Ishqbaaz: we can never get apart (Shivika TS) part 3

Hi readers! I was very much delighted after reading your comments. Thanks to all who read and special thanks to those who commented. And yes,Tia will get exposed but with a special twist. Till then you have to wait. And yes,I thought to reveal Anika’s past in this ff. Do you want Anika’s past to be revealed or let Shivika be like this? I’ll write according to your suggestions. Well,let’s move on with part 3.

Till now,
Shivaay declared his marriage with Tia. Both Shivika are heartbroken,but compose themselves. Shitia engagement. Shivika engagement happens indirectly. Mrs. Jealous Singh Oberoi mission in process. Aniru plan something. Romi helps Shivaay. Shivaay deleted the video but finds something shocking.

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Part 3:
Aniru come down. Shivaay finds something shocking.
Shivaay pov:why did Mrs Kapoor call Svetlana so many times? And,why does she have her number? I guess something is wrong. Then,does it mean that Svetlana also knows about Om?

Author’s pov:actually he was checking the phone record of Mrs Kapoor.

Shivaay turns behind,only to find Mrs Kapoor talking to Tia. Mrs Kapoor notices that the phone kept there was not hers. She panics thinking that whether Shivaay didn’t steal her phone.

Shivaay calls Romi through gestures and she takes away the phone from him. Romi covers herself with the veil. She then goes to Mrs Kapoor and Tia.

Romi:excuse me,ma’am. Actually my phone got exchanged with yours. So,can you please give it?
Mrs Kapoor thinks that she had heard this voice before,but ignored it. She breathed a sigh of relief. Mrs Kapoor and Romi return their phones,then Romi escaped from there. Shivaay noticed everything and took a sigh of relief thinking that Romi reveal the reason. He turns to the other side only to see HIS Anika coming down with Rudra. He thinks to start mission jealousy.

After all guests leave,Shivaay gathers all family members and announces that he has another surprise for Tia. While Tia,Pinky,Mrs Kapoor,Svetlana,Shakti and Tej are delighted,Omru,Prinku and Dadi and fuming. Anika is sad.
Shivaay:I have a surprise for Tia. I want everyone to gather in the Hall by 7:30 pm.
All leave. Anika goes to sit near the pool and cry there.

Anika:why god? Why does this happen with me only? Sometimes Shivaay gets very close to me,and on the other side,he goes to Tia. What’s happening? Why am I getting bothered? Leave it Anika. No need to trust anyone. Because god never wants you to trust anyone. Because the person you love/trust the most,always betrays you. Now wipe off your tears. Nothing would change if you cry. Shivaay won’t come to you. Let it go,Anika. Have faith. When I get successful in this mission,I’ll leave this place and go far,far away.

Anika wipes of her tears and leaves. Over here,in Shivika’s room,Shivaay sends his personal assistant to Kapoor mansion.

As seen in show,Shivaay’s cutout was present in place of Shivaay. Here,a PPT of Shitia’s pics are displayed,while Anika notices someone standing in the dark.

Here,Shivaay is finding some clues on how Svetlana is related to Mrs Kapoor. But,unfortunately,doesn’t find any.

When Anika moves towards the silhouette,she trips over Shivaay’s cutout and falls over it. But,the cutout had a sensor which was connected to Shivaay. So he rushed but,feel upon Anika. He covers her mouth before she could react. He then caresses her face. All this while,they had a romantic eyelock. But,Shivaay realizes that it’s not the time to romance,so he hides Anika and his cutout behind the stairs and he acts like he fell down. Till then,everyone switch on the lights and are shocked to see Shivaay.
Shivaay(starting at Anika):woh……actually I couldn’t balance in the dark and fell down.

Author’s pov:No one notices Anika hiding behind the stairs,but one person had already seen this and clicks pictures of them using the flash. Due to this flash,Shivika realize that they have to stop their romance. But even they didn’t notice the person. The person was very happy. But the face of this person isn’t revealed.

Night,Oberoi mansion
Shivika room
Anika keeps on murmuring something while standing near the curtains when Shivaay enters from behind and back hugs Anika. Anika is shocked while Shivaay is delighted.
Author’s pov:actually Shivaay did this to revive Anika’s memory. Remember the scene when Shivaay hugs Anika thinking she’s Tia.

Anika:yeh kya kar rahe hai aap?(what are you doing?)
Shivaay:tum mere baare mein soch rahi thi naa?(you were thinking about me right?)
Anika:first answer me.
Shivaay: I was trying to revive type memory. Anyways,I have something for you.
Anika:what is it?
Shivaay:wait. I’ll get it.

Shivaay goes to his wardrobe and opens it. He takes a gift and asks Anika to open it. Anika seems confused,but opens it. It contained some golden bangles given by Mallika,but she didn’t realize it and thought Shivaay got it for her. Next,she sees 2 diamond rings:engagement type.
Anika:what is this?
Shivaay:actually…….(guys,you know,Shivaay can’t tell that he had got it for her) actually Rudra gave you this. He told me to give it from his side and told me to make you wear these bangles and this ring. He also told that you have to make me wear this ring.
Anika:achha,but the whole day Rudra was with me. He didn’t tell me anything. Then how do you know about it?
Shivaay:wo……it was…… was a surprise. You know na,he’s fond of surprises. So…….

Anika shows her hand. Shivaay looks into her eyes and makes her wear the ring and bangles. Anika does the same. She makes him wear the ring. They don’t notice that they were being watched by the same person who clicked their pics in the Hall. The person,smirking,clicked these pics too. The person eloped before getting caught.

Author’s pov:well,as yesterday,Shivika had an indirect engagement,I thought that they should have a nice,cute moment,with a proper engagement. And those bangles are for the joda ceremony. As per I know,in the joda ceremony,the bride is gifted with golden and silver jewellery. So,I thought this to be done by Shivaay. And as I told,Shivika will also do the pre-marriage rituals together. So,it’s just an example.

Shivaay:well,you didn’t tell me,how did you like my photos with Tia?
Anika’s happy face turns into a jealous face.
Anika(smirking):they weren’t romantic at all. Some were OK,but in some you both were looking like brother-sister.
Shivaay:do you know anything about romance?
Anika:well no,but after seeing your photos,I felt like laughing. As there wasn’t any romance in those at all.
Shivaay:and……what else?
Anika:what do you mean?
Shivaay(moving closer): no, actually you were just now telling that you don’t know anything about romance,but now you are speaking as if you have done PhD in romance and romantic poses. We’ll you also teach me about romantic poses?

He finally holds Anika and lovingly locks his hand with Anika’s.
Shivaay:did you feel anything?
Anika(nodding in positive,but):no.
Shivaay was also nodding with her,understanding her answer. Then,he takes his other hand and locks Anika’s hand behind her back,and pulling Anika closer. Anika felt weird,but doesn’t resist,as she’s lost in HER Shivaay.
Shivaay releases the first hand which he had locked and tucks her hair stands behind her ear.
Shivaay:ab kuch feel hua?(now did you feel something?)
Anika again nods positively but replies no.
Shivaay goes near Anika’s ear and blows air. A shrill passed through he body.
Shivaay(whispers):ab kuch feel hua?(now you felt something?)
Anika:haan. (Yes.)
Shivaay:did you like it?

Shivaay gets delighted. He goes and kisses Anika’s neck,which leads Anika to shiver. Shivaay then moves and kisses her forehead,eyes,cheeks and moves towards her lips. She didn’t resist. But,suddenly Shivaay pushed her away.
Shivaay(smirking):thanks for teaching me. Now I can romance with my to be wife.

Shivaay goes. An angry and hurt Anika takes a pillow and throws it in anger,but she didn’t realize that Shivaay had already seen her getting angry.
Shivaay(mind):I know Anika. My every close step towards Tia is bothering you. But,you have to just bear it till the wedding day. And then,you will be free.
Shivaay(heart): But,I feel really heartbroken seeing you. I don’t want to marry Tia,but want to stay with you forever. Is this love? Huh! For the First time,Shivaay Singh Oberoi hasn’t got any answer. Yes,Shivaay. You are in love.
Shivaay(mind):even I agree.
Shivaay(heart):then what are you waiting for? Go,tell her that the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi is in love with Anika. Try it Shivaay,it can help in getting her memory back.
Shivaay(mind):no,it will be risky. If it didn’t work,then?
Shivaay(heart):at least we can try.
Shivaay(mind):no Shivaay. Go on with your plan. She’ll realize it on the wedding day. You just have to make her jealous. And then get intimate. I’m sure it will work.
Shivaay(heart):but it will hurt her,Shivaay.

Author’s pov:but,as you know,Shivaay Singh Oberoi always agrees to his mind. So,he goes with the mind’s suggestion.

Shivaay goes and again,handles Anika with a knife. Broken Anika drifts to sleep. Shivaay wipes of her tears and he also goes into deep slumber.

So,here goes part 3. I’ve made it a little longer. Please give suggestions to unravel Anika’s past or not. Take care. ??

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