Ishqbaaz: we can never get apart (Shivika TS) part 1

Hi readers. Shrutika again!An idea hit my mind once again. I wish Ishqbaaz to be like this. This ff would end soon,as it’s a TS(two/three shot)story. I’m concentrating on my other FFS too,but first please read this ff.

This ff will feature the past when Shivaay will take a decision to get married to Tia(as per Friday’s episode). Both Shivika were broken,but composed themselves. Anika was broken because:she got to know that Tia is the mother of Shivaay’s child,and so for securing the child future,she forced Shivaay to marry Tia. She is also asked,no forced by Shivaay to plan his wedding with Tia.

Shivaay was broken because:he never expected that his Anika,yes,HIS Anika will force him to do such a thing. Though he loves her,but he is sacrificing his love for her form decision. Moreover,he forced Anika to plan the wedding,this broke Anika truly. But,another motive of him to be married to Tia was,to get the video of daimaa’s confession from Mrs Kapoor.

Pinky,Svetlana and Mrs Kapoor were on cloud nine.
Dadi,Omru and Prinku were shocked and refused to accept Tia as their bahu/Bhabhi. They believed that Anika had all the capabilities for being a perfect wife for Shivaay and a perfect bahu good the whole family. But,the one and only member,Pinky,didn’t like Anika. Pinky came and praised Shivaay for the ‘ so called awesome decision ‘ he took. But,something else was running in Shivaay’s mind. The only neutral people in the house were the brothers-Tej and Shakti. But whose side to take? They were confused. They decided to go with pinky’s decision.

The next day:(note: everyone was wearing green)
Shivaay asked the servants in the mansion to decorate the whole mansion. The arrangements were done. An amazed Anika asked the servants the reason behind the decoration.
Anika:mala,yeh decoration kis cheez ke liye kiya gaya hai?(mala,for what these decorations are done?)
Mala:hume nahi pata ma’am. Shivaay sir ne yeh sab lagane ko bola toh humne laga diya. (We don’t know ma’am. Shivaay sir had asked to put on these so we did it.)
Anika:theeke. Tum jaao. (Ok. You go.)
Anika goes to their room,oops,only Shivaay’s room to get her phone.
When Anika turns to go,she gets a shock near the staircase.
When Anika was descending the staircase,she stopped midway seeing Shivaay and Tia together in the last two-three steps of the staircase. She kept her ears open to listen to their conversation.

Shivaay,who knew that Anika would come to hear their conversation could sense her near. He looked at Anika who was ignoring him. He started his mission in which Anika can realize her feelings for him and he also wanted to see whether Anika gets jealous seeing Shivaay with Tia or not.
Shivaay:hi Tia. You look gorgeous in green. (Looking towards Anika)
Actually he was indirectly commenting Anika,but Anika misunderstood it and started getting jealous.

Tia:really Shivaay baby? You never used to praise me before.
Shivaay(eyeing Anika):actually I was busy with some responsibilities. Now,as I’m free with those responsibilities,I have time to give space to you. And,today,I have a special surprise for you.
Tia:what is it baby? I’m very excited for it.
Shivaay:have patience, Tia. I’ll show it to you,soon.

Anika,who could control anymore,ran towards Shivaay’s bedroom and cried silently,not noticing Shivaay,who had followed her and was hiding and spying on her.
Anika(in a low voice,which is audible to Shivaay):why god,why? Why did I have to see this scene in front of my eyes? First,I got to know that he’s my husband. He got close to me,making me feel safe. I felt like I’ve got a nice sweet life,which I can spend with him. But,no. You put me in such a condition,that I had to sacrifice my love for him and get him married to Tia. I even know how Tia must be feeling. Went did you give me such a sorrowful life god? Why? You have me a husband who is difficult to understand,as at times he cares for me and when I think I’m understanding him,he does something that I start to hate him. I could have left. Left him and exit his life. But no,he gave me another shock,by making me his wedding planner. Why does it happen with me?

A tear formed in Shivaay’s eyes.
Shivaay(In mind):how can I explain you Anika,by seeing you in such pain,I die thousand times inside. But for Om’s sake,I need to get the video in my custody.
He leaves. Anika thinks something.
Anika:if I do this,then…….(she is planning something which is not revealed). Yes,good job Anika. I think I’ll be able to do it.
She leaves for the Hall,after washing her face so that no one can identify that she was crying.

Rudra and Om were back(guys,as it’s a TS,I didn’t give importance to Dil Bole Oberoi. So Omru are back to support their broken Bhabhi).
Shivaay takes a beautiful,diamond heart shaped ring from his pocket and moves towards Tia.
Shivaay(looking towards Anika):will you marry me,An…….Tia?(actually he was going to blurt out Anika’s name but realized what he was doing and said Tia in haste)
Tia:yes,Shivaay baby.
Shivaay takes Tia’s hand to make her wear the ring. Shivaay was constantly staring Anika while making Tia wear the ring. Shivaay thought to play his jealous game again. He dropped the ring.
Shivaay:oops! Sorry. Anika,can you just pick the ring so that Tia can wear it?
Anika was hell angry inside,but controlled her emotions. She picked the ring and gave it in Shivaay’s hand.
Shivaay,who was smirking,played another trick

Shivaay(starting Anika):give your hand.
Anika and pinky looked on. Anika got confused. She slowly started giving her hand to Shivaay. But….
Shivaay:Tia,I said give me your hand.
Anika looked upon in shock.
Anika(mind):if he had to ask for Tia’s hand,why was he staring at me? Leave it Anika,Shivaay can never be yours.
Dadi,Prinku and Omru had a smile on their faces for a while,but soon it disappeared after they heard Shivaay calling or for Tia’s hand. While pinky who was shocked,took a sigh of relief.

Shitia engagement happens. All the while,Shivaay was constantly staring Anika. Anika just turned her face away so that she ban never see that sight again. When Shivaay was slipping the ring into Tia’s finger,he got a dream.
Shivaay saw Anika standing in front of him. He looked sideways to find Dadi,OmRi and Prinku standing and smiling. He slipped the ring in Anika’s finger and hugged her. His dream was broken by pinky,who was impatient seeing Shivaay lost somewhere.

That night:
Anika sat near the pool,crying. This was when two hands came and held both her shoulders. Anika was shocked by this sudden touch and wiped off her tears. If was none other than Shivaay.
Shivaay:why are you crying?
Anika:nothing. I just lost a precious thing of my life,so just moaning for it.
Shivaay:what if that precious thing?
Anika:how does it matter to you?

Shivaay(comes closer):it matters me because…….it’s my house and I’ll help you find it.
Anika,who knew she can’t be saved,dropped her ring purposefully do that she can lie to HER Shivaay,who was never hers.
Anika:voh….actually….I lost my ring which I wear daily.
Shivaay:okay,wait here. I’ll find it.
Shivaay finds the ring and add an opportunity,thinks to take the advantage.
Shivaay:is this the ring you are searching for?
Anika:yes. Now return it to me.

Shivaay:give your hand.
Anika(confused):this time you called out to me only,right? Or is Tia around?
Shivaay:no,give your hand.
Anika gives her hand and Shivaay romantically makes her wear the ring.
Anika:I could have worn it myself.
Shivaay:leave this. Now come to sleep.

Anika:yes. I’ll go and take my blanket.
Shivaay:but why?
Anika:because you are gonna get married,so I have to sleep outside.
Shivaay:till my marriage,you are my wife. Do,you will sleep with me on the same bed.
Anika:it doesn’t matter. We are soon getting divorced. Then what’s the point in sleeping together?

Shivaay:where’s my knife?should I get it or……
Anika:no. Ok. I’ll sleep. But in the couch.
Shivaay(moving closer):no. What did you hear? I said you’ll sleep with me in the same bed. Do you understand?
Anika nods positively.
Shivaay:good. Now come.
Scared Anika follows a smirking Shivaay. Both go to sleep.

Author’s pov:so unknowingly, Shivaay also does his engagement with Anika. We’ll also experience these sort of things in the jodi function,Haldi function,Sangeet and even the marriage function. So be ready.

Hope you like it. Is the first part. I’ll end it in the second or third part itself. Till then,take care and comment on the bakwaas. All Chamelis and Tomatoes accepted. ??

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