Ishqbaaz: we can never get apart (Shivika TS) part 2

Hi guys! I was impressed after reading the comments. They are my energy boosters,or rather say,like Rudra’s protein shakes! These comments gave me the courage to write the next part. And yes,as I couldn’t write the romantic and cute scene of Shivika which was displayed in the show yesterday,I’ll write it today,but with a twist. And yes,a good news for the readers. Tia will be exposed in front of Shivaay and Oberoi family on the wedding day. So please have patience till then. Some of you guys requested me to extend the ff. I’ll better wore an epilogue or add another part to let the ff finish peacefully and have a happy ending. Moving on with the episode:
Till now,
Shivaay declared that he’ll get married to Tia,as Anika doesn’t get bothered with it. Both Shivika are broken from inside,but compose themselves. Shitia engagement. Shivaay on mission-Anika jealous and delete the video from Mrs Kapoors phone. Shivika indirectly get engaged.

Morning,Shivika room:
Shivaay wakes up and realizes that he had a knife on one side and on the other side,his arm was encircling Anika’s waist while Anika was busy cuddling with him. He goes to flashback.
A scared Anika follows a smirking Shivaay to their room.
Shivaay:go on to the bed.
Anika:can I please sleep on the couch?
Shivaay:didn’t you understand what I said you now?
Anika:but what’s the problem?
Shivaay:because till my marriage happens,you will be Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Anika:but I never got the respect that I should get. I was always treated as a substitute.
Shivaay:leave these things and go on to the bed. Or else…..(takes the knife).
Anika:ye…….yes. I’ll surely go.
Shivaay: Good.
Anika sat on the bed. Shivaay starts undressing,just to grab Anika’s attention. He takes off his watch and throws it on the bed,near Anika. Then,he takes his coat and throws it over Anika. He comes close to her and starts removing his shirt’s buttons. Anika,who couldn’t handle anymore,covered the sight by putting the blanket in between. Shivaay smirks.
Shivaay:ab kya hua?(what happened now?)
Anika:why ate you changing clothes over here? Can’t you go to the washroom?
Shivaay:why should I? No one had any problem with this.
Anika:but I have…..
Shivaay:oh really! But on what basis do you have a problem?
Anika(without thinking):I’m your wife.
Shivaay:you sure?
Anika,realising what she said,bites her tongue.
Anika:no,what I meant to say was,I’m your ex-wife. And you are gonna get married to Tia. So she won’t like it…….
Shivaay:when did you come to know about Tia? Leave it,you go to sleep.

Scared Anika thinks that there is no point in arguing with him and seeing him,do she drifts to sleep.

Shivaay comes after sometime and caresses her hair.
Shivaay:hope you get your memories soon,dear. I miss my old Anika a lot.

He then sleeps hugging her.

**********Flashback end***********

He goes and gets ready for the joda function. Anika,meanwhile gets up and freshens up.

Joda function:
Anika is wearing a white off shoulder blouse with an English shade of blue saree. She looked like the same angel which Rudra had thought for his Shivaay Bhaiya.
Here,Tia and Shivaay were sitting together on the swing while everyone were busy giving them gifts. Here,Anika was busy getting jealous seeing Shitia together. Shivaay thought “kyun na aag mein ghee daalein?”,which meant should we add more oil to the burning fire? This was a saying which Shivaay remembered and thought to make Anika, Mrs jealous Singh Oberoi.

So,accordingly he went near Tia and tucked the strands of hair behind her ear,which were busy disturbing her. (Guys,sorry for this. I myself feel like throwing daggers on Tia)

Anika,turns away her head so that she can’t see those things.
Anika(in a low voice):Anika,come out of your dreams. He is getting married. Your husband is getting married. You are just…….just a wedding planner. He doesn’t care for you. He has to care for his to-be wife and her baby. He doesn’t get bothered. Then why are you getting bothered? You had mentioned,right,that you don’t care,tumhe koi farq nahi padta? So?
Dadi and Rudra were passing by. They heard her.
Rudra:Bhabhi,please stop this wedding. No one can take my Bhabhi’s place.
Dadi:he’s right puttar. No one can take the place of an Oberoi bahu. Like Svetlana,I can’t accept Tia as the Oberoi bahu. You have the rights on Shivaay as his wife. You play a very important role in his life. Love and care can be seen in your eyes. Please don’t lose this opportunity. Go and tell him that as his wife,you are bothered. Make him understand,Anika puttar,make him understand.
Dadi leaves. Rudra whispers.
Rudra:Bhabhi,what about the plan which we have made? If this lady baba comes to this mansion,she’ll turn this house into a reiki centre. Bhabhi we’ll have to plan something before she married Bhaiya.
Anika:Rudra,I have a plan. I know you care so much for me. But for sometime,we have to bear this pain. I know,that you feel like killing Tia,but if in this anger,we do a wrong move,we’ll surely fall in trouble.
Rudra:but what is the plan?
Anika:come with me. We can’t discuss it here.
Rudra:let’s go to my room.

They both leave. Shivaay was now focusing on mission-delete the video. Mrs Kapoor and pinky come to give silver coins to Tia as the gift. But,Shivaay told the servant to exchange Mrs Kapoor’s bowl with another bowl having some sticky substance in it.

When Mrs Kapoor comes to greet them,she dips her hands in the bowl,causing the the phone to fall down and get hands getting sticky.
Mrs Kapoor:uff. What is this now. I’ll have to wash my hands. Tia take care of my phone.
Tia:yes mom.
Shivaay was happy that his plan worked. He was now talking and indulging Tia to talk with the other guests so that he could get away with the phone. But it was difficult. Tia kept an eye on the phone so that nobody could touch it.

A little while later,Shivaay excuses himself as he got a call.
Shivaay:who are you? Why are you calling me?
Caller:I’m a well wisher. I’ve come to help you.
Shivaay:do you think that I’ll believe anyone who tells me anything?
Caller:believe me. I know what you ate searching for. I’ll help you get Mrs Kapoor’s phone.
Shivaay for shocked. He didn’t expect that this unknown caller world also know that he wants the illegitimate video of Om’s birth.
Shivaay:how do you know?
Caller:that doesn’t matter,but I’ll help you. I want revenge from Mrs Kapoor,that’s why I’m helping you. And you must be knowing that dushman ka dushman dost hota hai(enemy’s enemy is a friend). This is the reason I’ll help you.
Shivaay:OK. But how will we get the phone?
Caller:you do one thing,take Tia away from the phone. I’ll take the phone and exchange it with my phone for sometime. Then I’ll keep it back on its place after the work is done.
Shivaay:OK. But what’s your name?
Caller:I’m Romi.
So,the caller is none other than Romi. She wants revenge from the Kapoors.
Kapoor mansion
Romi gets to know that Tia was behind the death of her brother,Robin aka Dushyant. Later,she goes to 65,Gulmohar lane,which is her brother’s house.
She finds that Ms Kapoor has locked her brother,Robin inside,in his own house. She vows to take revenge.
***********flashback ends*********

Shivaay was keeping this busy all the while by insulting her with other guests,while,Romi dresses up in a lehenga and covers herself with a ghunghat(veil). She goes and steals the phone. She keeps her phone in its place. After that Shivaay excuses himself and takes away the phone from Romi. After Shivaay deleted the video,he finds something shocking.
Here,in Rudra’s room.
Anika tells her plan to Rudra. It’s muted.
Rudra:but Bhabhi it’s dangerous. Agar lady baba itni dangerous hai toh lady siyapaa usse bhi zyaada dangerous hai(if lady baba is so dangerous,them lady siyapaa is more dangerous)
Anika:yeh Lady siyapaa kaun hai?(who’s lady siyapaa)
Rudra:arre Bhabhi. Cheapdi lady baba ki maa. (Arre Bhabhi. Cheap lady baba’s mother)
Both stay laughing and do a high five.
Rudra:OK. I’ll handle it. But why on marriage day?
Anika:because she’s gonna do the fraud on that day. And the person she’s betraying should also get to know about her deeds. That’s why.
Rudra:you have proved once again that you’re my Bhabhi.
Rudra hugs Anika. Both laugh and go down.

What did Shivaay find? Why was it shocking? What did Aniru plan?Read the next episode to find out soon!
Well,here done with the update. Thanks for appreciating this nonsense I had written. Take care and review my ff. Chamelis and Chappals accepted. ??

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