ishqbaaz of bro (part-2)

Here is my next part of my ff……. Thanks for ur support…….
Recap: A girl enter and hug Anika saying her sis and A cry in front of here
Epi 2
A: Chutki
S: He remembers at night A was murmuring her name and asked who is she??
The girl is none other than Ishana……
I: I’m Ishana sis of Anika……….
S; any proof????????

I: Who r u to asking me this?
S; I’m…….I’m his I mean she is my ……………….wed…….wedding ……wedding planner
I: Wed planner or ur legally wed wife Mr. SSO
Hearing her statement all get shocked
I; di tell me what ur sis secret which u know?????

S; what the wack!!!! If she tell u then but A cut in between
A; if u r my sis u have birthmark in ur back and we know some secret and the pendant given by parents in which written
Anika and Ishana in same tone: ISHIKA(ISHANA+ANIKA)
A get surprised
I; di u have mole in ur back
S; yes at left side of the back and realize what he say
R; bhaiya u naughty boy
Tia is fuming with anger
O; duffer u used to tell u have to do romance on our behalf also look ur bro
S; Shut up u both
and my sis afraid of darkness becoz of an accident
D and all youngster know how she afraid of darkness and nod in yes

All r surprised when I show her birth mark and pendant which A also have and give some photographs when they r young.
A; She see all pic and laugh while seeing one pic where both are showing there tongue.
This is the photograph of my birthday
I; when u r eight and im angry with u
A; so u added chilli powder in kheer
I; but i forget it and taste it first

and both give hifi to each other unknowingly
Then both say that was the last happy day of our life
Ishu show some hospital document their birth certificate to dadi so she get convinced and ask A is she remember other
A; dadi i only remember few things about my past
ACP; becoz u forget everything in accident
A; accident??????????
ACP; when i m helping ishu we found that u meet and accident so u didnot remember ur past
ACP show all hospital paper

A; how did u get all
I; he is helping me to find u so i collect all small clue about u and goes towards dadi now i think its sufficient that i am her younger daughter. May i take her to home
D; she dont want but also she cant stop her
S; but where r u taking her u cant take her without legal permission and also she is not well
I in full attitude o sorry Mr. Oberio i forget to introduce I’m Ishana and i’m lawyer by profession so i know rules more well than u and show legal document that she can take her home if she can prove she is her sis (she has made it with help of Ranveer). now may i take her and said

I; today is rasam where Di bro come to take her home na….
I; ACP is my bro so he become brother of Di to so he will fulfil ur wish is that fine
D; with upset tone okay
R; but i m the one who supposed to do that rasam na and goes near D and ask plz told them i want to do that and make puppy face
D; rudy ACP will do this rasam
R get sad and make pupy face
ACP; Shall we go now my sis 1 and sis 2 sis 3 and shail may be waiting for us
Hearing Sahil name A raise her eyebrow and ask where is Sahil
I; D she is at home she is fine dont worry lets go home
They start to go but A stop

S was happy becoz he think she i’ll not leave him
I; Di what happen???
A; wait I and goes near S and say I m the most lucky wife that her husband give a such lovely gift so its my duty to thank u na and do logic wala sign and take pen from S and sign div paper and hand over to him take as my return gift.
All r shocked seeing her reaction
A with full force break the mangalsutra and handover to S saying ur return gift with interest and smile and congraz both of them for second marriage
All get confused but no one dare to speak with A as see is in full anger and no one saw her this much anger before ( A was remembering how S force her to get married and leave with ACP.
I; once again thanks dadi for supporting A and goes near S and said I heard the humour that ur would be wife ran from the marriage, then u force to marry my sis after ur would be wife came back u force my sis to give divorce
S; so u r spying at me??? Dont forget that who i m and what can i do???
Tia: SB why r u taking stress and u how dare u to talk with this u middle classes cheap people
Hearing word cheap she totally become mad and hold her neck and said U HAVENT SEEN MY DARE LOOK MY DARE AND GIVE A TIGHT SLAP…
All r shocked but our Rudy was dancing seeing that

S; How dare but he cannot complete becoz I raise her hand to shut up
and in full angry tone; DID U BOTH SEE MY DARE OR SHOULD I SHOW U MORE All r surprise seeing I slap T and S hav no word to say something back
Mr. Oberio I m sis of A we both have same attitude but one main difference is she always b nic to other but i return my favour according to person nature REMEMBER THAT and Tia spend some quality of time with ur baby……..u baby is in stress and AT LAST DONT DARE TO MESS UP WITH MY SIS IF U DO THAT I’ LL FORGET U ALSO HAV TWO BRO AND A SIS and went from OM
For the first time S cannot say anything when it comes about their bro

At night
S was at pool side and recall some moment with A and smile appear in his face but disappear when he saw dashk and A together and call Tia and say we will marry tomorrow as he want to forget A
OmRu hear this and get disappointed and call someone
Next day
All r unwillingly came to hall for SHITIA marriage. Pinky and Tia Mom is happier. S is lost in own world
Pandit came and ask to sit for ritual just the a voice come from backside wait
All r happy seeing him except Tia and mom becoz the guy is Robin
Tia Mom; U …
All r confused seeing nervousness in Tia and her mom face
Ro; sorry mom i m late in my sister marriage………….
Tia was confused in his statement
Ro; Actually my gf is taking much time to be ready

Pinky; Why beta???? Todays is nots her marriages na……
Ro; Actually we r also marrying in same mandap
Tia get shocked hearing that word
Pinky; Oh my mata……..Look mamiji he is waiting his turn for marriage….very clever na……..and where is ur gf????
Ro; sweet heart come in and a lady enter
All get shocked seeing her
D; A puttar u?????
Screen froze on shocked face………seeing A

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