know that only you can save my brother,Robin,from Mrs Kapoors clutches!
Romi:yes,Robin. Robin acted as Tia’s fake brother. His real name is Dushyant. Anika,do you remember,that once you went to 65,Gulmohar lane? It’s my brothers house! He’s kidnapped in his own house! However,Tia doesn’t know about this. She thinks that Robin is dead. Please Anika and Rudra,I badly need your help.
Aniru:OK. We’ll help. But this matter would be between us only.
Aniru tell their plan to Romi. Romi thanks them.

After sometime:
Anika goes with the Haldi towards the Hall. But her hand slips and some of the untouched Haldi falls on her face and hands. Dadi sees this.
Dadi(mind):rab bhi yahi chahta hai ki inki shaadi ho. Kyunki bin chui hui haldi dulhan ko hi lagti hai. Asha karti hun ki Anika Billu ki shaadi jaldi rok de(Even god wishes that their marriage happens. Because untouched Haldi is always applied to the bride first. I hope Anika stops Shivaay’s marriage soon.)

Suddenly an idea popped in Dadi’s mind. She goes with Omru and Prinku towards Anika.
Dadi:puttar,what happened?
Anika:Dadi,actually my hands slipped and the Haldi fell over me.
Omru&Prinku apply some more Haldi on her face and hands. Anika is shocked. Even Dadi goes and applied Haldi to her.
Anika:Dadi,yeh kya hai?(what’s this)
Dadi:puttar,the bride is the applied this Haldi. See,even god wanted you to be Billu’s bride.
Anika:no Dadi. I can’t marry him. Tia is the mother of his baby. Please Dadi. I’m sorry. But I can’t. Please forgive me.
Anika leaves to change her dress. All go from there.

Shivaay was hiding behind the pillar and watching the whole incident. He recalled the incident.

Shivaay is in kitchen. He takes the bowl of Haldi and applied oil to its side so that the Haldi falls on Anika.
**********flashback ends**********

Shivaay gets sad after listening to Anika. He gets another idea. He thinks that it will get Anika’s memory back.
Shivaay’s heart:if it didn’t work then?
Shivaay’s mind:I have 2 plans:plan A and B. Let’s see if it works.

After sometime:during Haldi rasam.
Dadi goes to apply Haldi on Tia. While applying the Haldi,Dadi wishes in her mind to kick out this Tia out of the house and to reunite Shivika.
Author’s pov:don’t worry Dadi,your wish will be fulfilled!?
After that pinky goes and apples Haldi. Slowly all ladies go and apply Haldi. The same is with Shivaay.
Shivaay:Dadi,aapko pata hai? Anika achha gana gaa leti hai. Kya tum koi gana gaa sakti ho please?(Dadi,you know Anika can sing really well. Can you please find a song?)

Everyone encouraged her. She finally agreed. She went to Om and whispered something in his ear.
Author’s pov:in my ff,Om is a nice pianist. He can play the piano very well.

Anika goes and stand in the middle of the Hall. She asks Om to start the music.

Anika songs on a very emotional song:Lag Jaa Gale Ke Phir(it’s a very old song of the film Woh Kaun Thi). Guys,please listen to the song,because it clearly shows Anika’s situation. Here are the lyrics:

Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho
Shaayad Phir Is Janam Men Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho
Lag Jaa Gale …

Ham Ko Mili Hain Aaj, Ye Ghadiyaan Nasib Se
Ji Bhar Ke Dekh Lijiye Ham Ko Karib Se
Phir Aap Ke Nasib Men Ye Baat Ho Na Ho
Shaayad Phir Is Janam Men Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho
Lag Jaa Gale …

Paas Aaiye Ki Ham Nahin Aaenge Baar-Baar
Baahen Gale Men Daal Ke Ham Ro Le Zaar-Zaar
Aankhon Se Phir Ye Pyaar Ki Barasaat Ho Na Ho
Shaayad Phir Is Janam Men Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho

Lag Ja Gale Ki Phir Ye Hassin Raat Ho Na Ho
Shaayad Phir Is Janam Men Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho

Anika’s eyes had formed a layer of tears while singing the song. Dadi and pinky ate standing next to 2 ladies. The ladies were whispering about Anika.
Lady 1:she sings so beautifully……
Lady 2:if Shivaay didn’t care about khoon, khandaan etc.,I would have suggested him to marry Anika.

Dadi and pinky heard them. Dadi smirked at pinky. Pinky thought that they were talking nonsense.

Dadi:wah puttar! You know,it’s my favorite song!
Anika:thank you Dadi.

All guests leave. Don’t worry guys,Sangeet function is scheduled at evening.

Shivika room.
Shivaay:Anika,actually I wanted a favor from you.
Anika(wiping her tears):what is it,Shivaay?
Shivaay:actually Anika,I don’t know how to dance romantically. Can you please teach me?
Anika:no Shivaay. I can’t.
Shivaay(comes closer and holds her hands):please. Won’t you please do it for me?
Anika:OK. Leave me.
Shivaay:how does it matter you?
Anika:Shivaay,we have already discussed it before. Please don’t fight. My answer won’t change.
Shivaay:OK. But please.

Shivaay puts the song Dil kya kare jab kisi ko kisi se Paar ho jaaye(song from the movie Kaabil).
While dancing,Shivaay was moving more closer to Anika. Anika was blushing. After the song ends,she blushes and runs away. Shivaay was smiling. The same masked person was recording their video and was smiling.

Rohit arrived. Anika introduced him to Shivaay. Shivaay was burning in jealousy. Omru come to Shivaay.
Omru:kuch jal raha hai na?(something is burning right?)
Shivaay:shut up. Both of you.
Om:dekha Shivaay. Ab Anika uss ladke ke saath hai. Tujhe agar itni hi jalan ho rahi hai toh jaakar use bata kyun nahi deta?(saw,Shivaay. Now Anika is with that boy. If you are getting so much jealous,why don’t you go and comes your feelings to her?)
Shivaay:nahi kar sakta Om(I can’t do it Om.) Please. We’ve already discussed this matter before.

After sometime,
Prinku calls Anika for dance. Both of them dance on Kaun Tujhe,the song from the film M.S Dhoni-the untold story.
Shivaay is mesmerized by her dance. Then all couples are asked to dance. Shitia go. Anika gets jealous and goes with Rohit. Shivaay is irked to the core. How can his Anika dance with some other guy? He thinks to make Anika more jealous.

The song playing was the title song of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Both Shivika are getting to make each other jealous. Shivaay went more close to Tia,in the hope that Anika gets jealous. But his plan backfired at him. Anika went more close to Rohit. Though Shivika were dancing with their respective partners,but they were continuously eyeing each other during the dance. Then soon,the elders also went to dance. (Guys,now Jhanvi is fine and is dancing with Tej. Tej is angry on Svetlana for ditching him)
Shinky and Tejvi also went on the dance floor and didn’t focus on the youngsters. Suddenly the lights went off and there was a little light-almost the light used in the flakes of phones. They partners changed and now Shivika were partners. As soon as Tia went and Anika came,Shivaay was over joyed. He quickly held Anika in his arms and started getting close to her. The song also changed to Hangover,song of the film kick. The person started shooting their video too,to keep a memory of them. The person also bribed the DJ and told him to continue playing the song and to keep the lights off. Shivika dance romantically,getting closer to each other. They loved each others presence. They danced romantically and passionately.

The dance was broken by a sudden noise. When the lights came,everyone was shocked to see a dead Romi lying on the floor. Shivaay and Aniru understood who she was,so as Tia,Svetlana and Mrs Kapoor. Shivaay checked whether she was breathing or not. Shivaay declared that she’s dead. Anika became sad after seeing her dead. But Aniru had decided that they’ll give justice to Romi. They composed themselves. Tia wanted to cry. But controlled. Svetlana and Mrs Kapoor were having a plain look on their faces. Aniru saw this. They doubted them.

@night:Shivika room
Anika was sad and was thinking about Romi’s death and the plan. After Shivaay came,
Anika continued to pamper Shivaay. Both Shivika were hurt as this was their last night together(according to them). They didn’t fight much and drifted to sleep.

So guys,fine with the part. I know it’s very huge,but it was just a punishment for me as I didn’t post for the last 2 days. I have a question for you all-like to guess the answer?
So,the question for the day is:
Who do you think the person is? Who do you think is behind Romi’s murder? How will Anika so the marriage?

Thank you guys. Take care. ??

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