Ishqbaaz: the beautiful couples (episode 2)

Guys,a short error. Actually Anika used to throw water on Shivaay whenever he used to trouble her. I’m sorry for my grammatical errors.

Anyways,here goes episode 2

Prinku: I want to meet my would be Bhabhi.
Rudra:but you cannot meet Bhabhi now.
Rudra:because Bhaiya is busy romancing with Bhabhi.
All laugh.

Sometime before,

Sudha:I have called the Pandit tomorrow for discussing this. We’ll inform you everything after the dates are fixed.

Ishya:wow! After the Roka,what all rituals do we have,Dadi?
Sudha & Kalyani start explaining them the rituals for a Punjabi wedding.
(Guys,I’m not a Punjabi,so I don’t have so much idea for this,please inform if I missed anything).
Kalyani:first is your Roka. It’s a type of partial engagement. Then you decide the marriage dates. After the data are decided,the Shagun(gifts)are sent to the girl’s family from the boy’s side. This Shagun contains the khandani bangles,accessories and the wedding saree.
Sudha:after the Shagun,you have the engagement. This emergent is done 2/3 weeks before marriage. After engagement. A few days after this,you have the Mehandi and Sangeet on the same day. The Mehandi and Sangeet are 2 important events as,
Kalyani:as in the Mehandi,the groom’s name is hidden in the bride’s hand. The boy has to find his name. If the boy wins,he can ask anything from the girl. But if the boy gives up,the girl shows the hidden name and she can ask anything from the boy. The Sangeet is conducted/organised on the same day,as of the Mehandi. Both the families gather in this function. First,all the relatives dance. There is also a special couple dance for the groom and bride. The bride/groom can also dance with their friends and relatives.
Sudha:after this comes the day off Haldi. Both the groom and bride are blessed and applied with Haldi. They are also thrown in a pool,also called a Kund which is filled with milk/Gangajal and roses. This is done to wash away the Haldi. Finally arrives the day off marriage. The groom comes along with the Baarat to the Mandap. They bring the bride too and both sit in the Mandap. Jaimala/Varmala ceremony takes place. Sometimes,people lift the bride and groom for competition. After this some more rituals are performed. Then comes the time of the 7,sacred Pheras. The groom and bride promise to keep each other happy etc. Each Phera has its own uniqueness. Then the groom is asked to fill the vermilion (sindoor)in the bride’s hairline and to make her wear the nupital necklace(mangalsutra). Then the bride and groom are considered to be husband and wife. You then have the post marriage rituals.

Rudra:wow Dadi! Then I’ll make a special song for Bhaiya.
Dadi:arre. Let’s wait for them. Why are they taking so much time?
Omru:because they are busy romancing.

All were discussing about the marriage then Shivika arrive hand in hand.

Rudra:Bhaiya,matter solve karne gaye ya Bhabhi ko patane ke liye gaye the? See,they are holding hands.
Shivika blush. Everyone laughs. Ishana gets a call.
Ishana:ya Anu Di is here. We are discussing about her marriage.
Ishana:no need to be angry. When are you returning?
Ishana:OMG!tomorrow!are you serious?fine I’ll tell mom and chachi. Take care.

Ishana cuts the call and turns behind to see everyone flattering at her.
Anika:who was there on the call Ishu?
Ishana:Anu Di,Ranveer is returning tomorrow.
Anika:how could I forget? He had asked me to call him.
Oberois were confused. Who’s Ranveer? Shivom were glaring in anger.
Kalyani:Anika puttar,who’s Ranveer?
Anika:Dadi,Ranveer is our only brother in this house. He’s the son of Chachu and Chachi. I forgot to call him. Actually he’s studying in abroad and is returning tomorrow.

Shivom were relieved. They were going to kill Ranveer,as they thought he’s their friend. Everyone was staring them.
Anika:what happened?
Rudra:Bhabhi,they were jealous. I think they thought that Ranveer is your friend. Vaise Bhaiya,I didn’t know that u and o are so much possessive.
Everyone starts laughing. Shivom feel embarrassed.
Pinky: Oh my mata! I forgot to tell you,Prinku is returning tomorrow. See,I totally forgot about my puttar.
Kalyani:actually Priyanka is my only pothi. Like Ranveer,she is also abroad for studies.
Pinky:maa,now everyone can join the wedding. Well discuss the marriage date tomorrow.
Oberois leave.

At night,Shivaay calls Anika.
Anika:so much excited about your marriage! At least I have a romantic husband.
Shivaay: but don’t throw water on me after marriage.
Anika:abhi tak marriage date fix bhi nahi hui,and you are discussing the plans after marriage?
Shivaay:so,it’s better to think about the future,right?
Anika:yes but my Romantic Singh Oberoi,you have not impressed me properly.
Shivaay:I told you sorry right? Then?
Anika:sorry is not a big deal. Do something big.
Shivaay:what about a date? That will be OK,right?
Anika:but at what time?
Shivaay:tomorrow noon at Café Bistro(guys,you can use any imaginary name).
Anika:done. But please be romantic enough that I get pleased.
Shivaay:voh toh mere bain(left) hand ka khel hai.
Anika:dekhte hai. Bye Shivu.
Shivaay:bye Anu.
Both turn back to see their sisters/brothers standing behind.
Anika’s room.
Ishana:Soumu,did you hear Shivu?
Soumya:Di,I didn’t know you like romance too. See you became Paraya dhan before marriage.

Shivaay’s room.
Rudra also told the same thing.
Shivaay: what the hell!Paraya dhan?Om,kuch sikha isse.
Om: tu sikha raha hai na,romance.

Anika’s room
Anika:what! Are u both out of your minds?
Ishya:no but you are busy in your thoughts.
Anika:oh bete ki! Come I’ll show you what really thinking is.
They play pillow fight. Finally tired,they sleep in Anika room.

Shivaay’s room.
Shivaay on the other hand was also playing and having fun.
They get tired and go to sleep.

Next day……
@ Apollo hospital
Tinika in canteen.
Tia:so who’s my Jiju?
Anika:the great Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Tia:haw,you mean that Billu will be my Jiju? You accepted him?
Anika tells her the whole incident.
Tia:nice,haan. Planning for a date. You should also gift him something,right? But please,don’t spoil his face by throwing water on him.
Anika:there’s is plus point for us. As Robin and Shivaay are good friends.
Tia:plus point? Wait…. are you up-to some trick? Please for the sake of universe,cancel the plan.
Anika:no yaar. Just imagine,on the day of Sangeet,if they both are sent to dance………
(Her sentence is completed by Tia)
Tia:they’ll end up fighting! None of them know to dance.
Anika:but on Sangeet,we’ll rock. I think we should start practicing.
Tia:but when is the Sangeet date decided? We have to give a specific deadline to the date.
Anika: actually the dates are not yet decided. I don’t want any delay in the Sangeet so……
Tia: Anu,tumhe shaadi karne ki itni bhi kya jaldi hai? You should at least have a spinster party right?
Anika:Tia, again you started pulling my leg?
Tia:OK,OK, fine. Go on the date. We’ll plan everything for dance by next week. Happy?
Anika:tuh bohot achhi hai Tia.
Tia: I hope Universe hamara bond kabhi todega nahi…..
Anika:oh god Universe ki bachhi,itna sentimental mat ho.
Tia:chal,ready hoja apne date keliye. Main bhi dekhoon voh bagad billa meri Anu ko kaise impress karta hai.

Tinika leave. Tia is at hospital,while Anika has taken half day for the date.

@ Malhotra mansion
Shinky, and Dadi come.
Pandit comes for reading the kundlis.
Pandit:Wah!kya jodi hai. Inke kundli main likha hai ki yeh dono ek dusre ki raksha karenge,agar ek pe khatra aayega,toh dusra usko mahsoos karke uski madat karega. Agar ek ko chot aayegi,toh dard dusre ko hoga. Rab ne kya jodi banayi hai,maan gaye.
(Wow! What a couple! It’s written in their kundli that,theyboth will turn each other’s saviors each time,if one is in danger,then the other will sense the danger and help him/her. If one gets hurt,the other will feel the pain. What a fix god has made,we agree)
Pinky:Oh My Mata! Means Anika is the one who can handle my Shivaay. You saw Shaktiji, I told you na,she’s my heera bahu. I’m so luckys to be blessed with these kids.
Shakti:you are right,Pinky. So, Panditji,when can we do the marriage?
Vikram:yes,what are the dates?
Pandit:well,you can have the marriage after 2 months or after a year. If you do it in 2 months,you are more fortunate,as the Roka can be very lucky for the couple.
Ketaki:then what to do,Mummiji?
Sudha:we should plan it after 2 months only. What do you say,Kalyani?
Kalyani:I too agree. We can have the Roka day after tomorrow,engagement next week with Mehandi and Sangeet and finally Haldi and the marriage.
Vikram and Shakti hug and congratulate each other. Pinky also hugs Ketaki and Seema.

@ Café Bistro
It’s noon.
Shivika table.
Anika is having normal coffee,while Shivaay is having his espresso.
Anika:you won’t change Shivaay. You still drink that Saira Bano even now.
Shivaay:Anika,how many times I’ve told you it’s Espresso. Please stop using rubbish words for my Espresso.
Anika(faking anger):toh mujhe kyun bulaya? Aapko espresso se hi shaadi karni chahiye thi. Panika ko kyun chuna,aapne?(then why did you call me here?you should have married your espresso. Why to select Panika?)
Shivaay:because you are more precious to me.
He keeps his hands on hers,which was already on the table. He starts caressing it.
Shivaay:so what’s your decision,Miss Anika Malhotra,My Panika,will you marry me?
Anika keeps her other hand on his hands.
Anika:but I still didn’t hear those magical words from your mouth.
Shivaay:magical words?(after thinking)oh! (Clears his throat). So Miss Anika Malhotra aka my Panika,I love you a lot. A love you till the core of my heart. So,will you marry me?
Anika:yes my billuji. I love you too. I am ready to marry you.

Shivika hug and head towards the Malhotra mansion as they got a message that the Oberois had come over to decide the marriage date.

@ Malhotra mansion

Omru enter with Prinku.
Pinky: Oh My Mata! Prinku,tu aa gayi? Sahi time pe aayi hai.
Prinku:but aapko toh aapke heere bete ki fikar hai(makes puppy face)
Pinky:oho drama! Dramebaaz kahinki.
Shakti:achha,toh mujhe bhul gayi?
Prinku:no papa.
Prinku has a group hug with Shinky.
Prinku:I want to meet my would be Bhabhi.
Rudra:but you cannot meet Bhabhi now.
Prinku:but why?
Rudra:because Bhaiya is busy romancing with Bhabhi.
All laugh. Just then, Shivika enter.
Shivaay:kisne kaha ki main romance kar raha tha?
Shivaay chases Rudra. Rudra goes and hides behind Anika.
Anika:chod dijiye naa ise Shivaay.
Soumu:Didi,why are you taking this dumbbell’s side?
Anika:haw,meri sumo udas ho gayi. Ok chal aaj teri ice-cream wali deal pakki.
Just then there comes a voice.
Voice:aur meri deal? You didn’t come to pick me up.
All turn around. Anika goes and hugs the person.
Anika: nautanki. Shut up your drama. You think your Didi will not think about you? Very bad.
Ishu:par baat toh sahi hai Didi. Aap sachhi main paraya dhan ban gaye.
Anika:shut up Ishu. So,how are you Ranveer?
Yes,the boy is Ranveer.
Ranveer:well Anu Di,Ishu Di is right. You don’t care for me naa.
Anika:haw,how can you think like that?I’ll not talk to you.
Ranveer:arre,OK. I give up. I know for what you are making a drama. Her,take your gift. I know when I came here last for Raksha Bandhan,I couldn’t gift you anything. Well,here’s my gift.
He had a pair of beautiful earrings for Anika.
Anika:chalo,at least kuch toh yaad hai.
Ishya:aur hamare liye?
Ranveer:oh god. Main hi ek iklauta bhai kyun hun. Hamesha mujhe hi gift dena padta hai. Fine,I’ll gift you both something. Happy?
Ishya run to Ranveer for a hug.
Ranveer:vaise Didi,where’s my Jiju?
Anika:here. (Pointing to Shivaay)
Ranveer:haw. You are marrying a billuji?
All burst out into laughter.
Shivaay:mera naam billuji nahi,Shivaay Singh Oberoi hai.
Ranveer:OK,sorry Jiju. Where were you all this time?I was calling Didi since an hour but she ignored my call.
Anika :voh toh bus……
Rudra:because Bhaiya Bhabhi were romancing.
Ranveer goes and hugs his Dadi,parents and chacha chachi.
Prinku was feeling attracted towards Ranveer. She felt as if they both were made for each other.

All get busy for preparations for the wedding.

@unknown location
Lady1:toh hamare Shivaay ki shaadi hone wali hai. I want revenge of each and every insult they have done with all four of us.
Lady2:right Roop. Because of them,my husband died and your husband is in jail.
Roop:we have to plan something,Gayatri.
Gayatri:I have a plan. But it would take about some 3 or 4 days for it.
Roop:I don’t care. We have to take revenge. Tell me your plan.
Gayatri and Roop discuss the plan which is muted. They laugh.
Roop and Gayatri:now you are gone,Oberois!

Precap: Malhotras at Oberoi mansion. Shivika’s roka. Anika forgets something. Tia gets angry on Anika. Roop and Gayatri’s plan in action.
Well guys,sorry for the late update. Actually I was not well and was busy in preparing the storyline. We’ll guys,how you all are enjoying the FF. Let me know about it through your reviews. And also a good news for the fans of Shivika:a love story,as I’m focusing on that too. For now,bye. ?

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