Ishqbaaz: the beautiful couples (episode 3)

Hi guys! Shrutika here. I was busy with lots of work and assignments from school so count post the next part. A special thanks to all those who read my ffs. And also,a very special thanks to Shivika Di,Sairan,Bhavana Di, nikitajai,Vincy,Rithik,JanviSingh, SSO,Akshaya and Lilly. Sorry is I didn’t mention your name?. I read your comments. Yes,I’m not making Tia the villain,but she’s very stressful in my ff. She gets worried for small things. So,if you have any future questions related to the ff,please feel free to ask/clear your doubts.
Next,thanks to all who read and appreciate my ffs. Ok. Done with the talks.

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Ok. Enough of talks. Here goes the episode:

Shivika’s roka. Anika gets a call. She puts it on speaker. Her smile fades away.

Sometime before,

@Malhotra Mansion
Obros feel happy seeing AnIshYa’s bond with their brother,Ranveer. Anishya feel the same too.

All get busy for preparations.

Next day,
@Oberoi Mansion
The Malhotras arrive. They greet everyone. Shivaay was searching for his lady love.

Rudra:O,Bhaiya aaj kal romantic Romeo nahi ban rahe?
Om:you’re right. Zindagi main pehli baar kuch sahi bola tumne.
Rudra does his logic sign but then realizes what Om said.
Shivaay gives them a deadly glare. At first,Omru smirk,then at the very next moment,they burst out into laughter.

Author’s POV:And then,here enter the 3 charming ladies-the lady loves of the Obros. Presenting,Anishya!

Anika wore a lehenga with a red blouse(you can imagine the one she wore for Prinku’s roka). While Ishana wore a ghagra choli (imagine any colour,guys) and Soumya looked the cutest-she wore a type of western gown with
Indian details.
Kalyani(mind):aap dekh rahe ho ji? Hamari poton ki biwiyon ko?hamari bahuon ko? Kitne pyaare hai. Bhagwan kare ki yeh aise hi chamakte aur khoobsurat rahe,hamesha ke liye.
The three get everyone.
Sudha:kahan gaye the tum log?(where were you people all this time?)
Ishya:Dadi,hum ek saath waqt guzaar rahe the,kyunki Didi todhe hi dino main paraya dhan hone wali hai. Sabse buri baat yeh hai ki voh bohot excited hai paraya dhan banane ke liye. (we were spending time together,as Didi will become paraya dhan soon. But the most unluckiest thing is she’s too excited to become paraya dhan)
They start making puppy face. Rudy also supports them.
Rudra:exactly! Even Bhaiya was looking for Bhabhi. But Bhabhi,would you please give us sometime to make an Obro moment?
Anika:why to say please? He’s your brother,right? So why to ask permission from me?
Rudra:you are the best Bhabhi.
Rudy goes and side hugs Anika. Shivom are giving him an impossible look.
Pinky:haye! My bahu is so kind? Mummiji please do the Roka. I’m very excited.
Kalyani:yes pinky. Sudha,let’s start.

Shivika Roka is done. They go and take blessings from the elders. While the youngsters were pulling their leg. Finally,Kalyani asks them to shut up.
Youngsters:we have one more ritual. You both have to tell us about your fights and about your childhood.
Shivika:from when did you all stay to make rituals? We won’t tell you.
Dadis:yes,you have to.
All get seated and start listening.

Anika:so,this tadibaaz,Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi was made to sit with me in the 7th grade. He was my partner for the year. He used to joke and trouble me a lot. Always,he used to come and throw his bag on his seat. When I came,he became like a Bheegi Billu and asked me for the HW and notes. As we were seated on the last bench,he always used to trouble me when ma’am was teaching. He used to disturb me for notes and when I got irritated,I used to throw water on him and he used to return home,drenched.
Omru:so this was the reason? When you told us about your famous stories,you used to lie to us,Mr Billuji?
Shivaay:hey,stop calling me that. And you Miss bhulakkad and Miss late,you never gave your book to me and always used to forget things. Well,I used to like you as you and Miss Universe and Miss Drama were the best dance team at college.
Anika:so,I was their leader. And don’t you dare spoil their names. Otherwise,you’ll not be left to meet them.
Shivaay:to meet them,not again.
Rudra:about whom are you both talking about? I’m very excited to date those girls who were Bhabhi’s friends.
All give him a deadly glare and impossible wala look.
Anika:Rudra,you cannot date then as Tia is married and Mallika is having a daughter.
Rudra’s smile fades away. All burst out laughing.
Om:ab tera kya hoga,dumbbell?
Rudra:shut up. But Bhabhi,Bhaiya had troubles you only for a year?
Anika:no way ! I thought I have to bare this trouble only for a year,but no! He was made to sit with me in the 8th grade too. Then,our school made a notice that our partners will not be changed till we leave for other girls,that is,till college was sitting with me.
Author’s Pov:I know,it’s a very bakwaas rule,but for Shivika,I had to do it.

Just then,Anika gets a phone call.
Anika:Maa,see,Tia has called. I’ll inform her about the Roka.
Ketaki:yes. Put the call on speaker.
Anika attend the call and puts it on speaker. She was very happy.
Anika:hello Tia! I want to….(she’s cute off by Tia)
Tia:Anu,you didn’t reach the hospital till now. It’s disgusting to wait just like this.
Anika’s smile fades away,while everyone is confused.
Anika:oh god Tia! Today we were given leave add there was…..(she realizes that today was the 20th grand anniversary of the hospital).
Anika:oh sh*t! I totally forgot!
Tia:Miss bulakkad,you forgot? The media and chief guest will be reaching in an hour and you forgot? Anu, Universe will not spare you today. Don’t know how Shivaay handles you.
Anika:Tia,we’ll you stop it?you are….(she’s again cut by Tia)
Tia:what me and shut up? Anu,please for the sake of Universe come here. I’m already stressed here and now don’t give me a shock.
All start laughing listening to Tia’s words. Suddenly from behind,Ishana speaks up.
Ishu:uffo,Tia Di,stop it. Didi had put the call on speaker,everybody can hear you,even Shivaay Jiju as today was their Roka ceremony. Please calm down. I’ll send you a reiki so just relax.
Tia:Anu,reach fast otherwise Universe won’t spare you.
Anika:yes Universe ki bachi and then she cuts the call.
Shivaay:kya ye wahi lady baba and Universe ki bachi hai?
Prinku hides Anika to her room. Anika makes some changes in her dress and comes. She was going to dance on nagada sang dhol,so she wrapped a dupatta as if she was a Gujarati.
Ishana:do,doing dance? On which song?
Anika:it’s a surprise. Check it on TV. Now I’m leaving.
She was leaving when she bumped into Shivaay and both shared an eyelock. But,soon Anika left.

Precap:Tinika dance. Roop and Gayatri’s plan flops. Tia meets the Malhotras and Oberois.

Guys let me know if you’re looking the ff. If you have any doubts regarding something,you can post it below. Also,do read my other ffs and feel free to ask doubts. And yes,I’ll also show some Ishkara and Rumya scenes. And if possible,I’ll show priveer too. For now,bye and take care. ??

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