Ishqbaaz: the beautiful couples (episode 4)

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay. I know you all must be angry,so I thought to post this part add soon as possible. And if you forgot my ff,I can write a recap for it.
An important note:I have changed one character in my ff. Now,there is no Ishana in my ff. Instead,as I looked the jodi of RiKara,I have changed Ishana into Gauri,which is portrayed by Shrenu. So accordingly,Anika has Gauri as her own sister(AnRi)and Soumya and Ranveer are AnRi’s cousins,(Anriyaran),just like ShivOmRuPri.

Recap:Shivika marriage date fixed. Shivika roka ceremony. Tia angry on Anika. Anika leaves for hospital in hurry.

Oberoi mansion:
Tia:uncle,Anu ne aapko bataya nahi,she’s already practicing for the Sangeet.
Robin:not only Anika……Shivaay bhi kuch kam nahi hai.

All laugh. Shivika embarrassed.

Sometime before,
Anika leaves in a hurry.

@ hospital
Tia:Anu,finally you are here. I thought you won’t come only.
Anika:arre. Today I was busy in the roka function. Please sorry na yaar.
Tia:chal,jaldi practice karte hai. One last time.
Anika:OK. Coming.
Both leave.

Here,in Oberoi mansion:
Gauri:arre yaar. Now I have to guess. Anu Di is full of mystery. I think unko doctor nahi,teacher/detective hona chahiye tha.
Shivaay:even I agree. You know,whenever I used to see her,I always found her with books. Then,I started calling her Ms Panika and Ms bookworm.
Omru:Bhaiya,you used to see Bhabhi,not bad.
Shivaay:will you just stop your jokes. I feel michmichi.
All are shocked by Shivaay’s language. RiYa(Gauri and Soumya) laugh.
Before Shivaay could handle,RiYa spoke out.
RiYa:Jiju,from when did you copy didi’s language? Whether Di is frustrated or super angry,she starts using Dadi’s language. Michmichi means when you feel disgusted.

All laugh and taunt Shivaay.

Rudra:see,Bhaiya you started copying Bhabhi’s language so soon. O,see he became paraya dhan before marriage.
Pinky:Shivaay,you love Anika so much that you have started copying her too? Not bad.
Shivaay makes an impossible look.
Soumya looks at the time.
Shivaay:Gauri Didi!
All get shocked and think that Soumya got scared for something.
Gauri:what happened?
Soumya:Gauri Didi,look at the time. Anu Didi told that the function well start by 12 pm. See. Switch on the TV. Fast!
Gauri:Soumu,tu kabhi nahi sudhregi. Kitni baar kaha hai,chillana band kar,par sunegi kab tu?
Soumya:apna lecture baad mein dena. Please switch on the TV now.

All give an impossible look.
Rudra:shut up sumo. Who talks to their elder sister like this?
Shivom(smirking):as if you talk loyally to us.
Rudra:Bhaiya,o,don’t compare me with sumo. She’s…….
Soumya:more intelligent and smarter than you,Mr. Dumbbell Singh Oberoi.
Rudra:shut up sumo.
Gauri:tum logon ka ho gaya toh TV on karu?
Rumya are embarrassed. All laugh. They nod yes. Gauri switchs on the TV.

What they see on TV.
News reporter(NR) is speaking.
NR:good afternoon viewers! We are standing in front of that Apollo hospital today. It is the 25th anniversary of this hospital today,and to celebrate it,the staff of this hospital:everyone,the nurses,doctors,surgeons are performing today. So let’s go inside,in the Hall to check out the outstanding performances.

Scene shifts to the Oberoi hall,where everyone takes their seat to watch the show.

Voice-over:so,here we are,to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this hospital. Our hospital staff had been very loyal and supportive to everyone coming here. So,let’s start the grand celebration. Or first performance is the welcome dance done by the 2 celebrity surgeons. Yes,celebrity surgeons because they are the fame of this hospital. Because of them,the hospital has won many novel awards. So,you all may be knowing who are they. They are-Ms. Anika Malhotra and Mrs. Tia Khanna! So a big round of applause for them.

Oberoi mansion:
Pinky:hay! Anika ne noble awards bhi jeete hai?
Gauri:yes aunty. Kal aapne joh shelf dekha,jisme awards rakhe hue the,woh sab Anika Di ke the.

Tinika come on stage. They are facing their backs. The curtains open. They were dancing on the song “Aaja Nachle”. They turn to face the audience and the camera.

Here are the lyrics of the song:
Mera jhumka utha ke laaya re yaar ve
Jo gira tha bareli ke bazaar me
Main to thumka lagaake sharma gayi
Boli ghoongar bandha denge mein aa gayi
Mujhko nachaake nachle
Aaja nachle nachle mere

Yaar tu nachle
Jhanak jhanak jhankaar
O nachle nachle mere yaar tu nachle
Abb to luta hai baazar
Sabko bhulaake nachle
Aaja nachle nachle
Mere yaar tu nachle
Jhanak jhanak jhankaar
O nachle nachle mere yaar tu nachle
Abb to luta hai baazar

Nachle nachle jara nachle nachle, chhat pe bulaake nachle
Nachle nachle jara nachle nachle, jhat se uthaake nachle) x2

[Verse 2]
Maine galati kari thi, meri nathani padi thi (x2)
Ke sone mein usako ranga gayi
Mein rangaake atariya pe aa gai
Mohalhe mein kaisi maara maar hai
Bole mochi bhi khud ko sonar hai
Sab ko nacha ke nachle
Aaja nachle nachle mere…

Yaar tu nachle
Jhanak jhanak jhankaar
O nachle nachle mere yaar tu nachle
Abb to luta hai baazar…

[Verse 3]
Main to kamsin kali thi, zara tanke chali thi (x2)
Aage jaake gali pe balakha gayi
Muyee jaane jawaani kab aa gai
Mere sadke zamane ki kamaayi re
Mujhe deta udhaari halwaayi re
Sab ko nacha ke nachle
Aaja nachle nachle mere…

Yaar tu nachle
Jhanak jhanak jhankaar
O nachle nachle mere yaar tu nachle
Abb to luta hai baazar
Sabko bhulaake nachle
Aaja nachle nachle
Mere yaar tu nachle
Jhanak jhanak jhankaar
O nachle nachle mere yaar tu nachle
Abb to luta hai baazar

(Nachle nachle jara nachle nachle, chhat pe bulaake nachle
Nachle nachle jara nachle nachle, jhat se uthaake nachle) x2

Shivaay is fully members after seeing Anika’s dance. He gets a flashback when Anika had challenged him to dance and she had won.

All were left speechless after the dance.
Pinky:Anika itna achha dance kar leti hai! Mujhe toh all phera bahu mili hai.
All(confused):all phera!
Pinky:haan,voh hota hai,har cheez mein expert.
Rudra:choti maa,voh all rounder hota hai.
Everyone laughs. All watch the function and the function ends. Meanwhile Anika reached Oberoi mansion with Tiro(Tia and Robin).

Tia:hello aunty!
All turn to see Anika and Tiro. Ketaki hugs Tia.
Ketaki:hi Tia and Robin!
Tiro greet everyone. Suddenly Tia remembers something.
Tia:achha aunty,Sangeet kaunse din hai?
Ketaki:it’s after 4 days.
Vikram:but beta,why did you ask for it? Anything special?
Tia:uncle,Anu ne aapko bataya nahi,she’s already practicing for the Sangeet.
Robin:not only Anika……Shivaay bhi kuch kam nahi hai.

All laugh. Shivika embarrassed.

Sudha:Anu,but why are you so excited?
Anika:actually Dadi,woh……..(thinking what to say). Haan!(when she gets an idea). Dadi,woh actually I wanted to challenge Shivaay. I wanted to show him that even today,I can win from him.
Shivaay(reacting):when did I loose from you?
Anika:haww,you don’t remember? So sad. Tia,will you just explain him?
Tia:what?(understanding what she wanted her to explain). Oh! Shivaay,in the quizzes or the dance competition,Anu always won?
Rudra:seriously Bhaiya! You used to say that Shivaay Singh Oberoi never lost.

Hearing this,Tinika burst out into laughter.

Anika(controlling):oh really! Mr tadibaaz,when did you win from me? Let me listen too.
Shivaay:woh…….woh……. I win na! That,Robin tell na.
Robin:I don’t remember. Oh ya ! I remember.
Tia:which one?
Robin:arre. Shivaay always wins in arguing with Anika. Once,he pulled Anika in the pool when she pushed him in the pool.

All laugh.
Pinky:really Shivaay!
Shivaay was shocked. He chased Robin.
Robin:arre Shivaay. Stop it. Otherwise……
Robin:otherwise I’ll show yours and Anika’s pics.
RiYa:what! Jiju,you didn’t show Didi’s pics? And with Jiju!
Tia(surprised):you seriously don’t know anything!
Ketaki:no. They told that they were partners.
Shivika are like phail gaya raita. Unki poll khul jaaegi na,?
Tia:aunty seriously! I’m sure they didn’t tell you this.
Tej:why,what’s the matter?
Tia:arre Shivaay had also gifted a rose to Anika. He had done what not to propose her. Then,due to some misunderstanding,Anu left him.

Omru:Shivaay/Bhaiya,you are so romantic!
Riya: but we always used to see Di drenched in water when she returned home.
Tia:that’s what! You’re Billu Jiju and Panika Di used to play water fights near the pool. People took membership in swimming pool for swimming,but they took membership for throwing each other in water! That day,when Shivaay was angry on Anika for not letting him win,he pushed her in the pool. In simple words,their relationship started with water.

All burst out laughing.
Elders:really! God. You both!
Shivika(pointing to reach other):she/he was the first one!
Elders:run log Kabhi Nahi sudhroge!
Anika:this Billu was the first one.
Shivaay:shut up Panika.
Anika:stop destroying my name!
Shivaay:same goes for you!
Anika:oh really? Don’t show your tadi.
Shivaay:stop saying weird names.
Anika:oh really! Just wait.

Anika goes and emptied a jug of water on him. Shivaay does the same.

Tia:saw their panibaazi? This is an example.
Voice:Shivaay/Anika tum log kabhi nahi sudroge.

All turn to see who this new member was. They see Robin holding the phone and doing video call with someone.

@unknown location:
Roop:what happened to the plan? We were about to shoot in the function,right?
Gayatri:no,the security officers caught us.
Roop:we should plan something big. I can’t let the Oberois win! If they’ll come together with Malhotras,we are not left.

@Oberoi mansion:
Shivika:Robin. Stop all this nonsense. Otherwise they’ll not leave us.
Youngsters:so these two Maha Shaktishalis got scared of only two people!
Shivika:nothing like that.
Sidika(siddarth and Mallika):Shivaay/Anu,we are arriving Mumbai after 2 days.
Anika:finally you agreed to me. But,where is my little Don?
Childish voice:Don ka naam liya aul don idhal haazil hai(guys,u know how kids talk,right)
Anika:shut up,nautanki.
The girl comes and sits between Sidika. She’s Shreya.

Shreya:aunty,I’m youl Don light? Them why al you calling me nau…..mama,please say that word na.
Anika(making puppy face):sorry Shreya.
Shivaay:hey champ! How are you?
Shreya:oh hi Billu uncle. Uncle and aunty,I have a challenge.
All:what is it?
Shreya:you both will copy each othel. The pelson who’ll win,I’ll hug the pelson first.
Shivika:challenge accepted.
All:so pehle kaun?

Shreya:pehle aunty,aap Billu uncle ko copy kalo.
Anika:Billu uncle,not bad.
Shivaay:stop calling me that.
Anika:wait Billu,let me prepare.
Anika too her position.
Shreya:light,camela action!
Anika(doing Shivaay’s style of showing tadi-hairstyle one):Shivaay Singh Oberoi kisi se darta nahi hai,sivay……..Anika Malhotra se.
Shivaay:wa….wa…..wait. what did you say? I’m scared of you? Huh?
Anika:I think your ears have stopped working. Why are you repeating the same words as me?

Tia:now please don’t start.
Robin:exactly. Don’t start again.
Shivika(pointing to each other):she/he started first.
Sudha and Kalyani:stop it! You both are gonna get married. Stop your childish acts. Otherwise this marriage is cancelled.
All:but you two are fighting so we’ll definitely cancel your marriage.
Shivika:no. We love each other(both are shocked by their confession.)
Shivika start to blush. All others tease them. They leave. All laugh and then Oberois return.
So done with the part. I know,it might be boring,so I’ll try to make my next part to be better and interesting. Anyways,all chamelis and tomatoes accepted.

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